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Monday, March 6, 2006

Post Serenity BDM. Kaylee wants to consummate her union with Simon, but will have to make due without him until he heals... (NC17)


Disclaimer: Firefly and all related media belong to Joss Whedon.

Notes: FrellingBlonde, LeiaSky, Yanlei and I decided to take a common theme (voyeurism and/or toys) and write a story around it. This is my version. Please DO NOT vote over whose is best, as they are all meant to be enjoyed and it is not a contest! We're just doing it for fun to express things in our own individual styles! =)


Simon stood in the infirmary, leaning back against the diagnostic bed, shirt hiked up just enough so that he had access to the still-healing gunshot wound on the lower right side of his belly. He leaned heavily to one side, taking pressure off the injured side as he examined the wound and changed the dressing. It hurt like the dickens and put him pretty well out of commission.

Though Simon couldn’t do much, he could still make his way around the ship, although that in itself was a slow and painful process, so he pretty much stayed in one place as long as he could. It gave him plenty of time to think and most of the time, it was the thought of the words he’d exchanged with Kaylee just before they’d been injured that occupied his mind. He’d taken to spending more time with her lately, in the engine room, in his bunk, her bunk or even the infirmary. Something was definitely blossoming between them, but he hadn’t been able to give Kaylee what he’s spoken of yet. He was injured, after all, and so was she, even though she’d spent several days trying to convince him otherwise.

Simon finished up checking his wound and replacing the bandage, making sure everything was put away before slowly heading out of the infirmary. He decided to go and see if there was anything minor Kaylee needed help with in the engine room. Perhaps he could hand her tools or something as she worked. Maybe she’d let him check those dart wounds in her neck. Or maybe they could just sit and talk. Maybe he could finally work up the nerve to kiss her. Only wanting to kiss her seemed like it should be such an easy thing to do after what he’d confessed to her, but saying and doing were two completely different things, and Simon was still afraid to screw it up.

Simon made his way slowly down the halls, checking the cargo bay, the dining area and a few other places for Kaylee, not immediately finding her like he’d hoped to do.

In the meantime, Kaylee lay on her bed in her bunk, completely dishabille, running her hands over her breasts, nipples perking up under her touch. She’d been doing some thinking of her own. She’d thought about what Simon had said to her. She’d wanted to sex him up for such a long time, and hearing him admit he’d wanted it too just spurred on her already inventive imagination. That was how she’d wound up in her bunk, searching for the toy that had kept her from going insane in the past year.

Kaylee wanted to feel that thrum in her nethers, she needed it. She’d planned on taking Simon and bedding him as soon as the battle was over, but they’d both been injured, and she knew he wouldn’t be up to it for a while yet. She’d been injured, too. She hadn’t felt much below her neck for a while, and she knew that she needed to feel that thrum betwixt her thighs just to reassure herself that everything was still in working order.

For the time being, Kaylee brought her fingertips to her mouth, suckling on them lightly. She needed to slick them, to create less friction when she brought them back down to her nipples, rubbing and pinching them lightly. She moaned softly, closing her eyes, imagining Simon’s hands and fingers in place of her own. She wanted to feel those soft, deft surgeon’s hands teasing her, touching her, caressing her.

One of Kaylee’s hands remained at her breasts, teasing her nipples lightly, causing pleasurable sensations to zip right to her core. The other hand slowly slipped down over her ribcage and belly until it reached the valley between her thighs. She parted her thighs slowly, bending her legs at her knees, bracing her feet apart on the bed. She slipped her hand lower, teasing at her sensitive nub, stroking at her core.

Kaylee’s fingertips slipped in her slickness, delicately rubbing at her feminine parts. Yup, everything was working just fine so far. She gasped lightly as her fingers slipped lower and one fingertip slipped just inside of her entrance. She moved it slowly, driving it in only a little deeper before pulling out again. She knew it would do her for a while, but she also knew she needed more.

A smile curved Kaylee’s lips as she shifted on her bed, rolling over to the edge so that she could reach into her bedside cabinet for something. She pulled it open and fumbled around inside it blindly for a few moments before wrapping her hand around something long, hard and cool. Slowly pulling the object out and closing the cabinet again, Kaylee rolled back onto her back and stared at her toy. It had served her well in the past and would serve her again until Simon was fully healed so he could make history of it in replacing it with the real bit.

