Good Intensions Part Four
Thursday, April 13, 2006

Best to read from Good Intetions Part One-Three. Simon and Kaylee talk, they find out who was behind the plot to kill them and there's some Mal/Inara thrown in as well!


Disclaimer: Not mine, just writing for fun.

A/N: This story has a life of it's own!!! It has run away and I have no control over it!! There is going to be at least another post and then an epilogue! Thanks to Leiasky for her inputs! Hope you guys like it and please comment!:D _________________________________________________________________________

Simon hurried to catch up to the rest of the crew as they made their way through the docks. The port was all metal and piping, with dark hallways and lighting that barely worked, flickering off and on. It was a labyrinth that Simon didn’t want to get lost in, one turn looked as good as the next. He darted around the dock workers and miners milling about the hallways and edged up to his sister just as Mal opened a side door marked Maintenance. The hallway was completely deserted, their footfalls thundered through the vacant space. Jayne took the rear, with Mal leading them down the corridor. Every door they passed all seemed the same, but Mal finally stopped as they rounded a corner. He pulled on the latch with some effort, the hinges squeaking as the door opened. Through the threshold they could see the little hallway was just as dark as the Black itself. The smell of stale alcohol and humanity at it’s worst filtered out, causing Simon to wrinkle his nose. Music and boisterous laughter drew Mal to the push aside the curtain at the end of the hallway, revealing a dingy, little dive filled with filthy miners and all the dregs of society a small outpost like the Whittier Spaceport could muster. No one really noticed over the din of voices calling out to one another the five strangers that had wandered out of the back. Directly to their right was the bar and behind it, their contact, Reina Sellers. Mal and company sidled up to the bar as Reina kept polishing the glassware in front of her. “You must be chompin’ at the bit to get to this one, Malcolm Reynolds.” She flashed him a pretty smile as she poured out five beers setting one in front them all before leaning in to Mal and whispering,” He’s at the far end of the left wall, the man in the red jacket and that stupid little hat he’s got on the table.” Mal pushed a few credits for the drink and the information over the bar to Reina. She put it in her till and then leaned back in, ” You feel the need for any kind of brutality, best take it back out the way you came. Furniture don’t come cheap ’round here, and let’s just say the natives are restless. Just dumped off a new shipment from the mines, so these boys have money and a penchant for drinking, causes all manner of foolishness to play about. One good punch could send this whole place into an out and out brawl.” “Wouldn’t dream of busting up your place, Reina,” Mal smiled right back at her. He then turned to River who was trying to focus in on the dandy that stuck out like a sore thumb. She took a deep breath and nodded a yes, then opened her eyes wide. Mal followed as her head turned to watch Simon storming across the room up to the dandy's table. He then lifted him by the lapels of his jacket and threw him across the floor, knocking his head against the bottom of the bar. All eyes turned to the scuffle as Simon stalked back across the floor. Sueng shook his head as Simon reached down again, pulling him up and pushing him back out the hallway to the maintenance corridor. The bar was still in a bit of shock as Mal turned to the crowd and shrugged his shoulders, pointing to where Simon and Sueng had just been, "Didn't tip." Mal turned back to Reina, giving her one of his most charming smiles, “Always a pleasure, Reina.” “Likewise,” She replied shooting back her own glaring smile. River, Mal, and Zoe left their beers untouched as they followed Simon back out. Jayne downed the rest of his beer, slamming the mug on the bar top. He then leaned a little closer to Reina as she reached out to pick up the empty glass, flashing her his most cunning , suggestive grin. She looked back at Jayne, her eyebrows raised and then crossed her arms, leaning against the railing. Jayne opened his mouth just as Mal’s irritated voice called back, “Jayne!” Reina smiled back at him as Mal came to drag him out to the corridor, raising her hand to give him a little wave.


Inara climbed down the stairs to stand next to Kaylee, who was still staring at the door her husband had just rushed through. She reached over and clasped her arm. Kaylee turned to Inara, her lips smiling but her eyes still filled with hurt. “Mei mei?” Kaylee just kept the smile plastered across her face, not trusting her voice at that moment. Inara moved her hand up to Kaylee’s cheek and smiled back, “He loves you so much. Please remember that.” Kaylee nodded her head, whispering back, “I know.” “Good.” Inara’s knowing grin bolstered Kaylee. “We just gotta talk, is all.” A deafening squeal from underneath interrupted Inara and Kaylee, causing Molly to place her little hands over her ears. “What’re they doin’ to her?” Inara took Molly out of Kaylee’s arms as the little pregnant mechanic rushed out of the cargo bay as fast as her body would let her. She bounced Molly on her hip as she went to close the door behind Kaylee. She then walked back up the stairs to her shuttle, leaning into the side of Molly’s ear, quietly remarking in a conspiratorial tone, “Your mother better not let him off the hook too easily, lulls men into a false sense of security.” Molly gazed up at her yi ma intently, looking for all the ‘verse as if she truly understood her. Inara then began to impart little tidbits of wisdom about men to the toddler, figuring you could never start too early.


