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Just saw this one, don't know if it is new.


Because these links oft go bad, I'll try to snapshot this:

Firefly: 10 Fan-Favorite Moments, According To Reddit

Fan-favorite moments from the cult-classic sci-fi/Western TV show Firefly, and its sequel movie Serenity. With Mal, Jayne, and the rest of the gang.
By Shawn Doherty Published 2 days ago

The cult-classic TV show Firefly lasted only fourteen episodes, but the adoration that fans have for the series has lasted almost twenty years. With a large cast of interesting characters, witty dialogue, and surprising plots, there are plenty of moments that stand out for Browncoats.

RELATED: 9 Best Firefly Quotes, According to Ranker

As a sci-fi/Western classic ahead of its time, it even got a shout-out on another sci-fi series. On Reddit, dedicated fans of the show can share their enthusiasm and discuss their favorite moments from the series and the sequel movie, Serenity (2005). It's always interesting to see which of the many great scenes and exchanges from the Firefly universe are beloved as someone's favorite.

10 "Make Somethin' Up. Don't Tell 'Em What I Did."
Malcolm talks to Jayne while Simon watches in Firefly

In Episode 9, "Ariel", Captain Malcolm Reynolds has Jayne Cobb trapped and as user ESJ put it, "nonchalantly" threatens to kill him after sussing out that Jayne betrayed the crew as they attempted a heist on an Alliance hospital.

Like many fans, ESJ "totally" believed that Mal was really going to kill Jayne, and opines that, "...both the tension of that moment and the emotional recovery when Mal brings us back from the brink and spares Jayne's life are intense. A real testament to the writing, directing and acting, and the defining moment of the series, IMO."

9 "I'll Be Your Bounty, Jubal Early"

In Episode 14, "Objects In Space", a bounty hunter named Jubal Early breaks into the Serenity to capture River Tam. River ends up sneaking onto Jubal's spacecraft before announcing via Serenity's speakers that she'll surrender.

The comment left by exegesis says that "...The whole buildup to river's 'And I'll just fade away.' always gives me chills." After getting a glimpse into River's perspective earlier in the episode and witnessing her insecurities about her place among the crew, it's undoubtedly a chilling moment for viewers.

8 "Target The Reavers. Target Everyone. Somebody Fire!"
The Reaver ship destroyed in Serenity

In the film Serenity, Mal and the crew attract a fleet of Reaver ships and lure them towards a fleet of Alliance ships in order to cause an epic space battle. According to dreamslaughter, "This scene knocked the tinfoil hat off my head". Their hat may be knocked even further if they knew some of Serenity (the movie's) hidden details.

With the significantly bigger budget that accompanies a feature film, fans were given an epic clash between the two main antagonistic forces in the Firefly canon. This battle was a great demonstration of silver screen sci-fi space warfare, as well as a cathartic and poetic bit of justice after fans learned a few scenes earlier that the Alliance created the Reavers.

7 Less Talk, More Rock
Simon comforts a crying River in Firefly

In Episode 1, "Serenity", an undercover Alliance agent boards the ship to track and arrest River and Simon Tam. He ends up holding a gun to River's head and is negotiating with Simon to surrender before Mal enters and shoots the agent without a word or a moment's hesitation.

For user bright_ephemera, it was the moment that hooked them on the show. It was also the moment that Mal became jackjlewis's favorite fictional character of all time. It was a moment that was tense, funny, surprising, and insightful, all at once, so it's no surprise that fans share their appreciation of it.

6 This Guy Gets It!
A group of henchmen arrive to face Mal in Firefly

In Episode 2, "Train Job", the crew finds out they've been hired to steal medicine, and Mal attempts to return money to the crime boss Adelai Niska, who hired them. Mal tries to reason with one of Niska's henchmen, but the thug refuses to take the money back to Niska and threatens Mal. Mal responds by kicking the henchman into an engine turbine.

Mal then tries to reason with another one of Niska's goons, who eagerly interrupts and declares he'll do as Mal told the first one. Rodec has over 70 upvotes in agreement, with many fans echoing their adoration for that moment in the comments. Not only was it funny to see the juxtaposing demeanor among the two henchmen, but it was also interesting to see Mal's situational mercy being applied.

