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***** Scene 1: (Bazaar in full swing. River walking alone, taking in the sights. Arms wrap around her from behind and a male voice says:)

KIM: “Hey pretty lady. AAAHHhh!” (as River knocks her assailant to his knees with a reverse head butt and arm lock) Ow. By dose. Ribber, it’s be! RIVER: Kim?! Oops. Sorry. You really should not approach from behind someone. KIM: I’ll rebeber dat. RIVER: Let’s find Simon, maybe he can stop the bleeding..and lend you a shirt. KIM: Good idea, thadks.

**** Scene2: (Serenity. Cargo hold.)

ZOE: That’s it, package delivered. The job’s done. SIMON: Not.. quite. ‘ ZOE: Excuse me? SIMON: Jazmine’s requested a little side jaunt. ZOE: Side jaunt. SIMON: Possibly a sojourn. ZOE: Riight. Where and why? SIMON: Can you keep a secret? (finds himself on the receiving end of a look) Sorry. Follow me. There’s something I need to show you. ZOE: This had better be good. SIMON: I think you’ll approve. **** Scene 3: Joyously Fashioned (Jazmine looking at vidchip Inara slipped her on Soonal.)

JAZ: Did you know I was coming or were you just hoping? (Pops in vid. We see Inara looking bleary eyed.) INARA: Mei mei, please accept my heartfelt condolences. It is a terrible shock. Your loss must be unbearable. Please do nothing rash. He was a good man and dear to his friends. I fear I will not be able to properly express my support to his crew. Please convey to them that you are all in my thoughts during your time of sorrow. I will attempt to pass this message through friends, but if I fail it is my hope that you will receive it. I fear for your safety. It appears my travels have come under scrutiny. For what I could not say. I would hate for those shadows to fall upon any innocent bystanders. I will therefore cease contact. Please be assured of my continued warm regards and affection, but it is best if we do not continue our correspondence. My duties at the Training House are very demanding considering my recent convalescence, but I find my work invigorating. Again, I share your sorrows. May you find comfort in these words. May your grief diminish. May you have nothing but peace. The pain will run its course. JAZ: On our way to the post office were we? Great. She couldn’t just encode it or something. Nooo, she has to make me read between the lines. Bitch. Let’s see. They’ve probably broken the code and started intercepting transmissions. Once more from the top. (starts message again, muted) Why did she look away there? And there? And there. Aha. OK, now what’s she saying when she does that...and why am I talking to myself? Looks away, do nothing rash, looks into the capture. Same thing, pass this message through friends. Fear for your safety. Travels have come under scrutiny. No shit, thanks. Shadows. Fall. Innocent bystanders. Cease contact. Do not continue. Correspondence. Work invigorating. Sorrows. Diminish. Peace. Run. Crap. It’s hitting the fan, isn’t it? Clever girl, Ms. Serra. Right, who needs this next?

****** Scene 4: (Copia. Farmhouse kitchen table.)

KASMIR: You mourn through housework? JAZ: I mourn through killing the whore that shot my lover. I should remember to ask who she was, they seemed to know her. KASMIR: (shrugs) Priorities. You honor his memory, but you suffer. Release is needed. JAZ: Better to find the mind behind the hand. I’ll do the wailing later. Besides, I can’t even get drunk right now. KASMIR: I will drink for you. JAZ: Make it a double. KASMIR: What is this domesticity I see before me? JAZ: Mal patched this hole once. Made quite a job of it. It’s been bothering me since I first saw it. I could never get it away from him long enough to mend it neatly until now. KASMIR: His lucky brown coat, then? JAZ: Shouldn’t have left it behind I guess. I’m spiffing it back up. The man was determined to wear it to his grave. KASMIR: A request to be honored. JAZ: I’m telling myself he’ll be happy to see it again. Keep him warm out there. KASMIR: So. This humble space gypsy offers to keep his widow warm. With peppermint tea, of course. JAZ: Kasmir my friend, you are a blessing and no mistake. That would be perfect. KASMIR: Peppermint tea usually is. Excepting with pumpkin pie. Unless it is very late and one has had a liter of vodka. Then it is either fine or you do not care.