Simon shoved Sueng into the wall of the corridor with such force, Sueng’s head bounced against the metal, the sound echoing down the deserted hall. His fists were entangled in the fabric of the man’s jacket as he moved one of his elbows up along his neck, pinning Sueng to the wall. Zoe stood a few feet back, quite impressed by the doctor’s unexpected burst of fury. River calmly walked out of the doorway to stand at one end of the hallway, tilting her head at her brother. She sighed with the exasperation only an annoyed little sister could convey. “Sim-” “Who do you work for?” Simon growled, cutting off his sister. Sueng’s voice was barely audible, as Simon’s arm was lodged against his windpipe, making speech and breathing almost an impossibility, “Sir, I...don’t kn-” Sueng tried to breath in but Simon just shoved him harder against the wall, slamming his head again. “Who do you work for?” Mal and Jayne followed suit next to Zoe, standing back to admire Simon. Mal interjected when he saw that Sueng was beginning to turn a little blue. “Best answer the man. Seems he’s not in a forgivin’ mood. I’ll bet he knows at least ten different ways to kill ya and make it look all accidental like.” Simon glowered at the dandy, the snarl on his face convincing Sueng to give up any pretense of innocence. As the words escaped his mouth, Mal’s lips twisted vehemently. Simon released Sueng and he promptly fell to the floor, holding his neck and gasping for air. Mal strode up to the collapsed man and crouched down in front of him, making sure he was eye level. “You tell your boss the jobs done. If you let him know in any way that we aren’t dead, I’ll make sure I let that man kill you any which way he sees fit.” Sueng nodded his head, still barely able to breath. Mal stood up and stormed down the hallway, Zoe at his heels. “Why the hell did I even come? Coulda at least had another beer,” Jayne muttered to himself, following the captain and first mate, irritated by the fact that he hadn’t hit any one, only had one beer, and didn’t even get to talk to the pretty bartender. Simon stared down at Sueng as River came over to crouch in almost the same exact way Mal had, smiling pleasantly, “Also, I can kill you with my brain.” She brushed some hair off of his face sweetly, causing Sueng’s eyes to widen with such fear it made Simon chuckle. He scurried to his feet and ran the opposite way down the corridor. As the siblings headed down the hallway together, River turned to her brother, “I could have told who he worked for in the bar, you know.” Simon grinned at his sister and shrugged his shoulders, “I know.” River eyed her brother for a second and then just shook her head. _______________________________________________________________________

Kaylee marched herself onto the workshop floor passing by confused dockworkers. A young man in greasy coveralls ran up to her trying to intercept Kaylee before she reached the welder working on Serenity. “Miss, you can’t be down here.” Kaylee didn’t even flinch as she walked up to the ladder, sparks flying all around her, ignoring the man’s protest and calling up,” Hey!” The welder turned off his torch to look down at her, lifting his helmet to reveal a surprised face as he took in the petite pregnant woman. She gave the man one of her most winning smiles while looking up to examine the work he had already finished. "Look here, it's real simple." She then began to give instructions, the men just staring back at her in disbelief.


Inara exited her shuttle as she heard the crew return from their “outing”. Molly held her hand as she toddled out next to her waving to her family as they entered the cargo bay. River smiled and waved back. Mal turned up to face Inara, calling out, “Where’s Kaylee.” “Down in the workshop, checking on the dock crew’s progress.” Mal turned back to Simon Jayne and Zoe, “Probably running the whole shop by this time. Jayne, go and fetch Kaylee. Zoe, I want you to get on the cortex and contact Bernouli, have him tell Phelps we’ll be there in about twelve hours.” They each took off after being assigned their duties, leaving Mal and Simon facing each other. "What do you want me to do?" Mal slapped Simon an the back, "Gonna use that top three percent mind of yours, after all you are the resident criminal mastermind." Mal turned to River, "You head up and plot a course for Lian Juin. Then I'm gonna need every one up in the galley." River nodded and took off for the bridge, leaving Mal to stare back at Inara, "Gonna need you on this one too, 'Nara." She picked up Molly and headed for the galley as Simon and Mal took to the stairs.


