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A missing scene from Our Mrs. Reynolds. Where were Kaylee, Simon, and River at the beginnning of the show? Written in response to a conversation with Gypsylife. S/K


Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me, just writing for fun.

A/N: Okay, so I know I have another series going, but in response to a conversation that Gypsylife and I had, I had to get these two little scenes out of my head. They both have the themes of longing. Hope you guys like both of them and please comment!!!

Other Missing Scenes: Dishes, Plans, Proof of Alien Life. ________________________________________________________________

#1 River stared out the port window of the cargo bay door watching as the bonfires roared and the Triumph settlers danced around them. Even through the thick metal she could make out the lively music and stared longingly, swaying with the tune. In her mind, River moved with her faceless partner in and around the dancers before her, leaning back in his arms as he lead her around turn after turn. She closed her eyes and reached up to touch the hull of the ship, wishing she could push through the dense steel and be on the other side. "Mei mei?" Simon's heart broke as she turned around at the sound of his voice, her eyes filled with the yearning to join in the festivities. He had seen her through the infirmary window and couldn't stand it. Simon had busied himself, reviewing some of River's test results while the others had left, and River had been sleeping. He had given her a smoother to make it easier while the others were gathering to leave. Inside he had desperately wished he could take River to the party but the last time they had been in contact with the outside world River and he had been kidnapped and ended almost being burned at the stake. That, and they were still fugitives, no matter how backwater the settlement was, some one could still recognize them from their wanted posters that were popping up all over the cortex. He thought it wise to stay on the ship, but it still caused him pain. Now she was up and he couldn't keep her from the merriment that surrounded them outside. As he reached out and tried to pull her away from the source of her anguish, the door slowly began to open. They both stood aside as Kaylee uneasily opened the hatch, her arms laden with food from the celebration feast. "Hey you two!" She smiled brightly at the pair and Simon's heart skipped a beat. The music spilled over them as she pushed the door a little wider to let herself in. He had seen Kaylee in that absurd frilly mess that she adored for the ball on Persephone, and of course covered in engine grease and coveralls, but here she was, all washed up and clad in a long flowing dress the color of spring grass, her hair cascading down her shoulders in shiny waves. She looked like some kind of ancient Earth-That-Was goddess, the flames from the fires creating a halo around her. It made her skin glow like gold, her arms filled with the treasures of the seasons. Simon's thoughts were cut off by the grunt that escaped Kaylee's mouth as she awkwardly tried to make her way through the entrance against the heavy door. Almost forgetting his manners, Simon shook himself out of his revelry. Pushing the door wider for her, he quickly retrieved the goods that Kaylee was carrying out of her hands. “Let me take those for you.“ He fumbled a bit and dropped a few pears on the floor. “I’m so sorry Kayl-” While reaching down to retrieve the fallen treasures, Kaylee cut him off, ”S’all right Simon, I got it.” Standing back up, she flashed him another grin. He noticed the tiny crinkles at the edges of her eyes and how her cheeks were like apples, all rosy and flushed, he was sure from a little drink. Embarrassed by his overwhelming urge to just stare at the mechanic, Simon looked away for his sister. River had begun to dance about the cargo bay as the music changed to a soft, lilting waltz. His heart swelled at the joy that radiated from her as she floated across the floor. “Thought I‘d bring ya back some treats, since y’all couldn’t leave the ship.” His attention reverted back to Kaylee as she laid her hand on his shoulder and gently pushed him towards the stairs. They left the door open, so as not to cut off the sweet melody that flowed forth from the outside. He gingerly sat down on the second step, trying his best not to let anything else drop from his arms. Kaylee plopped down next to him and took a bite of one of the pears, resting the others on her lap. She let out a not too unattractive sigh as the sweet juices from the fruit swirled in her mouth. Simon gulped and turned his attention back to his sister. “Last time we went off ship, we did not receive the best welcome from the locals. I thought it prudent for us to remain on Serenity.” He hung his head as he remembered holding his sister and telling the mob to light the fire that would’ve sent the siblings to their death if the captain and crew hadn’t come back to rescue them. He could still hear the crunch of the straw that had broken beneath his feet as he encircled his sister in his arms, praying for their deaths to be as quick and painless as possible. He recalled thinking that he should take large breaths, breathing the smoke would make them pass out faster, rather than burning alive. Kaylee looked over to Simon and set her pear on the step, then reached out and touched Simon’s knee. “That was real brave, what ya did for River. Everythin’ you’ve done for her.” “More foolish than anything, I suppose. I still can’t fathom how we could have been on Jhiang Yin for no more than an hour before we were kidnapped, and only a whole day before they wanted to burn us at the stake to