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Simon is feeling dominating and decides that it's Kaylee's turn to sumbit. Simon/Kaylee. (HARD NC17)


Disclaimer: Firefly and all related elements belong to Joss Whedon.

Simon is feeling dominating and decides that it's Kaylee's turn to submit. Simon/Kaylee of course!

WARNING: This is a fanfic written for livejournal's 50kinkyways challenge. It is rated with a HARD NC17. If you are under the aforementioned age, offended by D/S kink or adult toys, or free sexuality in any way, PLEASE refrain from reading. If you do decide to read and find that it's not to your taste, please do not leave word commenting on the subject matter and that it is offensive. In all fairness, you have been warned. I'd like to get reviews on characterization and things like that, not on subject matter. Please try to remain objective, we're all mature people here so lets stay that way and refrain from flaming.

All in all: if you're squicked, turn back now. If not, read on and enjoy!

Thanks to the wonderful FrellingBlonde for the beta! This one goes out to those who are going to miss smut in the next 12 chapters of my fluffy series.

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Kaylee moaned softly as consciousness bombarded her. Her eyes remained shut as a pleasant warmth spread through her body. She yawned lightly and nuzzled further into Simon’s neck. His arms were draped around her and despite the fact that she was awake, she was far too comfortable to want to move just yet. Besides, it was still early.

Arching her hips a little, Kaylee groaned deep in her throat. She and Simon had fallen asleep after several bouts of passionate, frantic, hard sex the night before. He was still inside of her, she realized as she moved a bit, and she didn’t want to feel empty so she pushed her hips more firmly into Simon, her leg draped over his thigh, pushing him deeper. She was sore from all of the rutting, but at the same time she was happier than she could ever recall being.

Sighing happily she tried to fall back asleep. It was difficult considering the fact that Simon’s cock, still buried deep between her nethers, was making her hot and bothered. She squirmed a little and squeaked as Simon’s arms tightened around her, pulling her closer. She felt him move and press his lips to her forehead. She loved waking up in his arms.

“Is it time to wake up yet?” Simon asked sleepily, stifling a yawn.

“Naw, we got some time,” Kaylee replied with a giggle. “Sorry if I woke ya honey.”

“You didn’t,” Simon insisted lightly.

He groaned softly as Kaylee tightened around him, teasing him into consciousness. Rolling over her pulled her up onto him and met her eyes. His hands settled on her hips and he arched into her, pressing his cock into all her sensitive inner spots. Kaylee cried out softly, still partially over stimulated from the night before. She arched above him and slipped back down, slowly starting to impale herself on his quickly hardening cock.

“God, Kaylee, you feel so good,” Simon breathed.

“Not as good as you,” she replied, already feeling the familiar climactic spasms in her belly.

She rode him slowly; there was no need to hurry, the orgasm was coming quickly on its own. Biting her lip she squeezed Simon’s length inside of her, milking his own climax from him effectively. Neither of them wanted it to end, especially not so soon, but they were powerless to stop it. They were so close they could taste the release, they could feel the stars exploding behind their eyes as they built up to it.

A sharp knock on the door interrupted them, breaking their delicious rhythm.

“Kaylee? Kaylee, are you in there?!” Mal’s voice called.

Groaning, Kaylee opened her eyes and stopped riding Simon, settling herself comfortably on his hips, his cock still teasing her inside.

“Yes, cap’n,” she called hazily.

“There’s a problem with the entry couplings,” Mal called from the other side of the door. “Need you in the engine room, now!”

Rolling her eyes, Kaylee muttered a few choice curses under her breath.

“I’ll be right there, cap’n,” she assured him.

Pausing, both she and Simon listened for the retreating footsteps. Once he was out of earshot, Kaylee looked down at Simon, apology shining in her eyes.

“I gotta go,” she said sheepishly. “If it were anything else I wouldn’ hurry, but the entry couplings can snap in an instant, and if they do, we’ll be humped.”

Simon nodded in understanding, wishing he could at least take the time to bring Kaylee to orgasm, but knowing that she had things to do. He smiled slightly at her use of the word humped. Whether or not it was intentional, it was amusing and very appropriate. Letting go of her hips, Simon stroked a hand through her hair, pulling her down for a quick kiss.

“We’ll finish this later,” he said softly.

“I’m holdin’ ya to that,” Kaylee said with a giggle.

That being said she slowly pulled herself into an upright position again and slipped reluctantly off of Simon, his cock sliding out of her, leaving her feeling empty. She pouted at the sensation, or lack thereof, and moved off of the bed to find the clothes which had been scattered about the bedroom the night before. Moving about the room, Kaylee didn’t even take notice of the fact that Simon had gotten out of bed. She was too absorbed in finding her clothes.

As Kaylee searched for all the bits and pieces to her outfit, Simon stood and crouched by the bedside cabinet, opening it and pulling out something he’d found in Kaylee’s room the last time they’d been together. Looking at it, he fumbled a little with the straps, adjusting it so that it went on easily. He picked up the remote control for the device as well, setting it aside. He was feeling dominating and decided that for once instead of being teased mercilessly by thoughts of what lie beneath Kaylee’s clothes as she worked, he would do the teasing.

Straightening up, Simon turned, his heart skipping a little at finding Kaylee bent over, reaching for her panties, which had somehow wound up under the bed. He stepped forward before he lost the courage to do what he planned and settled a hand firmly on her lower back, keeping her in her bent over position. In his other hand he held the strap on dildo he’d found among her things, ready to surprise Kaylee with what he had planned.

Kaylee jumped a little when she felt Simon’s hand on her back. She tried to stand straight but was unable. Looking over to her side, she saw the determined expression on Simon’s features and it excited her terribly.

“What’re ya doin’?” She asked curiously.

“I want you to do something for me,” he said firmly. “It’s a surprise.”

“Aw, sweetie, I don’t have time,” Kaylee said softly.

“It’ll only take a minute,” Simon assured. “Now spread your legs a little for me.”

Kaylee shivered at the demanding note in his voice. She swallowed thickly, wondering what Simon was up to, and obeyed, slowly parting her thighs, still bent over. Anticipating what Simon was going to do, Kaylee shivered excitedly. He sounded very dominating, more than he had in the past. She loved it when he got like that, all tough and intimidating.

Simon stood back a moment, admiring the way Kaylee’s swollen, glistening folds parted when she spread her legs a bit. He felt a rush of lust through his body at the sight but pushed it away. He would take care of himself after he took care of Kaylee. Reaching out, he parted her slick nethers with his fingertips, pushing just one finger inside her for a moment, causing her to cry out. He made sure she was wet enough for what he planned and decided she was good and ready. Working with the time constraint, Simon pulled away almost as quickly and readied the strap on. It was thick, about as thick as his own length, and he knew it would drive Kaylee mad.

Positioning it at Kaylee’s entrance, he pushed forward, feeling it slipping inside of her without any resistance. She was so wet from both of their combined juices that the insertion wasn’t a problem and the toy quickly disappeared inside of her as far as it would go.

Upon feeling the parting of her folds and the toy sliding inside of her, Kaylee inhaled sharply, her knees almost giving out. She knew the feeling that the familiar shape of the dildo gave her. She used to use it plenty before Simon had come around and there was no mistaking what it was. But how had Simon found it?! She was just about to ask when she felt him reaching up to clip all of the strap on attachments into place to hold it inside of her. He finished quickly and rested a hand on her shoulder, pulling her into a standing position. She gulped at the heavy, full feeling the toy gave her, clinging to Simon so her knees wouldn’t give out. Kaylee opened her mouth to speak, but Simon placed a finger on her lips to shush her.

