As My Anger Reigns
Monday, June 5, 2006

Sometimes all it takes to soothe an angered soul is a gentle kiss. Mal/Simon. (PG13)


Disclaimer: Firefly and all related elements belong to Joss Whedon.

Written for a number of fanfiction challenges on LJ including slash_100, 100moods and joss100 for the prompt Anger.

I hope you like it! Don't read if slash isn't your thing.

Simon stormed into his bunk, seething after the insipid words Jayne had hurled at his retreating back. If he’d been any more a man, Simon would have stayed behind and punched Jayne square in the jaw, but it wasn’t his style and so he’d decided to bow out gracefully, while he still had some semblance of his dignity. On top of which if he left Jayne with any dignity at all, even after what he’d said, maybe the ape would be disinclined from saying another word.

"Aw hell, didn’t you see the way he was lookin’ at Mal’s naked pi gu?" Jayne laughed. “I’m tellin’ ya, the doc’s sly as they come.”

“There ain’t nothin’ wrong with bein’ sly, Jayne,” Kaylee said pointedly. “An’ besides, Simon ain’t sly.”

“The hell he ain’t!” Jayne said defiantly. “He’s too damn pretty to be elsewise.”

“You’re just jealous that he gets all the attention when we’re planetside,” Wash said with a goofy grin.

“Could we please stop discussing my sexual preferences?” Simon asked with a pointed glare at Jayne.

“Aw come on doc, can’t ya take a joke?” Jayne sneered.

“I can take a joke, yes,” Simon replied. “But something tells me you’re not trying to be funny.”

With that Simon stood from the table where he’d been sitting, eating some of the protein which he’d prepared with the Shepherd’s help. Not even bothering to put his dishes away, he strode out of the room, fuming. He didn’t want to hear another word out of Jayne, which was unfortunately inevitable thanks to Jayne’s volume and the fact that sound tended to carry through Serenity’s halls.

Jayne watched as the doctor left the table, a bright grin on his face. He loved ruffling Simon’s feathers, it was just too much fun watching that core bred fancy get riled up.

“He’s just bein’ a tight-ass cause he ain’t gettin’ any,” Jayne snorted as he continued eating.

At that moment, Mal had entered the galley area and looked around the table, seeing the place setting which had been left in the middle of the meal where Simon usually sat, with the young doctor nowhere to be seen. He’d heard Jayne’s last words and allowed a frown to crease his lips and brow.

“Were you harassin’ my medic again Jayne?” Mal asked coolly.

“Only cause he’s lettin’ himself be harassed,” Jayne replied.

“And what have I told you about keeping a civil tongue in that mouth of yours?” Mal questioned.

“I thought ya’d only meant around crew,” Jayne reasoned.

“Whether or not you like him, the doctor’s crew too,” Mal said stiffly. “So you will keep a civil tongue in that mouth of yours around him or I will sew it shut, Dong ma?.”

Jayne didn’t bother replying. He only went back to eating, his high spirits dashed by Mal’s entrance. Mal glared at the mercenary for another moment before getting down to eating. He knew what they’d been talking about, he’d heard the laughter from his bunk where he’d been recovering after their latest job. He had a nice golden tan on his backside from their adventures in the desert and he’d wanted to give his pi gu a little breathing room away from prying public eyes. He hoped to catch the doctor before he left, knowing just how sensitive Simon was about their relationship, about his sexual preferences. He didn’t want it to end like it had, but he’d settled on going to see Simon as soon as the crew had dispersed now that the younger man had left the table.

Simon lay back on his bed, staring up at the ceiling over him. Jayne didn’t know about him and Mal, at least not as far as Simon knew, so he couldn’t have really meant what he’d been saying about him being sly. Simon could admit he was, but he didn’t want it to be public knowledge, at least not yet. He was still growing accustomed to the fact that he was in a relationship with Mal, and he didn’t need anyone discouraging him from the choice he’d made. He didn’t want to live in fear of changing his mind about Mal because he was being ribbed, and so he’d walked away before Jayne could say any more than he had.

A moment later Simon was snapped out of his reverie by a knock at the door. He sighed deeply and sat up slowly, turning his head to look at the doorframe.

“Come in,” he called.

He watched the shoji door to his quarters slide open and was relieved when Mal’s form appeared. He relaxed a little, thanking God it wasn’t Jayne come to rib him some more, or anyone else come to offer any words of consolation, or anything at all. Simon shifted over on the bed a little, giving Mal some room while the captain slipped the door of the room closed and made his way over to the bed. He sat down at the doctor’s side and met Simon’s gaze.

“You sittin’ here and sulking in Jayne’s words again?” Mal asked lightly.

Simon sighed exasperatedly.

“He has no sense of decorum,” he snapped. “He’s about as mature as a third grader and of all the things he could harp on me for he had to choose that.”

“Can’t say he’s the smartest one in the bunch,” Mal agreed. “But he didn’t know what he was sayin’.”

“He still could have stopped when I asked him to drop it,” Simon said pointedly.

