Cruel Summer (Chapter 1)
Wednesday, July 26, 2006

After the BDM, the crew decide they need some quiet time and go to visit Kaylee’s family on Harvest. Kaylee shows Simon that there’s more to life outside Serenity’s walls than he could ever have thought. Simon/Kaylee. (PG)


Disclaimer: Firefly and all related articles belong to Joss Whedon.

Thanks to Yanlei and FrellingBlonde for the beta! Translations are at the bottom of the page!

First part of what looks to be a 13 part fic. All fluff (with maybe a touch of angst or not-so-fluff) ahead!

Chapter 1: Harvest Moon

It had been a long few weeks since Miranda, since the happenings that followed and since saying goodbye to three beloved men, but the crew was slowly moving on. They were flying again, this time without fear of reprisal for carrying two wanted citizens. After the whole incident they’d escaped from, the Alliance’s interest in Simon and River tapered off completely. Law force flags and bulletins disappeared off the cortex; the siblings could walk down the streets of a busy Allied world, right under the noses of the feds, and not be bothered. Things were finally gaining a semblance of normality.

Serenity’s crew members were healing slowly. Simon was recovering from the shot to the stomach he’d taken, the captain’s many wounds were healing with each passing day and the rest of the crew were moving on with few ill effects. They were traveling light, River at the helm, taking Wash’s place on the crew but nowhere near taking his place in everyone’s hearts. Yes, things were regaining their usual momentum.

Mal had been doing a lot of thinking since Miranda. He’d thought about Simon, almost losing his life while trying to help his crew. He’d thought about River, her bravery and unwavering loyalty, thought about how wrong he’d been to ever doubt her. He’d thought about Kaylee, who’d taken up arms to join the fight for their lives and for what was right. Mal had considered Inara, and she still confounded him after all his consideration, but he was beginning to admit that he didn’t mind it so much. He’d thought about Zoe, about how much stronger she was than he’d ever really given her credit for, especially since Wash. Mal had thought about Jayne, about his being… well, Jayne. Then he’d thought about those they’d lost. He remembered Wash, his talent, his spirit. He remembered the Shepherd, with his wisdom and his secrets, and he’d remembered Mr. Universe with his love bot. It was a lot to comprehend, to take in, but Mal was slowly adjusting.

All of his thinking had led Mal to the conclusion that he’d put his crew through too much for their years in the past. He’d brought so many things down on them, despite trying to protect them, that he owed it to them to give them some time to rest and recover. When he’d announced his decision to the crew, he’d been overwhelmed with suggestions for where to take shore leave. He’d listened to them all and had spent a few sleepless nights settling on one idea, but he finally chose Kaylee’s suggestion of heading to her home planet of Harvest. The Fryes were very hospitable people and of everyone on the ship, he believed that Kaylee could have most used her family after all they’d been through. She needed to feel safe and comfortable after being thrown into a world so unlike what she was used to with the Miranda shenanigans.

That was how they had come to be where they were at that moment, sitting in the shade of the family’s back porch, sipping on homemade lemonade. Kaylee looked more pleased than Mal had seen her since he’d caught her in the middle of attempting to sex up the doc in the engine room, which he’d put a stop to and which he preferred not to think about, and everyone else seemed more relaxed than he could ever have pictured them. Their features, the lines of their faces seemed softer, like years had been sloughed off. It was when he noticed those things that Mal was reassured he’d done the right thing by giving the crew a couple of weeks of shore leave.

Kaylee still couldn’t believe that the captain had agreed to bring them all to Harvest. She’d hugged him so tightly when he’d told them the news that he’d almost collapsed. Now she was sitting on her old swing, the one her pa had built for her hanging from the biggest, sturdiest branch of the old oak tree behind the barn, smiling more brightly than she thought she ever could have. Behind her was Simon, giving her a gentle push just slightly higher each time she swung back toward him.

Their relationship had grown and flourished since Miranda. Kaylee had been more than glad that she’d waited for him when he finally came to her, ready to take the next step. They’d shared several amazing, intense nights and mornings after, and Kaylee hoped that they would share many more. Things were finally beginning to look up after the grim ending to the Miranda escapades and for that Kaylee was glad.

She giggled softly as Simon pushed her on the swing, turning her head to look at him over her shoulder. Her hair tickled her neck as the breeze rushed back and forth past her, making goose bumps rise on her skin. Of course part of that could have been attributed to Simon’s gentle touches as he pushed her as well. Everything was just so perfect, just like Kaylee had always wanted it to be. She was at home, surrounded by love and familiarity, and she’d finally found a place in the arms of the one man she’d ever truly fallen for.