Kaylee took her toy in both hands, examining it carefully, running her fingertips over the ridges designed to make the experience all that much more pleasurable. She brought the vibe to her lips, slicking it slowly to make slipping it inside easier. Once she’d made sure everything was perfect, Kaylee slowly brought the toy down to her nethers, flicking the switch at the base and feeling it thrum pleasantly as it came into contact with her most sensitive parts.

While Kaylee was enjoying herself, Simon wandered slowly around the ship, trying not to put weight on his injured side as he looked for the young mechanic. She wasn’t in the cargo bay, on the bridge, in the engine room or anywhere else he’d been, so he finally decided to check her bunk.

Simon made his way down the corridor towards Kaylee’s bunk, sure that he would find her there. He reached the ladder and reached out, opening the door to her quarters with a hiss. As he slowly, painstakingly made his way down the ladder, a silent, almost inaudible buzzing noise reached his ears.

Simon’s brow furrowed as he tried to figure out what the sound was. He took another step down the ladder and still saw nothing. He didn’t look up again until he’d reached the bottom of the ladder, his wound aching and causing him to shut his eyes and bite his lip to keep from hissing in pain.

Once he was at the bottom of the ladder, Simon looked up to find the source of the buzzing, only to be confronted by another sound as well. A few faint moans reached his ears and he was met with the sight of Kaylee lying back on her bed, completely exposed to him at the angle at which he stood, delicately finessing a toy over her nethers. He swallowed thickly, his mouth opening and closing unintelligibly a few times as he watched her wide-eyed.

Kaylee’s eyes were closed as she rubbed her toy over the delicate folds of her nethers, feeling the vibrations run through her. She gasped softly as her vibe slid up and hit her sensitive nub on occasion, making her arch her hips into it. She wished it was the real thing; that it was Simon she was feeling against her, but she knew she had a ways to go before that happened. In the meantime she would have to contend with what she had.

The young mechanic moaned, rubbing her toy over her nethers just a short while longer before she couldn’t hold out anymore. She needed to feel it inside of her, stretching and filling. Kaylee bit her lip to keep from crying out as she brought the toy to rest at her entrance, slipping it just inside, feeling the vibrations go through her. She slowly slipped it deeper inside, feeling the vibrations in her belly, groaning delightedly. She’d slipped the toy inside as far as it would go and stilled, just feeling the thrumming for a moment.

Simon swallowed thickly as he watched from where he stood beside the ladder. He could feel a pull of arousal in his belly as he watched the toy disappear inside of Kaylee. He watched as she stilled for a moment and then began to move her hips on the object inside of her.

Suddenly Simon inhaled sharply. He’d felt his arousal growing in his trousers, but it was very quickly getting to the point that it no longer wanted to fit in said trousers. He found himself almost unconsciously rubbing at his aching length through the fabric there. He hadn’t felt like that in a long time and he knew he shouldn’t be feeling like he was; that he shouldn’t be there.

He needed to turn around, but at the same time he so badly wanted to watch Kaylee. He could hear her moaning, he could see how her eyes were shut tightly with utter pleasure, and he found himself moaning lightly. The pain from his wound had dulled considerably and his body now throbbed with arousal as he watched Kaylee’s fingers work over herself, wishing they were his fingers touching her warm core instead, as he watched her slowly bring herself to a climax with the toy between her thighs.

Kaylee’s moans were slowly growing louder as she began to slip the vibe inside and out more quickly, more firmly. She changed the angle just a little and gave a guttural mewling sound as she hit her special spot. She was so close, so very close…

Just then, Kaylee heard something. She breathed shakily and stopped moving her toy inside of herself. She swallowed thickly and opened her eyes, the world fuzzy for a moment. Kaylee glanced around the room, lifting her head just slightly off of the pillow and focusing suddenly on the shape of someone’s frame in the shadows by the ladder. Kaylee’s eyes widened a little when she realized who it was.

“Simon!” Kaylee gasped breathlessly.

Simon stood rooted to the spot, his eyes wide. He’d been found out. He met Kaylee’s gaze as she lay completely open before him, her toy still inside of her. It took him a moment to collect himself but once he had, Simon took a slow step forward towards Kaylee’s bed. His wound ached a little as he moved and so once he reached the bed he gingerly lowered himself onto it beside Kaylee.

