Sweet Little Sister (Psycho Love pt. 2)
Saturday, April 8, 2006

Yay! The continuation of Psycho Love. Simon finds out Jayne's been beddin' his sweet little sister. Lots of sexin' lots of fightin' lots of fun! Rayne and Silee sex. Again, this is NC-17 guys, so be warned, and enjoy the ensuing naughtiness!


Jayne didn't join the rest of the crew at dinner that evening, making things slightly less tense for Mal and River. Inara and Kaylee talked amiably about various subjects amongst themselves, while River engaged Simon in various random topics so fast that she avoided him asking why she was so anxious.

Zoe just decided not to ask questions. Jayne had been staring at River quite a bit recently and for some reason not being quite as vulgar to Simon. To Zoe that meant one of two things: Jayne was either ruttin' on River, or he really wanted to. She was not about to get in the middle of that unless it was neccesary.

When dinner ended, Mal and River both went to the cockpit. Mal really needed to discuss this Jayne thing with her.

"River, you mind tellin' me how this all started?" River turned to look at Mal, noting the concern in his eyes.

"I like him, he likes me. He gave me a kiss for my birthday. We had sex a few times when we were on Persephone." River had a dreamy look in her eyes at the memory of that day. Mal on the other hand felt a swirl of nausea rise in his stomach.

"You're sure it ain't just physical for Jayne? I mean that man ain't got an emotional bone in his body, 'less it's gotta do with his ma."

"Love blossoms in strange places. Simon never expected Kaylee. Jayne never expected me. Had dreams about him in that place. They monitored my psychological reactions, charted my body responses." She looked up at Mal with a tear streaming down her face. "If Simon hadn't saved me, they were going to remove my ability to feel love, pleasure."

"And I'm real glad he did get you out before that happenened, 'Tross. But I ain't rightly sure Jayne's the proper person for you to be givin' those things to."

"You'll see. Things always happen for a reason. Always work out in the end."


It wasn't until two in the morning that River snuck into Jayne's bunk. He was snoring gently, laying naked on his stomach, the blanket only barely covering his bare ass. River took her dress off and silently climbed into bed next to Jayne, curling up against his body.

"Ughh... whu?" turned his head toward River and cracked one eye open to see who was laying next to him. "What're ya doin' here, moonbrain? Mal gon' kill me."

"No he won't. He understands enough to let things be." As Jayne rolled over, River pressed her full body up against his, running her nails across his back. "Can I stay here tonight?"

"Your brother..?"

"Won't be coming to the crew dorms for anything. He won't know."

"Alright then." Jayne let his hand slip down the curve of River's side to her hip, his fingers trailing down to the apex between her thighs.

River sighed softly as Jayne's hand found its target. She moved her hips to get closer to his touch. His fingers slid into River's wet core without any resistance, making her shiver. Jayne started a slow, intense pace within her. River moaned and met his fingers at every thrust with her hips.

Jayne couldn't take it much longer, he rolled River onto her back and slid his fingers out of her, replacing them with his hard cock. River cried out a bit, the feel of him stretching her was exquisite, like nothing she could have imagined. Jayne grunted quietly and started pumping into River at a quick rhythm, not wanting to take his time.

River keened under him, her body responding fully. Sweat started to form between her breasts and Jayne bent his head to taste the salt of it with his tongue, making River's back arch. Jayne took that opportunity to use one hand to hold her backside off the bed, thrusting deeper into her. Each new thrust hit River on her most sensitive spot, making her clasp her own hand over her mouth as she came.

Jayne grunted and thrust faster, his own release coming only seconds after River's. He collapsed on top of her, their sweaty bodies sticking together slightly. River rolled them both on their sides, curling up against Jayne tightly.

They lay there for awhile, just relaxing in each others' arms. River started drifting off slightly, mumbling in her sleep.

"Gonna find out soon... be okay..." She moaned softly and buried her face in Jayne's chest. Jayne shook her shoulder gently.

"Hey. River, wake up. You're freakin' me out here." River moaned softly, her eyes barely open.

"Said my name again... Almost time."

"Girl, don't make me shut you up with my cock, cause I will."

