Coming home - part 2/2
Wednesday, December 12, 2007

‘What's wrong with the boxes’ you say? Read and you'll know! Don't forget the feedback =)


Later that day, the cargo was in and Wash set the course to Persephone but Mal wasn't happy as always because Inara wasn't talking to him. She didn't even let him sleep with her - that's why he didn't have any sleep; he didn't have his cute teddy bear with him. He still had to find out what made Inara so upset about this job; she sure as hell knew something - but WHAT?


Inara was in front of the cortex screen, having a conversation with a friend from the guild."Inara...meimei, I'm afraid I have to confirm our thoughts. The cargo is extremely illegal, the drug isn't a medicine but a chemical poison - usually used to kill people who are in a big place like a hotel but in this case you'll have enough to kill a whole planet."

Inara gasped and there was a long moment of uncomfortable silence.

"Thank you, Shania - For everything. I believed you saved many people from death. I must go now; I hope I'll see you soon in more cheerful circumstances."

"Of course. But I'll never thank you enough for get me out of trouble was I was suspected of crime and it's thanks to you I'm still a respected companion... I just wish my attempt for you went better... but please tell me you changed opinion about that operation."

"I did - actually, he changed it." Inara grinned.

"'He'? Are we talking about a handsome pirate who's showing you the universe?" She teased lightly.

Inara blushed a little "Yes."

"Oh I seeeeee. I'll leave you to it then, good luck."

"Bye and thanks again."


Mal was having his usual coffee when Book entered the galley.

"You aren't cheerful for a man who's got a job." Book pointed out "You're worried about this new contact?"

No answer.

"It's about Inara, she isn't talking to you - I know that much. What happened?"

"You got no notion fretting about my personal life, shepherd."

"Of course not, but I'll leave you with this... you came quite close to loosing her once, son. You really want to loose her for good?"

The shepherd walked out, leaving Mal to think about what he just told him.


Inara's eyes where empty from shock. she was thinking about all the innocent people who where targeted to a terrible death, she had to tell Mal of course - but would he believe her? Or just think that she's saying this just because she was upset with the job?

As if on cue, Mal entered the shuttle to find her in a state which will remain in his memory for as long as he should live.

"I'm sorry 'Nara. I shouldn't have got tetchy with ya-"

"Mal there's something I need to tell you... The cargo we have on board is chemical poison, enough to kill a whole planet.."

Mal flinched and all that he could manage was a simple "Huh?"

"It's true!"

Mal sat on the couch, running a hand through his hair as he muttered a colorful string of Chinese.

"How can you know that 'Nara?"

"When I heard the price and that the cargo was many small boxes in big ones, a bell rang. I waved a friend of mine who confirmed what I was thinking. Jonan has a black mark in the client's registry of the guild because of his previous tries of killing in the mass. He wasn't sentenced to jail because there wasn't enough proof of what he was doing but now..."

"Hey." he said in a low voice, pulling her to him and lifting her chin "You get any notion like this in your pretty head, you tell me. I'll just have to see if the notion's a fact - I'd never get mad at you for something like that. I got tetchy because you didn't give a reason and pretended that I'll do what you said."

And she did something he never expected her to do; she burst into tears

"Wei now" he cooed as he pulled her to his chest "you're too damn beautiful to cry."

But his tenderness overwhelmed her so much, she just sobbed more and clung to him for dear life

"I couldn't sleep, I kept going to a primary school when the poison starts having effects and watch children die." she managed with her small voice that always came to her when she cried - Geez, Mal even noticed she cried like a little girl!

"It's all right now baby cakes, hush now..." he soothed "No one will die."


The plan was set. The drugs were small, transparent bottles which looked like common smoothers so that nobody would suspect them but that was exactly what gave Simon the upper hand, he replaced them with cheap smoothers and stored the proper poison so that they would burnt in a container on Persephone, hence thrown away.

Of course, the target would have a nice nap but that's always better than being killed. The bastard would see the people lie down and think that all went as planned - of coarse it was far from that.


That night, Mal and Inara were celebrating in the shuttle with Kaylee's engine brew. Inara was reclined against Mal's chest as he planted soft kisses on her temple.

"That was a good thing you did, ya know, confirming with your friend an' all, even though it didn't concern you."

"You do it all the time." she smiled, she turned her head to give him a kiss

"You do it all the time." she smiled, she turned her head to give him a kiss but it revealed to be more then a simple kiss, Mal was lying them on the bed -

"Mal, stop!"

Mal jerked away from her as if she was made of fire "Did I hurt you?"

"No." she soothed running and hand through his hair to walk away from him "It's just that - I just don't want to hurt you Mal-"

"I believe you in more fragile state then I am -"

"It's not like that." she sighed shakily, on natural instinct, Mal stroked her arms "Companions are trained not to feel while making love and even though you're far from a client to me, I still fear my training will take over and that I'll hurt you."

Mal thought about it, it was true that he would be a bit disappointed but they had all the time in the 'verse and little did she know that he had learned all her vulnerable spots during their little make-out sessions.

"I'm willing to take the risk; we have all the time we need. It's okay if we don't make it the first time, I won't push you into anything - I just want you to know that I won't be hurt by it now."

By now, tears were running freely down her face, Mal wiped them delicately off her soft cheeks and pecked her on the nose. But this time, it was Inara that kissed him and led him to the bed.


Within minutes

Mal had Inara writhing beneath him. Making love to her was like magic; to good to be true, she was so soft he wondered if the doc had found any bones in her feather-soft body and when she whispered 'I love you' in his ears, he could barely remember his own name.

And then it happened. It was the lick behind her ear that undid her and her orgasm that undid him - Mal couldn't believe it, between his growls and her whimpers he made Inara loose control for him and that made him love her even more - if that was possible!

They lay panting, still in each other’s arms when Inara was fighting her eyes open "Go to sleep, tigercub, I'm here." and the drifted off in a world that was Mal and hers only.

Mal was holding and caressing Inara, waiting for sleep to take him but he was too exited about what just happened. He loved this woman more then life itself and what Book told him made it clear that he can't afford to come even close to loosing her, the memory of her in that hospital bed brought tears to his eyes. He swore never to let harm near her.


Let me know if you want the epilogue and you will know how Jonan took the curve the plan made!


Wednesday, December 12, 2007 3:34 AM


Yep, I think the next part would be good. But remember, you can slow down a little. More description, more dialogue ... you can afford to take a good story and make it great.

Sunday, December 23, 2007 4:10 PM


Hey, I'm all about epilogues! Not a bad story at all, but flesh it out some. You've got a good style.


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