What's meant to be - Part 4
Saturday, June 16, 2007

This happens at the very same day of part 3 (right after)


............................................. Infirmary .............................................

Inara woke up to find the bracelet by the side of the pillow; luckily Simon put it back after he examined her. She smiled at it but decided it was Mal the one who was going to chain it round her wrist. She was really getting annoyed hearing her pulse on the monitor and she couldn't even move, but she didn't really remain bored much because Kaylee barged in with a grin that could light up Serenity for a month.


She ran to hug her but stopped abruptly

"I think you'll hug me when this isn't painful anymore meimei."She smiled sadly

"Oh Inara I'm real sorry, but I promise you I'll give you a big one when you're all right." They laughed, although Inara didn't wait much for the pain in her ribs.

"'Nara! you ok? Should I call Simon?"

"No sweetie this is normal. are you and Simon doing?"

"Oh 'Nara sometimes I think I'm dreaming! He's such a good kisser, and behaves like a teenager when he's with me..." she said dreamily.

"I told you Simon couldn't live without you and that you'll have him back, even River loves you"

"River is always telling me to try and comprehend him cause he's a boob and that love makes him a bit dizzy" Kaylee grinned

"Yes I saw that" Inara smiled mischievously

"What about the capn'? Now listen 'Nara, I shouldn't be tellin' ya this but did he seem a bit out of place when he came to ya?"

"Now that you mention yes..."

"That's because he fainted 'Nara. When he brought you first, he was already pale with worry... you was still very feverish, took a bullet between heart and lung and broke some ribs...Simon wasn't even sure you was gonna make it. But after sometime he said you're gonna be fine the capn' regained colour. This mornin' you were bleedn' internally and the capn' couldn't take no more and slid down the wall like a bag of berries, he didn't wake up until you did but sure as hell he loves ya 'Nara..."

"He didn't say anything about this."

"Because stress is not good for you an' he doesn' wanna see you hurt, besides, if he didn't he wouldn't have given ya that pretty." she smiled at the diamond bracelet

"That's not just a bracelet, Kaylee. That was of Mal's mother"

Kaylee gasped "'Nara, tell me you know what the capn' meant about it...please"

"Yes, I know meimei but I'm still very scared...this is all new to me."

"Even I was scared at first with Simon but once you get used to him, you'll never imagine life without him..."

"I think I already passed that phase sweetie"

Kaylee squealed "Oh 'Nara I'm real happy ya know"

All the squealing stopped the they heard Mal yelling


"Got to talk to my girl, see ya 'Nara"

"Bye sweetie" .............................................

That night Mal was sleepless and he knew that it was because of Inara so he went to check on her and to his surprise she was awake

"Hey darlin'"


"You feelin' better?"

"Yes the pain isn't so sharp anymore"


He glanced at the bracelet and Inara smiled when disappointment washed all over his face.

"I didn't want to put it on myself" she smiled timidly and made Mal's heart melt, he took the bracelet and chained it round her wrist.

"That better?"


They kissed long and sweet, Mal could drown in those two shiny, brown puddles and he swore he'd do anything not to let them get watery again. He touched her forehead and with great relief found that the fever was gone, but fuck if he didn't want to torture and break the necks of the hundans who hurt his angel like that.



"I swear to you I'll let no harm touch you again and if I-"

"Mal this wasn't your fault at all, it was I who went wondering and it was irresponsible of me. All for my stupid pride..."

"I don't think you're alone at that" They laughed and this time the pain was much more bearable, Mal would never say this to his face but Simon was the best doctor he ever met and was real grateful to him. But suddenly Inara's face turned sad.

"What is it baobei? You are hurtin’ again?" This time he was concerned

"No, it's just that I'm...I'm...scared... of us, this is all new and beautiful to me but I don't know if I'm up to it or not and I don't want to hurt you-"

Mal didn't let her finish, he cradled her face and kiss her passionately, luckily she responded and could feel the longing, and she nuzzled his jaw.

"None of that right now darlin', I want to do it right...but kissn' and cuddlin' ain't so bad either"

With that they started again. .............................................

Next Morning Mal woke up holding Inara close as she slept peacefully on his chest, and he was quite giddy about it. He kissed her forehead and watched fascinated as she stirred and her eyes fluttered open.

"Mornin' baobei, you slept well?"

"Mhm" she purred and damn if she didn't make him feel like a king when she did that. He laid her back and kissed her, it was still early and the crew hasn't woke up yet.

"I'm going to get breakfast, you stay here dong ma?"

"Yes, Captain Reynolds" she said with that genuine, sweet smile which made his heart melt.

When he came back she was waiting for him

"It's about time you tuck in somethin' decent"

"Thanks Mal but I don't think my stomach could bear all that food" she giggled when she saw the two full plates

"You eat as much as you like and than we'll see..." He gave her that little-boy look which made him look like a puppy in love. ............................................. A Week later in Inara's shuttle .............................................

Inara was standing in her shuttle wearing a beautiful, satined-blue kimono sipping her tea, when a giddy Mal barged in grabbing her round the waist and kissed her on the neck. She turned to face him and kissed him gently, which brought the memories of last night, the first time they had sex. Now was the time to let him know about her decision.

"Mal, we need to talk..." she said seriously and concern washed over his face

"What happened darlin'? Is it about last night?"

"Well... indirectly... we'd better sit down..."

Now he was really concerned.

"This morning I made a know how much I love you and last night I gave you a proof, but you also know I'm a companion and it's part of who I am-"

"'Nara...please... no-"

"Don't worry I'm not leaving or having sex with other men anymore... but I'm still taking clients because I'm a companion-"

Mal was angry now.

"And what are you doing? Huh! Give them tea leaves?"

"Mal just listen. You know what a psychologist is... well, that will be my new service."

Mal gaped

"I knew you liked compromising and that you're cunning but I didn't know my woman was a wonder..." He nuzzled her ear.

"Mal stop...I'm glad you agree but there's something else you need to know, to make this possible I have to go to the training house again to speak with the high priestess and arrange some papers." She was looking at her feet and Mal frowned.

"'Nara, I trust you, but do you REALLY have to do this?"

"If there was another way I wouldn't be asking, besides, the high priestess knows me since I was an infant so I'm like a daughter to her."

"How long will you be gone?" His voice was thick.

"About a week"

"What?! A WEEK?!"

"Including the travel to the house from Greenleaf and back to Serenity..."

Mal kissed her passionately and buried his nose in the curve of her neck.

"How can you expect me to sleep without you for a week?" he whispered

"It's a sacrifice you have to do if you want to have me forever, Mal." .............................................


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