“Not now, baobei,” Simon hushed her. “I just want you to go and do the work you need to do. You are going to wear that until I take it out, dong ma. You’ll be a good girl, won’t you?”

All Kaylee could do was nod. Simon, pleased with himself, pulled away and sat back on the bed, his cock still hard as diamond. Motioning to the clothes all over the place, Simon silently instructed Kaylee to get dressed. She shivered a little at how steely his eyes had become as he watched her slowly dress. She felt so exposed, so incredibly excited. She just hoped that he wouldn’t wait too long to replace the toy with something warmer, something real. She didn’t know if she could last very long. Kaylee was still sensitive from the morning sex she and Simon had just been having and the friction from the toy inside her was driving her mad with need.

Dressing quickly she looked over her shoulder at Simon once more, gasping lightly as she watched him playing with the remote control for the toy. She swallowed thickly, knowing she’d be getting a pleasant surprise or two throughout the day. Not wanting to leave but knowing she had duties to attend to, Kaylee turned and slowly left the room, sliding the door shut behind her. She headed off to the engine room, each step sending an electric jolt right to her clit.

The second Kaylee closed the door behind her, Simon groaned in ecstasy and collapsed back against the bed. His hard cock ached, begging for attention as a few drops of pre come slipped from the tip. He set the remote control for Kaylee’s toy down on the bedside table and reached down to take his thick, heavy length in his hand. He was so hot and hard that he wondered why he hadn’t exploded yet.

Moving his hand slowly at first, Simon tightened and relaxed his fist around his cock in a delicious rhythm. His breathing was shallow and a fine sheet of perspiration had broken out over his body. Holding onto the bed sheets with his free hand, Simon stroked himself quickly toward an orgasm, spiraling out of control. He gasped and moaned as he felt it building, felt his balls tightening. God, he wished he could explode inside of Kaylee, but that would come later.

At the thought of thrusting into Kaylee’s hot, tight wetness, Simon exploded, his slickness spurting and coating his belly and his hand. He collapsed, completely drained of all energy. Taking deep breaths, Simon tried to regain some semblance of normality. After all, he had Kaylee to attend to. He certainly planned on driving her insane with need before he took her into her bed and took care of her very intimately and personally.

Groaning, Simon slowly moved around a little, bringing sensation back into his limbs. He let go of his softening cock and decided that he should get to doing something. It just wouldn’t do to lie in bed all day and think of Kaylee when he could be out there with her, watching her react to the delicious torture he had planned for her.

Sitting up, Simon looked down at where his semen coated his skin. He wiped his hand off on his belly and stood, walking over to the small sink at the side of the room. His legs still shook from the sheer magnitude of his release, but he ignored the feeling. Reaching out, Simon picked up a soft cloth and wet it with warm water. He ran it carefully over his belly, his hands and his cock, making sure not to miss a single drop of the come. Once he was sure he was clean it was his turn to find all of his discarded clothes from the previous night’s romp.

Getting dressed slowly, Simon made sure he looked presentable before straightening up in the bedroom, slipping the remote for the vibe into his pocket and leaving to get some breakfast. By then the rest of the crew had already eaten and so he nibbled on a protein bar, sipping it down with a glass of water. He didn’t want to spend time making breakfast when he so desperately felt a strong sense of duty telling him to go find Kaylee and bring her to the orgasm she hadn’t had the chance to have that morning.

Finishing up he rinsed out his cup and disposed of the wrapper to the protein bar, making his way toward the engine room. Before he even rounded the corner he could hear Kaylee clanking away with some tool of hers at Serenity’s underbelly. When he reached the room he found her doing just that. Stepping in silently, Simon crept over to her, slipping the remote from inside his pocket. Leaning down a little he ensured that she was safe of anything seriously dangerous to hit her head on, he was glad to see she was in the clear.

Simon slowly turned up the switch on the remote, sending subtle, pulsating vibrations through Kaylee’s nethers. She cried out in surprise but remained in a supine position, writhing at the feeling. Becoming silent, Kaylee bucked as Simon turned the vibe up for a moment before turning it off again altogether. Standing over her he grasped her ankles and pulled her out from under the engine, meeting her glassy eyes.

“Stand up,” Simon ordered firmly. “Turn around.”

“Yes sir,” Kaylee squeaked.

She quickly wiped the grease off of her hands, dropped the wrench she was holding and scrambled to her feet. She looked at Simon for a moment, her breath already coming short from the intense excitement, and slowly turned around to face away from him.

As Kaylee complied, Simon stepped toward her, wrapping one arm around her waist. With his free hand he turned up the vibe. It hummed a little more fiercely than before, but still not nearly as powerfully as it could go. It was enough to drive Kaylee senseless, however. Slipping the remote back into his pocket, Simon reached his other arm around Kaylee as well, using it to hold her firmly against him by the waist. He slipped one hand slowly down along her belly, feeling the heat of her skin through her coveralls.

His hand reached the apex of her thighs and he pressed it firmly over her sex, rubbing her through the two layers of fabric that separated skin from skin. Kaylee gasped, jumping slightly.

“Hush,” Simon insisted. “You are going to be quiet. You are not going to come until I give my permission, understood?”

“Oh, no, Simon, please…” Kaylee begged.

Pulling his hand away from around her waist, Simon stepped aside, giving her backside a few quick, harsh swats. Kaylee bit her lip to keep from crying out as she did so, enjoying his firm ministrations fiercely. After spanking her a few times, Simon returned to his position, wrapping his arm around her again and continuing to rub her through her clothes as the vibrator hummed inside of her.

“Understood?” He asked again sharply.

“Yes,” Kaylee cried.

“Yes what?” Simon asked coolly.

“Yes sir,” she replied.

“Good girl,” Simon cooed.

With that he continued to tease her, his skilled fingertips seeking out the nub of her clit through her coverall and her panties. He almost groaned as he imagined how wet she must have been. God, he wanted to hear her sweet, panting cries, but at the same time, he loved watching her struggle for composure. That thought in mind, Simon did not revoke his request for her utter silence. He would let her squirm for a while until she could endure no more ecstasy. Once she reached that point, he would let her come.

Kaylee felt like she was on the verge of death by pleasure. She had never felt so good before. The situation she was in, the position, all combined with the vibrations inside of her and Simon’s hands on her made her feel like she could never make it out alive. It was so much, too much, but she never wanted it to end. She was close, so incredibly close to coming, but she forbade herself from it. She wanted to follow Simon’s orders down to the letter. She knew that in the end, it would really extend her pleasure, heighten the sensations a thousand fold.

Simon held Kaylee firmly in his arms, restraining her, as she began to buck. He knew it wouldn’t be long. He didn’t want to over stimulate her. He knew that that kind of pleasure could cause fainting spells, and he didn’t want that to happen. Watching Kaylee closely, watching how her chest rose and fell with quick breaths, Simon felt his own arousal mounting again. The hand around her waist slipped up to her chest, restraining his shoulders against him firmly, feeling her heart racing. He decided he’d tortured her enough and he leaned in closer to her, his lips lightly brushing the shell of her ear as he spoke.