River just smiled and fell back asleep, turning over so her back was to Jayne. He rolled his eyes and wrapped his arm around River's small waist, laying his head back down on the pillow so he could sleep as well.


"Oh... God..." Simon woke up with Kaylee on top of him, his length buried deep with her. She was moving slowly over him, moaning quietly. His arms came around her waist, pulling her close to him. "Mmm... Nice way to wake me up."

Kaylee grinned and kept moving, kissing him softly. "Mhmm.... Thought you might like some midnight sexin'."

Simon looked at the clock and grinned. "Four in the morning sexin' you mean?" Kaylee just giggled and tightened around him, making Simon groan and roll his hips up at her.

Simon gripped Kaylee's hips and guided her movements. She moaned a little more loudly, shuddering a bit. Their pace was slow, but intense, Simon's breathing becoming shallow and ragged. He leaned Kaylee down so he could bring his mouth to her nipple, sucking tightly while rubbing his tongue over the sensitive flesh.

Kaylee cried out, climaxing instantly. Her hips bucked against his erratically as her inner walls grasped him. Simon let out his own hoarse cry against her breast, spilling himself deep within Kaylee's core. She collapsed on top of him, panting and moaning softly.

"Wo de tian, Kaylee, that was amazing." Simon took in a few shaky breaths, feeling the last few spurts of his release fill Kaylee until she was dripping over his softening cock.

Kaylee grinned and kissed him soundly before grabbing a towel to wipe them both off with. "We gotta start doin' that more often!" She giggled as Simon just moaned in response while she carefully cleaned him off. When she was done she tossed the towel aside and laid back down next to Simon, pushing her warm body up against his.

Simon brought the blankets back to rest over both their bodies before wrapping his arms back around Kaylee and closing his eyes to sleep again.


River made sure she got out of bed before Jayne did to allay suspicions at breakfast the next morning. Jayne came to the table about 10 minutes later, wearing only pants. River cursed to herself gently. As Jayne turned around to get a bowl, Simon noticed intense scratch marks on his back.

"Jayne, where did you get those scratches?"

Jayne froze slightly. "Scratches? What scratches?"

"On your back, it's all torn up. I should check those out for you later."

Jayne glanced nervously over at River. "Ain't nothin' doc. Prolly just scratched up against my guns in my sleep."

Kaylee recognized those scratches. Although they were much more intense than any of the scratches she'd given Simon, they were still from fingernails. And she knew it wasn't Inara. And it couldn't be Zoe. Kaylee glanced fearfully at River, who was biting her lip, her legs drawn up on her seat.

"No, those don't look accidental--"

Kaylee put her hand on Simon's leg. "He's fine, honey. Jayne's tougher than most. I don't think he needs a check up."

Suddenly it dawned on Simon. He'd seen those scratch marks as well. In the mirror. After a rough night with Kaylee. He looked almost hopefully at Zoe, who unfortunately was just as stunned at the marks. He turned to Inara with slightly more desparation. She was just comforting River.

River. His baby sister. She was curled up in a ball, with the biggest look of guilt and fear in her eyes. Simon's voice caught in his throat. It was impossible. His sister. He stood up quickly, staring at her.

She'd been tired lately. Massaging her own upper leg muscles. Giving Jayne nervous, excited glances.

Simon's legs gave out, and he barely registered that he was now on the floor instead of standing. Kaylee went over to him quickly, putting her hands on his shoulders. After a few moments he took Kaylee's hands off him and stood up, glaring at Jayne.

"Guys, clear out. You don't wanna be here for this." He didn't even register Mal's voice, or that Inara and Zoe moved out toward the cargo bay. He walked over to Jayne and pushed him so they were face to face before giving Jayne a hard right-hook.

"You son of a bitch. You don't deserve her."

Jayne blocked the next punch and pushed Simon away from him. "Hey, you got every right in the 'verse to be poundin' on me doc. But she ain't doin' nothin' against her will."

Kaylee's hand came to Simon's arm again. "Honey, wait." He just shrugged her off. He looked over at River, who had tears spilling down her cheeks.

"My sister! And you want me to believe this was her idea?"

He spat and punched Jayne again, and received a punch back, in kind. Jayne just kept pushing Simon away from him, thinking about how River had better be grateful that he was refraining from beating her brother into a bloody mess.