5 "Y'all Got On This Boat For Different Reasons..."
The crew of Serenity on Firefly.

In Episode 8, "Out Of Gas", the Serenity crew is in crisis as the ship is quickly losing power and oxygen, and we see flashbacks throughout the episode of how the different characters first arrived on the ship.

In an astute observation by Dead_Starks, they felt that "Getting to see how everyone came to find a home on Serenity was really neat and made it more authentic." Not only did it help flesh out the characters and the world around them, but the flashback scenes themselves were also entertaining vignettes in their own right.

4 There And Back Again
Malcolm and Zoe looking alert in Firefly

In the opening to Episode 1, "Serenity", viewers see a flashback of Mal and Zoe in the moments of their defeat at the Battle of Serenity Valley, as well as the crew narrowly escaping capture by the Alliance after an illegal salvage operation.

For one fan, they expressed that "The first ten minutes of the show has some of the tightest storytelling I've seen on tv. In those ten minutes you find out who the main characters are, what kind of world they live in, and where they fit into that world as well as you can in just a handful of scenes." It definitely was the introduction the characters deserved, despite the episode originally airing after Episode 2, "The Train Job".

3 "And I Know You Don't Have The Time"

In Episode 1, "Serenity", Kaylee is shot and wounded by an Alliance agent before being seen to by Simon, the doctor who the agent is persuing. Later, Mal tells Simon that Kaylee has died from her wounds. The doctor rushes to see Kaylee, who's awake, happy, and healthy. Mal and his crew are then shown keeling over with laughter at the ruse.

For dogbolter4, they felt that "...It was so unexpected and just wrong but so funny... that’s when I knew this show was going to be something special." It's a unique viewing experience where the audience is not only in on the joke, but also a victim of the joke. Fans should note Mal's sly smile as he walks away from Simon, barely capable of containing himself.

2 Vera
Jayne holding Vera in Firefly

In Episode 6, "Our Mrs. Reynolds", Mal accidentally marries a stranger named Saffron who then stows away aboard the Serenity. Later, Jayne tries to trade his favorite gun, "Vera", to Mal in exchange for the bride.

After Jayne tells Mal, "There are days I don't think you take me seriously," Mal replies, "Well my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle," upon learning he's being offered a trade. All_Your_Base considers it their favorite moment of the series, while another simply comments the word "Vera" for their favorite.

1 He's Alright, I Guess
Malcolm pointing his sword towards a fallen foe in Firefly

In Episode 4, "Shindig", Mal unwittingly agrees to swordfight a young nobleman named Atherton Wing. Mal defeats his opponent, and tells him, "Mercy is the mark of a great man" before wounding him. He then says, "Guess I'm just a good man," before wounding him again and finally saying, "Well I'm alright."

Reddit user Chuckgofer chose this moment as their favorite, and the upvotes don't lie. There aren't many fans who can forget this moment, as it's another prime example of Mal's unorthodox heroics. While he pettily cuts Atherton, he does so rather than executing him as he's been told he must. Not entirely merciful, and not entirely vengeful, he's a complex character that endures in the hearts and minds of Browncoats, along with many others from the Firefly 'Verse.


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Originally posted by JEWELSTAITEFAN:
Just saw this one, don't know if it is new.


I took a look at this, apparently it is listed as being published the day that I linked it.

It also has another link within the link.

And then that post, dated last Ocober, has another linky inside it.
Which is labeled: Firefly: 10 Most Memorable Quotes From Serenity

But which, in fact, actually switch to some woke Troll post which is dated last year in May.
This is what insipid drivel results from some clueless woke moron who watches the greatest Sci-Fi Series ever. This could almost be funny if the retard wasn't so completely detached from reality, and sanctimoniously rude.

That is th4e first time I've seen anything related to Firefly from somebody so insipid and incompetent.

Snapshot of the good linky:

10 Continuity Errors In Firefly

Despite the brilliance of the original Firefly series, it was littered with continuity errors. The following are the ones that stand out the most.
By Philip Etemesi Published Oct 24, 2020

Casual TV and movie viewers know Jose Whedon for his work in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the first two Avengers movies. But back in 2002, he helmed the space Western drama Firefly on FOX. But despite getting amazing reviews, Firefly was canceled after one season. The show grew even more popular after its cancellation, garnering a cult following and generating plenty of revenue from DVD sales.