“Don’t let my presence here stop you,” Simon said thickly.

Kaylee looked up at Simon with mingled emotions swirling in her eyes. She couldn’t read his expression, but she could easily read the bulge in his trousers. She smiled coyly and looked up once more to his eyes as she nodded softly, beginning to slowly move her toy in and out in a steady rhythm. Her eyes fluttered and she began to writhe again as the vibrations traveled through her while she slowly stretched and pleased herself with her toy.

Simon could only watch so much. He needed to touch Kaylee, to feel her warmth. After such a close call, he wanted to make sure he never missed an opportunity with her again, and this would be the first chance for him to consummate a relationship with Kaylee.

Reaching out slowly, Simon rested his hand gently on Kaylee’s knee, slipping it slowly up her inner thigh, closer towards her nethers. He could feel the heat radiating from her as she worked her toy inside of herself. Her hand bumped his as she continued and he heard her inhale sharply at the sensation it caused. She was trembling at his touch and it sent a burning tingle of pure male pride to his already hard length to know that he could please Kaylee like that.

Kaylee felt Simon’s hand on her thigh and she pressed her legs together a little, trapping his hand there as well as hers, her toy halfway inside. She wanted him to touch her. He was close, so close, but he wasn’t there just yet. She needed to feel him touching her, caressing her. She needed his skilled fingertips to explore her ready and waiting folds.

Simon wanted to take Kaylee. He did, but at the same time, he wondered if it was too soon. If he judged by her body’s reaction, he would have to say that no, it was definitely not too soon, but the Core gentleman in him had reservations. He wasn’t used to taking anyone without all of the preamble first. He wanted it to be right, to be perfect, even if he knew that Kaylee would know how much he loved her, how much she meant to him even if he didn’t say it out loud and just went right in to do the deed.

The young doctor gently stroked Kaylee’s thigh, stilling only when she pressed her thighs together, trapping his hand for a moment before opening her thighs once more so she could continue slowly bringing herself off with her toy. Simon moved a little bit so that he was sitting at about waist level with her, his hand still on her inner thigh. He leaned in over her and looked down, meeting her only occasionally open eyes.

Kaylee opened her eyes when she felt the weight on the bed shift. She gasped as Simon leaned in over her and she breathed a little harder. His fingertips were ghosting lightly over her inner thigh, driving her slowly crazy. She slowly reached out a hand, the hand that wasn’t already moving her toy inside of her, gently beginning to rub Simon’s hardness through his pants. She heard him give a groan of contentment before he put his hand over hers, lightly stopping her ministrations.

“Not yet, baobei,” Simon said softly. “I need to know that you’re sure of this…”

Wo de ma, Simon,” Kaylee said breathlessly. “You’re kiddin’ me, right? As a doc you should know better’n anyone what someone who’s sure of somethin’ like this is like. Besides, weren’t you the one who said you regretted not bein’ with me, as in sex?”

Simon smiled softly and leaned in slowly. He knew she was sure of it, but he couldn’t help wanting to do it the right way, the way he’d been brought up to do it. He leaned in extremely close at last and caught Kaylee’s lips gently in his as his fingertips continued to gently massage her inner thigh. He kissed her deeply, feeling her quiver and inhale sharply.

Kaylee kissed Simon back with equal fervor. When she felt his tongue trace her lips, she whimpered and parted her lips so their tongues could touch, so they could kiss for the full effect. She gently squeezed her hand over his length, causing a moan to escape his lips. He wanted this just as much as her, she knew.

After a few long moments, Simon broke the kiss and leaned away just a little. While he looked into Kaylee’s eyes he slipped his hand lower down her thigh until his fingertips came into contact with her slick womanhood. He rubbed gently and watched Kaylee as she writhed and moaned. He smiled and gripped the hand she had on her toy, prying her fingers off gently so that he could take over for her, so that he could bring her the kinds of things she wanted to feel.

Gripping the base of her toy, Simon slowly began a rhythm much like the one Kaylee had been using herself moments earlier. He moved the toy inside of her, making her buck her hips up against it. His other hand came to rest on her breast, massaging it gently, pinching her nipple between his fingertips, tugging at it. He leaned in close as he worked, placing a few light kisses on Kaylee’s neck, nipping at the flesh delicately.