Every push Jayne made brought the men - and the rest of the crew - out of the galley. In the middle of the passenger dorms, Simon rushed him, making Jayne grab him by the shirt and push him into the wall.

"She's eighteen now doc'. She can make her own decisions without big brother givin' her the okay." Jayne pushed him again, all the way into the cargo bay. Simon's lip was bloody, and he stumbled to keep his balance, but he didn't care.

"Just because she's eighteen doesn't mean I can't protect her from making bad decisions." He spat blood. "Like you!"

River came up next to Simon and turned him around to face her quickly. "Just because I have mental trauma doesn't mean I can't make proper decisions." Her tears had started falling down to her dress, absorbing into the fabric as new tears dripped down. "I love you, Simon. But you can't tell me what's proper anymore. Have to make that decision myself."

Simon looked at his sister, the anger melting from him, leaving only raw emotion. He felt tears welling in his eyes as he placed his hands on River's waist. "Mei mei, why? What could you possibly think is going to come of this? You deserve better."

He tried to wipe River's tears as she cried harder, but she shook his hand away, looking at him fiercely. "They wanted to take it away from me, Simon! Take away all my happiness. And now you're trying to do the same!" As soon as it came out of her mouth, she regretted it. He'd given up so much of his own happiness for her, and now she was comparing him to the monsters he'd saved her from.

The tears in Simon's eyes fell freely now, his sister's comment causing more pain than he could have thought possible. He went to his knees to look River in the eyes, wiping his face with the back of his hand.

"Mei mei... I want you to be happy. But why Jayne?"

"I love him!" River registered Kaylee gasping from behind her, her own eyes growing wide. She hung her head slightly, her voice barely over a whisper now. "I love him."

Simon sat there with his mouth open for a minute. Mal was carefully dividing his attention between the two siblings and Jayne, who also looked a bit stunned, but for a reason that had nothing to do with River's sudden statement.

"River, it's Jayne. I don't think he's capable of giving that back to you."

River opened her mouth to speak, but Jayne's voice sounded out instead.

"You're wrong doc. I do love River." Mal almost fell over as the rest of the crew gasped, staring at Jayne.

Jayne looked over at River, who's eyes shone with tears of happiness now. Jayne's attention went to the captain. "Mal, I don't wanna hear nothin' about me bein' whipped by a woman. I ain't expect this, but I care about the girl. And it ain't just the sex."

Simon didn't know what to say anymore. He bristled at the mention of Jayne having sex with his sister, but the fact that he'd never heard him use the word "love" in reference to anything besides Vera made his confession seem real.

As River ran over to Jayne, Kaylee came to Simon, helping him off his knees. They stared in awe as River kissed Jayne softly, her hand brushing over the slight bruise on his cheek. Simon felt nauseous, but called to River all the same.

"If he hurts you, I will kill him."

River nodded gently and started bringing Jayne back to his bunk. As they walked away he heard Jayne's voice.

"If I hurt ya, he's got my permission to kill me."


"Your brother hits pretty hard for bein' a rich kid from the Core." Jayne winced a bit as River put some ointment on a small cut above his lip. He was relatively uninjured, but River wanted to tend to him all the same. He was sitting down on the edge of his bed, while River stood between his legs.

"When I was seven a boy pushed me on the playground. Simon saw it happen on his way to pick me up from school. He ran over and broke the boy's nose." River set down the small tube of ointment and placed a small bandage over the cut.

Jayne grunted a little. "Hell I did that to plenty o' kids in school for raggin' on my ma. Ain't hard."

River just rolled her eyes. "He's stronger when he's trying to protect me." She looked up at Jayne, making eye contact. "You love me."

"Now look, here. I ain't never said that to a woman before. So I ain't gonna be comfortable sayin' it as often as your whipped brother does to lil' Kaylee."

River just grinned. "I love you, too."

Jayne just leaned forward and kissed her, his arms coming up to wrap around her waist. River moaned softly, kissing him back. Jayne lay back, taking her with him on the bed. She moved so that she was straddling him, never breaking the kiss.