“Come for me, xin gan,” Simon ordered firmly. “I want to see you come, I want to feel you.”

It didn’t take any more prompting. Kaylee let herself go and bit her lip, feeling completely faint and seeing light explode behind her eyes as she came wildly. She’d never before come so hard, or for so long. She could feel hot, sticky wetness seeping out of her around the thick vibe and it made her feel even more incredible. She continued to writhe and spasm in Simon’s arms as the last waves of her orgasm faded. She wanted to scream but stayed silent as per his orders. She collapsed into his arms, too completely drained to so much as hold herself up.

Simon held onto Kaylee tightly as she fell into a completely boneless mass in his arms. Gently stooping down, he wrapped one arm around her knees and one around her shoulders, scooping her up. He carried her limp form to her hammock and deposited her delicately. Kneeling at her side he looked down at her flushed and beautiful face, leaning in to press a lingering kiss to her lips. Pulling away, he stroked a few stray strands of hair away from her face. As he did so, he reached for the remote with his free hand, turning off the vibrations which emanated from the toy deep inside of Kaylee. He rested a hand on her belly, stroking it delicately as she relaxed.

“How do you feel?” He asked lightly.

“Amazin’,” she replied. “I ain’t never felt so good before. Wo de ma, you’re incredible Simon Tam.”

He nodded lightly and slipped the hand on her belly down, parting her thighs and letting his palm linger over the heat of her nethers.

“How about here?” Simon asked. “How does this feel?”

“Full,” Kaylee replied. “So good, but you’d feel so much better…”

“The time for that will come later,” Simon said softly. “Now you go finish your work. I’ll see you soon.”

Leaning in, Simon pressed one last kiss to Kaylee’s lips. He pulled back and stood, turning without another glance and leaving her in the hammock, weak as a kitten and limp as a wet dish rag. It took her another twenty minutes to collect herself and regain the strength to sit up, let alone stand and work on what she’d been doing before his appearance. Not that she could remember what she was doing. He’d driven all coherent thought far from her center of reasoning.

Standing, Kaylee felt a dull thrum in her nethers. She squeezed her thighs together, feeling stickiness pooling in her panties. The fullness from the long, thick dildo was making her shake with anticipation of what more Simon had planned. Sighing contently, Kaylee got back down to brass tax, returning to fixing the press regulator she’d been tinkering with before Simon had distracted her.

In the meanwhile, Simon went about his daily business. He’d wanted so desperately to bring himself to another climax, seeing Kaylee accepting his torture so submissively had aroused him almost painfully, but he had things to attend to. Jayne had managed to injure his shoulder while working out in the cargo bay and Simon had been forced to see to the man. It was a minor injury and by the end of the examination the young doctor wondered why he had bothered, but he knew it was his duty so he accepted it in silence. Finishing up he sent the mercenary away with something for the pain and a warning about overworking the injury. By the time he was done, Simon had become completely un aroused.

It was good for a spell, he didn’t have to worry about being caught with a pup tent in his trousers, but by the time lunch rolled around, Simon decided that thinking about Kaylee wearing the toy he’d inserted that morning was too much and he needed an outlet for his sexual energy.

Making his way to the galley, Simon found the crew gathered there, all helping out with lunch, settling in around the table. He could see Kaylee in the shadows of the kitchen area, preparing something, her eyes downcast and her cheeks flushed. A smile curved his lips. He imagined how embarrassed she must have felt with everyone there.

And embarrassed she was. Kaylee had seen Simon enter the room out of the corner of her eye, but she was afraid to leave the kitchen. She was afraid that it would be obvious, even through the baggy coverall; that she was wearing a strap on. On top of everything else, she was worried that someone would notice the fine sheen of perspiration on her skin, the flush and any other signs that she was incredibly aroused by the toy inside of her. She was usually very open about her sexuality, but in this case she feared being caught.

Earlier that morning, after she’d regained her strength and finished up her work on the engine, Kaylee had gone to see Inara. The Companion was the only person she didn’t mind at all knowing what was going on. She’d told the older woman the story of how Simon had surprised her that morning, of how incredible he’d made her feel in the engine room. The older woman had simply smiled and encouraged the mechanic to rest in the shuttle for a while, to regain her strength for what she was sure there would be more of later.

Kaylee had eagerly accepted Inara’s offer and had fallen asleep with the companion gently brushing her hair to relax her. She’d dreamt of Simon, but it had felt like more than a dream. It had been so real, and she’d awakened extremely aroused by the fullness betwixt her nethers a few hours later. Inara had again only smiled knowingly.

The young mechanic’s nethers pulsed with anticipation. She didn’t know if she could sit down to lunch with the others without climaxing at the table. The pressure on the vibe would just be too much. She was terrified. At the same time, however, Kaylee found herself extremely aroused. She found that there was a cruel and delicate balance between fearing being caught and being excited by being caught. She bit her lip to keep in a squeal and concentrated on the glass she was holding, reaching for a bottle of cider to have with her lunch.

Simon watched Kaylee for a moment as he slowly crossed the room, making his way toward her. He reached discreetly into his pocket and turned on the vibe, making it pulse the tiniest bit inside Kaylee. A subtle buzzing could be heard, but only if one was listening for it. Kaylee was completely surprised by the feeling and dropped the mug she was holding with a gasp. It shattered the moment it hit the countertop, causing all eyes to turn to her. At that moment, Simon switched off the toy again, rushing toward Kaylee.

“Alright there, lil’ Kaylee?” Mal queried.

“Shiny cap’n,” Kaylee replied embarrassedly.

Nodding, Mal turned away, focusing back on the others at the table. All of them got back to chattering as Simon approached Kaylee, settling his hands on her hips, standing behind her. He noticed she was breathing short and that the flush on her cheeks had deepened. Smiling lightly, he leaned in closer to whisper to her.

“That was close,” he said softly.

Kaylee nodded. She reached out shakily and began to sweep the glass fragments into a small pile, dropping them all into the trash disposal when she was done. Simon watched all the while, gently stroking her hips. He loved having such control over her, it was so exciting, so empowering. Once Kaylee had thrown all of the glass into the trash, Simon slipped a hand from her hip down over her backside to between her legs. She bit her lip near hard enough to draw blood as he pressed his palm into her nethers, causing the toy inside of her to shift and bump several different sensitive spots.

Looking around, Simon could see that the crew was so absorbed in lunch and conversation that he doubted they would notice if he and Kaylee snuck off. At the same time, however, he wanted Kaylee to anticipate. He wanted to watch her face as she seated herself at the table and the toy inside of her moved around as she squirmed. Smiling lightly he pulled back away from her, giving her backside a playful swat as he took her hand and led her toward her place at the table. Pulling out her chair for her, he motioned for her to sit down. Kaylee turned her big, innocent, pleading eyes on him but he insisted she sit.

Sighing, she followed his unspoken order, sitting and holding back a whimper. It was awkward, she felt so full and aroused, she didn’t know if she could sit through the meal. Still, she tried her best to stay calm and stoic. She knew Simon’s gaze was on her. She couldn’t break, not yet.

Pushing her chair in, Simon walked around the table and sat down at his place setting directly across from Kaylee. He met her gaze and smiled softly. Picking up his fork he slowly finished up the assorted protein on his plate, watching as Kaylee pushed her food around, still blushing a darling pink color.

