Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Kaylee wakes up in Simon's arms, but of course, nothing ever goes right on Serenity! S/K


Disclaimer: Not mine, just writing for fun

A/N: So here's the next morning, after Proposition, a continiuation of Threesome. You can also get the table I am working from the link in Threesome. Thanks again to Leaisky for all her beta-ing skills! Hope you like it and please comment!:) Rated PG-13, just in case but there is nothing too bold about this particular prompt! ~~

#33 Cuddle

~~ Kaylee's eyes cracked open as the throbbing in her head began to pound mercilessly. Her mouth was dry and her stomach lurched as she tried to move to get out of her bed, but she wasn't in her bed. From beneath her she felt a warm hard body, her cheek rubbing against soft flesh as she tried to remember the happenings of last night. She had been in Inara's shuttle, they had been drinking, Simon had joined them and then...Simon! Kaylee lifted her head despite the shooting pain to gaze down at the sleeping face of Serenity's resident medic. She smiled dreamily at his fluttering eyes, the pale skin of his cheek and the dark stubble that had appeared overnight. His hair was completely disheveled and it made Kaylee want to run her fingers through it as she watched his peaceful slumber. She couldn't help the feelings that began to swim through her body and while she stared down at him, Simon's hand squeezed the flesh at her waist, his arm tightening around her body as his knee slid up between her thighs, pushing her more firmly against him. Who knew Simon Tam liked to cuddle in his sleep? Even with the aching in her head, Kaylee couldn't wipe the grin that spread from ear to ear off her face. She rested her head back where it had been before, right at the crook of his neck and was rewarded with a long sigh from Simon, his hot breath whisking across her hair. She was even more surprised to feel his hand slide up the side of her torso and almost gasped when his long fingers stretched out across the underside of her breast, cupping it unconsciously. She bit her lip at the brazen action, knowing Simon would never have been so bold as to touch her that way if he had not been passed out. With all her breath caught up in her chest, Kaylee leaned forward and planted her lips to the soft flesh at the base of his throat, enjoying the feeling of his hand as he squeezed her even tighter. Running her hands up the length of his chest, Kaylee began to trail soft kisses along his neck, moving up to the side of his jaw, the stubble tickling against her cheek. A low groan from Simon caused her body heat to rise as he moved his knee even higher, resting against her backside, causing a jolt of lust to shoot through her body. Her pounding head and aching limbs could be damned, she wasn't going to stop this even if Serenity was going down in flames and they were headed for impact any second. She had been waiting too rutting long for this opportunity! Kaylee began her short journey to his lips but was caught by surprise when he moved his head just slightly, pressing his lips against her own, his other hand kneading at the flesh of her hip, his eyes still fluttering with his own private dream. Capturing his mouth in a firm lock with her own, Kaylee deepened the kiss, tugging at his lip, her own eyes closing with pleasure. A soft sigh escaped from the back of her throat as she pulled back for breath, Simon's eyes beginning to open in response, but the words that fell from his mouth made her cheeks flush with pride. "Mmmm, Kaylee..." Stifling a giggle, Kaylee returned to her ministrations at his neck, eliciting another low moan, filling Kaylee with even more ambition than before. Moving her hands to the front of his collar, she began to unbutton his shirt as she trailed kisses across his collarbone. She kept her motions steady, leaning back on her thighs as to get a better look at him but not wanting to rock them out of the hammock. She couldn't help being a little careless as her hands revealed the lithe muscled chest before her. "Oh!" she whispered in awe as she ran her fingers lightly across his pale skin. He shifted slightly, his eyes fluttering again, Kaylee's own widening with fear. He couldn't wake up, not yet! Shushing him quietly, Kaylee returned to kiss his chest, her lips ghosting over the skin as she moved lower. Simon's body was responding, even though his mind was still snuggly encased in his own dreams, his hands gliding against her back and entangling themselves into her hair. A sharp gasp broke form Simon's mouth as Kaylee's lips nipped at the right side of his chest, causing his body to stiffen at the touch. She hadn't known that he was ticklish and the sudden jerk of his body threw off Kaylee's balance, lurching them back and forth as the hammock swung with the sudden movement. Simon's eyes jolted open with the swaying of the material just in time to see Kaylee begin to teeter over the edge of the hammock. “Kaylee!” Reaching out to her, he himself lost equilibrium and they both tumbled unceremoniously to the floor. Laying in a pile of squirming limbs, Kaylee pushed herself up off of Simon’s body. Some how he had twisted them just in time for him to take most of the impact while she landed directly on top of him. He stayed still for a moment, the grimace on his face exuding the pain he now felt. “Oh! Simon, are you okay?!” He nodded, but made no attempt to speak as Kaylee extricated herself from atop of his body, kneeling before him and brushing a stray lock of hair out of his eyes. “Are ya sure? Ya ain’t saying nothin’?” Looking up into her angelic face, Simon bit back the sarcastic response that welled in his throat, not wanting to lash out at her in his pain, and pushed himself up with his right hand. “I...I think I sprained my wrist.” Kaylee gasped, her eyes welling with guilty tears as she stood up quickly, her knees rolling with the sudden reemergence of her hangover. Her head was pounding fiercely as she reached down to help Simon up. He took her hand sheepishly, straightening his body while still cradling his wrist close to his chest. He shook his head at the stupidity of the whole situation, the ship’s doctor hurting himself while sleeping in a hammock. He knew he wouldn’t hear the end of it, especially from Jayne and Mal. Looking at Kaylee’s pale and drawn face, Simon tilted his head with concern, “Are you okay, Kaylee?” With the tables turned on her, Kaylee stood stalk straight, her eyes growing even wider, but she plastered on a smile, “Me?! Oh, I’m fine! But we should get ya to the infirmary...I’ll a...I’ll help fix ya up.” Moving through the open doorway, Kaylee began to lead them down the hall towards the stairs. Simon shook his head as the fog of sleep and the shock of spraining his wrist began to fade, though the pain throbbed on. “I just don’t understand what could’ve caused us to fall out?” Kaylee kept her eyes focused on the stairs, “Ya must’ve been dreaming...I uh...I...” “Yeah, some dream, huh?” His attempt at humor made Kaylee’s heart leap with guilt. She bit down on her lip as she took each step, cursing her foolhardy actions for causing such a terrible result. As they continued down the stairs she prayed no one was up yet. “Uh, Kaylee?” She swung around to face him, the bewilderment in his tone warranting a face to face response, “Yeah?” He looked down at his body, his eyes resting on the gaping fabric of his open shirt, “How did...I mean, did I...wh-why is my shirt undone?”