River moaned against his lips as her still clothed clit pressed into Jayne's already hardened length. She rubbed herself against him, eliciting a moan from his mouth as well. His hands slid up River's dress, pulling it over her body until she had to break the kiss to tug it over her head.

River tugged at Jayne's shirt, making him sit up to remove it while she moved her hands to the fastenings of his pants. As Jayne lay back down, she yanked the material down his legs, frowning in frustration when his boots got in the way. She tugged them off as well, not bothering with the laces, then finished her task of removing his pants.

She climbed back up Jayne's body, running her hands over his bare skin as she kissed him passionately again.

Jayne's hands were everywhere, touching every bit of exposed skin that he could reach. It was suddenly like he was discovering River for the first time. As her hand slid to reach his thick erection, he gasped at the sensation. He looked at River for a moment. He did love her, but it wasn't sappy or pathetic. It was not a love that would turn him into a panty-waisted idiot.

River just smiled at him, knowing that was his way of telling her. She stroked his cock tightly, pulling her own panties down with her free hand. Jayne's fingers immediately thrust within her, making River cry out, her hand freezing over his length momentarily. River felt Kaylee's thoughts and actions flitting through her own mind. She looked at Jayne curiously.

She slid down his body and looked up at him as she removed his boxers completely. Her hand wrapped back around him, stroking carefully. Jayne was panting, knowing what he wanted, but unsure if River was going to act on it.

River looked back at his pulsing length, leaning forward slightly to touch the tip with her tongue. Jayne's body shivered, making River more bold. She wrapped her lips gently around the tip, her hand still churning over his shaft.

Jayne couldn't hold back the loud groan that escaped his lips. He'd never expected River to do this without him asking it of her. He almost thought he was dreaming as he watched her soft lips wrap gently around the head of his length. Her tongue darted out the caress the sensitive flesh within the hot confines of her mouth, making Jayne's eyes flutter shut.

River watched every reaction Jayne made to her ministrations. She almost didn't realize that her lips were descending upon more of him until she had half of his erection in her mouth. River allowed as much of him between her lips as she could take without gagging, then carefully slid back up, her hand still moving over the rest of his shaft.

As River's mouth slid back down tighter, Jayne grit his teeth to keep from bucking his hips. She moved her mouth up and down him a few more times before he grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her up so that she was positioned at the tip of his cock.

"Gorrammit girl, you're good."

River grinned. "Oh, you're not whipped like Simon. But you will be."

Jayne growled slightly and slapped River's ass, making her jerk forward, impaling herself on his full length. River let out a choked-off scream as her breath caught in her throat. Jayne just held her still, trying to find his own breath through the feeling of her muscles tight around him.

After a few moments Jayne started moving her over him in slow thrusts. River complimented the movements by rolling her hips, eliciting moans from both of them. For the first time since they had sex, Jayne and River created a slow, delicious pace, their bodies churning as one. The pleasure washed over them both, slowly overpowering their thoughts until they climaxed together. They yelled in unison, River's back arching, while all of Jayne's muscles went taut.

River collapsed on top of Jayne, his body still sending out the hot bursts of his release. Her inner walls were still fluttering around him, pulling the last of his climax from his length. Jayne moved the hair that had had fallen over River's face and gently brushed his lips over her temple.

"Love ya, girl."


Kaylee was sitting next to Simon, gently wiping the blood from his nose and lip, examining the bruise on his left cheek.

"Oh, honey. Lemmie get ya some ice for that shiner."

Simon just shook his head slowly. "It will heal." He sighed and covered his face. "My sister. And Jayne." His voice was muffled by his fingers. Kaylee just frowned a bit.

"I'm real sorry honey. I'm sure River knows what she's doin' though." For the first time, Kaylee didn't know how to fix a problem for someone. Everyday since she'd been part of this crew she had worked out problems for everyone on Serenity, wanting to make them smile. But this time, she really didn't know what to say.

It was almost unreal. River and Jayne loved each other. Kaylee couldn't even bring herself to say the words, they were so alien to her. But it was the truth, and River seemed really happy. As if reading her thoughts, Simon looked up at her.

"It doesn't even sound right, Kaylee. Jayne and love in the same sentence?" He shook his head again. "I'm just afraid that River seeing my love for you made her so desperate to feel the same that she went to him. Like I failed her by not warning her about falling for the wrong guy."

