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I saw SERENITY four times yesterday.
Saturday, October 1, 2005 6:22:23 AM

I have Fridays off, so not only did I see it, I saw it FOUR TIMES on opening day. And I went dressed as Wash. I had my hair dyed to match Wash's hair color exactly, and I wore a Hawaiian shirt and had ...


I respect Joss's decision not to go back to TV.
Tuesday, October 4, 2005 11:51:12 PM

I was just watching some of BUFFY season 5 tonight, and it actually struck me about something that not many people realize about Joss. With 7 seasons of BUFFY (6 1/2 if you think of season 1 as half ...


I just saw "The Body".
Thursday, October 6, 2005 8:26:37 PM

Last night, I saw for the first time what many consider to be the best episode of BUFFY last night. Goin in, I was a bit dubious. But after the first ten minutes, when I saw Buffy put her hand to her ...


Continuation of previous blog.
Thursday, October 6, 2005 9:23:22 PM

The second time it happened was a few years ago, actually. It was with my Grandma Fran. Of the two gma's I had, she was my favorite of the two. She was really into movies, she was friendly and funny ...


Perspective of SERENITY dropping to #8.
Sunday, October 9, 2005 5:28:55 PM

Well, it's Sunday night of the second weekend of SERENITY's release, and we got creamed. Tell you the truth, I wasn't really that surprised. You factor in the time of year it was released, the fact ...