Soon everyone had finished. Simon had offered to clean up afterward, so as the others left the room, he stayed behind. He watched Kaylee as she ate the last bites of her lunch and smiled embarrassedly at him. She pushed her chair back and was about to stand when Simon called attention to her.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“I was gonna go see to the drive panel on the bridge that Wash said needed lookin’ at,” she squeaked.

“You didn’t ask permission, did you?” Simon questioned.

“No sir,” Kaylee said, her eyes downcast.

“I think you need to be disciplined,” Simon said firmly. “I’m going to clean up here, and while I do that, I want you to go wait for me in the infirmary. I want you to sit there and think about what you did. I’ll be up soon and then we’ll see what we can do about you.”

Nodding, Kaylee stood and turned on her heel. She marched out of the room, walking somewhat gingerly to avoid over stimulating herself and bringing herself to an orgasm. She reached the infirmary quickly and sat up on the exam table, anticipating Simon’s arrival. She wondered just what he had in mind for her this time, and hoped that it was just as good as the last time. Lying back on the bed, she stared up at the ceiling of the infirmary, shaking with anticipation.

Simon watched Kaylee walk away, waiting a moment before standing to take care of the dishes. He rinsed them all quickly and put them aside to dry. A good fifteen minutes had passed since he’d sent Kaylee off while he was tidying up and he figured that was plenty of time for her to have thought over what she’d done. With a newfound resolve, Simon made his way toward the infirmary, intent on showing Kaylee who was boss.

He rounded the corner and looked over into the infirmary through the glass, seeing Kaylee was there, obediently ready for him. He entered and shut the door behind him, hitting the switch to bring down the privacy blinds on all of the windows as he did so. He didn’t want to chance being seen, after all. He didn’t want to embarrass Kaylee. He wanted to make her feel incredible, to tease her and to bring her to the best climaxes she’d ever had.

Stepping up to the bedside, Simon leaned over Kaylee and met her eyes. He could see the excitement, the need shining in them. Keeping his gaze stoic he took her hand, pulling her up into a sitting position. She complied willingly and swung her legs over the edge of the table, watching Simon as he took up pacing back and forth through the room.

“You were a bad girl back in the galley,” Simon said pointedly. “Weren’t you?”

“Yes sir,” Kaylee said shyly.

“You need to be punished,” he continued.

“Yes sir,” Kaylee reiterated.

“How do you think you should be punished?” Simon questioned.

“Hard,” Kaylee replied, slightly hesitantly. “Real hard so I don’t do it again.”

“That’s right,” Simon replied, coming to a stop right before her, about two feet away.. “And so I’m going to get you to hop off the table and stand right in this spot. You are going to watch while I do what you would be doing if you’d been a good girl, then when I’m satisfied, I’m going to have you finish me off. You are going to swallow everything I give you. Do you think that’s fair?”

Kaylee nodded.

“Good,” Simon said firmly. “We’re understood. Now come on, stand right here and watch me. You are going to stand perfectly still and you are not going to touch yourself.”

Tearing her gaze from Simon’s, Kaylee slipped off of the examination table and moved to where Simon stood. She turned to face the table and allowed him to pull her back a little to exactly where he’d been. He watched her as she stood stark straight like he’d instructed as he moved to the exam table and hopped up onto it.

Moving slowly, Simon unzipped his pants. He parted the fabric to reveal silk boxers. He was already hard and his cock peeked out through the slit in the boxers. Pushing the fabric down his length, Simon revealed it all to Kaylee, letting her get a good look at him for a long moment before he started stroking himself. He shivered at the touch, his cock twitching in anticipation of Kaylee’s mouth.

He watched Kaylee as he stroked himself, pleased by the way her eyes widened and she balled her hands into fists. He knew it must have been hard for her not to touch herself, to touch him. Reaching into the pocket of his pants with his free hand while still stroking himself, Simon decided to make it harder for her. He turned on the vibrator she had pushed deep inside of her and turned it up to high. The way she jumped as the sensation jolted through her body made Simon groan as lust shot through his body.

“I want you to keep still,” Simon instructed. “And stay quiet. Be a good girl, now. Don’t come until you’re told.”

Kaylee pressed her lips into a tight line to keep from moaning and nodded. Her whole body shook with the hum of the vibrator between her legs but she couldn’t move. She wanted to obey Simon. She knew she’d be rewarded for it. Steeling herself against the vibrations, Kaylee tried to stand perfectly still as she watched Simon stroke himself, watched pre come start to seep from the tip of his hard cock.

Simon continued to rub and stroke his hot, hard length, watching Kaylee as he did so. She was so incredibly beautiful. He remembered how amazing she’d looked glowing in her post orgasmic bliss earlier that day in the engine room. The mere thought almost brought him over the edge. Deciding it was time for Kaylee to do her part, Simon steeled himself and slipped off of the examination table, stepping up to Kaylee and pointing to the ground with his free hand, his other still holding his cock.

“Get down on your knees, Kaylee,” Simon instructed. “Take me in your mouth.”

Nodding obediently, Kaylee knelt, the vibrator shifting inside of her, hitting up against her most sensitive spot. She would have cried out if she hadn’t already leaned forward and sucked the tip of Simon’s hard cock into her mouth. She tasted the salty pre come and swallowed, taking him deeper inside. At the same time, Simon groaned deep in his throat and let go of his length, letting Kaylee do all the work. Her hot, wet mouth felt so good around him, he never wanted her to stop. It felt so good, too good. He was already so close that he felt about ready to come right then and there.

“Good girl,” Simon cooed, reaching out and fisting one hand in Kaylee’s hair. “So good…”

He ran his fingers through Kaylee’s hair, tugging gently on it to tease her as she continued to do an expert job of sucking and swallowing. Losing control, Simon unconsciously began to press his hips towards Kaylee’s mouth, impaling his cock deeper into her throat. She took it gladly, swallowing all he gave her, relaxing her throat so she could take more of him in. All she wanted was to please him, to make him feel as amazing as he’d made her feel that morning.

Simon’s eyes screwed shut as Kaylee took him in deeper. He felt the familiar tightening in his balls that signified a pending release. He was going to warn Kaylee but by the time he realized he was coming, it was too late. He was already spurting into Kaylee’s mouth while she sucked greedily at him, licking him clean with that skilled tongue of hers. He looked down at her as he relaxed, coming down from the post orgasmic high, and lightly tipped her forehead back, pulling his cock out of her mouth.

“You did a very good job, Kaylee,” he said firmly. “I’m pleased. Now I think you deserve a reward for doing so well.”

He reached down and slipped his softening cock back into his pants, zipping up so nothing looked amiss. Reaching for the vibrator remote, Simon turned it up to full. He slipped the remote into his pocket and looked at Kaylee, who had tears stinging at her eyes from the sensation that threatened to overwhelm her.

“Big girls don’t cry,” Simon said lightly. “Now come on, stand up. I want you to sit up on the examination table. Once you’re up there I want you to unzip yourself to the waist and slip off the top of your coverall, as well as your bra.”

Swallowing thickly in anticipation, Kaylee nodded. She stood extremely shakily, the intense vibration from the toy between her nethers making her feel lightheaded with pleasure. She reached for the exam table, supporting herself as she stepped over to it, pulling herself up. Kaylee seated herself on it, shifting a little, and reached shakily for her zipper. She slowly pulled it down with Simon watching, feeling her cheeks flush and heat up. When it reached her belly she let it rest there, shrugging her arms out of the coverall. It fell to her hips and she pulled her hands out of it, shivering as the cool infirmary air attacked her warm skin.

