Good Intentions Part Five
Friday, April 21, 2006

Zoe in a dress and some revenge!


Disclainer: Not mine, just writing for fun.

A/N: So I have been struggling as to how to get the end of this story done, but I wanted to post this for those that have continuously been reading this series! I love this part of the story and though it is a little shorter than what I have posted before, I promise the end will be very long, and there will be an epilogue! I have it plotted out but the muse has decided to take a vaction! ______________________________________________________________________

Zoe swept her eyes across the smoke filled game room, keeping a watchful eye on the floor while trying her best to look nonchalant. As the mark entered the room, Zoe took in a deep breath, remembering all the coaching Inara had imparted on her. She stood from her seat, smoothing the silks of her crimson skirt. She felt like a plaything, clothed in Inara’s finery. The dress constricted every inch of her body, she liked a little slink but this was down right uncomfortable, there wasn’t even enough room to conceal a weapon. She shook the thoughts of how Inara could be in this get up every day as the mark glanced over and caught a glimpse of Zoe. With her hair piled on top of her head and all the paint Inara had plastered on her face, Zoe had been transformed into the epitome of a Core-bred damsel. She kept her eyes light and inviting as he made his way over to the table she had strategically placed herself at. She had not participated in the game, but simply admired the play that had been going on, sipping her drink. Rising from the table had garnered his attention, now she had to use those damn wiles the Captain was always going on about. “By far, you must be the most beautiful creature I’ve had the pleasure to lay eyes on.” His voice dripped with desire, making Zoe’s flesh crawl, but she turned her head and beamed at the man coyly. The suggestive demeanor Zoe attached to that smile gave him all the signals he was hoping for. She leaned in closer to him, finishing the last of her drink, “Thank you.” “May I buy you another?” “That would be lovely.” Zoe laced her arm through the one he offered her, directing them to the lounge of the private gaming club. Zoe smirked as she thought to herself- Men are so easy!