Kaylee was being driven absolutely mad with the sensations that Simon was causing in her. She gasped out his name every few seconds, feeling all kinds of things all over her body, from his hand and fingers massaging her breast, to his teeth and lips working at her neck, to his other hand working her vibe in and out of her expertly. She didn’t know how long she could last, but she knew it wouldn’t be very long at all. She also knew she wanted to return the favor. She wanted Simon to feel what she felt. She wanted to feel him inside of her, but at the same time, she knew that with his injury that wasn’t going to happen. Still, she could make him feel, and that she would, once her mind cleared a little from the insane passion she felt.

Simon continued his distracting ministrations, his nibbling at the pulse point in Kaylee’s neck and his delicate finesse of her breasts. He wanted to feel more. He needed to feel more. Slowly he began to withdraw Kaylee’s toy from deep inside of her. He pulled so agonizingly slowly that he thought Kaylee would throttle him for it. Soon enough, however, he felt it weigh a little more heavily in his hand as it slipped completely from within Kaylee. He dropped it onto the bed as she gave a cry of protest and slowly pulled away from where he’d been suckling at the flesh of her throat so that he could lean back a little and look into her eyes.

The doctor’s fingertips quickly found Kaylee’s nethers, slipping in her wetness and gently rubbing. They went to her sensitive clit and massaged it for a moment, causing a squeak to come from the young mechanic. He wanted to feel her warmth and wetness, her tightness surrounding his fingers and so he slowly slipped them down. He heard her ragged breath as his fingers found her opening, teasing lightly there. He was looking down at her as he teased her, watching her eyes, gauging her reactions.

“I love you, Kaylee,” Simon said gently.

As he spoke the words, Simon gently slipped his fingers into Kaylee, feeling her immediately tighten her muscles around him, holding him inside. He pushed until he was in as deep as he could be, stretching her pleasantly with only two fingers for the time being, slowly moving his fingers in and out to stimulate her.

Kaylee felt Simon’s fingers replace her toy, lightly teasing her nethers. She swallowed thickly, gyrating her hips in time to his caresses. God, she wanted him so much it wasn’t even funny. She looked up into his eyes as he touched her with those gentle doctor’s fingers of his, stimulating her like no one had ever done before. Her eyes widened with a mixture of shock and joy when he spoke. She opened her mouth to speak, managing only half a sentence of a reply before she felt Simon’s fingers penetrate her, sending a blissful sensation throughout her body.

“Oh, God, Simon, I love you too…” Kaylee trailed off.

She didn’t fight the feelings as they coursed through her while Simon ministered over her. She gasped throatily and felt her heart racing, heard her blood pounding in her ears. She was so close, she knew it was coming any moment. Her release was building deep in her belly and would tear through her at any second.

Simon continued gently massaging Kaylee’s breasts with his hand, paying them equal attention as his fingers worked inside of her. He could feel spasms already going through her, the pre-climactic shudders that signified a pending release. He watched her features as they contorted with passion and sensation, watched her eyes, bright and glassy from what she felt. Simon wanted Kaylee to feel even more, for her to feel absolutely everything she could.

With that thought, Simon slowly moved lower along the bed. He slipped his free hand gently below the thigh nearest to him, coaxing Kaylee to lift it. Once she’d done so, Simon leaned across the bed so that he was between her thighs. He brought Kaylee’s thigh to rest over his hip and continued to work his fingers inside of her while also leaning in to gently take her clit in between his lips. At the sensation, Kaylee gave a pleading cry, her hands tightly gripping the bedding for purchase as she began to throw her head from side to side on her pillow.

Kaylee mewled loudly as Simon moved to betwixt her thighs and gently began to suckle her clit. His ministrations were exquisite and were driving her towards release faster than she’d ever thought possible. She shut her eyes and clawed at the bed sheets as tightly as she could as she felt the wave of her orgasm crest and then slowly ebb. She screamed Simon’s name in her fit of passion and squeezed his fingers to keep them still inside of her as she rode out the release.

Once Kaylee’s bucking had subsided and she’d fallen completely limply back against the bed once more, Simon slowly withdrew his fingers from within her, hearing a small cry of protest. He lapped at her opening gently, his tongue teasing her. He worked methodically, making sure he’d lapped up everything before pulling back and leaning carefully forward to press his lips to Kaylee’s in a gentle kiss.