She shifted a little, both the sound and feeling of the buzzing in her core making her writhe. She could feel Simon’s intense gaze on her as he waited for her to finish disrobing as per his instructions. She gathered herself and reached behind to unclasp her bra, letting is slip from her arms and land in her lap. Setting her arms on the table on either side of her, wanting to touch herself but resisting, Kaylee watched as her nipples hardened, teasing Simon effortlessly.

Simon stood back, watching Kaylee, taking in her delicate, pale skin, her rosy nipples gracing those firm breasts of hers. Stepping forward he picked up her bra, moving it aside. He reached for her, his cool fingertips pressing into her full breasts, his palms tickling her nipples, teasing them into even harder nubs. He felt her shiver, heard the little squeak she gave as he began to deeply massage her breasts, and it threatened to arouse him all over again.

Kaylee fought to hold herself up as Simon paid exquisite attention to her breasts. She sucked in a sharp breath when he pinched her nipples, causing a whole new sensation to burn through her body. That mingled with the vibrations pulsing through her nethers pushed Kaylee dangerously close to the brink of orgasm, but she held back. Simon hadn’t given her permission to come yet.

Watching Kaylee as she resisted the temptation to orgasm right then and there, Simon decided to push her limits, test her restraint. He leaned in and sucked one of her hardened nipples into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it, nibbling gently, teasingly. He took care of her other nipple with his hands, rolling it between his fingertips, pinching and stroking it.

Teasing her mercilessly, Simon felt her beginning to tremble incessantly. He knew it was her pre orgasmic signature, he felt it in her body every time she approached her climax, and he wanted to draw it out of her. Reaching into his pocket with his free hand, his mouth switching nipples to lavish attention on the other one while one hand went to the one he’d just finished with, Simon turned the vibrator inside of Kaylee off. Instead, he let go of the small remote and reached for Kaylee’s nethers, rubbing them lightly through her coveralls, stimulating her clit.

She could barely take it anymore. When Simon touched her clit, making her silky panties rub against it, heating it with his fingers, she twitched and choked back a sob. Now he was just torturing her, making her feel so incredible without allowing her the luxury of coming. It was almost painful, and more intense than she knew was possible. She fell back against the exam table, her chest heaving from the pleasure, her nipple giving a twinge when Simon’s teeth slipped over it as it slipped out of his mouth when she fell. She arched her hips into his hand, losing all control over her body, crying out.

“Please, Simon!” She cried. “I can’t… I’m gonna…”

Simon nodded. He could see he’d pushed her too far and he didn’t want her to have to hold out anymore. He hadn’t meant to make it quite so intense. Leaning in, he kissed her softly, slowing his hand on her clit, brushing it just softly, gently showering kisses over her breasts.

“Come for me now, Kaylee,” Simon encouraged. “Let it go.”

At that very second, Kaylee came, screaming, keening under Simon as he paused, letting her experience her orgasm completely without his influence. He swallowed thickly, reaching up to gently brush a hand through her hair as she collapsed against the table, her eyes fluttering closed, her chest heaving. He reached out with his free hand and took one of her hands, squeezing it gently. When he saw the tears still in her eyes as she opened them, he felt awful for making her hold out so long.

“I’m sorry, baobei,” Simon whispered. “I didn’t mean for it to get so intense. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

Kaylee relaxed, trying to control her breath as she opened her eyes and shook her head, squeezing Simon’s hand in return.

“That was incredible,” she breathed hoarsely. “Felt so good. Don’t be sorry, honey. I just think I might need a little rest is all.”

Simon was thankful that he hadn’t hurt Kaylee, at least. He nodded at her suggestion.

“Of course,” he replied. “Let’s get you dressed again and I’ll take you to your room so you can sleep for a little bit.”

It was Kaylee’s turn to nod. She took a deep breath, steeling herself as she sat up. She felt dizzy for a brief moment and could have sworn she was still seeing spots after her orgasm. Looking over at Simon, she smiled softly just as she felt him wrap an arm around her to support her. She gave herself over to his ministrations as he helped her slip her arms back into the straps of her bra and clasped it up for her in the back. She was about to slip her arms back into her coverall when Simon did it for her, zipping her up slowly. He smiled at her, his eyes still full of unspoken apology, still worried that he’d done something wrong and had pushed Kaylee too far.

She was about to turn and slide off the bed to walk with Simon to their bunk when She felt him gather her into his arms again, much like he had earlier to put her in her hammock. Snuggling into his neck, Kaylee let her exhaustion sweep over her as Simon picked her up and headed out of the infirmary, kicking open the doors as best he could and squeezing through with her.

He crossed the short expanse of the lounge area and headed into the passenger dorms. He’d left the door slightly ajar that morning, so he easily slipped his foot into the crack and pushed open the screen, walking over to the bed and gently laying Kaylee down. He made sure she was comfortable and covered her up, kissing her cheek softly, still feeling somewhat wary of having tortured her into fits of ecstasy.

“Are you comfortable?” Simon asked. “Do you want me to take it out?”

Kaylee shook her head and smiled sleepily up at Simon.

“Naw, sweetie, leave it in. I’m shiny,” she said, yawning softly. “This way I’ll still be ready for ya when I wake up. Unless of course you wanna replace it with somethin’ a little more real now…”

Simon chuckled at her irrepressible nature. He was about to lean in and give her one last kiss when he realized that she’d already drifted off. Sitting back he watched her for a few moments before standing and leaving the room. He paused in the doorway for one last glance at her and then slipped the door closed, leaving her to sleep.

He wondered whether Kaylee would be up for more of his games when she woke up, or if she would just want to snuggle. Either way was fine with him. He’d do anything to make Kaylee happy. Sighing softly he returned to the infirmary, deciding that while Kaylee was asleep, he’d pass the time by rearranging his entire med stock. It was completely unnecessary, but there wasn’t anything else for him to be doing.

While she slept, Kaylee tossed and turned, the thick fullness between her legs heightening her arousal even as she slumbered away. She moaned softly every so often and clenched around the intruder, wanting to pull it even deeper. Eventually the sensations overcame her and she woke up, panting, with a fine sheen of perspiration shining on her skin. She swallowed thickly and rolled over onto her back, squeezing her legs together, feeling the toy inside her press up against all of her sensitive spots.

She wanted to get up and find Simon, but she was still so completely spent by her earlier orgasm that she didn’t know if she could peel herself out of bed. Instead she decided to try and fall back asleep. It was a challenge; that was for sure, considering how good she felt and how desperately aroused she was, but she eventually managed it, drifting off into a light doze.

Meanwhile in the infirmary, Simon couldn’t take it anymore. He’d tried, honest to God, to organize and fix things up, but he couldn’t stop thinking about Kaylee. Glancing at the clock, he realized a few hours had already passed. He knew he should have left Kaylee to sleep longer, to recover, but he just couldn’t. Besides, if her expression as she’d fallen asleep earlier had been any indication, he got the feeling that she would want to be awakened in the way he had planned.

Making his way into his and Kaylee’s room, Simon closed the door behind him and latched it from the inside to make sure they were uninterrupted. The walls were thin and he figured the entire ship would know what they were up to anyway, but that was no reason to provide any curious passers by with a visual should they want it. He made sure everything was set and made his way closer to Kaylee, sitting on the edge of the bed and pulling out the small remote in his pocket. He turned it up slowly to a low setting and watched with a coy grin as Kaylee was jolted awake.