As she swung forward, Kaylee put out her feet to stop herself. She smoothed down the front of her dress a little and stood up from the swing slowly. Simon watched her curiously, stepping forward as she turned to face him and stepped around the swing, removing the seat from the expanse between them. He reached out, setting his hands on her hips, closing the distance to where she stood. He leaned in and nuzzled her gently, inhaling her scent. When he held her in his arms, Simon was always left to wonder why he had waited so long to give himself the chance to be with her. He’d had perfection all along, he’d just refused to see it, and now he wasn’t sure he could ever go without it again.

They had decided to take it slowly. Back during the attack, Simon had told Kaylee he’d truly regretted never being with her, never taking the time to explore a relationship with her, to explore her, to bring her to her fall. Now that it was all over, however, they had all the time in the world, and though they’d explored each other plenty in the past weeks, they’d come to realize that a relationship, if it was going to last, wasn’t something to be rushed. They wanted to take it slowly, to discover each new facet of their relationship in a timely fashion and not rush into a lusty union again. The twelve days they were spending on Harvest with Kaylee’s family were going to be all about getting to know one another, to truly know each other, and about a slow build up. After that, they both knew their union would be that much more incredible, not only physically, but emotionally as well. Simon already had an idea as to what kind of a real first time he wanted, and he would make sure it was exactly what Kaylee wanted, too. At the end of their shore leave, he would give her a sexing that she would never forget.

Simon’s arms wrapped around Kaylee and he pulled her closer, holding her to him, leaning in to kiss her softly, just a momentary brush of his lips against hers. He pulled back just enough to look at her, smiling softly. She was so beautiful in the setting sun. They’d only been on Harvest since that morning, but already she’d taken on a darker hue. Her skin had a healthy, sun-kissed glow that he had never before seen on her. Living out in the black didn’t exactly permit sun tanning. Now that they were planetside, however, Kaylee seemed to take to the sun like a bird took to the air, and it showed on her face, her arms, on every exposed bit of skin.

“You are so incredibly beautiful,” Simon whispered softly.

Kaylee blushed a faint pink, giggling softly and leaning in to rest her forehead against Simon’s chest.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” she replied.

She loved being in Simon’s arms. She still found it hard to believe that she and Simon had found themselves, found each other because of what had happened with the Miranda affair. It was just hard to believe that it had taken them so long. It had been worth it, though. All those long days, even longer nights had been worth waiting through, because now that they had each other, they’d have a much longer time to celebrate their relationship than they’d had in a lack thereof.

Simon gently rubbed Kaylee’s back as he held her close. He realized that he’d needed the nearness all along, that by depriving himself of it, he’d only made everything worse. He’d deprived Kaylee of it for so long, too, he’d driven her away. He just thanked Buddha that she’d waited for him. He could never express to her how grateful he was for that.

Kaylee pulled away and stepped back, reaching out to take one of Simon’s hands in hers. She tugged on it and smiled brightly, urging him to follow her as she headed off toward the barn. He followed her wordlessly, although curious as to where she was leading him. He didn’t have much of a clue about barns, about what they contained or why they were heading right for one, but he trusted her. Kaylee just giggled as she led on, looking around the familiar fields, her eyes mapping the skies overhead as the sun slowly dipped behind the horizon.

Kaylee tugged Simon along, slipping into the barn with him through the crack in the big barn doors. She looked around inside, trying to make things out in the dimness. She groped blindly for the light switch on the wall and finally found it, flicking it on and watching the floodlight at the far end of the barn turn on, illuminating most of the dark space. She looked around, smiling at the sight of her daddy’s old tractor parked in its usual place at the back of the barn, at the saddles and other riding equipment hung up on the walls. She breathed deeply, smelling the musty scent of dried hay in the loft above them.

The loft was precisely why Kaylee had brought Simon to the barn. When she was younger she always used to watch the sunset from the barn, the loft had a perfect view of the West horizon. She’d always climb up there and step out the large window cut into the wall so she could sit on the overhang out front of the barn and watch the last rays of light disappear behind the landscape. Her momma didn’t like that very much, she recalled. The older woman was always saying that one day she’d slip and fall. Kaylee grinned because she’d come close, but she’d always managed to save her hide. Now that Simon was with her, she knew he wouldn’t let her fall either. There was just something about proving her mother wrong that gave her a sort of childish sense of satisfaction.