Firefly: D&D Classes Of The Main Characters

Firefly even won an Emmy for "Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Series." Due to its popularity, a movie sequel titled Serenity was later developed. Despite the brilliance of the original series, it was littered with continuity errors. The following are the ones that stand out the most.
10 Shepherd Book Turns To Leave Twice

In the third episode titled "Bushwhacked," there is a scene where Shepherd Book is discussing the electrical nets. Jayne is heard saying: "One day you're gonna tell us all how a preacher knows so damn much about crime."

After the conversation, Shepherd Book is seen turning and leaving. A few seconds later, a close-up shot of he and Mal is shown and Book is standing in the same exact spot, despite having left seconds ago. After that, he turns to leave once again. The error happens quite quickly.
9 Nandi's Hands Are Still Moving After Her Death

When Nandi gets killed, she drops to the floor. In consecutive shots, she is seen lying on her back. Her left hand is straight next to her body while her right hand is tilted upwards, close to her head.

Things change right after Inara and Mal stare at each other towards the end of the scene. Despite being dead, Nandi's arm has now moved to her chest and is lying across it. Since neither Inara or Mal moved her hand, it remains a mystery how this happened. This error occurs in the 35th minute of the thirteenth episode.
8 A Torn Food Packet

In the fourteenth episode of the series titled "Objects In Space," Jayne is seen having a conversation with Simon and River at one point. He warns them about Saffron and tells them to stay away.

Firefly: 10 Funniest Characters, Ranked

At that moment, he can be seen holding food that is wrapped in a very intact foil. He places it on a small table right next to him. River then begins an argument where she calls Saffron a liar. In the immediate shot after that, the foil is seen wide open. And right after River says that Jayne is a girl's name, the foil is shown to be intact once again. Jayne is never seen eating anything during these changes.
7 Disappearing Handcuffs

In the ninth episode of the series titled "Ariel," Jayne leads a team in sneaking into the hospital at Ariel's capital city. When they walk through a back entrance, they get arrested by federal marshals.

One officer handcuffs Jayne during the process. At the holding area, Jayne and Simon overpower the officers and flee. At that point, his handcuffs disappear without anyone taking them off him. The handcuffs are nowhere to be seen, not even on the floor.
6 Kaylee's Umbrella

Several minutes into the pilot episode, Kaylee is seen meeting Shepherd Book for the first time. She twirls the open umbrella she is holding over her shoulder as she speaks.

In the next second, the camera moves to Book who is placing his possessions down so he that he can greet Kaylee. When the camera cuts back to Kaylee in about a microsecond, the umbrella is now closed. She is now holding it behind her back. Given the immediate switching of shots, its unlikely that Kaylee had the time to fold her umbrella.
5 New Door?

Still in the fourteenth episode of the series titled "Objects In Space," Durran tries to call the police before Mal and Saffron attempt to flee. After deliberating on the best way to get out, they manage to move just in time and exit the Bellerophon Estate via a door that has a crash bar.

Firefly: 10 Most Memorable Quotes From Serenity

But when the security guards who are in pursuit reach the door, it isn't even the same color anymore. It has changed from black to grey. To add to that, it now has a regular handle rather than a crash bar.
4 The Hat Is Back In The Box

In the early stages of the fifteenth episode, Jayne is reading a note from his mum that she had put in an enclosed box for him. The next shot cuts to Zoe picking a crowbar so she can use it to open Tracey's coffin.

In the following shot, Jayne is in a reflective mode. He is holding the stylish hat that his mum knitted for him in his left hand. However, right after than, he picks the hat from the box again yet he already had it in his hand. The film editors definitely mixed up the footage on that occasion.
3 Objects On The Tray

Perhaps a sign of things to come, the series kicked off with a continuity error. In the pilot episode, right after the opening credits, River has a terrible nightmare which she suddenly wakes up from.

As she is waking up, she accidentally knocks over a rolling tray, causing some of the objects on it to fall on the floor. But between consecutive shots, the fallen objects keep appearing and disappearing from the tray. The location of the tray also keeps changing. At one point, it's seen close to the bed and at another point, it's far away.
2 Where Did The Staircase Go?