Having only seconds before been entrapped in a pleasant dream, it took Kaylee a moment to realize where she was and what the feeling curling low in her belly was. Suddenly it all came rushing back; Simon, the vibrator inside of her, the engine room, the infirmary. She screwed her eyes shut and cried out, even just the weak vibrations pulsing inside her core being enough to drive her wild so soon after a nap. Opening her eyes again as her hips arched off of the bed, Kaylee met Simon’s intense blue gaze.

Ta ma de, Simon!” Kaylee exclaimed.

“That’s the plan,” Simon said with a dark chuckle.

He watched Kaylee squirm, slowly relaxing as she grew accustomed to the vibrations. As she did so, he began to turn them up, increasing them one notch at a time. Each change in speed made Kaylee cry out and buck her hips. Simon felt his arousal swell as he watched Kaylee toss her head with wanton abandon, letting the ecstasy course through her body. Wanting to see her, he stood up and took a step back, turning the vibe up to full and setting the remote aside on the bedside table. He met Kaylee’s eyes and looked into them intently, simply observing her for a moment before speaking.

“I want you to get undressed,” Simon instructed. “Then lie back and let me see you.”

Kaylee blushed endearingly and nodded shakily. She stood slowly, feeling light headed from lying down for so long as well as from the heavenly thrum between her legs. She began to pull the zipper of her coverall down, trying to do it as seductively as possible to please Simon. She didn’t feel even remotely sleepy anymore and she was hell bent on driving him crazy. She liked the dominating side of him.

When her zipper reached its end near her navel, Kaylee shrugged her arms out of her coverall and slowly pulled it down over her waist, letting it slip to the floor. She stepped out of it and was left in only her bra and panties. Simon smiled lightly, just barely, when he saw that not only were her cheeks pink, but all of her skin had flushed from the mingled embarrassment and excitement. He crossed his arms over his chest and tried to keep from taking her right then and there as she continued to undress, quickly slipping out of her bra, leaving her breasts in plain sight for him to see.

Kaylee giggled as her nipples hardened from the cool ambient air. She knew she was having a major effect on Simon. Forcing herself not to play with her nipples, not to drive Simon to the edge just yet, she continued on, slipping her panties off of her hips and down her long, shapely legs. The only thing left on her was the strap on, with its belt secured just below her navel, the buzzing echoing in the room, having grown more intense since she’d disrobed.

Doing as he’d asked, Kaylee sat back down on the bed and leaned back, lying comfortably there. She looked up at Simon as she exposed herself completely, spreading her legs and stretching her arms out above her head, her firm breasts displaying stiff nipples. She grinned seductively up at him as his eyes raked hungrily over her body. God, she was beautiful. Swallowing thickly, Simon tried to be a little more casual, a little less wound up and aroused, as he spoke again.

“Good girl,” he said coolly. “Now I want you to take that out. I want you to play with it, to play with yourself. I’m going to watch you. I’ll help when I think it’s necessary.”

Kaylee shivered at the authoritative note in Simon’s voice. She nodded and shifted herself to lie more comfortably. Her legs were splayed as her fingers crept from where they’d spent a moment teasing her sensitive nipples down to her belly and beyond, bristling in the patch of curls at the apex of her thighs. She slowly unbuckled the straps from the toy and released it from them, leaving just the silicone and the vibe. Tossing the restraint bits aside she began to slowly move the toy inside of herself, brushing her sensitive spots as her other hand rubbed at her clit.

Simon watched Kaylee, his eyes burning into her as she began to slowly arch her hips into her hand as she moved the thick vibe inside of herself. He could see the wetness shining all over her folds, calling to him. He almost had to take hold of something to keep himself physically restrained. He managed to reign in some control, however, and merely continued to watch Kaylee as she fucked herself deeply with the toy. He watched it as she pushed it in so deeply it almost disappeared and then pulled it out again to rub it over her sensitive folds and prod at her clit.

Kaylee moaned softly and writhed as she continued to tease herself with the toy. She wanted Simon, God did she ever, but she would wait for him to come to her when he was ready. In the meantime she simply screwed her eyes shut and rubbed over her most sensitive areas with the vibe, feeling the sensations throughout her entire body. She bucked up, trying her best to drive Simon insane with lust so that he would touch her, so that he would be the one to bring her to her fall.

She didn’t have to wait much longer. Simon decided he didn’t want to just watch anymore. No, he had other plans. Quickly stripping off his clothes, tossing them into a pile that much resembled the one from the previous night, he stepped toward the bed and sat down at Kaylee’s side. He looked down to meet her eyes as she opened them upon feeling the pressure change. Reaching out he took a firm hold of the hand that was sliding the toy in and out of her, keeping her still.

“Lie back and let me do the touching,” Simon instructed. “Wan xi.”

With that, Kaylee collapsed completely uninhibited back against the bed, her hands both coming to lie at her sides. She spread her legs a little more, allowing Simon to move and kneel between them. He reached out and took hold of the remote for the toy, turning it off before tossing the remote aside and moving to grasp the vibe. It was still halfway inside of Kaylee and he took his time pulling it out, watching as it slipped from her body and her slickness clung to it.

Smiling darkly, Simon tossed it aside and leaned forward, nuzzling into her belly. One hand wrapped around to rest on the outside of her thigh while the other found her soaked and sensitive, swollen folds. His fingers probed at her nethers as he pressed a few light kisses to the skin just above her soft patch of curls. Kaylee whimpered from the sensations, giving herself completely over to Simon. She arched into his hand, feeling his soft fingertips caressing her, touching her expertly in all the places she loved to be touched.

Simon couldn’t take the temptation anymore. His skilled fingers found her entrance and he easily slipped three fingers into her, pushing deeply, stroking her on the inside. At his intrusion, Kaylee screamed in ecstasy, building up to another intense orgasm. She was further spurred on when she felt Simon’s tongue teasing at her clit, lapping at it. His mouth closed over it and he suckled intently, watching Kaylee’s reactions as she bucked her hips up toward his mouth.

Simon’s tongue continued lower, licking around where his fingers were exploring, buried inside of Kaylee. He could almost taste her release already. She was clenching around his fingers, tightening and pulsing in a pre orgasmic show of mounting pleasure. Simon knew she was close, and he wanted to let her have her release, to bring her to her climax. He had plenty planned for her, and he didn’t want to exhaust her just yet. That thought in mind, he spoke.

“That’s it, Kaylee, come for me,” he coaxed softly. “I want you to come. Just let go.”

It didn’t take any more coaxing than that. As soon as his words left his lips, Simon felt a gush of hot, slick wetness around his fingers and against his lips. He continued to stroke his fingers inside of Kaylee for a little longer as he lapped up her release. There would be plenty more where that came from before he was done with Kaylee.

Finishing up, Simon slowly pulled his fingers from Kaylee’s hot, swollen core. He heard her groan lightly and knew that he’d already worked her into a frenzy, made her sore from all of the stretching, but he knew at the same time that the soreness just heightened her pleasure. He’d learned that from experience. Looking down at Kaylee, Simon lapped up the last of her release and pulled back, standing up. Her wanton pose made his already hard cock stir and twitch in anticipation.