Tugging on Simon’s hand, Kaylee pulled him further along with her, heading for the old, rickety looking ladder at the side of the barn that led up to the hay loft above. As they neared it, Simon eyed it with uncertainty, offering a little bit of resistance to Kaylee’s insistent leading. She somehow managed to make it to the ladder with him anyway, and Simon stared up at it before looking down at her.

“Where are we going?” Simon asked unsurely.

“We’re goin’ up top o’ the overhang to watch the sunset, silly!” Kaylee replied. “We gotta climb up into the loft.”

Simon eyed the ladder.

“Are you sure it’s safe?” He queried.

“My brothers were up here just the other day,” Kaylee replied. “And they’re all as big as Jayne. We’ll be fine. Come on!”

Kaylee smiled brightly and let go of Simon’s hand, stepping up to the ladder. Wrapping her hands around the rungs she slowly began to climb up. She scaled the ladder with practiced ease while Simon watched anxiously from below, ready to attempt to catch her if she fell. He breathed a sigh of relief when she reached the top and pulled herself up onto the loft. She was gone from sight for only a second before appearing back in his line of vision, hanging over the edge of the loft and waving down to him.

“Come on Simon! You don’t wanna miss the sunset!” She called brightly.

Holding his breath, Simon stepped up to the ladder. He pulled on the rung a little, feeling it give a bit and wondered whether he was ready to die so soon. Steeling himself he shut his eyes and stepped up onto the ladder, climbing it slowly, one rung at a time. He heard creaking as he made his way and it did nothing to soothe his nerves. Before long, though, he heard a soft giggle and felt a hand come to rest on his shoulder. Opening his eyes slowly, Simon realized he’d reached the top. Trying his damnedest not to look down, he quickly pulled himself up over the edge and moved further back onto the loft. He looked at Kaylee, taking deep, calming breaths as his heart slowed from its racing pace.

Kaylee laughed as Simon put space between himself and the edge of the loft. She wasn’t about to scare him by telling him getting down was a lot harder than getting up. She pulled herself up to her knees and crawled over to Simon, falling onto her side into a pile of hay. She reached out to him, gently resting her hand on his chest, pulling herself closer to his side and cuddling into him.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” She giggled. “At least you made it!”

She could feel his heart racing beneath her palm and she pulled herself up to kiss him gently. Simon relaxed at the first hint of Kaylee’s lips against hers. He fell back from where he’d been propped up on his elbows and wrapped his arms around her, holding her close as he kissed back with a bit more fervor. The lovers both grew breathless quickly and pulled apart, still staying close as they caught their breath.

“I had to come all this way for a kiss?” Simon asked with a wry smile.

“What, it wasn’t worth it?!” Kaylee exclaimed with a mock-hurt expression.

“Of course it was, baobei,” Simon whispered, brushing another brief, gentle kiss over her lips. “I would go to the ends of the galaxy for you, for your kisses.”

Kaylee smiled softly and leaned closer, nuzzling into Simon’s neck, feeling completely content in his arms. She wished she could stay there all night, but she didn’t want to miss the sunset. She stayed cuddled up to him a moment longer, feeling his hand to come and gently tangle in her hair, his fingers brushing through it, before pulling back to look down at him.

“Come on doc, we don’t wanna miss it,” she said softly.

She slowly sat up and shook some hay out of her hair, smiling as she stood. She picked bits and pieces of the hay off of her dress as she waited for Simon to stand. He did so quickly and wrapped an arm around her waist, still trying not to glance back at the ledge of the loft. Looking around, Simon spotted the window, looking out at the long strip of sunlight that filtered in through the open shutters. He walked toward it with Kaylee and glanced outside.

The overhang stood straight out over the door of the barn and was quite wide. It looked safe enough; sturdier than the ladder, anyway. Simon glanced over at Kaylee as she moved closer to the window and carefully stepped over the ledge of it, standing on the opposite side of the wall on the overhang. Steeling himself again he followed, his free hand gripping the ledge the whole time. Looking over at Kaylee, Simon decided it would be best to sit and watch the sunset.