"Oh, sweetie, this isn't your fault. River's a young woman, and Jayne, I guess, is a nice lookin' guy, and maybe she saw something in him that she maybe no one else can."

"Like what?"

"Like maybe that he has the ability to feel... anything other than anger." Kaylee winced. She really couldn't put love and Jayne in the same sentence unless she was makin' fun of him for the hat his ma had knitted him. "Maybe it's just something that had to grow inside him."

"I don't know, Kaylee. This is really unsettling, and River doesn't seem to understand what I'm afraid of." Simon got up and paced around the bunk.

"Well, maybe she does, and you just don't seem to understand that she knows what she's doin'." She went over to Simon, standing behind him, and put her arms around his waist. "I love ya, sweetie, but this ain't your decision."

Simon's shoulders shuddered as he held back tears again. "I'm supposed to be taking care of her." Kaylee turned him around and wiped away the tears forming in his eyes. "I can't help but think I've failed her somehow."

"Look at me honey. River's eighteen now. You can care for her, but you gotta support her decisions too. She's an adult now." Kaylee kissed Simon softly, her arms wrapping around his neck.

Simon kissed her back, his hands shaking as he rested them on her sides. Kaylee led him back toward the bed, still kissing him. Simon turned around so that he could sit on the bed with Kaylee in his lap. His body relaxed visibly with her in his arms, the kiss on its own was a welcome release for him.

Simon's hands slid under Kaylee's coveralls, knowing she hadn't put anything under it this morning before breakfast. He sighed in relief as his hands were greeted with the smooth skin of her shoulders. Kaylee unbuttoned the material to her waist, letting Simon slide it off her arms.

Kaylee moaned as Simon kissed her more frantically, intent on losing himself in her for awhile. She knew his intentions and didn't mind, knowing she would want the same if she were in his position. She removed his shirt, breaking the kiss for only a second to discard the fabric.

She massaged Simon's strong chest with the flats of her hands, relaxing the tension in his muscles as she laid him back on the bed. Kaylee kissed her way down his body, carefully undoing his pants and pulling his boxers off his legs along with them. Kaylee held Simon's length and stroked it as it hardened within her hand, kissing the sensitive flesh where his thighs met his torso.

"Please... Kaylee..." Simon shuddered, not knowing exactly what he needed. He hissed when Kaylee finally ran her tongue along the underside of him, his eyes squeezing shut at the sudden pleasure. Her mouth slowly wrapped around the head of Simon's length, smiling at the groan that came from his lips.

She took Simon's full length, pumping her mouth up and down several times in rapid succession before slowing down and moving her tongue over the flesh she held between her lips. Kaylee moaned around him gently, the vibrations making Simon shudder.

Kaylee was content on taking her time, to strip away the layers of stress from Simon's mind and body. She sucked tightly, taking slow, hard strokes with her lips and tongue.

"God, Kaylee... I need you." Simon buried his fingers in Kaylee's silken hair, his hips bucking. He couldn't take it anymore. He needed to be inside of her. She smiled and released him, sliding back up his body. He flipped them over quickly and sheathed himself in her wet folds, not pausing before creating a quick rhythm within her core. All Simon's thoughts were focused on Kaylee now, everything else temporarily forgotten.

Kaylee moaned loudly, her hips moving along with Simon's churning pace. She knew this wasn't about her, but she couldn't help the need that grew inside her body. Kaylee slid her fingers into Simon's hair, tugging in a way he couldn't ignore. He took her cue and started thrusting faster, the pleasure building inside him almost too fast to control.

"Kaylee... Can't hold back..." Simon gritted his teeth, slowing down for a moment to delay his imminent orgasm. Kaylee just mewled under him and nodded, her hand moving fluidly down to her clit, rubbing it with the pads of her fingertips.

That was what broke Simon. He pumped inside her rapidly, shouting her name as he spilled himself hotly into her. Kaylee cried out with him, her own release following his. They held each other tightly, kissing passionately as their pleasure ebbed within them. Simon gently broke the kiss, looking down at Kaylee.

"I love you, Kaylee."

Kaylee smiled up at him and nuzzled her nose against his. "I love you, too sweetie."


