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Simon helps Kaylee to her bunk after a night of drinkning. Continuation of Threesome.


Disclaimer: Not mine, just writing for fun!

A/N: So I was asked in my last comments to see how Simon and Kaylee ended their night after my last prompt story, Threesome. So here it is! There will be more to come, as I think I can get another two more stories out of this one! Thankls for beta-ing Leiasky!

Here's the link to Threesome. From there you can link to Candle Wax and the prompt table! ~~

#45 Proposition


Simon tried with all his might to get Kaylee to her bunk successfully with out any stops, but the agonizing tug at the top of his thigh made that task completely impossible. The hours of drinking had dulled the pain a bit but when the sight of Mal sobered him just a minute or so ago, Simon's leg began thudding with pain. The pressure put on it by the weight of Kaylee leaning heavily against him, and it still not being fully healed made moving about a tiring feat. Resting a hand against the wall, he leaned both of their bodies along the wall just outside the crew bunks, the top of his forehead lying against the cool metal as he tried to regain some composure. Kaylee had tightened her grip on his waist as he rested for a moment, slumping down the wall, her eyes becoming level with the open gap of his shirt at the collar, the pale smooth skin glistening with sweat from his efforts to escort her to her bunk. She sighed lustfully at the sight, and without any thought leaned forward, her soft lips grazing against his skin, her mind exploding with all sorts of shameless thoughts. The low sound and intimate contact from Kaylee's lips jerked Simon back into reality, as he had floated away for a second with the pain coursing through his veins and then the euphoric feeling of Kaylee's mouth pressed against his skin. He looked down to see Kaylee’s eyes begin to flutter shut, the alcohol taking a greater effect on her than he realized. “Kaylee, are you all right?” Kaylee beamed up at him, her smile sliding at the corners with intoxication, making it wider than he had ever seen, “Uh huh.” Simon pushed himself off the wall hoisting Kaylee back up against him and moving on to finish the last leg of their journey. Taking the few steps left towards Kaylee’s bunk, Simon punched the hatch open and stared down at the next obstacle in his mission, the rungs of the ladder staring back at him, mocking him. "I've got a bad feeling about this," Simon muttered to himself as he hung his head in defeat, the wasted effort of hauling Kaylee to her bunk completely futile. There was no way he was going to be able to get her down the rungs of the ladder without some serious injury, either to Kaylee or himself. Taking it upon himself to remedy the situation, Simon punched the button to close the hatch again and began heaving her down the hallway, en route to the galley and then the passenger dorm stairs. Kaylee rested her head on his shoulder as he took the steps into the galley, but then turned her head to look back at the crew bunk passageway, “Simon?” His words were stilted with the pain he was trying to keep at bay, but her sweet voice warranted a response, “Yes, Kaylee?” “My bed’s back there.” “I know.” “Sos where’re we goin’?” “To mine.” “Oh, good.” She again let her head rest where it had been on his shoulder, her arms hugging tighter around his waist as he made it through the galley, “That’s even better.” He smiled at her words, knowing she was in no condition to make any sort of move tonight, but somewhere, deep in his belly, there was a pang of regret. He hadn’t ever been one to flaunt his emotions, or let those around him see what was playing in his mind, but Kaylee had made it abundantly clear that he was welcome to her charms, and it became harder and harder with each passing day to maintain the restraint it took to keep their relationship platonic. He knew once he crossed that boundary there would be no turning back, he cared too much for the pretty mechanic, and knew that at this particular time in his life he had nothing to offer her except a future of pain and regret. He had to keep focused on River, focused on keeping on the move, keeping her safe, and not letting the Alliance get their hands on her again. Leading them to the stairs, a look of pure horror overtook his features, the long winding staircase presenting new problems. Making it down by himself would have been a task unto itself, but with Kaylee’s soft body pressed to his side, and her not being any help to get them down the stairs, Simon feared the worst. Almost as if on cue, Kaylee looked down the staircase, her words spilling from her mouth before thinking, “Sure is a slong way down.” Simon nodded solemnly at her assessment, “Yes...yes, it is.” A light bulb went off in his head, the idea not a very bright one, but it would solve most of their ambulatory conundrums, and it was certainly close. Moving forward Simon practically flung them both into the engine room, the soft humming of Serenity’s spinning heart soothing his nerves a bit. Pulling Kaylee up to rest against her work bench, Simon eyed the colorful hammock Kaylee had strung up in her workplace, he knowing she spent many a nights sleeping near her girl. He looked back to Kaylee, as she had begun to rest her head against the cool surface of the metal, her cheek pushing up into her eye, her arms circling around her head, “Mmmm, this feels good.” He shook his head as he went back over try and maneuver her into the hammock without both of them breaking their necks, “Come on, let’s get you to bed.” She giggled at his words, “I like the way you say that, Simon.” A flush covered the pale skin of Simon’s neck as he pulled her up to him, backing his way to the hammock as he kept Kaylee firmly plastered against his form, not wanting her to fall over. Reaching back with one hand while he grasped Kaylee fiercely with the other, Simon made his best effort to keep them upright as he slid them back into the hammock, making sure not to rock with the swinging material. Hoisting Kaylee in to the hammock had proven more difficult than he thought, and with that they both tumbled back into the soft fabric. Kaylee landed on top of Simon as the hammock swung furiously, stiffening his body at the impending fall they were about to take. Yet, the hammock soon settled, and Kaylee had snuggled her head into the crook of his neck, her arms snaking around his chest as her leg clamped over his thighs. Simon had thought of trying to extricate himself but soon figured out that that would be an impossibility, given present circumstances. He never thought that the proposition of one drink would end with him sleeping with Serenity’s mechanic in his arms. As Kaylee’s lips brushed gently against the exposed skin of his neck, Simon smiled to himself, letting the effects of the alcohol finally take over him, her even breathing lulling him to sleep.