That thought in mind, Simon let go of Kaylee’s hand and settled himself against the barn wall, his legs out in front of him, parted slightly for her to sit between. He looked up at her, gesturing her down to sit with him, and watched as she complied. She gladly settled herself in the V-shape that Simon’s legs made and leaned comfortably back against him as his arms found their way around her. His hands rested gently at her stomach, rubbing softly through the fabric of her dress.

Kaylee was perfectly content in Simon’s arms. She sighed happily and rested her head back against his shoulder. The sun was nearing the horizon and would be setting any minute. Kaylee loved watching it, it felt so familiar. The fact that she was watching it with Simon made it all that much more special and amazing. She was completely content in his arms as his hands gently began rubbing over her sides, teasing at her ribcage softly and making her feel utterly relaxed.

Simon rested his chin gently on Kaylee’s shoulder as his hands sought out her sensitive spots. He knew just how she loved being touched, caressed. He loved the feeling of the warmth radiating from her body into his as she sat comfortably nestled between his legs. It felt so natural, so right. Turning his head slightly, Simon pressed his lips to Kaylee’s neck, feeling her warmth seep into his lips.

Kaylee shivered lightly, smiling softly as Simon kissed her. She realized, being in his arms like she was, having fallen victim to his gentleness, his kind-hearted romantic ways, that she didn’t need the sex which she’d been so intent on having with him. They’d almost been together once in the engine room, but since then Simon’s sense of nobility had kept them from trying again. She still wanted to be with him in that way, give that part of herself to him, but at the same time she wanted to hold out until the time was perfect. She wanted it to be everything it could be.

Looking out at the horizon, the lovers watched the sun slowly dip behind the horizon. Kaylee was perfectly comfortable in Simon’s arms, and he couldn’t have been happier. Keeping one hand wrapped around her, resting flat on her belly, Simon’s other hand slipped down to her thigh, stroking the skin beneath the thin, silky fabric gently. His fingertips traced random patterns over her flesh as the sunset flickered in her eyes. The ministration was making her shiver, making her feel hot and bothered and it made her giggle slightly. She wanted to take Simon then and there but decided against it, holding out for a more opportune, more perfect time.

Kaylee rested her head back against Simon’s shoulder, her eyes downcast so that she could see the sunset from under her downy eyelashes. The sun was over halfway behind the horizon already and the soft light combined with the cool evening air around them was relaxing Kaylee, making her pleasantly sleepy. She yawned lightly, settling herself even more comfortably against the warm plane of Simon’s body. Looking down, the young doctor noticed Kaylee’s eyes flutter closed a little and smiled, nudging her playfully.

“Keep your eyes open, xin gan,” he said softly. “I don’t think I can carry you down from here if you fall asleep.”

“I ain’t sleepin’ Simon, just restin’ my eyes,” Kaylee breathed.

Rolling his eyes lightly, Simon turned his gaze back to the sunset. In a matter of moments the sun would disappear completely, pitching them into darkness punctuated only by the shimmering stars and the full moon in the sky above. His breath was warm against Kaylee’s neck as she relaxed, her eyes opening again to watch the sunset. Everything felt like it was in perfect harmony at long last, the ideal ending to a long year of nothing but trials and tribulations.

The lovers sat in unbroken silence for the several long minutes that constituted dusk and preceded the sunset. The air seemed to cool suddenly and Simon’s embrace on Kaylee tightened a little, putting more of their bodies in contact, enjoying the shared warmth. They watched intently, both marveling at the beauty of the setting sun, of the sky’s many colors. It was like something out of a painting.

Simon was in awe at the sight before him. He’d only ever seen such beautiful sunsets in textbooks and photographs. He’d never had the good fortune to witness one in person. Not until then, anyway. What he was glad of more than anything was being able to share the moment with Kaylee. It brought a closure to the traumatic events of the past few months and opened a door to a new life, setting the stage for the days that were to follow.

Kaylee realized, as she watched the last rays of sunlight disappear beyond the horizon, that she’d missed her home something fierce. She’d missed the overhang, watching the sunsets, breathing the fresh air. Now she was lucky enough to be home again and better still, with the man she loved more than anything. It was like a fairytale, the ones her momma used to tell her all about when she was just a little girl; only to her, Simon was better than some knight in shining armor.

The night fell thick and hazy around them, the starts beginning to twinkle in the darkness one by one. In the distance, crickets were chirping and both Simon and Kaylee realized they’d nearly forgotten what nights were like planet side in the months they’d spent on the ship. They stilled together for a long while, simply looking out and seeing nothing but calm.

