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Kaylee fawns over injured Simon and then Jayne says something usual! Continuation of Wrong. S/K


A/N: So here is the end of this little mini series inspired by Leiasky's poking and prodding! She had a big hand in this one, so thanks to her big time and being a fabulous beta! Hope you all like it and please comment!

Link to Wrong. Continuation starting from Threesome.


#21 Kiss


Simon leaned back in his chair and smiled as Kaylee made her way across the kitchen to bring him some soup she had made for them for lunch. Over the past few days Kaylee had been fawning over Simon unrelentingly, and though he usually tried to keep it to a minimum, he was taking great pleasure in the attention he was showered with by the pretty mechanic. His wrist had been healing nicely, and luckily the crew had been kind enough not to get themselves seriously injured, as he would be not quite up to snuff if surgery was needed. Jayne looked up at the moony eyes Kaylee made at Simon as she set the bowl in front of him and sneered, "Must be nice havin' someone wait on ya hand and foot. 'Course I'm sure yer used to it, growin' up with maids and all. Thinkin' maybe we should get lil' Kaylee an outfit of her own, make ya feel right at home, huh?" Kaylee threw Jayne a scathing glare as she took the seat next to Simon, "Hush Jayne, he's injured." Jayne leaned back in his chair and eyed the young doctor as he took a spoonful of soup, trying his best to ignore the repulsive man seated across the dining table. "Yeah, funny thing about that? We still haven't heard the story as to why you got yerself all gimpy. Got somethin' ta hide there, doc?" Simon raised his head to face Jayne squarely, "I fell, and I would appreciate you keeping your lascivious ideas about how my injury occurred to yourself." Jayne leaned forward, resting his elbows on the table, his leering grin making Simon shudder as to what would be coming out of his mouth next. “C’mon now, tell the truth there, doc. Ya finally got the nerve to bed Kaylee and she was just too much to handle?” “Jayne!” Mal’s voice echoed through the galley, rocking Jayne back in to his seat. Simon had begun to rise from his own, knowing he could never take the great ape man but still infuriated at his query. Kaylee’s usually golden skin had bled to pale in a second, her eyes wider than any of them had thought humanly possible. Mal squinted at Jayne as he headed into the kitchen to fetch himself some coffee, “ I seem to recall a conversation about civil tongues not so very long ago.” “Ah, hell Mal!” Simon glared at Jayne, Kaylee’s still shocked expression rousing his sense of duty, “I think you should apologize to Kaylee.” Jayne sneered at the prissy tone in Simon’s voice, the hairs at the back of his neck beginning to stand up, “I wouldn’t be makin’ demands if I were in the condition yer in there.” Simon stood up immediately, bumping the table in his haste and spilling some of the soup Kaylee had spent so much time slaving over. Mal had had enough of their sparring and knew Simon could never take the mercenary, even with his feathers all ruffled. He was about to impart some well deserved wisdom on Jayne when Kaylee suddenly bolted out of her seat, running from the galley towards the hallway leading to the engine room. Simon and Mal both looked shocked as a small flood of guilt passed through Jayne’s body. Not wanting to suffer the wrath of Mal’s ire, Jayne scowled at Simon and then picked up his bowl of noodles. “Ta hell with this!” He then pushed passed Mal and stomped up the stairs, heading for his bunk. Simon looked to Mal who now focused his irritation of Simon, “What in the tian xiao de was that all about?” Simon took a deep breath and looked to the passageway where Kaylee had scurried down just moments before, “I uh...Well-” Mal slammed his mug on the counter, demanding Simon’s full attention. “I don’t rightly know what goes on in that three percent brain of yours, but if my mechanic is weeping over somethin’ you’ve done, we’re gonna have words, and they won’t be as pleasant as those that come from Jayne’s mouth, dong ma?” Simon’s own curiosity at what had upset Kaylee so much tempered his response to Mal, knowing that to nettle the Captain at this particular moment would result in nothing short of a shouting match. His concern for Kaylee outweighed his own pride. “I will go and see how she’s doing.” “Best get to it, an unhappy mechanic can lead to all worlds of trouble on this boat.” Mal’s meaning did not fall on deaf ears as Simon made his way to the engine room. The haste at which Kaylee exited the room had confused Simon. They were all used to Jayne’s crudeness, and he had certainly crossed a line at the comments he had made, but Kaylee could usually scoff at him, or brush them off. Simon made his way to the engine room, the one place he knew Kaylee would seek solace. Reaching the closed door, something that was odd in of itself, Simon cautiously slid it open and called out to her. "Kaylee?" Hearing no response, he stepped in and slid the door closed behind him. He looked about the room, small as it was, and lingered tentatively by the workbench. He heard some movement from the back of the room and smiled as he saw two pink flip flops poke out from behind the rusty red bulk of the engine. "Kaylee." She didn't answer, but Simon took her silence as an invitation to approach, and tentatively, he moved closer. Stepping around Serenity's spinning heart, he took in one of the saddest sights his eyes had ever seen. Kaylee leaned against the hull, her chin resting in her hands, her elbows propped up on her knees. The long face that had no place on Kaylee's features made Simon instantly incensed and wounded all at once. He knelt before her and waited for her eyes to meet his. She kept her gaze steadily attached to her toes, not looking up as the soft, willowy words left her mouth. "I'm sorry." Simon reached out to place a hand on her shin, right above her knee, his thumb gently brushing against the bottom of her palm. Her words baffled him, and having no other recourse, his skills at talking to...well anyone being limited, at best, he decided to take the quickest route. "Why? Kaylee, you've done nothing wrong, except be in the same room as Jayne." His turn at humor ended with an unexpected result, her eyes welling up. "Was my fault." "What was?" "You gettin' hurt." Simon's eyes narrowed with confusion. "How so?" "I - " Simon noticed her hesitation and couldn't help but wonder at what she was having a difficult time saying. Kaylee never had trouble speaking her mind. "I was - I did it." "Did what?" "Made us fall." Simon shook his head, a small smile spreading across his face. "We were asleep, Kaylee. It wasn't -" "I weren't asleep." Simon opened his mouth to speak but closed it suddenly as he realized what she hadn't said. He didn't have to wait long for her to reveal just exactly what she had omitted moments before. "I was...I was takin' advantage of ya." Simon blinked. "You mean I wasn' wasn't a dream?" Kaylee shook her head despondently, never looking up to meet his eyes. Simon's realization at what he had thought to be one of the many dreams he'd had over the past few months being, in actuality, one of Kaylee's own making, sparked a crooked grin to spread across his lips. "Kaylee, look at me," he demanded softly. His tone left no option but for Kaylee to obey, the guilt plastered across her pretty face. Simon shook his head, struggling to reassure her without messing up that there was nothing she should be sorry for. "I'm not angry." The confusion that played in her eyes caused Simon's smile to widen. Not trusting himself to say anything else, Simon leaned forward slowly. He raised his uninjured hand to her cheek and cupped it softly, capturing her lips in a gentle kiss. Kaylee's eyes fluttered closed, the shock of his advance quickly giving way to an intense need, a longing that she'd never felt before. She reached up her hands to cup his face as his uninjured hand slid down to rest on her shoulder, pulling her closer. Simon had been waiting for this moment for a good long while, been putting it off for fear of what the future held, but he couldn't deny his feelings anymore. She had opened the door for him, proverbially speaking, and before he knew what was happening, he'd walked right through it. Kaylee shifted herself to a kneeling position, deepening the kiss as she rose higher with the movement. Without a second thought, Simon ran his hand along the length of her arm, resting it on her elbow, caressing the skin there. Kaylee groaned at this gesture, her body melting against Simon's as she linked her arms around his neck, locking them tightly as she began to play with the silky hair at the nape. She pulled at his bottom lip teasingly and gasped when he responded in kind. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine this would feel so good. "KAYLEE?!" The Captain's voice jarred both Simon and Kaylee, their lips parting frantically as each one scrambled to their feet, the blushes that crept across both their faces turning crimson when Mal slid the door wide open. Simon ran a hand nervously through his hair while Kaylee pushed her own behind her ears. She quickly beamed at her captain, tilting her head pleasantly, though inside the words flying around her brain would make Jayne blush with pride.. "Yeah, Cap'n.?" Mal took in Simon's awkward stance, the way his eyes were averted and his feet shuffled unconsciously, then turned to Kaylee, her hands fidgeting with the hem of her shirt. "I was just checkin' on how you were...comin' along with that new uh.." He gestured absurdly, "whatchy ma thingy, know..." "The new wiring for the press regulator?" "Yeah." "I was just gettin' started on that, Cap'n." "See that ya do, Don't wanna be floatin' around without the press regulator in fine order." Kaylee shook her head in agreement, her smile never wavering as Mal turned to leave. He looked over his shoulder to Simon, the warning in his eyes still present from their conversation earlier in the galley, but this time, Mal threw a scowl in for good measure. As Mal exited, Simon turned to Kaylee and whispered conspiratorially, "He has no idea what the press regulator is for, does he?" Kaylee stared after Mal's retreating form and shook her head again, the smile never leaving her lips. "Not a clue." They both stared after him for a moment before Simon turned his gaze to Kaylee again. “I ah...” Kaylee bit her lip as she moved closer and leaned up to plant a chaste kiss on his cheek. “Don‘t worry, Simon. I won‘t be-” She was cut off by the crackling of the com. "Hey, doc, I think that sister of yours just crawled up into the scaffolding in the cargo bay, you may want to come and see to her!" With those words, Simon hesitated for a moment then placed a not so chaste kiss to Kaylee’s lips before hurrying off to find out what River had gotten herself into this time. Kaylee leaned against the hull with a smile bright as any sun spreading across her face daydreaming about the next time she got Simon alone. It was a long, long time, before she got to working on the press regulator.

