May Entry #3: The BFA Interview
Thursday, June 2, 2005

Sunday and Monday go by without any real event, which then morphs into Tuesday and the day of the interview. I'ma bit nervous, because this is the second time I've done this. I did this interview last year, but because my grades wern't good enough, I was two away from being accepted. So this whole last year has been me boosting my marks so that I can re-apply and be accepted. I go in, and two of the three profs are ones I'm familiar with. One is Charlie Fox, the prof I had been meeting with about the interview and digging up my old portfolio for re-admittance. The other is Dr. Phillippe Mather, who was the prof for both my Film Theory and Aesthetics, and my Contemporary Film classes. The third guy is someone I havn't had yet, but who will be teaching one of my classes next semester. I know the three questions
they'll be asking, and I answer them to the best of my abilities. I tell them that the reason I want to be in the film program is that this is who I am. I show them all my extra-curicular film work, with The Wedding Shooter being my ace up my sleeve, and that I've been improving my marks in order to be accepted. I end by telling them that asking me why I want to be a filmmaker is like asking Mozart why he wants to be a composer. This is who I am. I can't imagine doing anything otherwise. When they ask me what kinds of
movies or directors I like, I tell them that for
films, I've been finding that the domestic dramas (THE UPSIDE OF ANGER, GARDEN STATE, AMERICAN BEAUTY, CLERKS) are the ind of movies I love because they bring me a spiritual clarity and an understanding about the world and life more than any other genre. And I name drop Werner Herzog as a recent favorite, because he's a Quixote-like filmmaker. Someone who shoots for the stars while others are content to hover. As for one project in my portfolio that I think is the strongest, I tell them the slide narrative one is my best, since it was something spontaneous and came out of two failed projects and ended up being the rabbit out of the hat. I end by showing them the last few minutes of my first wedding video, which is one of the best edited things I've done and thanking them for letting me do this. After
some DR. WHO on CBC, we pack up and Matt and I head home.



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