Simon was the first to move. His hands gently slipped up Kaylee’s arms, feeling the goose bumps that had risen there. He rubbed her skin slowly, warming her up.

“We should head inside,” he suggested softly.

As hesitant as Kaylee was, as much as she wanted to stay outside all night and watch the shooting stars in the sky, she agreed with a nod of her head. She didn’t want to leave the warmth and comfort of Simon’s embrace, but she figured it was for the best. Moving slowly she slipped from the valley between his legs and stood, holding onto the window frame for support while she straightened out her dress a little.

He stood slowly as Kaylee did, making sure not to put her off-balance. At a height like the one they sat at, falling to the hard dirt below would be dangerous, to say the least. He glanced over at Kaylee once he was standing, one hand gripping the window pane beside hers, the other one held out to her to help her over the ledge back inside to the loft.

Together they climbed quickly back into the barn and made it to the edge where the ladder to the ground was. Kaylee smiled at Simon and scaled quickly down it, looking up at him from the barn floor. She giggled at the utterly terrified expression on his face as he saw just how far from the ground he really was. He sat back and shut his eyes, waiting for the dizziness to pass.

Just don’t look down, he thought.

Taking a deep breath, Simon turned and clung to the ladder, beginning his descent. Getting down was a lot harder than getting up, he quickly discovered. By the time he’d made it about half way down he wished he hadn’t climbed up to the loft in the first place.

Opening his eyes, Simon glanced down, thinking he was close to the ground. The ten or so feet below him that still remained quickly changed his mind about just how close he was. Feeling faint, Simon felt his palms sweating. He took a shaky breath as he stepped down another rung. Letting go of the ladder with one hand to reach for the next run was a bad idea. With that motion, Simon slipped and overbalanced, falling back toward the wooden paneled floor of the barn.

“Simon!” Kaylee shrieked as she rushed forward.

A sickening crack was heard as Simon fell onto his back, hitting the ground hard. Only a second passed before he groaned softly and swallowed thickly. Before he could even figure out what was going on, Kaylee was at his side looking absolutely terrified. He opened his eyes slowly and met her worried gaze. He laughed softly, almost inaudibly and reached up to brush his hand over her cheek.

“Are you okay?” Kaylee asked frantically.

“I’m fine,” Simon croaked. “I think.”

“Oh, honey, maybe I should go get someone,” Kaylee said worriedly.

“No, I’ll be alright, just let me catch my breath,” Simon argued.

He had the feeling he would hurt the following day, if the way his lungs burned from being winded was any indication, but at least he was alive and conscious. He breathed deeply, feeling his ribs give a bit of a protest from the jarring they’d endured. He lay there, watching Kaylee, his heart breaking at the fear in her eyes. He didn’t want her to worry and so after a few minutes had passed he sat up slowly, bracing himself on his elbows, then his hands. He felt somewhat dizzy, but otherwise intact.

As soon as Simon tried to sit up, Kaylee wrapped an arm around his back and supported him. She still worried, but trusted that he could be objective in assessing his own injuries. She pulled him tighter against her body, taking some of the strain of sitting up off of him. She watched him as he took a few steadying breaths and tried to get his bearings.

Simon wasn’t too impressed with himself. His dignity was bruised, his backside was bruised even more so, but at least he’d gotten down. Still, he wished he hadn’t worried Kaylee so much. Brushing himself off gingerly as he rested some of his weight against her he decided that he was going to have to somehow make up for scaring her like he had.

After giving himself a moment to rest, Simon shifted and slowly began to stand. Kaylee was right at his side, supporting him. He wavered for a moment before regaining his strength and pulled away from her. His hands came to rest on her shoulders gently and he smiled apologetically.

“I’m sorry baobei, I didn’t mean to scare you like that,” Simon said quietly. “I’m fine now, don’t worry.”

“Well ya ain’t weak,” Kaylee said wryly. “But that don’t mean I won’t still worry ‘bout you.”

Simon gently brushed a stray strand of hair back from her face before pulling her closer. He shifted so he was standing with his chest to her back, cradling her in his embrace. Kissing the top of her head, his one hand was wrapped around her waist, pressing her back against him, while his other hand rested lightly just below her left breast. He could feel her heart beat beneath his palm, the racing rhythm making him want to soothe Kaylee even more, to relax and calm her.

Wan xi, Kaylee,” Simon cooed. “Shen hu xi. Come on; let’s head back to the house.”