~~ Hope you liked this series!


Tuesday, July 25, 2006 12:22 PM


Aww, I kinda like Kaylee playing nurse to an injured Simon. He IS still injured. I think you should just keep going with it. You can't end this little series with an interrupted first kiss!

Jayne being crude is so perfect as is Kaylee's reaction because she feels guilty for hurting Simon. And, of course, I love Simon just not thinking and leaning forward to kiss her.

So glad you started working on these prompts too. They're coming along great!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006 5:25 PM


Ack! I love it! HA ha ha! Soooo cute...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006 5:33 PM


Perfect! I'm so glad Kaylee came clean and Simon let his emotions finally rule him, instead of his brain!

Awesome first kiss too ... makes you all warm and fuzzy! More please!

Thursday, July 27, 2006 12:38 AM


The first kiss of Simon and Kaylee was indeed a nice little moment, and this was my favorite line:
*though inside the words flying around her brain would make Jayne blush with pride..*

Thursday, July 27, 2006 7:22 PM


Ahttp://www...gotta agree with Leiasky here, and say that there's so much more to do here;)

Still...this is some wonderfull stuff, Leighkohl! Definitely could see this setup...though I am glad Simon deviated from his norm and took the initiative in kissing Kaylee;D


Friday, July 28, 2006 3:31 AM




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