Niska's office was shown a couple of times in the series. Behind the desk, there was a door that led to a room used for torturing people. How exactly could that room be accessed? Well, it's confusing.

5 Ways Firefly Took Inspiration From Star Wars (& 5 Ways It Differed)

In the tenth episode titled "War Stories," there is a staircase is used to access the torture chamber. However, in "The Train Job," no staircase is needed to access the chamber. Someone can simply walk into the chamber from Niska's office. The explanation as to why that happens is never given.
1 Fingermarks Disappear
Firefly TV Show

In the fourth episode, there is a scene where the foreman smacks Simon on his back with a muddy hand. When he does this, he leaves visible fingermarks on Simon's back.

A few seconds later, the muddy shape on Simon's back appears to have changed. It's no longer a handprint but just a shape. In the following seconds after that, the mud disappears completely. We doubt Simon had time to run to the laundry. Changed his shirt? Not likely either within the time frame.


Thursday, September 2, 2021 7:26 PM


But here is a similart one to the one of interest.


Listed as being published 3 days ago.

Firefly: 9 Best Quotes, According to Ranker

Although Firefly didn't last very long, there were some great and memorable quotes that stuck with fans for years.
By Shawn Doherty Published 3 days ago
Split image showing Malcolm and Hoban in Firefly

As one of the best sci-fi shows that aired for one season, the TV show Firefly has instilled a passion in its fans that persists today. After the show's untimely cancellation by the Fox network, strong DVD sales encouraged the creation of a sequel film, Serenity (2005).

10 Things Only Comics Fans Know About Firefly's Shepherd Book

While it may not have been one of the most influential sci-fi films of all time, it was certainly a fitting ending that the TV show never received. For die-hard Firefly fans (also called Browncoats), the snappy, clever dialogue that the show is known for is one of the many reasons for their admiration. Fans of the show have voted on their favorite lines of dialogue on the website Ranker, and while some are cool and some are funny, all of them are beloved.
9 "Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal!" (Ep1)
Hoban Washburne with his arms crossed and smiling in Firefly

Hoban "Wash" Washburne, the pilot of the spaceship Serenity, is introduced to viewers as he plays with a pair of toy dinosaurs. Giving voices to the toys as he plays with them, he makes one toy say this line after it's been betrayed by the other toy.

While this line and this scene are great introductions to the dry, silly sense of humor of the character Wash, it also foreshadows the sudden, but seemingly inevitable betrayal Jayne Cobb commits against Malcolm Reynolds and the rest of the crew in episode 9. The loyalty of Jayne is repeatedly questioned (and even joked about) throughout the show before his betrayal. Although Wash apparently never finds out, Jayne is eventually forgiven by Mal, Simon, and River, who are the only three to figure out Jayne tried to turn them into the Alliance.
8 "Yes Sir, Captain Tight Pants!" (Ep4)

Kaywinnet "Kaylee" Lee Frye, the ship's mechanic, says this to Captain Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds after they infiltrate a party in order to find a client who needs to hire smugglers. Mal reminds her that she's there to make him look respectable before Kaylee teases him about his attire.

The upbeat, happy-go-lucky, trusting Kaylee is arguably the moral compass of the crew. This quote helps demonstrate her close friendship with the Captain and underscores her ability to be calm, positive, and jocular in the middle of an illegal operation (which is probably why Mal seems to take Kaylee's comment in stride). The fact that she's also more interested in catering than the crime is endearing to many.
7 "I Can Kill You With My Brain." (Ep11)
Firefly River Tam Summer Glau

River Tam says this to Jayne Cobb. Her brother, Simon Tam, is the ship's doctor, and while patching up Jayne, he says that he'll never harm him while under his care, despite being aware of Jayne's betrayal. However, River doesn't share the same sentiment as her brother as she threatens Jayne with her mysterious powers.

Serenity's New Crew Just Broke The Firefly's First Rule

First and foremost, it's fun to watch the usually tough and aggressive Jayne squirm in fear, especially as fans know it's likely an empty threat by River. The comedic timing of her peaking in with a surreal, bizarre warning after her brother gives a heartwarming speech is one of the highlights of the episode. River slinks away before Jayne can offer a reply.
6 "Ten Percent Of Nothin' Is... Let Me Do The Math Here... Nothin', And Then Nothin', Carry The Nothing..." (Ep1)
Jayne Cobb in Firefly

Jayne says this to Malcolm while arguing with him about their payment for a job they've completed. Jayne points out that he gets a share of the take, but if there's no take, he gets a share of nothing.

