What's meant to be - Part 2
Thursday, June 14, 2007

Can River knock some brains in Mal's head? Is Inara really leaving? How can Kaylee help?


..................... Inara's shuttle .....................

“Tonight it's terribly cold" she thought out loud while preparing a cup of tea. This had been a one stressful day for her she waved the training house that she'll be returning Sheydra and the girls were really happy about it, but Sheydra knew something was amiss Inara was paler then ever.

"Dear, have you been eating lately? you look just as pretty but I'm caring for your health."

"Well, Sheydra I wasn't really hungry and I just feel a bit dizzy sometimes but I think it's an effect of the black" Sheydra knew she was lying but for now she let it slip.

"Yes... so I'll see you here?"

"Yes, bye sheydra"


She drank her tea and fell asleep ..................... Mal's bunk .....................

Mal was uselessly running his hand through his hair while River was weeping silently she knew something bad was about to happen but she didn't know what.

"Little albatross, Inara don't give a damn what my feelings are cause if it really was for Kaylee she wouldn't be leaving now, but that was just the right excuse for going back to her whorin'"

"That's not true and you know it, you're just excusing yourself and I really never dreamt of saying this but you're even more a boob than Simon!!"

"Get out albatross"

And she obeyed.

..................... Simon's bunk .....................

Kaylee was happy, a lot, but still coudn't sleep even if she was wrapped safely in Simon's arms. She couldn't get Inara and the captain outside her head, Inara was a big sister to her and was sure as hell she loved Mal but they were so stubborn and that worried her. Mal almost died last time she left and she knew he wasn't going to bear it, even Zoe said so.


"Tell me sweetheart"

"Do you think Inara and the Capn' will be together?

"I can't really anwer that quetion Kaylee as they're more stubborn than these here walls but I think somehow they'll work it out. Now sleep you'll need to talk to Serenity tommorow"

"Yep good night Simon"

"Good night sweetheart"

And with that they slept ........................... Next morning on the table ...........................

Everyone was silent today, even River. A bit later Inara finally showed up but instead of relief the crew felt worried more than ever, they were shocked by how pale she was, whiter than a paper. As the ship's doctor, Simon felt responsible for her health even if she was leaving.

"Morning everyone"

"Mornin'" they all said at one time and she new something was strange

"Inara may I ask you to come to the infirmary? I want you healthy when you .... well-"

"It's ok, Simon I'll come"

It gave Mal a punch in the stomach to see her like this especially when he knew he was the cause of it. Everything continued normally until Inara fell on the floor with a thud, Kaylee ran to her and started to cry while Simon ordered Jayne to carry her to the infirmary, she was light, EXTREMLY light but Jayne closed his mouth because of Mal.

River stood wide eyed in the scene sensing that the real bad was to come anytime now. Zoe was staring at Mal and she knew he felt guilty, Gorram it! He felt guilty for everything but this time was different... she knew this time was even worse because even he was growing pale now.


No reply


"What!...sorry ... what did you just say?"

"You feeling ok sir?"


Although she knew he was lying.


When Simon came out of the infirmary everyone stood up.

"She has a dangerous fever"

Kaylee clapped her hand to her mouth while Zoe stared at Mal, his eyes were made of was the look he had after they lost the war and it scared her. He was suffering but he was going to suffer even more when she wasn't around.

"She's sleeping but she needs some medicals I have to get planet-side... River when are we-"

"Tommorrow morning at 9.00 AM"



Next Morining Mal, Zoe and Jayne had to go to bagder to be payed for the last job they did. Simon had to buy the medics for Inara and restock the infirmary and took River with him, that only left Kaylee and Inara on Serenity.Inara was still unconcious and Kaylee didn't like it at all...Simon said she was supposed to wake sometime today, Kaylee was in the infirmary hearing the monitor beep with Inara's pulse.

"You should wake you know! Capn's really feeling bad... he thinks it's his fault but now you have to wake up and tell him you forgave 'cause you're gonna kill him Inara... please"

She stayed another 15 minutes when she heard a noise from the engine... it was time to go.

"I'll be back inara"

And with that she left. .........................