Scene 5: ( Bazaar, walking towards docks)

RIVER: You are between vessels. KIM: Just at present. Not sure where I’m headed. RIVER: I could ask Zoe if you could come with us. KIM: I’m a little low on fare right now. RIVER: You can kiss, but can you cook? *** Scene 6: ( Serenity. Nook somewhere out of the way where Simon has stashed the cryo chamber.)

ZOE: Shanty told you to keep this to yourself? SIMON: She was under a great deal of stress at the time. ZOE: That must be what she’d meant about seeing how I felt after the job was done. SIMON: Probably. ZOE: So there’s really a chance? SIMON: It is within the realm of possibility. River is making some good suggestions on autologous tissue generation and grafting techniques. ZOE: How’s he like to fare? SIMON: That will depend in part upon how much oxygen deprivation his brain and other organ systems suffered. We got to him quickly. If it weren’t for the lucky shot and remote location he probably would have survived. ZOE: What do you mean, would have survived? SIMON: Oh he’s quite dead. This is definitely what you could consider a desperate salvage operation. ZOE: He always did like the salvage jobs. Saving something of value from the wreckage. SIMON: I can’t promise there will be anything to save even if the cultures and grafting are successful. You need to understand that. Jazmine was quite desperate. ZOE: I’ve been there. Why didn’t she want us to know about this box? SIMON: She wanted whoever it was to think they’d succeeded. ZOE: So why did you show me? SIMON: I felt it was necessary. Easier than trying to convince you to go out of your way for nothing. I needed someone to confide in, and you were close to him. It seemed wrong to not tell at least you. ZOE: Could have told River your troubles. SIMON: Just because she is aware of a burden does not mean she should have to share it. ZOE: Captain’s a burden to you then? SIMON: Failing a patient is. I have a chance to not do that. ZOE: I can accept that. Where to now? SIMON: Core. Jazmine has contacts there. ZOE: If it works? SIMON: Come the resurrection? We take him home. ZOE: If we fail him? SIMON: We still take him home. ZOE: What’s our timetable? SIMON: I’m not certain quite yet, but the faster the better. ZOE: You heard River ran into Kim? SIMON: My wardrobe is aware of it. ZOE: Wants to bring him along. SIMON: Can you, oh never mind. ZOE: What? SIMON: I was going to ask if you could lock them in at night. Separately. ZOE: Wouldn’t even slow her down. SIMON: That’s what I was thinking. So is Kim coming? ZOE: River said he can cook. SIMON: He’s coming. Thanks for asking, though.

***** Scene 7: (Serenity. Air lock)

ZOE: Welcome aboard the Lotus Leaf. Stow your gear and get familiar with the galley. KIM: I thought this was Serenity? ZOE: We’re wearing a mustache today. KIM: Huh? RIVER: I adjusted our identity temporarily. We’ll be feeling more ourselves in a while. ZOE: Not ‘till we’re finished I hope. RIVER: The patch will hold. KIM: I probably don’t want to know any more, right? RIVER: Plausible deniability. ZOE: Smart, young one. Go get stowed. Chow’s on the sevens. Midday meal’s catch as can. KIM: Got it.(exits) ZOE: He followed you home, you watch after him. RIVER: He’s lost already. ZOE: Better go guide him. Wouldn’t want the boy stumbling onto something he shouldn’t. RIVER: Mal would probably enjoy the company. ZOE: Best we don’t find out.

