May Entry #4: Work and other stuff
Thursday, June 2, 2005

The next day, I begin my first job for the summer.
Between May 4th and May 19, I drive half an hour there and back every weekday to Cranfields. It's this farm near Limerick, (one of the small towns in the Mossbank area, Mossbank being my hometown), and they build grain bins there. For the first three days, I'm working with this one dude, Nathan, a rocker from Crane Valley, as we build the top cone of the bins. Every day, I end up washing my hands with gasoline to get the silicone off my fingers. The next Monday I get back, I'm being replaced by the boss's son's fiancee (I stick my card in her windshield wiper as I
leave that day), and I'm moved to the shop. For the next two weeks, I buff (off the rust and dirt on the cones and the skids) grind (off the metal bumps left over from the welders, as well as the edges on some supports to make them smooth) and wipe (a flammable solution onto the metal that's like a primer for when they paint them that night) the steel hopper bottoms of the bins. Heavy metal blares in my ears as sparks fly around me as I'm reminded of shop class. Everything goes fine, and I'd still be there if I didn't have an interview in the city on the 14th with Sarcan (recycling plant) and ended up with a job there. It's a small pay cut, but it keeps me here in the city, which is what I've always wanted. I do my last week at Cranfield's quietly, although on my last
day, I nearly set myself on fire.

During the Victoria Day long weekend, my friend
doesn't show up, I get some DVD's and I check out
REVENGE OF THE SITH. Kick-ass, like all six STAR WAR films and am eager to see it again. I get the camera back from JVC. They say that nothing's wrong with it. I hook it up and it's still not working. I end up burning up my first ever summer paycheck (which is supposed to go to my tuition) and end up buying a brand new camera just so that I can take the footage I shot with the old one and digitize it with the new. I plan on returning the new camera to Future Shop before the 14 day return policy is up.

My first wedding of the summer is one fiasco after
another. First I end up running across the street to Shopper's Drug Mart to get some film cassettes before the ceremony starts. Then during the ceremony, I end up not getting one of the most crucial shots of the ceremony (the bridal party walking in) and suffering the embarassment of having to do a re-shoot, something I've never done before. And to make matters worse, my August bride, who recommended me to the May bride to
begin with, is there as well, watching me at work.
Amazingly enough, I end up getting everything else
right, and after putting it off for a week, I edit the whole thing on Sunday (this Sunday) and it ended up turning out really well. My business partner saw the video before I digitized it and she said that this is one of my best videos so far (which is high praise from her). After discovering a new brand of DVD's don't work and scrambling to get my hands on some DVD's of my old brand, Memorex, I end up giving them the first cut of the film. On the whole, they're happy with it, although they would've liked that moment in it that I missed, (I'dve like that too). They just wanted me to change the grooms name from Chris to Kris, and to have some more shots of their kid, London in it. I go back, change the name, add
another montage at the end, and tonight I finally
handed in the final product and got my last check from them (with a $50 pay cut from them.) No time to worry about that, since I have another wedding to do this weekend.

On the 24th, I started my second and more permanent job in the city at Sarcan. It's the easiest job in the world. All I do really is take bags and pallets of recyclable material (plastic, aluminum, glass) off of some trucks and dump them into a hopper on a conveyor belt. It's like working at the seed cleaning plant, really.

As to other miscellaneous stuff, I got a letter from the film board, saying that I have been accepted into the BFA program. This is both good and bad news. Good in that I actually got it, and bad in that I have to drop and add new classes to a schedule that was pretty good. After some phone call and net surfing, I now have my schedule for the Fall 2005 semester locked in. I have Mondays and Fridays off, Tuesday is my big day with three three hour classes almost back to back to back, an hour and a half lab on Wednesday mornings, and an evening class on Thursday nights. While it may
cut into my TV schedule, I couldn't ask for a better semester. And with basically three whole work days free, I can easily keep working at Sarcan on a part time basis. My phone line kept crapping out on me, but as of today, the problem's been solved. And I got a stack of DVD's to get through, library and bought titles, that I imagine will only get higher. Also, I have to call Sasktel to see if I can add Movie Central on my cable paackage so that I can watch the last
season of SIX FEET UNDER without having to wait and download eps off the net.

Well, I'll update this in June. Hopefully some of
you guys will be interested in what happens to me.



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