~~ there is some Mal/Inara.....


Wednesday, July 19, 2006 5:30 AM


Oh, Kaylee, Kaylee, Kaylee ... she is going to have to come clean with that boy ... poor Simon, getting taken advantage of in his sleep - although something tells me once he learns the whole story - he'll be quite upset he was awakened!

I loved this ... so cute as Kaylee tried to fight off her hangover and make her move, but Simon's right, the whole wrist thing is going to cause an immense amount of teasing at his expense.

I can't wait to see how you get Kaylee out of this jam or what you have planned for Mal/Inara - hmmmm .... I picture some very fun, flustered and yummy moments on the horizon!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006 5:52 AM


Bwahaha. Who knew Simon liked to cuddle in his sleep, indeed!

I love Kaylee trying to get in what little she could before he woke up. And I want to hear her answer his question, too!


Wednesday, July 19, 2006 7:15 AM


Come on Kaylee. While your in the infermary just strap the boy down...

Great job Leighkohl.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006 7:42 AM


I know I'm betraying my gender by saying this, but sometimes cuddling is the way to go. Simon seems the sensitive sould type that would enjoy it.

Extra points to Simon for waking up quickly and absorbing the fall for her.

Now Kaylee: dope him up for his wrist, take an aspirin or five, lock the door. Not even Simon's that dense.

Thursday, July 20, 2006 1:19 AM


Her pounding head and aching limbs could be damned, she wasn't going to stop this even if Serenity was going down in flames and they were headed for impact any second.
-This is a wonderful line, well done there.

“Ya must’ve been dreaming...I uh...I...”
“Yeah, some dream, huh?”
-Yah, helluva "dream"

LOL @ him wondering why his shirt was undone, that one will be fun to explain. there is some Mal/Inara
-Next one had better come soonish then, I really would like to see that.

Thursday, July 20, 2006 2:10 PM


Oh....ya gotta wonder what kind of flexibility our favourite doctor has if he can rotate that fast to absorb the fall completely;)

Definitely some hot, hot stuff here, Leighkohl...though I am definitely waiting on the Mal/Inara fun to begin:D


Thursday, July 20, 2006 3:46 PM


BEB- Well they were in a rocking hammock, I don't know if you have ever fallen out of one, but being quite possibly the klutziest person in the world, I have to tell you, you end up in all kinds of weird positions, no matter where you were when the fall begins!LOL:)

Friday, July 21, 2006 5:10 AM


Who knew Simon Tam liked to cuddle in his sleep?



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