appease their god.” “Ya know, not all Rim folk are like that.” Simon looked up to her face and was stunned again by how much she affected him. This girl had befriended him and his sister without a second thought to who they were. She could care less that they were wanted fugitives, or that his sister was a broken shell of a girl, spouting nonsense and acting out in odd ways. She took everything in stride and he wished he could be a little more like her every day they were on this ship. Their eyes met for a brief moment before she looked away towards River. “She sure dances pretty.” Kaylee’s voice was a bit wistful and Simon was quite positive she was thinking back to the ball on Persephone. "Still wish you could have danced at the ball ?” Kaylee‘s mouth turned up in a thoughtful grin as she recollected all the beautiful things at the ball and her own little adventure into a world she had only dreamed of before. She stilled remembered the names of the girls that had belittled her right to her face for being unschooled in the politics of polite society. Her dress had been a laughing stock to them; Banning, Destra, Cabbot, and Zell. Yet Kaylee smiled a little as she remembered the kindly old gentleman who had come to her rescue. Mr. Elias Young, the man had berated Banning Miller and sent her little gang back into retreat, all the while keeping his demeanor cordial and polite. He then swept her into a gaggle of men that had been absorbed by her every word as she tried to educate them about the insidious and manipulative nature of the shipbuilding industry. “Yeah, but there weren’t a chance to. By the time some one had asked me, Cap’n knocked down that hwoon dun Wing and caused a big old ruckus.” The music changed again, this time it was a spirited tune, which sent River spinning in circles, her skirt twirling around her. Kaylee sighed to herself and then mused aloud, “She looks like a flower on the water, swirlin’ around like that.” What a fool I am- Simon thought to himself as he took in this sweet girl beside him. Simon piled the food that was resting in his lap on the step behind him while Kaylee watched in awe as River careened from one side of the cargo bay to the other, laughing all the while. He then stood up and presented his hand to her. His smile was tugging at the right side of his mouth as he asked, “May I have this dance?” Kaylee bowled him over with another radiating smile and they soon found themselves in each others arms, Simon expertly leading her. Kaylee could barely contain her excitement as Simon spun her around the floor. Her laughter echoed through the cargo bay. River began to dance around them and at one point cut in. Simon twirled her around and then grabbed Kaylee and took her for another turn. River then cut in again and took Kaylee by the hand, reeling her around even faster than Simon had. They both giggled as she then thrust Kaylee back in to Simon’s arms. The song ended as Kaylee unceremoniously slammed into Simon’s chest. She reached up and clung to Simon’s shoulder, trying to keep her balance. He had clutched at her waist trying to do the same. Simon blushed as River began to cackle with amusement, Kaylee laughing right along with her. The band struck up another slow waltz as they began to separate. “Dance!” Simon looked over at River, her face and posture insistent, while Kaylee looked up at Simon with beseeching eyes. He couldn’t refuse. He smiled again as he lead her into the dance, his hand holding her steady at the small of her back. His fingers pressed gently into the soft flesh of her body and he marveled at how pleasing it was to him. Her hand laid softly in his own, her long fingers curled between his. It sent a little shiver down his spine as he stared into her eyes, the music flowing all around them. They didn’t notice that River had gathered up all the goodies Kaylee had brought back for them and climbed up the stairs to the galley. They were both so engrossed with each other that at every turn around the floor they got closer and closer to one another. Simon stared at the little freckles that were dappled across her nose. He desperately wanted to press his lips against hers, just to feel how soft they were. Simon hadn’t needed anything to drink, she was enough of an intoxicant that he soon found himself leaning in closer to her face, her eyes shutting as his cheek brushed against hers. He tilted his head ever so slightly. “Who left the door open?” They both were catapulted back into reality as Inara emerged from the cargo bay door, pulling her cloak closer around her. She saw Kaylee and Simon release each other from the hold they had had on one another and her heart sank. She had inadvertently interrupted their moment with her return to the ship, and she could have kicked herself for it. “I..ahhh...I should go check on River,” Simon sputtered as he ran a hand through his hair and then nodded to both Kaylee and Inara, “Good evening, ladies.” With that, Simon took to the stairs to leave Inara and Kaylee staring off after him. Kaylee looked back to Inara with a pining smile, clasping her hands in front of her. Inara rushed forward and encircled her own hands around Kaylee’s. “I am so sorry mei mei!” Inara reached up and pushed some of Kaylee’s hair back behind her ear, and then smoothed the rest of it, which had become mussed up from all the dancing. Kaylee shrugged her shoulders and then flashed her a brilliant smile. “S’all right ‘Nara, we’ve got plenty of time. It’s not like he can leave the ship.” Inara giggled at her and then pulled her towards the staircase leading to her shuttle. “You have to tell me everything immediately!” Inara commanded as they ascended the stairs, the door still left open for anyone to wander in.