***** Scene 8: (Bridge)

SIMON: Here. Everybody but Kim gets a pair of these. (hands out small cases) He’s not hiding. JAYNE: What’re they? SIMON: Blurs. ZOE: Changes your retina scan? SIMON: Shr ah. JAYNE: Ain’t those awful expensive? SIMON: Awfully illegal as well, but I didn’t think you’d have any qualms. JAYNE: Where’d you get cashy money for that? KAYLEE: Present from QBG? SIMON: Complete with ident cards. (hands them over) KAYLEE: Shiny! RIVER: Not taking any chances. ZOE: Not this trip. Wants us all back safe and sound. SIMON: Just because you’ll pass a gateway doesn’t mean you should get cocky. Stay out of sight as much as possible. ZOE: Got it. Jayne? JAYNE: Yeah, yeah. I’m followin’. ZOE: We’re just simple delivery people this run. Simon’s doing the legwork. JAYNE: How much time you gonna need for this errand, Doc? SIMON: Several weeks. I have been warned that our contacts may be somewhat timid at first. Once they’re assured we’re not Alliance things should move along nicely. ZOE: How long until you find out what the pay off is going to be? SIMON: That’s rather hard to predict. JAYNE: We don’t know how much we’re gettin’ paid? Whose brilliant idea was that? ZOE: Shanty’s. You can take it up with her when you see her again. Until then pipe down. SIMON: You’ll be amply rewarded. JAYNE: Horse pucks. ZOE: If that’s what you want your share in, I’m sure we can oblige. JAYNE: Har ruttin’ har. Hell, even Mal woudn’ta taken a job without knowin’ the fee. ZOE: Well he’s not available for consultation right now. If you don’t like it you can get off at the next stop. JAYNE: All’s I’m sayin’ is.. ZOE: (cuts him off) Nothing. So don’t bother. SIMON: Right. Well, let’s all go see what’s for supper, shall we? ZOE: (Shoulders past) Good idea. JAYNE: What’s eatin’ her? SIMON: Probably the loss of a good freind. But I could be mistaken. JAYNE: Hell, we all miss the captain. Ain’t like she’s gotta go gettin’ all huffy. SIMON: I suspect she feels differently. Don’t lose those. (exits) KAYLEE: It’ll be all right Jayne. Zoe’s been with Mal longer’n any of us. She’s bound to take it hard. Don’t worry about it. I’m starvin’! Let’s see how Kim cooks. (exits) RIVER: (walks up to Jayne. Looks him in the eyes) She’s mad you’re calling her judgment into question, doofus. She’s sad, too. I’m still available for discussion should the need arise. JAYNE: Ain’t gonna. RIVER: In that case? Race you to the last biscuit! (runs out) JAYNE: Hey! (follows)

***** Scene 9: (Copia. Farmhouse parlor.)

JAZ: Once in a while the answer really is to just throw money at a problem until it goes away. KASMIR: So then, freind Jazmine, Sovay is acceptable to you? JAZ: She’s a dear girl and the babies love her. She’ll do nicely. KASMIR: Of course! She is my cousin. JAZ: She even likes garlic. KASMIR: She possesses excellent taste. JAZ: You’re sure the family can spare her? KASMIR: She will earn more this way and her horizons will broaden like the open prairie. JAZ: I’ll keep her away from Jayne. We don’t want them broadening too far. KASMIR: If you find him watching her tell him Kasmir will take his eyes. Like so. JAZ: I’ll make sure to practice my finger hook. KASMIR: Frankly I am not so worried, but Sovay is known to give in too quickly. JAZ: We don’t need any more babies! KASMIR: Including this one, Jazmine? JAZ: Not including this one. I was caught out unexpectedly. No, I know better than that. I was careless, but I was happy with Malcolm and I was not worried. When he died I weighed all my options, for about twenty minutes. In a different time and place I would have chosen differently. I have resources, I have relief now thanks to you, and I want this PICC of him which is mine. KASMIR: You will be a most excellent mother. JAZ: Because I decided not to end it? KASMIR: Because you are a realist and think carefully, my friend. Also because you like to bite small children. JAZ: I can’t help it, they’re just so edible. KASMIR: I prefer the toesies. JAZ: Feet are tasty, but I’m fond of bellies. They squeak. KASMIR: I will let Sovay’s parents know she is staying. She will be thrilled to have her own room at last. Twenty three years of bunking with her sisters has given her a taste for privacy. JAZ: I thought that might sweeten the pot. KASMIR: To that one it is a full hive of honey you have added. JAZ: Hope it doesn’t make her sick.

**** Scene 10: (Serenity. Jazmine is sitting at the kitchen table, sharing a cup of tea with Mal late at night. She is quietly picking out a tune.)