The young mechanic squirmed weakly as Simon’s tongue worked over her. Already a familiar feeling was clawing at her insides and she knew her arousal was building again. She gasped softly when Simon stopped, looking down for only a moment before she shut her eyes, feeling Simon’s warm, slick lips pressing against her own. She could taste herself on him and she moaned, her tongue tangling with his.

The kiss was long, gentle albeit very passionate and the confines of Simon’s pants were beginning to get almost painful. He broke the kiss and breathed raggedly for a moment, his hand coming to fumble with his buckle to release himself from the tight space of his trousers. He gasped in pleasant surprise when he felt Kaylee’s small hand come to rest over his, coaxing it out of the way as she took over unbuckling his pants for him. He was free within a moment and feeling much better.

Kaylee sat up, finally feeling enough of her strength returning to be able to do so. She looked down at Simon, his pants now undone, his dark blue silk boxers exposed. Smiling, Kaylee carefully crawled over so that she was straddling his thighs. She rested her hand gently on his chest and applied some pressure, forcing him to lie back. Once he’d done so she slipped her hands over his hips, slowly tugging the waistband of his trousers downward. His sweater had ridden up a little, exposing a square of white gauze over his wound in stark contrast to the dark fabrics he wore. Kaylee’s smile faded a little as she saw the bandage. She didn’t want to hurt Simon.

Simon noticed the reservation that suddenly overcame Kaylee. He could see it in her eyes, feel it in the way her completely bare body tensed. He reached out for her as he lay back, his hand coming to rest on her cheek.

“Kaylee?” Simon asked softly.

Kaylee paused for a moment, still, silent.

“I don’t wanna hurt you,” she said quietly.

“You won’t hurt me, xin gan,” Simon reassured her. “I promise.”

Kaylee’s smile returned, although it had softened admittedly.

“Well, you’re the doc,” she said lightly. “I’ll take your word for it. Now lie back and let me do all o’ the work.”

Simon smiled lightly and nodded, lying back as Kaylee had asked. He moaned softly as she began to disrobe him. His silk boxers made it easy to slip his trousers down and completely off. Soon Kaylee had him dressed down to only his boxers and the blue shirt he wore. She stroked him teasingly through the thin fabric, causing his body to stiffen from the sensation.

Kaylee grinned, watching Simon squirm at her touch. She desisted and slowly slipped her hands upward, grasping the waistband of his boxers. She slipped her fingers just underneath, stroking the soft skin of his hips for a moment before slowly, teasingly pulling the boxers downward, freeing Simon completely, exposing him to her. She inhaled sharply when she saw what she had to contend with. Once he was healed he would fill her so completely and she almost whimpered from the mere thought of what it would feel like to have him inside of her.

The only article of clothing remaining between them was Simon’s shirt, but Kaylee didn’t want to hurt Simon accidentally whilst taking it off, so she settled for just pushing the material up until it rested as high on his chest as she could get it, exposing his perfect ivory skin and carved abs to her. She leaned in and placed a few lingering kisses over his ribcage, nipping playfully a few times, drawing a gasp from Simon. Her hand gently caressed the skin of his thigh, his belly, letting him grow accustomed to her touch on his bare skin before she took him in her hands.

Simon let his eyes flutter closed, relishing in the sensations Kaylee was evoking in him. He could feel her warm, soft hand teasing him, stroking his thigh just before she took his length in her hands and began to stroke gently in a steady rhythm. It wasn’t going to take long for him, not nearly as long as Kaylee. He hadn’t had the chance to get release in so long that he knew it would only be a matter of minutes.

Kaylee was completely pleased by Simon’s reaction to her ministrations. She’d picked up a few tricks in her time and she knew just how to drive a man over the edge. She knew just how to stroke, how to squeeze, how to brush her thumb over the most sensitive areas. Kaylee worked slowly for a short while with her hands before she decided that she wanted to bring Simon over the edge in another way.

With that thought in her mind, Kaylee leaned in slowly, her hand resting gently on Simon’s thigh once more, and took his hard length in her mouth. She suckled gently at first, only taking him in halfway, before closing her lips pleasantly tightly around him and taking him in as deeply as she could, all the while stroking him with her tongue.

