Hernia - Sequel to 'The beat of my heart'
Saturday, November 10, 2007

What's wrong with Inara? Will this be the last dillema? Why don't you find out?!


All the crew was gathered on the bridge where they were discussing the recent surprise Inara gave them. "Mal, I think we can go to a hospital on Persephone. I have a friend there who helped me with River, besides, it's the closest and Inara's not getting better at all." Simon sighed "I'm expecting a seizure anytime now and if that happens..." "What happens?" asked a crying Kaylee. "There's only 30% chance she'd survive. I can see that there's internal bleeding but I don't have the equipment to see where it's coming from. Hence, can't stop it and I have a bad feeling there's something more." Mal was miserable. How the hell didn't he notice? He should have known. Now she was dying and it was his entire damn fault. If she woke up, she'll never forgive him. He had lost her on all views; he screwed it up royally now. "Wash, Kaylee...full-burn to Persephone possible?" Maybe he really screwed it but since he could loose nothing more, taking the chances would make no harm. "How long till Persephone, Wash?" wept as she dried up her tears, determined as the captain to keep Inara alive for a good long while. "We're lucky. We hit atmo in 3 hours." he proudly announced as a somewhat relieved sigh escaped everyone's mouth. They knew that Inara was strong; they just hope she would hang on for just a little while more and this news was making things look a bit better. "Good. I waved my friend at Persephone and he told me that he could find out about Inara's check up on Ariel. He will be saying that he's got a similar case and will let me lead her case with him under the name of 'Dr.Thomas Wilson' a doctor who came from the core for personal matters." "Nice plan there, doc. You will keep us informed, right?" "Well...on that matter, there's something I should tell you. Only one of you is allowed to come with me so that we won't raise suspicion, I thought the captain would be the ideal. Kaylee is needed in the engine room and Wash flies and Zoe and Jayne would be cover, anything would happen." "Yeah."Grunted Jayne in agreement "Ain't never a time when it goes smooth so something'll surely happen." Everyone rolled their eyes but agreed from the inside. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ They landed exactly at 11.00am and by 2.00pm; Simon approached the nervous captain who was pacing. As soon as Mal saw Simon, didn’t know whether to be happy or not. There was something in his face which wasn't right. He motioned him to an empty office where he closed the door and shut the blinds. "Bad news." he said in that doctor-y voice which shown he was on working mode "Inara was diagnosed with intestinal obstruction on Ariel which was the cause to internal bleeding and collapses. But what caused the intestinal obstruction was the early 'Hernia'-" "I need the dummy talk doctor. What the hell is ‘Hernia’?” Simon ducked his head "It's when an organ pokes out past the muscle wall that is supposed to hold the organ in place. As I said, it's still early and Inara has the chance of a good 98% of being saved by a surgery but she refused and keeps refusing it with a reason which appears to be keeping to herself." Mal ran his fingers through his hair; he had to find the answers to the two gorramn question which invaded his mind. Why's 'Nara refusing the surgery? Why is she refusing to live? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Teasing tone* You wanna find out? Coin is Jayne's language. Mine's is comments!



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