Friday, March 3, 2006

New baby and old feelings. Things are about to change. Simon/Kaylee, Mal/ Inara-ish, more later. Continuation of Thoughts-Baby.


Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me, just writing for fun.

Here's another installment for you guys. It's a little funny, a little angsty and a big bunch of mushy ( I can't seem to escape it!). There is more to come. Hope you all like it and please comment!:D ________________________________________________________________

Inara climbed the stairs and entered the galley where upon she encountered Mal, fully dressed now, pacing in front of the hatch. They practically slammed into each other. "Oh, I'm sor-" "Yeah, I 'm ...yeah, so ?" Zoe and Jayne looked up from the dining table, anxious for some news. Inara turned from Mal to face them and announced, "It's a girl!" Inara noticed Jayne's face seemed a bit crestfallen as she continued. "She's healthy and Kaylee is doing well." Zoe smiled back at Inara, "So, what's her name?" "I didn't -" Thundering footsteps racing up the stairs greeted everyone as River bounded into the dining room. "It's a girl!" Jayne snorted to himself and rolled his eyes at River. "Yeah, moonbrain, we know. What kinda fung la witch are ya?" River stuck her tongue out at him, then taunted, "I know her name." Everyone stared at River, waiting for her to respond, but she just sauntered over to the fruit on the kitchen table and picked up an apple. Zoe held back a smirk but Inara and Mal were still staring fixedly at the girl. "Gorram it, what's her name?" Jayne questioned her, more irritated than before. River finished her bite of the fruit and smiled at Inara, "Sara." Inara blushed in uncompanion -like behavior as she realized who they were naming the baby after. Mal reached out to Inara, grazing her hand, trying to grasp it. Inara's back stiffened and slipped by him in one fluid motion, entering the kitchenette. "How about some tea for everyone? It's been something of a trying morning." The odd smile that graced her face and her reaction to his touch sent Mal immediately into a black mood. "If Kaylee and the baby are fine then I've got....captainy things to... ya know some one around here has to bring in some work." With that, he stormed off to the bridge. The awkward moment lingered as Inara ignored Mal's exit and continued to prepare tea, keeping her eyes on her hands as they busied themselves. Zoe stood up from the table and began to cross the room looking at Jayne and River intently, “Maybe we should go ‘n visit Kaylee and the baby?” River shook her head, then looked to Inara who kept her eyes down, staring intently at the kettle. “Needs her rest.” Jayne and Zoe glanced at Inara and they all shared knowing looks before each one of them left the galley to attend to the business of the day.


Simon turned off the lights of the infirmary with Kaylee still inside, dozing peacefully on the examination table. The birth had been exhausting for all involved. She and Simon had settled on the baby's name, then Simon sat on the stool next to her till she began to nod off. In his arms was their brand new baby daughter. He couldn't keep his eyes off of her as he made his way up the stairs to the rest of the crew. "Sara," Simon whispered down to his sleeping daughter. Entering the galley to find it empty, Simon looked around again, puzzled. “Where is everybody?” A bit disappointed, he sat himself down in one of the lounge chairs. Sara squirmed in his arms, she reached out to nowhere and opened her little mouth to yawn, then settled back into sleep. The thick patch of black hair made her quite visibly his. He wasn't sure if her eyes would change from the blue that most babies were born with. It made him smile to think of her with Kaylee's bright hazel eyes. "That's just fine with me, Sara. I don't mind having you all to myself for awhile.” He stared at his perfect little girl and his heart swelled. This feeling was something that he had never known. He couldn't quite fathom how much he could adore someone so quickly. She was a part of him, something whole of his and Kaylee's love for one another and she amazed him. "Thank you." Simon shifted his eyes to the entrance of the galley closest to the cockpit. Inara stood there, freshly scrubbed and changed for the day. She pulled her shawl closer around her shoulders as she floated across the room to crouch in front of Simon and the baby. He smiled down at her. "It was Kaylee's idea." "You both are so...thank you again, I am truly honored." "Inara-" "I think I will go sit with Kaylee for some time. I am quite positive River will be dragging everyone in here any moment now and some peace and quiet will be nice." By the smile on her face, Simon decided to concede to her wishes. The strain between her and Kaylee seemed to be over with, she was beginnning to open herself back up to the crew. Simon knew it was going to take time for things to get back some semblance of normalcy. Whatever that is here- he thought to himself. Inara touched his shoulder and left him again alone with his daughter. As if on cue, near seconds later, River dragged Mal into the galley followed closely by Zoe. She propelled Mal towards Simon while he rose from the chair. “Guess this is our new crew member?” Mal peered down at the slumbering child, “Sara, huh?” Simon proudly answered, “Yes.” River was like a buzzing bee circling around the group as they each took in the new life. "A baby will be good for all of us." Zoe let the words slip out of her mouth as she pet the soft hair that framed the infant's face, poking out from the blankets she was wrapped in. Mal's eyebrow raised as he let the remark pass. She just kept her eyes focused on the newborn, but Simon smiled at the implications of those words. Kaylee had always called the crew family but he thought it was just the generosity of her heart that made her accept and love people so freely. Now Simon was genuinely beginning to see that it was true for all of them. The opening of a hatch announced Jayne as he made his way into the galley He swaggered up to the group and peered down at the infant. "Her face s'posed to be all scrunched up like that?" "Jayne!" Zoe admonished as Mal just gave him an exasperated look. Jayne reached out to touch the baby and was taken aback when River slapped his wrist. She gave him a disgusted look. "Wash your hands!" she whispered with conviction as he pulled his hand back, the sting of her slap more painful than he would have expected. Zoe closed her eyes to keep from punching him while Mal put his hand to his temple, sure that a headache was about to begin pounding in his skull. Simon recoiled from the large man and held his child a little closer to him. They all knew what Jayne had been doing in his bunk.