Inara's eyes fluttered open she was welcomed by silence cause Kaylee was still in the engine room. Suddenly she started to hear noises and she realized she was in town which meant she had to go even if she was dizzy she would call for her trunks but now she had to keep her word... so she removed the drip and all the wires and steaded herself she slowly started to walk supporting herself on the walls.

After quite sometime she managed to get out but she realized the noises weren't as good as she tought...people were running and screaming, children were crying and the shots were coming nearer and nearer but she kept walking she wanted to know what's happened and get to the training house when suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her chest and the world turned white.

......................... When everybody arrived Jayne was planning out loud how to spend the money which earned a grunt from everyone, Zoe was making dinner and Mal was making calculations. River was sittng beside Mal when he realized she was crying.

"What is it albatross?"


"I think I'll call the doc..."

When suddenly Simon appeared in the entrance like he had just seen a reaver

"Tell me someone saw Inara!"

"Don't play jokes doc she's dreaming in the infirmary" Jayne said ironicly

"I swear to you she isn't there!!"

That was when Mal looked up and rushed to the infirmary, when he found she wasn't there he rushed to the engine room


"What is it capn'?"

"Where's 'Nara?!"

"She's sleeping like a baby in the infirmary-"


"But I saw her-"


Simon and the others rushed down, Kaylee was sobbing and Mal was hysteric.

"We need to find her she couldn't have gotten far with the smoother"

"Zoe, Jayne lets go"

"No capn'!!"

Mal glared at Kaylee

"There's something you need to know .... this area has also been attacked while you were at badger's!!"


"Let's go....NOW!!!"

Everybody jumped, even Jayne had turned blank while Kaylee was crying freely in Simon's chest


There were bodies everywhere Mal wished like the ruttin' hell this was a nightmare it was impossible for him to imagine that his angel was here among them, this was the first time ever he wished Inara was at the training house.

"Sir I'll go this way"


"I'll go the other"

Mal walked looking at the bodies which one of them could possibly be Inara. Suddenly the com beeped

"Sir, I think I found her...but hurry up!"

"JANE!! call the doc and tell him to prepare"

Mal rushed in Zoe's direction and when he found her he almost cried Inara was lying there with blood all over her torso.

"She's alive but only just... she has some broken ribs and one arm."

Mal scooped her in his arms like she was a new born and got her into the mule, while on the way back he prayed every force he knew not to take her away from him and he knew if she dies he'll die with her.

When they arrived they found Jayne and Simon with a stretcher and she was going to be taken from him to the infirmary.

"Zoe I need you to help me"

"Right here doc.."

And the World faded away


6 hours of surgery and Mal sitting on the chair outside with Jayne holding him still, afraid of him bursting in while Kaylee and River were hugging eachother still weeping.

Then Zoe came in, Mal bolted up so suddenly it scared Jayne, Zoe bowed her head.

"Doc's not sure wether she'll make it or not"

"If only I could get another chance..."

"Have to love when you got the chance, sir and you'll have no regretts"

And with that she left to her bunk

"I'll teach that HUNDAN a lesson if he doesn't fix her up!!" He muttered ......................... 30mins later .........................

Simon finally came out atracting all the faces to him

"The bullet's gone between the lungs and heart and she's lost a lot of blood...but she'll be fine."

Kaylee ran into his arms and River smiled. Mal began to get colour again

"Though she's still sleeping, she's spend 6 hours fighting with death..."

"May I see her?" Mal asked hopefuly

"Not yet...maybe tommorrow, but for now everyone gets some sleep we'll be welcoming Inara tommorrow!"

But how could Mal resist? Suddenly Zoe's words came to his mind...exactly like his mother's.Now it's up to him and he didn't want to let his momma and his heart down.

Part 3 coming soon


Thursday, June 14, 2007 5:07 AM


Please tell me what do you think...

Thursday, June 14, 2007 4:23 PM


Very interesting! It kept my attention. And you did better with the descriptions and the slowing down. Keep up the good work!

Thursday, June 14, 2007 6:33 PM


thanks :) I'm trying to give more details while writing but still I want to keep suspense...

Monday, June 18, 2007 4:25 AM


Some excellent work, but I think you would benefit from having a beta reader to look over things, KiMbEr. There's all kinds of good stuff here, but it's kinda hidden under some rough spelling, punctuation and formatting.



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