#2 Kaylee had wandered into the cargo bay to find River sitting cross legged in the middle of it, swaying back and forth to the music that emanated from outside. The Triumph settlers were throwing quite a gala, celebrating their liberation from the highwaymen that had been raiding their township. Kaylee had just finished up some work that took precedence over her attending the party, rewiring the press manifold some that the engine could bypass that crappy compression coil, but she was ready to have a little fun. She wiped her greasy hands on the backside of her coveralls and used her sleeve to wipe off some more that always seemed to collect on the tip of her nose. The buns on the top of her head bounced as she shrugged off the top of the coveralls to let hang at her hips. The air felt good against her bare arms and she smiled as she looked down at the little floral top she had worn that day. She had just bought it back on Angel, it was all pink with little cherry blossoms covering it. Made her smile to think such pretty things existed in the ‘verse. “Ya know it’s more a hoot if ya dance with somebody,” Kaylee suggested as she crossed the floor to open the cargo bay door. The music wafted up to the rafters as River scampered to her feet and quickly grabbed Kaylee’s hand. She began to turn Kaylee across the floor, leading her at a breakneck speed. Kaylee had a time keeping up as River danced with expert precision, but her feet followed as best they could and in no time they were flying about, looking quite the couple. The music and laughter had arose Simon’s curiosity as he exited his dorm room. He came upon River and Kaylee careening around across the metal grates, their boots stomping in time with the music. Each of them had bright grins plastered across their faces and Simon noticed that Kaylee’s hair had begun to fall from the little buns she seemed to like to put her hair up in. River’s hair swung around their bodies as she whirled Kaylee to and fro. He couldn’t help the smile that tugged at his lips. His sister looked like she had before she left for the academy, all smiles and giggles. Even a bit mischievous he thought to himself. Kaylee lost her footing as River twirled her, and she landed on the floor in a heap of laughter. River covered her mouth as a burst of giggles erupted. Simon rushed over to Kaylee, quickly lifting her to her feet. “Are you all right?” Kaylee couldn’t stop laughing and had to take a deep breath before responding,” Just a spill is all, I’m fine.” Her chest heaved with every breath as she placed her hands on her hips, another fit of giggles taking over her. River kept laughing as well and then grabbed Simon’s hand. “Dance Simon!” He couldn’t ignore her command and swept her up into his arms. They floated across the floor, all the while Kaylee marveled at how striking they looked. Like a prince and princess in some fairy story, all regal and perfect. Kaylee sat herself down on the steps and remembered the one time she felt like a princess. The great pink confection that the captain had bought for her still hung in front of her bed, so every morning she could remember that once she had be fine and proper. She hadn’t even cared about the nasty girls who had made her feel a fool. A shining knight , in the guise of a kindly gentleman , had rescued her and slew the dragons, sending them to withdraw back to their respective lair. She spent the rest of the night in the company of men, all of whom had hung on her every word. Her one regret was that she never got to dance. As the music subsided, River and Simon ended their dance and released one another. Kaylee smiled up at both of them as they made their way over to her. Simon leaned against the railing and River plopped herself back down on the floor. The band struck up another tune, this one a sweet waltz, springing River back on her feet. “Dance!” Simon gave Kaylee an exasperated smile as he turned back to his sister. Yet River pulled back as he grasped her hand. “No, with Kaylee!” River tilted her head to the little mechanic sitting on the steps and a slight blush crept up along his neck. Simon gulped and then extended his hand to Kaylee. She leapt at the chance to dance with Simon. He wrapped his arm around her waist, gently resting it against her lower back and clasped her hand, pulling her against his body as he twirled her back along the cargo bay floor. “Ya dance real nice,” Kaylee complemented as he spun her around, tenderly guiding her if she missed a step. “Haven’t danced in years.” His eyes were clouded with the memories of years of balls, his parents demanding they attend, as to keep up appearances. He had enjoyed the parties but always felt like a fish out of water. “Well, I certainly can’t tell,” Kaylee smiled affectionately as he dipped his head, never one to be able to take a complement. “Did you enjoy dancing at the ball on Persephone?” Kaylee averted her eyes and muttered, ”Never got a chance.” “Oh...well... you seem to know how to dance very well yourself.” “My mama loves to dance but my daddy ain’t much for it, so she taught me. The only thing I guess that could keep my attention, other than machines.” She beamed at him and he couldn’t resist thinking about how those lips would feel against his. A small giggle from the left pulled both of their attention back over to River. Simon whisked Kaylee back along the grates. “Ya miss going to all those fancy parties?” Simon tilted his head thoughtfully and replied, “ A little, I suppose.” “Miss your life, huh?” Simon looked over to his sister who was climbing up the stairs towards the galley. It had hit him like a ton of bricks how much he truly did miss his life. He longed to be back in the hospital, where his work could make a difference. He wished for the conveniences of Core life, and though he had never been what most would consider greedy, he yearned for the ease his life had been when his accounts were filled with credits. He gave it all up for his sister and never looked back, except for moments like these. Yet he pushed those thoughts out of his mind as he remembered how his sister used to be, before the Alliance got a hold of her. Her overwhelming mind tempered by her shy demeanor and sweet graciousness. He mourned what she could have been. “I miss her being able to have a life.” Simon looked to be a million miles away. Kaylee purposefully missed a step to garner his attention back to her, and gave him a sheepish grin as he gently corrected her. They finished the dance in a relative, comfortable silence. “I should go check on River.” Simon released Kaylee from his embrace and turned to leave before looking back at her, remembering his manners,” Thank you...for...for the dance.” Kaylee waved him off with beaming smile and muttered under her breath, “Sure, any time.” She plunked herself down on the step of the staircase leading to Inara’s shuttle and waited for her to bring some goodies back from party. Letting out a wistful sigh, she occupied her thoughts with those of daydreams. Simon and her, dancing around the ball room floor, back on Persephone. Maybe this time when the dance ended, he would kiss her.