While Jayne often argues with a raised voice and a raised gun, this is a rare glimpse into a different side of him. Here, he is more sarcastic and annoyed while having an unusually fair criticism of Mal. It's also fun to see him trail off and mumble to himself as he's ignored and lags a few steps behind Mal and Zoe, the ship's first mate. While he does have his faults, namely treachery, he's far from being one of the worst and most powerful sci-fi villains ever.
5 "I Swear By My Pretty Floral Bonnet, I Will End You." (Ep6)
Firefly Nathan Fillion

This quote was spoken as Malcolm and Jayne have disguised themselves as a married couple in order to ambush a gang of wanted criminals. After pulling their guns on the thugs, Mal says this to warn them not to draw their weapons.

Mal encounters hardened killers many times throughout the series, but he doesn't let that keep him from making light of the situations he's in. This single line is a microcosm of the high stakes and humorous nature that is found in this scene, and indeed, throughout most of Firefly. It's no wonder fans still theorize on how a Firefly reboot could happen.
4 "Jayne, Your Mouth Is Talking. You Might Wanna Look To That." (Ep1)
Nathan Fillion as Malcolm Reynolds in Firefly

Malcolm, Zoe, and Jayne are trying to figure out what to do with a load of stolen cargo. Mal wants to be cautious about who they sell it to, but Jayne just wants to get paid immediately. After seemingly deciding Jayne's comments are unproductive, Mal gets him to quiet down.

Wash & Zoe's Daughter Stars in New Comic Series

Malcolm and Jayne have a brotherly relationship, complete with the constant bickering and jockeying for dominance. Aside from a clear point for Mal in this exchange, this is one of those quotable lines in a TV show that fans might take with them and remember for the next time they want to tell someone to hush up. However, Mal does concede that Jayne may have a point and risks selling the cargo to a shady character.
3 "D'Ya Know What The Chain Of Command Is? It's The Chain I Go Get And Beat You With Until You Understand Who's In Ruttin' Command Here." (Ep2)
Firefly Adam Baldwin as Jayne Cobb

After a train robbery goes awry and Mal goes missing, Jayne is trying to convince the crew to leave the Captain behind. All of them, especially Wash, disagree, and Jayne has a uniquely menacing way of pulling rank.

Perhaps no line of Jayne's captures his essence more so than this one, articulating his brand of "might is right" justice. On top of that, it's just a terrifically clever line of dialogue and oddly breaks the tension slightly for the audience as the crew decides what to do about their absent leader. The tension is broken further shortly thereafter as Jayne falls unconscious, having been drugged by Simon.
2 "We're Not Gonna Die. We Can't Die, Bendis. You Know Why? Because We Are So, Very, Pretty..." (Ep1)
Nathan Fillion as Firefly Malcolm Reynolds

While the show doesn't explain every character's role in the Unification War, the viewers are introduced to Mal leading troops in the Battle of Serenity Valley, along with his second-in-command Zoe. Under heavy enemy fire, he reassures a young soldier who fears for his life.

Everything We Know About Firefly's Revival

This is a rare depiction of the early Mal, whose overpowering optimism is moments away from being lost forever. Almost immediately afterward, Alliance fighter planes descend and bomb the rebel Browncoats, dealing the final strike of the war. His hopefulness wanes, although he keeps a leadership style that often involves underplaying the severity of a situation. Bendis seems to remain anything but assured, unfortunately.
1 "We Have Done The Impossible, And That Makes Us Mighty." (Ep1)
Nathan Fillion in Firefly

Mal is rallying his troops to hold on for a last stand in the Battle of Serenity Valley. He recounts their successes in the war so far to encourage them before delivering this line.

While this is a great line on its own for its inspirational qualities and how it characterizes the show's protagonist, it has also become a motto to describe the creation of the movie Serenity. Canceled TV shows rarely become feature films, and this quote from the show has become synonymous with the passion Browncoats have for the cult classic. While it may not be among those TV shows that won an Emmy in their first season, it succeeded in winning the hearts and minds of countless fans.






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