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Kaylee falls victim to more of Simon's ministrations. Part four of Tesion, Touch Me Trust Me, and Prelude. Simon/Kaylee (NC17)


Disclaimer: I do not own Firefly, it belongs to Joss Whedon.

Part four in a smut series of mine. Check out my profile for the first three parts titled: 1. Tension, 2. Touch Me, Trust Me and 3. Prelude


"Tell me that you want this, Kaylee," Simon said softly.

Kaylee whimpered as his silky tone slipped over her. She was so relaxed, so ready that she wasn’t sure she could form the words he’d asked of her. But she knew she needed to. She had grown accustomed to his bedside manner, so to speak, and she knew that he was only asking it of her because he only wanted her to be happy, only wanted to do it if she wanted it too. Though she was sure her physical responses to his ministrations spoke volumes, she knew that Simon just wanted to be sure.

“I want this, Simon,” she replied, meeting his incredible, periwinkle-blue eyes. “Please…”

Simon smiled softly, nodding lightly. He leaned in slowly and pressed his lips to Kaylee’s, his eyes fluttering closed as he felt the heat from her mouth seep into him. He could feel her trembling beneath him, vibrating with passion and need. He kissed her deeply for a few long moments, his hands delicately fluttering over the flesh of her sides. He pulled away from her, his lips tingling, tasting her, and exhaled. His eyes fluttered open and drank in the sight of her, her flushed body beneath him, warm and ready.

The young doctor slowly slipped down Kaylee’s body once more. He knew she wanted to feel him inside of her, hell, he wanted to be inside of her too, but he wasn’t through yet. He needed to taste her, to see just how ready she really was for him.

Simon left a trail of kisses from Kaylee’s lips, down along her throat, over her collarbone, across her chest, over her breasts, along her ribcage and down over her belly. He stopped at her navel for just a moment to tease at it with his tongue, trailing it around the rim, dipping in, eliciting a gasp and moan from Kaylee.

He continued his kisses until he reached her lower belly. Simon glanced up at Kaylee for just a moment, seeing that her eyes were closed, her hands gripping the bed sheets for purchase. She was expecting it at any moment and it made a shock go through him. She was waiting for him like that. Only he could bring that look of pleasure to her face. Only he could cause those feelings in her. It was extremely empowering.

Simon’s hands slipped down from where they’d been teasing Kaylee’s sides to rest on her thighs a moment before slipping down in between her thighs. He teased at the soft, warm, creamy flesh of her thighs, applying a gentle pressure, causing her legs to part and allowing him access to her most sensitive parts.

At the first wave of warmth Simon felt radiating from Kaylee’s core, a gasp spilled from his lips. His hands slipped up her thighs and rested at the joining of her thighs and her torso. He leaned in and turned his head slowly, pressing a fluttering kiss to her inner thigh.

Kaylee tossed her head slowly back and forth, taking deep breaths to control the sensations that were beginning to completely overwhelm her. She couldn’t see, her eyes were closed, she could only feel. She felt Simon’s lips on her, his hands. A stray lock of his hair tickled her inner thigh as he leaned in to kiss it. Her heart raced in her chest almost painfully quickly as the anticipation coursed through her.

She began to move her hips slightly when she felt Simon’s breath ghost over her sensitive core. He was so close and if she could just find it in herself to arch up a bit further, she was sure she’d be able to feel his lips against her. God, she needed to feel his tongue delving into her, his lips teasing her, his warmth.

“Simon…” Kaylee moaned breathlessly.

Simon smiled. He loved listening to Kaylee as she called his name. It sounded like a prayer, like a chorus of angels on high. He knew just what she wanted and at long last he obliged her, closing the final few inches of distance, his mouth meeting her eager upward thrusts.

The doctor’s hands slipped up to Kaylee’s hips, gripping them firmly as she cried out at the first hint of his touch. He only kissed her at first, not so much as even parting her to get to her core. Only a superficial brush of his lips.

He slowly trailed his tongue along her core, finally tasting her. His tongue reached her clit and he played lightly at it, causing Kaylee to arch her back and whimper pleasantly. His lips closed over it and he suckled lightly at it, making breath short and speech unable. He was teasing Kaylee to the edge, he knew, and this time he wasn’t going to do anything to stop it. If she reached a climax now, she’d only be even more sensitive and ready for him.

One hand remained firmly gripping Kaylee’s hip as the other came down to slowly tease Kaylee’s clit whilst Simon’s tongue trailed downward, lapping at her wetness, teasing at her entrance. He knew she was on the verge.

Kaylee was seeing stars. She was panting breathlessly now, small moans punctuating her gasps for air as Simon’s fingertips teased her clit and his tongue danced around her aching core. Her hips were bucking frantically against the hand that held them as she fought to bring Simon closer. God, she wanted it so much. She was going to scream any moment. There was a familiar throbbing in the pit of her belly that told her she was on the brink of climaxing.

