A second chance - sequel to 'My choice'
Sunday, November 18, 2007

What will the crew's reaction be? How will Inara's surgery proceed? Enjoy!


Mal was waiting outside when Inara was carried out to have the surgery. She looked like she was sleeping but the nurse told him she could still hear him so he pecked her on the nose.

"Now's the time you'll show me how strong you are baby, I'll be here for you."

Then he went with her until they took her through the double door and told him he can't go in and that they'll keep him informed.

After a whole gorramn hour of pacing, he decided to go to the cortex near by to hail his beloved ship.


"Any changes, sir?"

"Sure is, Zoe..." grinned Mal.

"Is she having the surgery son?" asked the shepherd.

"Gave the reason. The reason to live..." smiled River


"SHINY!!" squealed Kaylee "Is there something we don't know, cap?"

"NO! I mean, yeah... It's just that..." stammered Mal blushing furiously.

"You two got clear..." grinned Wash "Nice move there Mal." earning a kiss from Zoe in agreement.

"About ruttin' time..." joined in Jayne "I woulda taken her myself -OW Kaylee!"

Kaylee had just him with the spanner she had in hand and everyone glared at him.

"So, sir... Simon's in charge? Or..."

"Yeah. He and his fellow teacher are drawing all the lines and stuff. Makes me a bit relaxed seeing the core-study an all..."

Everyone expressed their agreement on that. They knew they could thrust Simon.

"Don't worry cap." grinned Kaylee "Simon will fix her up real easy and she'll be on this here ship before you can spit!"

"Hope so lil' Kaylee. Gotta go in case they have any new notions..."

They all nodded and the screen went black. Maybe things are going to be well now!


After about ten minutes, Mal was approached by a kind-looking nurse covered in blood. Inara's blood.

"Are you Mister Reynolds, sir?"

"Yeah. Any good news?"

"Unfortunately not." the nurse motioned for him to sit down and - blood running cold - he obeyed. "We managed to get the lungs and heart perfectly in place but the stomach wouldn't collaborate, thus, causing stress to the whole body. I'm sorry to say this sir, but I'd be prepared, were I in your position." with that, she gave him a small smile and returned to the OR (operating room).

Mal froze on the chair. Why was she doing this to him? She couldn't leave him - not now. She told him she'd give him a second chance and Inara wasn't one who retreated on her words. Mal never mentioned the name of god apart from swearing since the war but now he really was on the edge of going crazy.

He put his hands together and ducked his head like he did when he was in church with his ma.

'Wei up there. Okay, ‘prolly nobody wants to hear me or ain't hearin' me but if you are, I need to ask something. Not for me but for a person who is innocent and don't deserve that condition which is killing her, I'm the killer here - not her. I'm not real good with words so I guess what I'm saying is; If anyone deserves to die, it ain't her and she means quite a lot - and not to me only. She's too damn beautiful to die so don't let her.'

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In the OR

"Aiya! We're loosing her!" shouted Simon in irritation among all quickening beats of the monitors.

"Ok people." said Dr. Tingley decisively "One more try..."

The nurse who talked to Mal a few minutes ago approached Inara's ear.

"Okay, Miss. I know you don't know me but I heard you're a fighter so show your strength...Besides, there a man out there who can't wait to kiss you and to tell you how much you mean to him. I don't know him either but he looked like he's already lost something big, don't do this to him - everyone deserves a second chance..."


Jelly for the beans! C'mon now, you know what I mean ;)


Monday, November 26, 2007 1:21 AM


Oh yeah, way to turn smiles to tears in a heartbeat! But um, you might want to correct this line - *They knew they could thrust Simon*. Really? Thrust? Perhaps you are trying to post these up too quickly and not reading through the parts before you do, whatever, it is a great story so taking time to read through first will be time well spent. Unless you really DID mean 'thrust Simon'. LOL. Ali D :~)
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