He awoke to the comfort and darkness of his room, his head clouded, but consciousness rapidly returning. He rolled over to see the beautiful face of the woman he had met at the Whilsire, Imelda, if he remembered correctly. The stunning smile he had been so attracted to had left her face, and now he was staring down the barrel of a gun. From off in the corner he heard a voice that he most certainly never dreamed he would have to listen to again, ever. “Ath, ya know, I just love calling you Ath. Has such a nice ring to it.” Mal sauntered up to the Atherton Wing as the look of shock spread across his face. “You’re dead!” The words were filled with disdain, the anger rising in Atherton Wing’s eyes as his lip curled and he threw a withering look in Mal’s direction. “Looks as though your man ain’t as loyal as you thought he was. Money doesn’t buy you everything, Ath.” Atherton moved to the side of the bed, glowering at Mal as he assessed his situation. He heard the cocking of another gun as Jayne moved out of the shadows, carrying Vera, a destructive smile gracing his face. Atherton resigned himself to be in no position to make a move, so he lashed out with his only weapon, “I see your surrounding yourself with more whores now, although this one isn’t quite as exquisite as the last.” Atherton heard another gun cock, right behind his head. Mal just leaned down to face him eye level, “You know Ath, it’s not the best plan to insult a woman who is armed. Of course she doesn’t even need that gun. She could just kill you with her pinky, but I think she enjoys shootin’.” “I do at that, sir.” “You’ll never get off this estate, you know that.” “Now, Ath, you know we have all the details of your layout here, you contracting 'Nara so many times. Disabled your security system too. Woman has what is it called?” Simon moved out from behind the curtains that shrouded the bed Atherton was sitting on, “ Eidetic memory.” “That’s it, eidetic. She even remembers that passageway you have, right over here.” Mal pointed to the wall behind him, ensconced by a towering water feature. He moved over to press the hidden button along the side of the waterfall, revealing the passageway to Atherton. “Now, I know you was a little miffed after our last encounter, but really Ath, didn’t quite think this idea through, now did ya?” “You will rot in a cell for this, all of you. Do you really think I won’t have the law on you the minute, you are gone.” “Ath, with all the shady dealings you’ve been involved in, I’d have to say you are just a few words away from a cell your own self. I just don’t quite grasp how this matter had to become so....complicated, but ya made a grievous mistake coming after me and mine. Next time we may not be so nice as to give ya a warning, I’ll just come in here and kill ya myself. Right and proper. Ain’t gonna hire no one to do my dirty work.” Mal moved back to the bed to face Atherton eye level, “Now apologize to the lady before we leave, you being a gentleman and all.” Atherton scowled at Zoe as she slid off the bed next to him, turning so he would have to face her when the words came out of his mouth. Atherton stood with a regal demeanor and spit out the words like they were venom, “Please accept my deepest apologies.” He then bowed to Zoe begrudgingly. She nodded her approval, as Simon moved over to Atherton’s side. Jayne lowered Vera to lie against his shoulder on the sling attached to her and put Atherton in a chokehold, pinning him against his chest. Simon began to roll up the sleeve of his right arm and slapped the skin to find a vein. “What are you doing?” Atherton’s voice cracked, the words filled with dread. “It’s just time to take a nap, Ath,” Mal replied with amusement as Atherton squirmed. Jayne chuckled, “Dirt nap, that is.” Atherton’s eyes widened at the implication of the words Jayne had uttered. “You can’t, you said you weren’t going to-” “I would shut my mouth if I were you.” Simon pulled back to turn his fury on Atherton, still holding the syringe in his hand. “You seem to have no regard for human life and you expect us to be merciful? My wife and my children were on the ship. You would callously murder those that I love and you want us to spare your life?” Simon pulled another syringe out of his pocket and held it up to Atherton’s face, drawing his full attention to the blue substance inside. “You have a choice. You can leave us be, go on with your life and never look back or you can say something truly imprudent, as I have seen is your way, in which you will spend the rest of your days in a vegetative state, aware of everything around you but unable to move or speak. I must say science and medicine is a wondrous thing.” “You think you’re threats, hold any weight with me? You’re all just scum. No one in a court of law would ever believe your word over mine. I will have all of you locked up for this. You won‘t-” “Atherton, you really, honestly are an ass.” Simon shoved the blue syringe into his arm without a second thought, shocking every one around him. Atherton slumped against Jayne’s chest, his head lolling as he slipped into unconsciousness. Jayne threw his body across the bed. They all came to circle around Simon, their shock at his actions evident on all of their faces. “Ya just killed him?” Jayne’s voice had a hint of pride but there was touch of fear mingled in as well. Simon shook his head and then reached over to inject the other syringe into Atherton. “What? Now ya killed him?” “No, but he will out for at least ten hours. When he wakes he will be fine, except for being impotent for about a year. I just wanted to put the fear of god into him.” Jayne and Mal paled at the thought where as Zoe just smirked. They all turned to exit, leaving the motionless body of Atherton to rest peacefully on his bed. Simon looked around and walked up to the wall next to the bed, grabbing a small painting off of it and began to head down the passageway. They all followed suit, Mal securing the door behind them. He strode up to Simon and shook his head, “How come rich folks always got a secret passageway?” “Wealth breeds paranoia.” Mal thought on that for a moment before pointing at the painting which Simon had pilfered from Atherton’s bedroom. “What the hell is that?” “It’s a Vermeer.” “Is that supposed to be something good?” Simon and Mal just kept walking down the hallway, Simon illuminating him on how much it was worth as Jayne and Zoe brought up the rear. “Hell, I really wanted to rough him up, and here the doc goes and takes all the fun out of it. Could’ve at least gotten a punch or two in.” Zoe nodded her head in agreement and then lamented, “I really wanted to shoot him.”



Friday, April 21, 2006 9:31 AM


Ooh, Simon being a badass? I'll be in my bunk...

This chapter was great. Too short, though! More!

Friday, April 21, 2006 1:57 PM


Go Simon! Cheer

Very nice. Love Simon's part in this. Ohhh, he can be cold and calculating when his family's at risk! And stealing the painting....bwahahaha! Stuffy Core boy strikes again with a big money maker, huh? Bwahahaha

Poor Jayne and Zoe, not getting to hit anyone.

And Zoe, slinky dress and all. Very nice. Yes, short, but well worth the read!

Friday, April 21, 2006 2:28 PM


That was great - Simon making him impotent was just the sweetest touch especially for a prick like Atherton! And the painting - hi-larious.

I love Zoe though: "I really wanted to shoot him." Almost a Jayne moment, but still perfectly Zoe. Post more!

Friday, April 21, 2006 3:09 PM


^ That's was me...don't know how I got logged off. :)

Friday, April 21, 2006 8:14 PM


Oh yeah...Simon's on the warpath;) Always knew that boy had some diabolical thoughts in that head of his. Probably comes from holding numerous lives in his hands....

And I love how the 4 of them just scared Atherton shitless....hundan deserves a lot more than just getting chemically castrated for a year. Permament castration would have worked better:P


Tuesday, May 9, 2006 5:38 PM


Evil Simon is hot

Monday, May 15, 2006 12:00 PM


Awesome chapter!

Wit, great lines, evil Simon and petty thievery! What more could anyone want!

Thursday, June 15, 2006 12:56 AM


RAWR that was me, sorry.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009 6:57 PM


nice a sadistic simon


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