Firefly: The Past PART 3
Monday, October 9, 2006

part three of Firefly: The Past. This is a story about Shepherd Book's past.


Firefly: The Past CHAPTER 4 Part 3

"Why is it in a rock?" Mal asked again, when Simon's silence answered him. Simon looked back at the rock. "Well...I would need to run some more tests--" Zoe interrupted him. "And how exactly does this rock effect you? Do you have to eat it? Or can we just be standing right by it like we are now and suddenly go into cardiac arrest? 'Cause if that's so, I don't want it near my husband." Simon smiled. "Not to worry. If we were effected by just standing next to it, we'd all be dead by now." Mal sighed. "Well, that's a relief." He looked over at Wash. "How long until he's good enough to be in the cockpit?" Simon checked Wash's vitals. "He's doing good, but more time would be better for him." Mal sighed, then motioned to Zoe. "Let's go outside and assess the damage." Zoe nodded, and with a final glance at her unconcious husband, followed Mal towards the cargo bay. Mal banged on Jayne's door as he passed it. "Jayne, get your butt out here and help us with some stuff. We need you as a lookout!" The door creaked open, and Jayne popped his head out the door and looked at the captain. Without saying a word, Jayne hoisted himself out of his quarters and stood in the hallway. Mal narrowed his eyes and looked at the man's getup. "Are those...grenades...attatched onto you?" Mal asked. Jayne looked down at his vest. "You never know when you might need grenades." Jayne said, patting one. Mal shook his head, not wanting to start an argument with the man. "Come on, you two." As they were walking towards the cargo bay, a beeping noise sounded, causing Mal to stop. He turned, very perturbed. "I would get a wave at this moment. You two continue on outside while I get this." He started towards the cockpit while Zoe and Jayne continued out. Mal reached the cockpit quickly and pressed the button that enabled the wave to come through. "Captain Malcolm Reynolds of Serenity. Who am I speakin' to?" He asked politely. The vid screen flickered on, and he looked up expectantly. Nothing was shown on the vid screen except blackness, though. A scratchy voice came through, and the hairs on Mal's neck stood up straight. " have something we want. We want it back. Give it back. We will strike again." The wave clicked off, and Mal blinked. He reached up and pressed the intercom button for the entire ship. "This is the Captain speaking. I need Zoe in the cockpit, please. Zoe in the cockpit." He said, then replaced the handset. He plopped down in the pilot's chair, waiting the return of his second in command. XXXXXX

Jayne and Zoe hadn't found anything unusual. Zoe had placed Jayne at the entrance of the ship with Vera so he could keep an eye on the surrounding landscape. There wasn't much to look at; mostly just sand and shrubs around the ship. Zoe noticed that it was a small clearing, and silently wondered if there were any cities nearby. It was surprising there wasn't more damage to the ship. She remembered the last few moments of the crash, and all the warning lights that were flashing. The bottom of the ship was pretty scratched up, but wasn't broken through in any places, and that was a good thing. Zoe noticed something in the sand and kneeled to get a closer look. She frowned. Footprints were leading away from the ship, and she glanced off in the direction they were going. The sand continued expanding until far off in the distance, a mountain could be seen. She furrowed her eyebrows and stood up. Maybe the person who had left, also left the box in the hold. Zoe looked closer at the ground. Nothing else was seen other than that one set of footprints. She headed back to the ship, and heard Mal's announcement over the speakers. XXXXXX

How did Wash ever get used to these gorram dinosaurs staring at him all day? Mal thought to himself. He was getting creeped out by just sitting there for five minutes. He swore the things were smirking at him. A few more minutes passed, and he was contemplating taking them and putting them in a box, when Zoe walked in. "Sir, nothing to report outside other than a set of footprints." Zoe said, coming up to lean on the dashboard. Mal nodded. "Good, because we've got ourselves another mystery." He said, pointing to the wave communicator. Zoe waited for him to continue. Mal rubbed his forehead. "It seems we have a psycotic killer or somethin' on this planet that wants retribution or revenge for something. Seems we have something they want." At Zoe's look, he shrugged. "Hey, I'm just sayin' what they said." Zoe stood and walked over to the co-pilot's seat to sit down. She leaned forward, looking at Mal. "Do you really think one of us has something a mysterious person said?" Mal thought for a moment, then nodded in confirmation. "Yes. I do. And I bet you it's that gorram preacher-man." Zoe shrugged. "Can't argue with you on that." She leaned back. "And how do you expect to get the Shepherd's story out of him? Other than thumb screws, I doubt that man will let anything go that isn't Biblical." Mal grinned. "Exactly. Lyin' ain't Biblical." "You've already told him that." Mal's grin deflated. "True..." Zoe looked away. "What if you let him and Wash talk?" "What would that accomplish?" Mal asked, uncertain. "He and Wash aren't exactly close friends. We'd have a better chance him talkin' to Jayne." "Well, it might let Book open up a little more. After all, he did ask Wash to crash someplace else. Maybe Shepherd will come clean." "I doubt it. The man is stubborn, as you've said." "Then I have no other ideas, sir." Mal twirled his finger in the air, tracing invisible patterns. "And I'm fresh out, too." Just then, pounding footsteps sounded on the metal grating outside the door. Mal and Zoe turned to see Jayne running in. "Cap'n, there are some suspicious individuals approaching!" Jayne said hurriedly. Mal tilted his head back and groaned. "Why me?" He said, putting an arm over his eyes. Zoe smiled at that remark, then turned to Jayne. "How many are there?" She asked. Jayne looked up and held up a hand and started counting on his fingers. " plus two....four!" Jayne proudly announced. "There are four men approachin'. I figured you might want to talk to 'em. They don't look armed." Mal closed his eyes. "You thought right. I'm glad we agree on this." He adjusted his coat and his pistol at his side. "Well, let's see what these people want."


Monday, October 9, 2006 1:36 PM


Nice little chapter, but you left me on such a cliffhanger, you big meanie!

Mystery men approach? That shouold make for a very interesting confrontation...

I await the next chapter!

Thursday, October 12, 2006 9:23 AM


Is it wrong of me to say Jayne's attempt at counting - slowly - was hilarious in its own way? Cuz it was;)

So...we got mysterious people threatening to do harm to the crew unless whatever they want is turned over ASAP, huh? Yep...just another day with the BDHs;D



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