By the time they lifted off from the Whittier outpost, every one on the ship was exhausted. Molly had passed out in Kaylee's arms while they had all been sitting together at the dining table and the rest of the crew decided if they could get some sleep, it had best be now. All leaving for their respective bunks, Simon came up to Kaylee, lifting their sleeping child from her arms and then pulling out her chair with one arm as she struggled to get out of her seat. She gave Simon a pointed look and then headed for their room. Simon just cradled Molly in his arms as he watched his wife walk off without saying a word to him. He shifted his daughter to rest against his chest, her head lying on his shoulder and turned to be confronted by Mal. "When this is all over, I think you and I need to sit down and have a little chat." His voice was hushed, not wanting to wake the baby, but his tone was all business. "I'm sure there are going to be a lot of things that need to be discussed soon. For now, I just want to put my daughter to bed and get some rest." Mal looked at Simon, his smirk belying the fact that he doubted Simon was going to get any kind of sleep in the next few hours. “As long as we have understanding. Things are gonna have to change ‘round here.” Simon breathed deeply through hid nose, exhaling as he squeezed Molly closer to his body,” They all ready have begun to.” With that, he turned to head to the passenger dorms. Her short, soft breaths made Simon smile as she lolled her head against his shoulder. He reached up to hold her head steady with one hand as he took to the stairs. The door to his and Kaylee’s room was shut and he could hear her milling about as he slid Molly’s door open. Her room was such a cheerful sight. Kaylee had filled the room with a menagerie of pink flowers, painted along the walls and any surface she could have dreamed up a flower should be. The soft cushioned rocking chair that Simon had saved up so many credits for over the months Kaylee had been pregnant took up much of the space the small dorm room had to offer. As he laid his daughter down, Simon gently touched her cheek, rosy from sleep. It was so soft, like her mother’s skin. He pulled up the blanket to rest over her body, up to her arms and backed out quietly, sliding the door shut with just the slightest squeak. His heart flipped as he turned to his own door. It was the last place and the only place he wanted to be at that moment. Silently sliding the door open he found Kaylee washing her face at the sink, barely acknowledging his presence as he slipped into the room. He usually loved to watch her do...anything, her long fingers seemed just as graceful as a dancer’s legs. When she concentrated hard on a task, she sometimes bit her tongue unconsciously, which always made him beam. She had a way about her that seemed like their was always a sprightly tune playing in the background, a sweet soundtrack that followed her where ever she went. Tonight, though, the room had a piercing silence, which made Simon’s heart drop to the pit of his stomach. She finished drying her face and just stared into the mirror, grasping the sides of the sink as if she might sink to the floor if she didn‘t. They both stood quietly for a moment, Simon stock still in the middle of their room, his heart beginning to pound erratically. “Read your letter.” Her voice was barely above a whisper. Simon glanced over to see the note he had struggled to write and rewrite every few months lying on their bed. She moved away from the sink and strode up to face him, his silence lingering between them. Her eyes were filled with pain but there was something else in there, a glimmer of shame that perplexed Simon thoroughly. “Not so mad at ya anymore. It was real pretty.” She looked down at her stomach and reached out to place his hands on her stomach. She loved having their baby inside her, growing from their love for each other. “Always thought we was happy here on Serenity, never knew you was scared about our life on her.” She looked up at him, her hands still placed over his. Her lower lip began to tremble as she forced the words out of her mouth, “That’s why I’m so hurt by ya. Ya lied to me, every day you was living a lie. Ain’t how it’s supposed to be. We was married, we’re supposed to share everything and all this time you was keepin’ secrets from me.” Simon took a long, deep breath before trying to speak, but Kaylee quickly cut him off, ”Not done yet. You be quiet and just listen.” He acquiesced and stared longingly into her eyes as she continued, “ I don’t want us to live a lie anymore. You done enough for the both of us. I can’t bare the thought of you always thinkin’ the worst is gonna happen to us, I don’t wanna live with ya if that’s how it’s gonna be.” Simon’s eyes grew to the size of saucers and his heart began to race at the implication of her words. She smiled up at his reaction and shook her head. “Don’t go jumpin’ to no conclusions now, ain’t what you’re takin’ my words for. I just don‘t know how we are gonna fix it.” Simon leaned into her, his face mere inches from her own, gazing into her eyes, “ I think you do, bao bei.” She turned her head away from him to stare at their bed, the note still haunting her thoughts. “Yeah, I think I do.” Simon raised his hand from her belly and lightly pushed her chin to make her face him again, “ It’s time we left, `ai ren.” Kaylee had not wanted to have this discussion with Simon, ever, but those thoughts had begun to run through her own head just some months ago. It had been real hard on her to keep up with her duties, take care of her child they way she wanted to and be carrying another. She hadn’t wanted to admit to herself, but life had become burdensome, and it slowly had been breaking her heart. Simon wanted desperately to kiss his wife, but he needed the words to come out of her mouth, he needed her consent. He ached to know that she agreed with him. Kaylee slowly nodded her head and then reached up to place her own hand on his cheek, drawing his face closer to hers. Her lips brushed against his, sending little chills down his spine as they formed the words he had been waiting to hear. “You’re right, it’s time for us to go.” He pulled her against him, softly touching his lips to hers. She reached up with her other hand and ran her fingers through his hair, deepening the kiss, stealing his breath away. As they pulled apart, Kaylee trailed light , fluttering kisses along his jaw up to his ear and whispered, “You’re still gonna pay for what you did.” A grin spread across his lips as she kissed him right below the ear, causing his heart to swell, “Every day of my life, I swear.”