Inara sat on the same stool as Simon had next to Kaylee and watched her friend sleep serenely. In her mind she prayed to Buddha; to ensure the child’s health and happiness, for the safety of her friend’s family, and for an answer to her own plight. Gently taking hold of Kaylee’s hand as she still slumbered, Inara tried to will some of the never ending hope that seemed to well forth from her heart. Maybe if she could capture some of that, she could face her own heart. She had given in the night before. She had run in to Mal’s arms and lost herself for a few hours. They hadn’t consummated their relationship, he had only held her. Yet the months of tension that had been building walls back up between them began to crack. His arms soothed her, his body pressed against hers gave consolation. It overwhelmed her to feel such peace from a man that had brought so much conflict to her mind. She couldn’t give over to her feelings so glibly, she had to be sure she wasn’t going to throw her life away, all that she had held dear, for something that may just be a fleeting moment in time. The jealousy that had been entrenched in her soul was gone, she couldn’t blame Kaylee anymore. It was all a deflection, a form of survival for her because she couldn’t admit that she now wanted a life so different from what she had. Inara laid her head against her own and Kaylee’s hands, and prayed a little harder.



Friday, March 3, 2006 6:42 PM


Another awesome installment! I love reading these pieces. Poor Kaylee, so tired. I'll bet they have the prettiest baby in the world though, despite Jayne and his comments. *giggle*

I can't wait to see more of this story, to see how the Inara bit plays out as well.

Keep it up!

Friday, March 3, 2006 6:54 PM


Okay...picturing Simon with a baby...his and Kaylee's baby...

*brain turns to mush from the AWWWWWWW*

Friday, March 3, 2006 10:09 PM


Aww, the few quiet moments Simon has with the baby are so nice. Something wholy his - and Kaylee's.

Inara's moments were very nicely done as well.

Friday, March 3, 2006 10:49 PM


aww imagine kaylee and Simons baby... so cute!

Saturday, March 4, 2006 3:20 AM


What a super-cute chapter! And a very sensitive take on Zoe.

Tuesday, March 7, 2006 4:44 PM


I didn't get the Sara bit until it was explained. It so...awww.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006 10:47 AM


Soon there will be a sequel, I promise! Real Life is getting in the way!:D

Saturday, April 15, 2006 7:43 AM


and calm...okay. i LOVE little sara already and simon's little moment alone with her was just so perfect.


Monday, May 15, 2006 11:05 AM


There is not enough *SQUEEE* in the 'verse!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006 4:08 AM


I liked it all except for a bit at the very end. Praying to Buddha is a bit of a contradiction in terms. Otherwise, a very well written and very fluffy bit.

River's response to Jayne trying to touch the baby was wonderful.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008 6:21 PM


Although I realize I'm two years late, I really enjoyed this! Also, is there a sequel?


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