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Friday, November 9, 2007

What would happen if that check up on Ariel had been far from good? Will Inara change? Hold on to your seats, people and comments are as good as candy :D


Mal was sitting worried in his bunk. Since Ariel, Inara has been EXTREMLEY keeping to herself. Sometimes, she could be heard crying from her shuttle and hadn't even mentioned her work lately - mostly because she didn't talk at all - not to say about all the secret waves she's been receiving...and it all started after the damn check up. She was upset a great deal; he could tell from her eyes despite the gorramn training they gave her to hide her feelings and to smile those false smiles. Even Kaylee made herself scarce around the shuttle and she was missing her 'big sister' as hell - so it was no surprise that when he tried to converse with her, she bit his head off. But tonight, he had to find out at all costs. Sure as hell there was something wrong and he was going to know before she finds herself in danger. So he set his jaw and headed to her shuttle, he knocked three times and heard nothing. "Inara open up, I know you're in there." Not a sound and he was almost banging with concern. "'Nara... OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!" "What is it cap? You an’ Inara bickering again?" "Meimei, I think you should call the doc." "Simon? But why Simon?" "Just go and call him! I'll try to unlock this from the bridge." When they opened the shuttle, they were shocked. Inara was lying on the floor unconscious, she was as pale as a ghost and Mal wasn't no less when he saw her. Kaylee started sobbing and Simon rushed to check her vitals. "Her pulse is slowing too fast-" Simon looked to Mal when he muttered urgently; "We should get her to the infirmary, now." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ He managed to stabilize her with charging paddles but she was still unconscious. The only sound that could be heard was that of the monitor showing the beat of her heart, when Mal entered, he went to her side along with Kaylee and they both grasped her hands. She felt so small... her hands felt like those of a kid's. Mal looked at Simon as he finished writing on her chart. "We need to get her to a hospital immediately. I managed to stabilize her with the paddles. But I don't know how long will that last, it's something in her blood but it's deep and I can't spot it yet. We need a hospital. ASAP."


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Friday, November 9, 2007 7:27 AM


I really like this - it's a story that hasn't been done much


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