TBC....Hope you like it and please comment!


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Monday, July 17, 2006 7:50 AM


>“Sos where’re we goin’?”

“To mine.”

“Oh, good.”

She again let her head rest where it had been on his shoulder, her arms hugging tighter around his waist as he made it through the galley, “That’s even better.”

Great lines there! I can see Kaylee saying them!

Such a cute picture of Kaylee sleeping on top of him in her hammock. Ahh, now what will happen when they both wake up? She think in her drunken stuper that she'd gotten him to lower those barriers and keeps kissing him. . . ?

yes, a continuation would be shiny :)

Monday, July 17, 2006 8:20 AM


“My bed’s back there.”
“I know.”
“Sos where’re we goin’?”
“To mine.”
“Oh, good.”

Drunken Kaylee is still so very very funny.

I really like this one, very cute.

Monday, July 17, 2006 9:21 AM


Just when you think Kaylee can't get any cuter, she gets drunk!! Perfect!

I love this and I see many more stories coming out of this - the awkwardness Simon will feel in the morning - oy! And the joy Kaylee will feel, until Simon says something idiotic, which will take about 3 seconds ...

But this was adorable and perfect! More soon please!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006 9:40 AM

BLUEEYEDBRIGADIER know there's gonna be a rehash of the scene from "Jaynestown"...simply cuz it would be totally hilarious when Simon tries to politely correct Kaylee about what happened the previous night;)

Still..this was mucho shiny, Leighkohl. Gotta go with the mob and say the whole "bed's back that away" conversation is priceless:D


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Tuesday, July 18, 2006 5:15 PM


What blackbeanie said goes double for me.

Friday, July 21, 2006 5:32 PM


Nice job! I like it. They're both being so cute. :) Looking foward to later smut!

One small nit. "There was no way he was going to be able to get her down the rungs of the ladder with some serious injury, either to Kaylee or himself. I think you meant to say "without some serious injury," not with.


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