Doing as she was told, Kaylee took a deep breath and managed to shake some of the worry. She slowly shifted around in Simon’s arms and pulled away, reaching out to take one of his hands as it broke contact with her body. She gave his hand a delicate squeeze and tugged on his arm lightly, ushering him along with her toward the house.

Following Kaylee, Simon looked down at the grass. Each blade glowed with its own halo cast by the moonlight above them. He smiled lightly and stepped closer to Kaylee, letting go of her hand and instead wrapping his arm around her waist so he could pull her up against his side. She squealed at the suddenness of it all and giggled as her own arm found its way around his waist.

Simon admittedly ached a little when Kaylee hooked herself onto him and he groaned a bit. The sound made Kaylee’s gaze flicker over to him and a worried frown appear on her lips.

“You sure you’re alright honey?” She asked.

“No matter how many times I say I’m fine, you’re not going to believe me, are you?” Simon said wryly. “At least not until I heal.”

“Not a chance,” Kaylee replied with a giggle.

The young doctor smiled and shook his head, stepping up the steps to the front porch. Kaylee led him inside and he exchanged pleasantries with her family as they passed the other people in the hall on the way to the room set aside for them. They reached it quickly and closed the door behind them. Once there, Kaylee extricated herself from beside Simon and gestured him toward the bed.

“You should sit down and let me take care of ya,” Kaylee insisted.

Raising his eyebrow for a moment, Simon observed Kaylee. Her innocent eyes quickly convinced him she was right, though. Smiling softly with a nod, Simon relented, kicked off his shoes and sat back on their bed. He looked up at Kaylee as he lay back against the pillows comfortably, gesturing for her to join him.

“Why don’t we leave the taking care for an occasion that really warrants it?” Simon suggested. “Come here, xin gan, come lie with me.”

Kaylee considered Simon for a moment. She wanted to take her time undressing him, to caress and kiss all of the soreness she figured was plaguing his muscles from the fall away and just generally make him feel a whole lot better, but at the same time she couldn’t refuse him when he looked at her with those electric blue eyes of his, that soft, sorrowful smile gracing his lips.

Rolling her eyes slightly, playfully, Kaylee slowly moved forward toward the bed, settling herself on the opposite side and lying back, turning into Simon. She nuzzled into his neck and closed her eyes, shivering pleasantly as his arms wrapped around her. There was nothing more she loved than being in his embrace, it just felt so right; so perfect.

Simon smiled softly down at Kaylee, tipping his head forward to press a gentle kiss to her forehead. She looked so fragile, so adorable and vulnerable when she curled herself up in his arms that he wanted nothing more than to protect her and shelter her from the world. When they were together, locked in an embrace like they were in that moment, he could do just that.

Kaylee sighed softly, a contented sigh, and snuggled as close to Simon as she could. The heat of the summer night drifted in through the window, warming her. Whatever warmth was lost in translation from the ambient air to her skin was more than compensated for by the heat emanating from Simon’s body pressed firmly and comfortably up against hers. Her eyes slowly fluttered closed and she yawned widely.

“I love you, Simon,” Kaylee whispered.

A pleasant warmth and fuzziness overcame her senses and before she could say another word, she drifted off into a deep sleep, still in her day clothes.

“I love you too, Kaylee,” Simon replied.

He glanced down at her and felt her breathing slow as her features relaxed completely. It was clear that she was sleeping and Simon took to gently rubbing her shoulder where his arm wrapped under her neck and around her, keeping her close to him. He wanted to keep the nightmares at bay and keep her sleeping peacefully, restfully.

Watching her sleep for a while, Simon thought about just how much he really did love her. He’d never before loved anyone like Kaylee. He smiled and let his eyes flutter closed. Snuggling closer to Kaylee, Simon inhaled deeply, the scent of her shampoo making him feel comfortable and familiar.

Yawning softly, Simon shifted just the smallest bit so that he was perfectly nestled. The soft sounds of Kaylee’s breathing relaxed him and soon he found himself willingly letting go of his reality matrix, slipping into a blissful sleep.

Together they slept dreamlessly, absorbed in nothing but each other even in their slumber. They’d been through so much, both together and alone, and they deserved the love they’d found. It was perfect and it was only going to get better in the next several days. The anticipation, the tenderness and sensitivity with which they planned on spending the days to follow would make what they were building up toward all that much more amazing and worthwhile.