Thursday, March 16, 2006 9:13 AM


Oh, these were so perfect! I'm not sure which one I like better!

I always wondered why Simon and River, and even Kaylee, since we don't see her there, they weren't at that celebration dance. They missed the captain's weddin' after all! hee!

Have you listened to the commentary on 'Shindig'? Simon and Kaylee were supposed to dance and it was cut out of the final draft of the script. So upsetting! sigh

Thursday, March 16, 2006 9:21 AM


That's why I decided to write them dancing, cause we didn't get to see it! It would have been very sweet, and I loved Jane Espenson's line for for Kaylee, about her being a clapper in a bell, and when she danced it chimed, or something like that.

Thursday, March 16, 2006 5:20 PM


I like both of these - although I think I like #1 better, more S/K and all.

You write Simon's idiocy so well, and I think River really comes across here as a girl who's trying to remember something of her old life without dwelling on the past. It's not an easy balance.

Besides I can just see Kaylee traipsing back to the ship with armfuls of food because she'd feel bad they couldn't have any. Just perfect!

Friday, March 17, 2006 7:14 AM


I love both of these. So sweet. Plus I always figured that Kaylee would have stayed with Simon and River, that makes perfect sense :D

Friday, March 17, 2006 9:44 AM


Thanks for the comments guys! I wrote #1 first but then #2 popped in my head right after I finished. I always thought they were on the ship together, cause Kaylee wouldn't want to leave them out of the fun. The first one is definitely Kaylee/Simon fluff, where as the second one has him on the verge of thinking about Kaylee in a significant way, but he is still consumed by thoughts of his past and his sister. I thought it might fit better in the timeline of their "romance".

Friday, March 17, 2006 5:41 PM


'S’all right ‘Nara, we’ve got plenty of time. It’s not like he can leave the ship.'
Sure, she says that now

Very awesome

Friday, March 17, 2006 5:42 PM


'S’all right ‘Nara, we’ve got plenty of time. It’s not like he can leave the ship.'
Sure, she says that now

Very awesome

Tuesday, May 2, 2006 4:14 AM


"I still can’t fathom how we could have been on Jhiang Yin for no more than an hour before we were kidnapped, and only a whole day before they wanted to burn us at the stake to appease their god."

Hahaha, perfect Simon. I like how he's utterly helpless when River and Kaylee team up together. Never underestimate feminine wiles.

Thursday, May 11, 2006 10:39 AM


They both fit so seamlessly into the episode. Lovely.

Friday, May 19, 2006 6:22 AM


aaw *snuggles fic* so sweet...


Wednesday, June 14, 2006 5:47 AM


*She looked like some kind of ancient Earth-That-Was goddess*

I like ^this^ description of Kaylee.

*He recalled thinking that he should take large breaths, breathing the smoke would make them pass out faster, rather than burning alive.*

^Very morbid thoughts^, but from a smart doctor like Simon they make perfect sense.

Yay very much for the Simon/Kaylee/River dancing scene.

*Maybe this time when the dance ended, he would kiss her.*

What a freakin boob he is. I liked both of these missing scenes.


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