Mal had settled himself in the pilot’s chair, giving River a few hours of sleep. His mind was so worked up that he knew there was no chance he was going to get any kind of peace, he figured he could let his pilot have some of what ever there was to have. He was so wrapped up in his own thoughts that he didn’t notice when Inara sidled up next to him, laying a gentle hand on his shoulder. It startled him, causing him to jump in his seat. The first words that came to his mind spilled forth from his mouth without any thought. “Gorram it, woman! Don’t you know I got enough on my mind without ya scaring the sh`eng di `yu outta me!” Inara retracted her hand with such swiftness, like a scared rabbit, it pained Mal and he kicked himself for his own stupid, quick fire temper. He instinctively grabbed at her hand, swinging the chair around to face her and pulling her closer to him. He cupped her hand in both of his, “I’m sorry ‘Nara, got a lot goin’ on in the brain tonight. No need to snap at ya, though.” She ran a hand along the edge of his hair line, brushing the strands off his face and then looked down at her hand encased in his own hands as he pulled her even closer. “Mal, how can I ever have y-” “Don’t you even say it, ‘Nara.” He pulled her down onto his lap, hugging her against his chest as she ran her hands through his hair then cupping his face. “This is al-” He cut her off again as his lips crushed against her own. He waited a long time for this, it had been years since they had last kissed. After the tragedy of Miranda, they had found comfort in each others arms, but the nature of their relationship had quickly regressed back to the perpetual bickering that they just couldn’t escape. The bitter words that they had found a brief respite from began to echo through the halls again. Inara returned to the life of a companion but couldn’t bring herself to leave Serenity, so they had just ghosted about each other for years, every once in a while seeking one another out. It would only last a night and then they would revert back to their natural state, creatures of habit that they were. Mal reached up to pull the pins in her hair out, having it cascade down her back so he could run his fingers through it. She leaned over to kiss the side of his cheek after he released her lips, her voice muffled as she made her way down his neck, “Can I ever get a word in edgewise, Mal?” His hands began to roam down her back, ”Not right now, xiao mao.” Inara gave into the sensations he was creating as he began to kiss down her chest, cradling her arms around his head, taking comfort from him, even if it was only for a few hours.


TBC... next installment-got some action, some heartache (yes, there's more!), you get to know the name of the villian, some revenge, and Zoe is in a dress!!!


Thursday, April 13, 2006 10:58 AM


Oh, I don't even know how to tell you how much I loved this!

Simon getting all forceful when his family is in harms way was just perfect!

Simon and Kaylee's little talk was heartwrenching. They both have to leave! Where are they gonna go? Are they still wanted by the Alliance? After all this time? Ohh, I can't wait to find out!

Inara talking to Molly about men...god that was hysterical!

LOVED this! Post more soon!

Thursday, April 13, 2006 11:25 AM


Whoooo, Simon kickin' some butt when his family's threatened? Yeah, sounds about right to me!

Plus, pissed off!Simon? Good Lord, that's just HOT.

Gawd, I want more of this. How is the rest of the crew gonna take the news?

Thursday, April 13, 2006 12:14 PM


I enjoyed this installment. There were lots of little character moments I liked, most noteably Inara talking to Molly about men. She's right. Molly is at about the age where its time to start trying to figure that out, haha. Seeing Simon get angry, it was interesting. He is a man of action, after all.

I look forward to this Zoe in a dress thing. It grabs my attention.

Thursday, April 13, 2006 10:28 PM


Well now...glad to see Simon finally giving as much as he's gotten in fights. Boy has gotten dumped on too much in his time with Serenity;)

And the Inara/Molly bit...pure genius!


Tuesday, May 9, 2006 5:36 PM


Evil Simon is hot

Monday, May 15, 2006 11:37 AM


The Inara/Molly is really great.

In fact, anything you write with Inara in it is making me smile!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006 8:27 AM


*"Didn't tip."*

Heh, 'no ticket.'

Yay for Simon getting physical with Sueng.

The last bit of the 'interrogation' with River telling Simon she knew wo he worked for inside the bar, and Simon being aware of that fact, was classic.

Kaylee telling the folks fixing thee ship what to do was great too.

It's so very sad, Simon and Kaylee talking about leaving.


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