All Kaylee wanted was Simon. All Simon wanted was to make Kaylee happy, and he planned on doing just that. He had the perfect idea for their last night on Harvest. He would make love to Kaylee like she’d never been loved before at that time. He would make it everything she deserved and then some. In the meantime however he would simply focus all of his love and attention on her. He would make the days building up to the last night as full and perfect as he could.

Murmuring lightly in his sleep, all thoughts aside, Simon shifted and nuzzled more closely to Kaylee, anticipating the following day with the smallest of smiles curving his lips.


Baobei: Darling Xin gan: Sweetheart Wan xi: Relax Shen hu xi: Take a deep breath

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006 7:53 PM


*grinning like a moonbrain from the cuteness*

I am so excited about this fic, from what you've told me it's gonna be so shiny. And it's off to a TRULY shiny start! Love it!

Thursday, July 27, 2006 5:08 AM


Great stuff, I like the S/K...

Thursday, July 27, 2006 5:12 AM


This is great - so sweet and loving ... I absolutely adore the idea of the two of them taking time with each other.

Of course, the build-up to that last night on Harvest is probably gonna kill me from anticipation, but somehow I'll make it. This is a greaet start ... post the next part soon!

Thursday, July 27, 2006 5:22 AM


Suspending my disbelief that Kaylee (being the sexual woman that she is) wouldn't throw him down and have her way with him the moment he was healed, this was very sweet and romantic.

One hopes there will be a payoff at the end of 11 days (and weeks since Miranda!) of waiting.

Looking forward to reading what the next 11 days will hold for them.

Thursday, July 27, 2006 5:47 AM


Thank you all for your compliments! Don't worry, I've got my muse back and hopefully I'll be able to write quicker than usual!

As for Kaylee not throwing Simon down and having her way with him, well, that's one opinion, mine differs. I wasn't originally going to write a final NC17 chapter, but now because of that difference in opinion I'm going to have to. The last chapter should please those who think there should be sex. Until then it's fluff and a touch of angst all the way.

In any case, I still hope you're all pleased with the upcoming chapters, they should be up soon!

Thursday, July 27, 2006 9:21 AM


Its wonderful meimei. You heard how amsued parts of it made me last night. Its adorable and I cant wait to read more ^_^

Friday, July 28, 2006 1:25 AM


As for Kaylee not throwing Simon down and having her way with him, well, that's one opinion, mine differs. I wasn't originally going to write a final NC17 chapter, but now because of that difference in opinion I'm going to have to.
-I just want you to know that you are not alone in that opinion, and that if you don't want to write the NC17 scene, you shouldn't, because after all, it is _your_ story.

He remembered Wash, his talent, his spirit. He remembered the Shepherd, with his wisdom and his secrets, and he’d remembered Mr. Universe with his love bot.
-It made me laugh to think that Mal thought of very deep things when remembering Book and Wash and the lovebot when remembering Mr. Universe.

They had decided to take it slowly.
-AMEN to that whole gorram paragraph.

There was just something about proving her mother wrong that gave her a sort of childish sense of satisfaction.
-HEHEHEHEHE I loved this.

I can identify with the ladder issue, I was that way myownself before I started working in the theatre, building sets and hanging lights. It's no longer an issue, thanks to that.

I love this little fluffy story, and look forward to reading it. As is probably obvious by the comments above, I share your opinion on Simon and Kaylee, and I am glad to see a story that is more in tune with that.

Friday, July 28, 2006 5:49 AM


Thank you for the lovely review, RiverIsMyGoddess!

It's good to see that you're enjoying the story! For the first time in my life I was worried about posting something, this, and seeing that people do like it is definitely encouraging me to continue on with the series!

I certainly hope the next chapter can be as good as this one! I'll have it up soon, I'm half done writing it. :)

Thanks again for reviewing!

Friday, July 28, 2006 9:13 PM


Ah...another view of a wondeful fic;)

Loving what you got here so far. Must say it's a refreshing look at Silee where things are going slowly cuz of recovering injuries and feeling out this new relationship. Nothing wrong with wall-to-wall macking and sexing between these two crazy kids..but it's nice to get a slow one occasionally;)


Saturday, July 29, 2006 5:00 AM


This is possibly the most romantic thing I've ever read.

Saturday, July 29, 2006 6:00 AM


The next chapter will possibly be even more romantic than this one! :)

ETA for that is tomorrow, since I discovered I have a LOT more to do today than I had originally planned.


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