“I reckon he could have,” Mal replied. “But this is Jayne we’re talkin’ about, the more he knows he’s gettin’ on someone’s nerves, the more he’ll do it, you know that.”

“I know, he just makes me so angry,” Simon said with a sigh.

“Well don’t let him get to you like that,” Mal soothed. “Forget about him. He’s the one not gettin’ any, considerin’ how many times a day I catch him either going to or coming back from his bunk.”

The corners of Simon’s lips twitched up into the smallest of smiles at the words and he nodded lightly. He watched Mal just as the captain reached out, lightly cupping his cheek as he leaned in to press his lips to Simon’s. The young doctor gladly allowed himself to sink into the welcoming warmth of the kiss, leaning into Mal and wrapping his arms around the captain. He pulled back slowly, tugging Mal down with him as he lay back against the bed.

Mal was the only person who could make Simon go from one emotional extreme to the complete opposite with only a touch, a few well placed and tender words. He wasn’t used to seeing the captain as being so gentle, so warm and loving. All he ever saw before a couple of weeks prior was the harsh, abrasive, hardened war veteran with a fierce passion for his ship, his crew and nothing else. It made Simon feel all kinds of amazing knowing that he could bring those delicate qualities out in the man he’d grown to love so much.

Breaking the kiss slowly as they moved to a more relaxed position, Mal pulled back and opened his eyes, looking down at Simon. He loved seeing the more relaxed side of the man, the one that wasn’t hidden behind all of those straight-laced core inhibitions. He was glad that he could be the one to help Simon unwind, to ease some of the tension plaguing the young doctor.

Reaching out, Mal slowly settled his hand at Simon’s hip, gently rubbing at the skin beneath the fabric, slowly slipping the material of the shirt up from where it was tucked into Simon’s belt. He reached the cool skin beneath and slipped his hand higher still, rubbing at the tense muscles in the younger man’s sides. He smiled lightly as Simon’s eyes fluttered closed and he gave a pleasant moan, falling back completely relaxed against the bed, enjoying Mal’s touch.

“You’re too good to me, Mal,” Simon said softly. “And after all I’ve put this crew through...”

“We’re all still flyin’, ain’t we?” Mal asked.

Simon smiled lightly and nodded, remembering the first words he and Mal had ever exchanged on what could remotely be called good terms. He reached out, gently settling his hand over the one that Mal was using to rub at his rib cage, feeling the warmth of the back of Mal’s hand seep into his palm even through the silk of his shirt. With his free hand, Simon reached up to pull the captain down from where he’d propped himself up on his elbow, leaning in to press his lips to Mal’s gently.

He realized that both anger and love were born of the same source. They were both born of passion. It brought a smile to his lips as he melded them with Mal’s, feeling Jayne’s words vacate the forefront of his mind and soon leave him altogether, allowing him to enjoy all of his lover’s touches and kisses to the fullest.

If it meant feeling like he did at that moment, Simon decided he would need to get riled more often.


Pi gu: butt Dong ma: understand?


Monday, June 5, 2006 5:18 PM


Ok, I usually don't read Mal/Simon unless it's REALLY good. But I know and love your writing so I figured I'd give it a read.

The whole Jayne taunting conversation at the table and the banter going back and forth was SO in character for all of them. I could see that conversation (minus the actual M/S stuff!) actually happening in the series.

Even the S/M stuff at the end was nicely done.

Monday, June 5, 2006 5:36 PM


Nicely done! Leave it to Jayne to get it right and not realize it. *g* And I love Kaylee unwittingly sticking up for Simon. A very sweet read. Great job!

Monday, June 5, 2006 5:42 PM


Aww that was sweet... I usually don't read slash but Simon and Mal are my two fav guys on the ship, I could kinda see a relationship between them. Jayne's nettling words were so perfect for him and Simon's reaction was totally in character. Nice Job!

Monday, June 5, 2006 6:40 PM


Don't normally swing for slash couples ('less they be FF, but then again I am pervy dude *wink*) but I like how you dealt with this setup, Wanmei:)

If Mal and Simon did have a relationship, I think it would be like this at first: private, careful and understanding of one another's quirks. Feel bad that Kaylee will lose out on her Simon pining, but I think she would come to be Mal/Simon defender through her positive attitude.


Monday, June 5, 2006 8:16 PM


Such a realistic bit of teasing from Jayne, unknowingly hitting on a truth none of the others seem to have picked up on yet and you handled the scene with Mal and Simon at the end very tastefully. I am hoping that Simon lets Kaylee down gently rather than not telling her at all. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Monday, June 5, 2006 10:41 PM


Not a fan of Mal/Simon, if it's slash I usually only read f/f but this was a good read. You handled the whole thing very well and the Jayne teasing was perfect!



Tuesday, June 6, 2006 2:35 AM


*sigh* I love seeing Mal's soft side, no matter who's the one responsible for drawing it out.

And I'm with everyone else on the dialogue - excellent back and forth! That's just Jayne being Jayne. :p


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