MAL: So, Shanty, what’s the plan now? JAZ: Same as before. You go do what you do. I’ll hold the home front. When the younglings are big enough to stay out from afoot we rejoin Serenity. Between then and now you come visit when you’re able. MAL: And if I can’t come visiting so often? JAZ: We wait, and rejoice all the more when you can. But I think Zoe will insist on a quick fly by regularly. MAL: And if I can’t come at all? JAZ: Then we miss you. MAL: I’ll do the best I can darlin’, but it’s time you woke up. Gracie’s callin’. JAZ: (wakes to the sound of crying. She is in bed at the farmhouse holding Mal’s shirt.) Gorram.

***** Scene 11: (Serenity. Common area)

ZOE: Well, it’s U Day again. JAYNE: Mal’d be gettin’ drunk right about now. ZOE: Feels like we should be starting a fight in his honor. JAYNE: Nothin’ better to do. Let’s go. ZOE: Jayne. JAYNE: What? ZOE: Remember the part about not getting pinched in the Core? JAYNE: Oh, right. Gorramit. We can still get drunk. ZOE: Tell you what, grab some of Kaylee’s finest and I’ll meet you in the cargo hold. JAYNE: You ain’t gonna hurt me are you? ZOE: Depends on how drunk I get.

***** Scene 12: (Cargo bay. Jayne and Zoe are engaged in a variant of boxing. An empty jug of wine is nearby. )

KIM: They aren’t really going to hurt each other are they? This is just friendly sparring. RIVER: Hard to say. Zoe’s heart’s not in it, so the probability of injury is low. KAYLEE: What if her heart was in it? RIVER: He’d be unconscious by now. KIM : You really think she could take him? RIVER: 30 seconds or less hand to hand. KAYLEE: They look pretty serious to me. RIVER: That was just a love tap. He barely connected. Call me if they take the padding off. I’m going to wave Simon. ***** Scene 13: (Serenity. Bridge.)

SIMON: (entering) What happened to you? ZOE: Killing time. SIMON: Looks like it put up quite a struggle. ZOE: You should see what it’s done to Jayne. SIMON: He’ll have raided the infirmary by now. ZOE: How’s our little project going? SIMON: So far so good. My colleagues in questionable ethics appreciated River’s suggestions when I brought them up. They’re already refining some of her ideas for field testing. ZOE: I’m weeping for joy at medicine’s gain. Are you any closer to done? SIMON: Two more days until the new heart muscle is ready for grafting. It’s truly amazing what they can do with a little tissue these days. ZOE: You made sure to mark it this end up? SIMON: That’s what technicians are for. ZOE: I’m so reassured. SIMON: They’re debating whether the best option is to graft while he’s in cryo, remove the heart to work on it then reimplant then revive him, or just defrost him and run with it. ZOE: So they’ve got a clear and decisive plan of action. SIMON: It is largely uncharted waters. I did make it clear that so far as their benefactor was concerned the attitude of “he’s dead, what could go wrong” is unacceptable. ZOE: Just like that? SIMON: I did have to bounce a head off a table for emphasis, but he was a weenie any way. ZOE: Make sure you put that on your resume. Weenie bouncer. SIMON: Committee Chair is the standard term. ZOE: So that’s what they do. SIMON: You should see it when a grant is involved. ZOE: No thanks. Weak stomach. SIMON: So, what’s for dinner? ZOE: Kim said noodles. Through a straw. SIMON: Let’s go see, we can laugh at Jayne. You’ll feel better.



Tuesday, December 19, 2006 5:35 PM


Damn...we missed out on seeing Simon - Simon, for God's sake!!! - bounce a person's head off a table?!? Come on! That's the Grade A stuff right there!


Still...definitely was riveted to this chapter, stinkingrose. Especially the moments where the dark humour shows its head;D


Tuesday, December 19, 2006 9:56 PM


An unusual scenario for a game plan and interesting to see how it plays out. Somehow I would have expected Kaylee to be upset that the Captain is dead but she seems so matter of fact. Not sure I'd be happy that the ones who will be doing the grafting on his heart can't make up their mind whether or not to defrost the body first. Ick! Can't wait to see how this plays out, Ali D
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