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May entry #1
Thursday, June 2, 2005 2:51:48 AM

Hey all. This is my first time blogging, so bear with me if I don't have it down to an exact science. Since KaySky wants to know what I've been doing, and in an attempt to do something different this ...


May Entry #2: My First Celebrity Encounter
Thursday, June 2, 2005 2:55:07 AM

The next day, I just bum around, not doing much. I work a little more on YOU CAN'T GO HOME AGAIN (I've hit a serious bit of writer's block as of late, and with juggling a full time job and the videography ...


May Entry #3: The BFA Interview
Thursday, June 2, 2005 3:07:11 AM

Sunday and Monday go by without any real event, which then morphs into Tuesday and the day of the interview. I'ma bit nervous, because this is the second time I've done this. I did this interview last ...


May Entry #4: Work and other stuff
Thursday, June 2, 2005 3:11:27 AM

The next day, I begin my first job for the summer. Between May 4th and May 19, I drive half an hour there and back every weekday to Cranfields. It's this farm near Limerick, (one of the small towns ...