Simon moaned throatily when he felt the warmth of Kaylee’s mouth close around his length. He arched up a little and then tried his best to control himself so that he wasn’t pushing Kaylee to take too much of him. He grasped the sheets on the bed for purchase much as she had done, trying to hold off his climax as long as he could.

He gasped her name as she suckled him tenderly, making sure not to miss so much as one bit of flesh. He knew he was almost there. Another minute of Kaylee’s ministrations would have him crying out her name, gasping to the heavens. Another moment and…

It didn’t even take a minute before Kaylee’s expert suckling had Simon calling out her name, his eyes tightly closed as he felt himself spasm. His body tensed as his release tore through him, the feeling so intense that he almost passed out. He felt the glorious tension finally slowly give way to complete and utter relaxation as he spilled the last of himself and Kaylee lapped it up, her tongue skillfully teasing his sensitive length. His eyes fluttered open and he lifted his head just a little to look at her, feeling his wound pull a little painfully now that the euphoric haze was starting to clear.

“Kaylee…” Simon said huskily.

Kaylee only smiled and licked her lips, sitting up and moving so she was at Simon’s side, laying down and snuggling up to him, draping an arm over him as she leaned in slowly to kiss him. The taste of her was still on Simon’s lips and now it mingled with the taste of him, causing Kaylee to whimper pleasantly.

Simon wrapped an arm around Kaylee, pulling her tighter against him as they kissed. It was so different than he was used to, tasting himself on her. It was so unlike all of the proper motions of sex he’d been through in his life. It was perfect and exciting. He kissed Kaylee back with equal fervor and gently caressed her back with the arm he had around her.

The kiss was broken a minute later when both parties were short of breath. Simon bit his lower lip slightly for a second, savoring the flavor of Kaylee mingled with his own taste. He rested his forehead against hers gently and smiled, nuzzling her softly. He hadn’t felt so content in such a long time, he didn’t remember what it was like to be that happy. He hadn’t remembered how much pleasure could come of a union like the one they’d just had.

Well, actually, he’d never quite had a union like that before. He’d been with women before, yes, but then sex had been an art, a dance. It had been proper, there were no fingers, no tongues, it was nothing compared to what Simon had just had with Kaylee. He bet that it would be nothing compared to how it would be when he was finally able to do it properly, too.

Simon glanced into Kaylee’s beautiful eyes as they glowed with a post-coital radiance. He watched her as she let her eyes drift happily shut. She was asleep so quickly that Simon almost didn’t even have time to take in the soft smile that curved her features before she relaxed completely and became expressionless.

He thought back on what had just happened and couldn’t believe how quickly everything had transpired. He’d only been thinking about Kaylee a half hour prior, about holding her hand, maybe gathering up enough nerve to kiss her cheek gently. Then, in less than twenty minutes he and Kaylee had both come to their own respective shattering climaxes.

It was funny how the verse worked sometimes. Simon found it funny that he had just brushed aside all of his core ideals. It was something Kaylee had brought out in him and it made him smile. He loved her so much that he didn’t care about all of that. It was in the past, and all that mattered was the present. That and the future.

Speaking of the future, Simon chuckled as he began to wonder just how long he would be lying there with Kaylee missing his trousers before someone walked in on them. That would definitely be interesting, if not terrifying and embarrassing as hell, too.

Simon shifted just slightly to get more comfortable and felt something graze his hip. With the one arm that wasn’t tightly wrapped around Kaylee he reached for it and laughed softly as he grasped Kaylee’s toy. He stared at it for a moment and then reached out to set it down behind a few odds and ends on the shelf by her bed. He knew she wasn’t going to be needing it for a while…


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Okay, so, you did VERY well with this about a sequel? After he's all healed up? *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

Monday, March 6, 2006 3:57 PM


*guh* *thud* No words...

Monday, March 6, 2006 4:05 PM


GUH. Sweet *&^&*%^&^ I have no words. You did soooo good. Yes, how about after he's all healed....? Remembering this time fondly...

Tuesday, March 7, 2006 7:46 AM


Oh my goodness!

Friday, June 23, 2006 7:58 AM


*until Simon was fully healed so he could make history of it in replacing it with the real bit*

Loved this line.

You and dark silk boxers, rawrrrrr (it's a good kind of rawr).

Double and triple GUH, gorram woman if this isn't farkin hawt.

LOL @ the thought of the "proper sex", how blase.


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