“I want you to stand up,” Simon said firmly. “Then you’ll bend over the bed, brace your hands apart on it and spread your legs for me like a good girl. Then I’m going to reward you for obeying my orders so well today.”

“Yes sir,” Kaylee said, breathless from the excitement.

Doing as Simon had asked, she sat up, still reeling from her orgasm, and stood. She surveyed him for a moment with a sultry gaze and then turned her back on him, bending over the bed and putting some of her weight on her hands to support her as she braced them apart on the mattress. That done, Kaylee spread her legs, opening her up for Simon. She loved it when he took her in that position, it felt so good and he went so deep. Looking over her shoulder, Kaylee saw the hungry, animalistic look in Simon’s eyes and she knew it would be incredible from the second he touched her.

Simon groaned inwardly at how aroused he felt. He couldn’t wait to feel Kaylee’s tight, hot, slick core squeezing around him as he thrust deeply into her. He looked at her, his eyes lingering on her slightly parted folds, still pink and swollen from her previous release. Stepping up to her he put his hands on her hips, ready to slide into her. At that moment, though, Kaylee gathered the courage to interrupt his dominating power trip.

“I got somethin’ ya might wanna try, if ya liked watchin’ me wearin’ that other thing all day,” Kaylee said coyly.

Simon raised one perfectly arched eyebrow.

“Oh?” He asked.

“It’s in my bedside cabinet, the very bottom one. It’s a small little vibe, silver like, the only one in there since ya already found my big one,” she said in a sultry tone.

Simon had to pull away and look just out of sheer curiosity. He hadn’t seen anything else in that cabinet earlier, but perhaps that was because he’d been so preoccupied with what he’d already found. Kneeling at the bedside cabinets, Simon pulled open the bottom drawer and immediately saw what Kaylee had mentioned. It was a small but powerful looking bullet vibe. He reached for it and found the other remote that went with it.

Standing back up, Simon slid the drawer shut with his foot, holding the vibe and remote up to Kaylee as he stepped back over to where he’d been standing behind her.

“What do you propose I do with this?” He asked coolly.

“Put it in me,” Kaylee replied. “I want ya to slide it in deep and turn it on before ya sex me. Trust me, you’re gonna love it.”

“And just when I thought I was the one giving orders around here,” Simon said wryly.

He’d never even thought of trying what Kaylee had proposed. It sounded interesting anyway. He decided that for the sake of her pleasure, and consequently his, he was going to do as she’d suggested. Setting the remote down for the moment, Simon concentrated on the small vibrator he held. He held it between his fingertips and rested one hand on Kaylee’s lower back like he’d done that morning to put in the strap on, while his other hand went to work. He slowly probed through her slick folds and found her entrance, pressing the vibrator in, two fingers following it to make sure it was in nice and deep.

Kaylee groaned at the insertion and tried to squeeze her parted legs together. She never wanted Simon to move, she felt too good. At the same time, though, she wanted him to replace his fingers with his thick, hard cock. God, how she needed him inside of her. She shifted a little, tightening around Simon’s fingers, feeling the cold metal vibe against her insides. She held on as patiently as she could, not wanting to come again before Simon was inside her so he could feel her wetness slipping around his cock.

Simon had gotten achingly hard from the moment he’d slipped his fingers inside of Kaylee and felt her pulsing around them. He groaned and slowly pulled them out, the vibe buried in her core. Reaching for the remote he turned the vibe up. It wasn’t as powerful as the big one, but it was definitely enough to stimulate them both, he figured, while he thrust into Kaylee and brought her to the edge.

Tossing the remote aside, Simon again positioned himself flush up against Kaylee’s backside. His hands went to her hips, steadying her firmly as the head of his hard, hot cock probed her nethers. She cried out a little at the teasing, pressing herself back, finding resistance because of Simon’s hands holding her in place. She impaled herself just barely on his cock, feeling it lodge barely an inch inside of her and still, teasing her sensitive, tight opening. He could feel a slight hum from the vibe already, though he was just barely inside of her, and he had to admit it felt incredible.

Deciding he’d tortured both Kaylee and himself enough, Simon pressed into her in one smooth thrust, pushing as deep inside as he could. He could feel Kaylee clench around him as she screamed from the feeling of him stretching her. The tip of his cock was pressed up against the vibe he’d inserted and it sent an incredible sensation through his body. He could feel the thrumming all along his length and in the pit of his belly. He imagined it felt equally amazing for Kaylee.

He stilled for a moment, feeling the vibrations, feeling Kaylee. His eyes screwed shut and he took a long, steadying breath before starting to move, thrusting into her. His thrusts were so long that with each movement he almost pulled out of her and plunged deeply in again, unseating them both. Kaylee panted wildly, still sensitive from her last orgasm, being completely stimulated at every point by Simon and by the vibrations deep inside her. She fisted her hands in the bedclothes, holding on for dear life.

“God Kaylee, you feel so good,” Simon panted.

Bi zui, Simon,” Kaylee moaned. “Just fuck me…”

Simon’s eyes rolled back into his head from the pleasure, Kaylee’s wanton words ringing in his ears. Normally she loved hearing his voice when they were together, but this time she was already so completely stimulated, she didn’t know if she could take it. At that same moment, Simon’s hands slipped over her skin, one moving to her breasts, pinching her nipples, massaging them, the other moving to her clit, rubbing it to stimulate Kaylee even more. She cried out at his ministrations, feeling her knees almost give way.

At Kaylee’s cries, Simon pushed harder, thrust even deeper, wanting to make her come with such force that she’d be seeing stars for days afterward. He could feel the pre orgasmic shudders already running through her body and he knew she was dangerously close. She had to have been, because he was, and he imagined she was feeling more than him. His breathing was shallow and his heart raced, mirroring Kaylee’s own rocketing vitals.

She was being driven absolutely crazy. The vibrating inside of her was making her shake. Simon’s thrusts were blinding her with sensation. The way his hands, those talented doctor’s hands of his, worked at her nipples and clit, seeking out her most sensitive spots, nearly made her scream over and over. She was so close she could already see the stars exploding behind her eyes.

She climaxed instantly. With a yell, Kaylee shuddered and tightened hard around Simon’s cock, her wetness seeping around him, heating him. She shivered and collapsed forward onto the bed, bringing Simon down with her. He lay on top of her as she rode out her climax, still caressing her nipples, rubbing her clit. Her orgasm set off his own and he came with a shout, his seed pulsing deep inside Kaylee, coating her walls, mingling with her own wetness.

Together they lay panting, calming after their orgasms. Kaylee could feel Simon’s heart race against her back, while he could feel hers against his palm where it rested over her breast. He smiled and nuzzled her neck gently, his softening cock still thrumming with vibrations from the little toy inside of Kaylee. Sitting up lazily but not slipping out of her just yet, Simon reached for the remote and shut off the vibe. He felt Kaylee’s body relax a good deal more when it was off. She could finally rest completely after her climax.

Pressing in the smallest bit deeper for a moment, Simon tossed the remote aside and leaned in to kiss Kaylee’s shoulder gently, his lips just barely touching her skin. He heard her moan softly, breathlessly as he did so and he smiled lightly. Slowly pulling his other hand out from under her body, Simon stepped back, pulling out from inside her, making her groan in protest. She turned her head to look at him and saw the love shining in his eyes.

