Firefly: Alternate Universe PART 13
Friday, October 6, 2006

Part thirteen in an alternate universe for Firefly. A little bit of shuttle humor.


Kane ignored Wash's and Jayne's question. Instead, he turned to Sanka and said, "You are in charge. Get this mess cleaned up and then get these chickens delivered."

Kane walked passed Jayne with out looking and him and then up the stairs. Before things deteriorated further, he needed to go help Jade get Maxx ready to go.


Sanka spoke first, "You know, Jayne, you have a natural knack for getting under Star's skin. I do not envy you in that talent. Now, you know what I say?" Sanka asked.

"Wut?" Jayne said with a sneer.


The two busied themselves in an earnest attempt to fulfill Kane's orders.


Kane joined Jade in the infirmary as she was preparing to move Maxx to the shuttle. Kane explained that they were going to fly him home and would keep him informed as they made new discoveries concerning Ramona, Joe and the mysterious box.

Once Jade verified that Maxx was ready to move, Kane helped get him into the shuttle. He told Wash was running down the the hold to get Jayne and let Sanka know what was happening.

As he approached the two standing outside of the airlock, Sanka was gyrating and bouncing to what he called "work" music, which was really indistinguishable from his "sleep", "shower", "eat", or "hanging-out" music. Jayne, on the other hand, had distanced himself from Sanka and was doing his best not to look at him. That is, without looking like he wasn't looking at him.

Kane explained to Sanka what he and the rest of the crew were going to do and when they would be back. He instructed him to see if he might find any worth while trades for the extra unusable parts salvaged from Aces & Eights, reminding him to get the ship fueled up.

With that, he gathered Jayne up, convincing him he did not need to be armed to the teeth to drop off Maxx, but conceding he was allowed to talk a pistol and a knife. They both climbed onto the shuttle; Jayne sitting in back with Jade and Maxx, Kane taking his place in the co-pilot seat next to Wash.

"Take her up," Kane instruced Wash.

After about ten minutes of flying, Wash arrived at the coordinates Maxx had given him. The shuttle landed in front of a small house and shut the shuttle down.

A woman and young child came out the front door.

Kane told Wash and Jayne to stay inside the shuttle as he and Jade helped get Maxx out. He and Jade allowed time for the reunion to unfold. Once the initial emotions had settled, Jade explained the nature of Maxx's wounds, what she had done to treat him and how his recovery should be handled.

Once all was handled, Kane told Maxx he would see him again when he either had Ramona in custody or she was dead.

Goodbyes where said, and Jade and Kane returned to the shuttle. They watched as the little family walked back into their house at which time Kane indicated for Wash to fly them back.

Kane was happy that at least one thing in the past week had gone quickly, easily and peacefully.

Wash took the controls and flew quickly back to the ship. He was glad that dropping Maxx off hadn't taken too long, that way they could earn some coin with some of the supplies they had taken from Maxx's ship.

Jayne grinned at Jade.

Jade noticed Jayne's grin at her. At first annoyed, she sat back and allowed the edges of her lips to rise into a smile. She looked Jayne over and breathed deep, raising an eyebrow and giving him a welcoming look. She winked and him and then opened her mouth and leaned forward as if to say something intimate.

"Kane," she said to Jayne's shock and surprise, "Jayne is leering at me."

From the cockpit came the distinct sound of pistol slide being pulled back and released.

"Jayne," Kane said, "we're a off long way up for someone that doesn't know how to sky dive...and who doesn't have a parachute...and who is leering at my wife."

Jayne coughed into his fist and leaned away from Jade. "Cap'n, I was jest tryin' to be all friendly-like. Not in that way, I'm sure you understand, sir."

Wash gave a laugh from the front seat.


They finally arrived back at Odyssey. Wash carefully docked the shuttle into Odyssey's holder and shut it down. He turned to Kane.

"I'll head up to the cockpit now and make sure everything's going good." Wash opened the doors and started to climb out.

Kane waited till Wash and Jayne left the shuttle before he spoke to Jade.

"Alright, Jade," he began,"we need to do this. If you like, we get rid of Jayne and Sanka for a bit. It's up to you, but I want to get this done now."

Kane still had a lot of things to resolve. He still had to find Ramona and Joe. He still had to find out how to get onto Osiris other than as a convict. He had to find out what those deadly rocks were that he was carrying. And, of course, the issue they were discussing, find out why the Alliance would send out an operative to collect Wash.

Looked like a nice relaxing weekend was out of the picture for the time being.


Sunday, October 8, 2006 8:25 PM


Oh Jayne...even in AU, you're wandering eye still gets ya in go se;)


Monday, October 9, 2006 5:36 AM




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