Simon gave in at long last, slipping his tongue into Kaylee, lapping at the sensitive tissues just inside of her entrance. His fingers continued their torture at Kaylee’s clit. He could feel her tense beneath his ministrations. She was just about there already. Another minute and she would cry out in a fit of complete and utter pleasure.

God, she tasted like heaven. Simon could already taste the beginnings of her hot release on his tongue. He lapped delicately at Kaylee’s core as she writhed. Before he could do much more, before his fingers could tease her any more, rub at her clit, he felt her tense up. His name tumbled off of Kaylee’s lips and she trembled for a long moment.

Simon felt her essence spill from her and he lapped it up slowly, gently, caressing her clit softly while she rode out the waves of her climax. Only when she’d relaxed once more, fallen back completely spent, did Simon stop his ministrations. His hands both came to settle on Kaylee’s hips again and he leaned back on his haunches, looking over her body, watching her chest rise and fall as she caught her breath.

Kaylee felt like a boneless pile of flesh after her climax. There was a residual throbbing in her belly and a pleasant tingling at her entrance. She opened her eyes slowly, feeling weak and content, swallowing thickly at the sight of Simon kneeling before her, hard and ready to take her. A small smile brushed over her lips as she reached up a hand to him, beckoning him forward.

Wo de ma, Simon,” Kaylee said huskily.

She wanted to sit up, to reach out and grip his length, stroke it delicately, taste him, but her head was still spinning from her climax. She needed to make him feel some of what he’d made her feel, show him how amazing the sensations that were going through her were. She wanted to give some of it back, but for the time being, she was still caught up in her post-climactic haze and she struggled to stop her head swimming.

Simon observed Kaylee for a moment. He reached out to take the hand she held out to him, squeezing it gently for only a moment before letting it go, letting it flutter back down to her side. Simon wanted to take her slowly this time. Sometimes they did it quickly, hastily and passionately, crying out to the heavens and to anyone within hearing range. Sometimes they took it at a more relaxed pace, both giving and receiving. But no, this time, Simon wanted to take it slowly. He wanted Kaylee to lie back and be completely open to him, to take him deep, to feel her close comfortably around him. He wanted to give and to feel, but he didn’t want Kaylee to do any of the work. This was going to be for her, to be all about her.

Simon moved forward a little, his hands slipping down from her hips to come and rest back under her calves, gently exerting upward pressure, encouraging Kaylee to bring her legs up a little. He guided them for her, forcing her gently to bend her legs at the knees, coaxing her legs further apart, bracing her feet flat against the bed. He could fit comfortably and perfectly between her legs that way. He could be so close to her, he could enter her so deeply with one swift thrust.

Kaylee moaned as Simon manipulated her carefully. She could feel his hard length teasing at her core, slipping in her wetness. She looked down at Simon and reached out to place her hands gently on his shoulders, her nails digging into his skin, trying to bring him forward to enter her.

Simon smiled as Kaylee reached out to him, but he resisted her. He leaned forward, bending his head low, and pressed a few kisses to Kaylee’s ribcage. His lips found her nipples and he suckled gently on one at a time, feeling them harden at the ministration. He teased them with his tongue and nipped at them lightly, causing shocks of sensation to race and pull right at Kaylee’s nethers. He continued suckling and licking for a few moments, feeling Kaylee’s nethers throb with need for him as he worked.

Finally, Simon decided he’d teased her enough. He looked down at Kaylee, his hands slowly slipping up her sides, feeling warmth from the pleasant friction of skin against skin. As his hands reached her underarms, Kaylee lifted her arms a little and Simon slipped his hands over her upper arms, the crooks of her elbows and finally to her hands, grasping them gently. He held her hands, twining his fingers with hers, shifting with her so that their hands rested on either side of Kaylee’s head.

The young doctor squeezed Kaylee’s hands for a second, rubbing the backs of her hands with his thumbs as he rested comfortably with her, his length probing delicately at her entrance. He leaned in to press a few fluttering kisses over her neck, to relax her. He nipped at the flesh of her throat and suckled tenderly at her pulse point before tipping his head back up again.

He was so close to her, he could feel their bodies touching at every possible point. His chest was pressed against her breasts, her nipples teasing him lightly. His thighs were pressed to hers, his arms touched hers and his hands gripped hers. It was the perfect, intimate position. Simon looked down at Kaylee, taking in her beautiful features as they tensed in anticipation.

“Open those beautiful eyes and look at me, xin gan,” Simon said gently.

Kaylee swallowed thickly, her throat hoarse, feeling overcome with sensation as his words reached her ears. His voice was so soft, so melodious that it had Kaylee falling even deeper into an altered state of consciousness where she could feel everything, but was unaware of anything but Simon. She arched her hips into him, they were so very close, and felt his hardness press tantalizingly into her just a fraction of an inch from the motion. She did as Simon asked, knowing that it would make the sensation even more amazing. She slowly allowed her eyes to flutter open and she gazed up into the brilliant cobalt-blues of his. She saw so much love in them. So much emotion. Kaylee moaned breathily and whispered Simon’s name, gripping his hands tightly, wanting him to enter her.