“Roll over, baobei,” Simon instructed softly. “Relax, open up for me. I’m going to take that toy out for you and get you cleaned up.”

Kaylee nodded. She would have slipped it out herself, but she was so relaxed, she felt so good lying there, that she didn’t ever want to move.

Xiexie, Simon,” Kaylee whispered.

“Anything for you, Kaylee,” he said quietly.

Coming to kneel at the foot of the bed, Simon parted Kaylee’s thighs a little further than she had on her own and placed one palm flat on her belly, gently caressing her skin as his other hand crept between her thighs, his fingertips teasing her nethers. She moaned softly, almost inaudibly, but kept perfectly still and relaxed as Simon’s trained fingers slipped into her and sought out the vibe. She closed her eyes, trying to keep calm, even as she felt arousal trying to creep up on her again.

Simon easily felt his fingers come into contact with the now warm metal vibe as he probed inside of Kaylee. He curled his fingertips around it and slowly pulled it out. He loved how tight, hot and soaked Kaylee was, but he could see that she was tired. He didn’t want to over stimulate her and exhaust her too much. That thought in mind he watched as the small bullet vibe slipped out of Kaylee’s entrance along with his fingers, watching her folds part at the broadest part of the extraction and again tighten once she was free of the intrusion.

Setting the vibe and remote aside with the other set from earlier, Simon turned his focus back to Kaylee. She looked so sexy lying there in such an open, wanton pose. He felt a pull of lust in his belly at the sight. Leaning in, he noticed that his seed was beginning to trickle out of her, coating her folds and her thighs. He smiled softly and reached out, his hands settling on either side of her hips as he leaned his head forward and began to delicately lap at her nethers.

Kaylee writhed against Simon’s mouth. It felt good, so good, but at the same time she was so relaxed and exhausted that it didn’t immediately arouse her. Instead she just rested there, keeping still as Simon worked, his tongue seeking out every last drop of her wetness mingled with his own. The thought made her moan again and she arched up the smallest bit against Simon’s ministrations.

Simon smiled as he tasted himself on Kaylee. His eyes fluttered closed as he continued to clean her up, licking up every last drop that seeped out of her, his tongue darting inside her to be thorough. He finished up and lapped lightly at her clit for just a moment before pulling away. He smiled softly as he crawled onto the bed beside Kaylee, snuggling up to her. He wrapped an arm around her as she shifted to face him, cuddling up to him. She breathed a happy sigh as his warmth enveloped her.

Leaning in, Simon pressed his lips to Kaylee’s, his kiss teasing her at first, but quickly deepening. She whimpered against his lips as the combined taste of his and her juices hit her tongue. She arched into him, her own arms threading around his body. She loved being so close to him. It felt so safe, so perfect. She pressed her body firmly to his as they deepened the kiss even further.

Breaking apart for air several minutes later, Simon opened his eyes slowly and met Kaylee’s content gaze. Their breathing was shallow again from the passionate kiss. Smiling softly, Kaylee nuzzled into Simon’s neck, breathing a soft sigh.

“I love you, Simon,” she whispered.

“I love you too,” he replied.

“Promise me you’ll dominate me again soon,” she giggled softly.

“I’ll do anything you want me to, xin gan,” he said gently.

He cuddled her close and made sure she was warm and perfectly comfortable. It had been a long day and despite the fact that they’d missed supper and it was still relatively early, he knew they needed rest. That thought in mind, Simon didn’t protest as Kaylee drifted off to sleep in his arms, her breathing slowing and becoming soft against the skin of his collarbone.

Her breathing relaxed him and he let his own tired eyes drift shut. Smiling softly, Simon found himself being drawn into the darkness of sleep. Before he could dredge up another coherent thought he was snoring softly, taken over by a restful, dreamless slumber.

The following day held promise for another round of morning sex, which might just lead in another exciting direction like that morning’s events had…


Baobei: Sweetheart Dong ma: Understand? Xin gan: Darling Wo de ma: Mother of God Ta ma de: Fuck me blind Wan xi: Relax Bi zui: Be quiet Xiexie: Thank you Xin gan: Darling

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There's just something about a cool and collected and dominating Simon that is just damn hot. Maybe because we didn't get to see much of it in the series, I dunno.

Anyway, nice job with this. It was certainly hot, sexy and kinky!

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I'm glad you liked it! Your being so adamant about Simon and Kaylee sexin' on each other in my other fic made me decide to write something to keep you busy while I get all the fluff out of the way. There will probably still be some sexin' in the other one, in the last chapter, but it'll be more gentle and fluffy rather than kinked out like this fic.

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I swear, this gic gets hotter EVERY SINGLE TIME I read it. GUUUUUUUH.

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Damn good porn. My husband thanks you also.

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Kaylee's all sorts of kinky, don'tcha know? Who knows, maybe she just likes to feel manly every so often. ;) *giggle*

Thanks for reviewing, WHF! I've been a fan of your work for quite some time, and it's inspired a few of my own fics. :) I'm glad you liked it! There's going to be more Dom!Simon and other porn to come!

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I'm so glad you liked it! I hope your brain's okay after that! ;)

And I can promise you now there will be more Dom!Simon and Kaylee hotness coming along eventually! :D

Monday, July 31, 2006 1:25 PM


oh this was so much fun! gotta love simon being all in charge. looking forward to a sequel ;)

Monday, July 31, 2006 1:26 PM


oh this was so much fun! gotta love simon being all in charge. and kaylee totally getting off on it! looking forward to a sequel ;)

Monday, July 31, 2006 1:30 PM


Well I wouldn't call it a sequel, just some good ol' one shot Simon domming. It'll be just as good as this though, I'm sure! :D

Glad you liked it!

Tuesday, August 1, 2006 2:03 AM


A great way to wake up, though everyone does seem to have orgasms very quickly in these stories.

“Not now, baobei,” Simon hushed her. “I just want you to go and do the work you need to do. You are going to wear that until I take it out, dong ma. You’ll be a good girl, won’t you?”
-Very, very hot stuff here doll.

he pressed it firmly over her sex
-Maybe I have said this to you, maybe not, but that use of the word sex really doesn't work for me at all.

Kaylee felt like she was on the verge of death by pleasure.
-What a way to go, though.

he’d pass the time by rearranging his entire med stock. It was completely unnecessary, but there wasn’t anything else for him to be doing
-I do that same thing with my kitchen, especially if I am nervous about something

I, for one, think that Kaylee will be hurting a lot from leaving that thing in all day, but maybe I just don't know any womenwho can stand that sort of thing.

before ya sex me
-This one is tolerable, but only because Jayne uses it as such in Heart of Gold, and anyone thinking like Jayne, especially Kaylee, is a good thing.

“Bi zui, Simon,” Kaylee moaned. “Just fuck me…”
-Ummmm, GGUUHH!

You used the word wanton a lot in this one. Seemed like a lot, at least to me.

I am really liking dominant Simon, very much a heart(and other body parts)felt GUH for this piece.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006 5:50 AM


Thank you for your comments!

In such a long fic, I can't help but be somewhat redundant (with the word "wanton" and such), and if I didn't hurry the orgasms a little, I would have made it WAY too long.

As for the "he pressed it firmly over her sex" line, it's again with the redundance. I can only call it so many other things so many times. ;)

Even with all those elements, I still hope it was a completely overly enjoyable read for you! :) Next time I write something like this I'll definitely take these comments into consideration!


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