Mal, Zoe, and Inara sat at the table in the galley, eating lunch silently. In one direction, they could hear Simon moaning, in the other, they could hear River cry out. Suddenly Mal threw down his chopsticks, regarding both women.

"This is truly the last thing I need to be hearin' while I'm attempting to eat."

"Without a doubt, Sir. I just don't think there's a thing in the 'Verse we can do to stop 'em." Zoe had an amused glint in her eye at how uncomfortable her captain was.

"Hell yes, there is a way to stop 'em. Bang on their doors and tell 'em to stop ruttin' on each other like animals."

"Mal!" Inara kicked him lightly under the table.

"Well, Inara, do you have any other suggestions to make this disturbing soundtrack stop?"

"If it's really so unsettling, perhaps you shouldn't be eating right now." Her voice had a mildly venomous tone.

Zoe took that as her cue to silently leave the table. As much as she liked watching her captain fight with the Companion, it was really between them to work it out. After she left, Mal turned back to Inara.

"Now look here, you're misunderstanding me. Sex is not unsettlin' to me. It's havin' to hear people I care about in a fatherly way havin' sex."

Inara got up and pulled her body intimately close to Mal's, the sheer fabric of her dress brushing up against his own clothing. She was trying to think up a scathing remark when Mal surprised her by grabbing her waist and pulling her to sit in his lap.

"Your shuttle's soundproof ain't it?" Mal gave her that irresistible, cocksure grin. Inara just stuttered, her eyes wide.

"Uhm... yes, but..."

"Well I was thinkin' maybe I could stay in your shuttle tonight so's I don't have to hear my mechanic and my pilot bein' bedded." His grin widened more and he pulled Inara close, his implication unmistakable.

"Mal... I don't... Are you..." She was completely flabbergasted. "Sex?"

Mal laughed heartily. "Well if that's your intention. You're the expert, you tell me what the plan is."

Before Inara could attempt to answer, Mal pulled her in for a stunned kiss. Inara melted against his lips, her body instinctively pressing against his. She'd been wanting this for so long now, the feel of him against her. After several minutes she pulled away, her teeth running over her tingling lower lip.

"Uhm... yes, shuttle... you can stay..."


Wo de tian - Oh God/Oh my God


Saturday, April 8, 2006 5:11 PM



This is becoming a habit.

Course I prefer the S/K sexin' but the Rayne is pretty damn good too.

I love that River picks up on how to give a blowjob from Kaylee who is doing it to Simon at the same time...

Oh, and. . . Guh

Saturday, April 8, 2006 5:18 PM


Woooot! So...much...SEX! And so hot, too! Ooh, and PLOT. OMG, I so need more of this series.

Saturday, April 8, 2006 5:42 PM


Giddy up and "Ren di fou zou" this is hot! Have to give props to your initially confusing comments about River taking certain thoughts from Kaylee's head to entertain Jayne...comes together quite nicely in the end;)

Gotta made the confrontation scene all manner of interesting, with Simona and Jayne having a running fist fight from the kitchen to the cargo bay. Plus the "deny me my happiness" line....definite low blow but needed for the point to be made;)


Saturday, April 8, 2006 6:06 PM


Glad you guys are enjoying the fics! Still workin up a plot for the next story in the series.

Anlso, just to remind everyone, the titles for all stories in this series are taken from 80's Hair Metal songs! :)

Thursday, April 13, 2006 5:58 AM


I feel very emotional right now

Saturday, April 15, 2006 5:41 AM


This was great, just like the last one. One thing though...much as I loved the sex sequences...there were a coupla parts that, in my humble oppinion, would have worked better without them immidently following in this. They're beautifully written...but sometimes I just want to be left with a powerful line of diolouge (which you have more 'n a few of) and a strong indication of what's to come.

Friday, June 23, 2006 3:03 PM


Finally! Some Mal/Inara goodness! Been waitin to see if you'd touch on teh subject! Yay!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006 1:54 AM


Again, the go tsao de site ate my comments, but rest assured that I loved this chapter. The simultaneous blowjobs were nice and Mal finally getting the balls to make a move on Inara was great, though it was probably from all of the sex in the air. Poor Zoe, I feel so bad for her.


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