Simon took one look into Kaylee’s eyes and knew that he couldn’t hold out any longer. He shifted just the smallest bit so they were perfectly comfortable, perfectly aligned. He leaned in to kiss Kaylee softly, just a brush of his lips, before pulling away once more.

“I love you, Kaylee,” Simon cooed.

With those words came the perfect chance. Simon slowly thrust his hips forward, closing his eyes for only the briefest moment as he slipped into Kaylee, feeling her close around him, feeling her heat seep into him as he slipped in as deeply as he could.

Kaylee cried out as she felt Simon enter her and move inside her. Inch by agonizing inch he slipped deeper until he was sheathed in her as deep as possible. She felt him touch her very core, the very cornerstone of her being. Her eyes fluttered closed from the sensation but she opened them again to meet Simon’s gaze when he gently squeezed her hands to keep her focused on him.

Simon hissed in a breath as he stilled within Kaylee for a moment. She fit around him perfectly, everything felt so right. He held her gaze, staring deeply into her beautiful passion-glazed eyes. They were only unmoving for a moment, but in that moment Kaylee wrapped her legs around Simon’s torso, pulling him tighter against her, feeling him pressing up against her clit as he moved just the smallest bit further into her from the movement.

Once her legs were looped around him, Simon slowly began to move with Kaylee. He set a slow, gentle rhythm. The way they were positioned allowed him only small movements, but they had a great impact. Each time Simon slipped out a little, he slipped back in again to the fullest, penetrating Kaylee deeply, filling her wonderfully, feeling her tense around him with each thrust. Each stroke also allowed him to rub up against her sensitive little nub, causing incredible sensations to course through her amidst the gentle lovemaking.

Kaylee was completely overcome by the heat of the moment. Simon was being so gentle with her, but at the same time he was making her feel more than she’d ever felt before. The way they were positioned was so close, so romantic. She could look into his eyes, feel his breath on her lips, feel his heat warming her as he thrust inside of her in the perfect rhythm. She wanted to thrust back, to meet him stroke-for-stroke, but she wasn’t in any position to do so. All she could do was feel.

Simon leaned in and rested his forehead against Kaylee’s, tasting the warmth of her breath on his lips, almost feeling her lips touching his. He kept his eyes focused on hers, almost feeling her eyelashes tangling with his as he continued to thrust into her. He loved being sheathed within her, loved feeling her close around him, trying to hold him inside of her as he moved.

Kaylee cried out softly each and every time Simon moved, unintelligible syllables tumbling from her lips. Every so often the passion would get so great, the sensations so intense, that she would be forced to close her eyes, but only for a second. She’d open them again right away to hold Simon’s gaze.

Simon had wanted to take it slow. He’d wanted things to be perfect. The passion had built, however, and he could no longer be content just going slowly. He braced himself, gripping Kaylee’s hands tightly as their faces hovered mere centimeters apart and began to increase the speed of their rhythm. It became more frantic, more powerful, his thrusts beginning to jar Kaylee’s body with each movement.

The young mechanic gasped at the suddenness of the change in pace. She squeezed her eyes shut and grasped Simon’s hands tightly in return as he began to move more quickly. He was sliding in deep with each thrust, teasing at her very core, making the sensations incredibly, almost painful and unbearable, but the last thing she wanted was for him to stop. She tossed her head back and forth, moaning softly.

“Simon,” Kaylee moaned. “So close… Please…”

Kaylee’s whimpers and moans of utter contentment served to spur Simon on. He was close, too, so deliciously close. Simon leaned in closer, nuzzling into Kaylee’s neck as he kept up their rhythm. He nipped at the flesh of Kaylee’s throat delicately, licked at it, kissed it. He could feel her body tense with each stroke; much like his own body was tensing as well.

It didn’t take much more for either of them. A few more thrusts and Kaylee mewed Simon’s name in a fit of passion, tightening the grip she had around his torso with her legs, holding him still as she climaxed. Simon came soon thereafter, Kaylee’s name leaving his lips in a breathless gasp as he released within her.

They stilled together as the warmth from their fading release overtook them. They’d climaxed, but Simon didn’t want to pull out just yet. Instead, he shifted a little, getting Kaylee to release her grip on his torso and letting go of her hands so that they could roll onto their sides together. He was still sheathed in her as he wrapped one arm around her waist to pull her closer, leaning in to kiss her gently.

Kaylee smiled softly, finally opening her eyes, relaxing completely after the last few ounces of tension faded from her body. She moved gladly with Simon as they rolled over. She could still feel him inside of her, she could feel him lightly rubbing her sensitive, over-stimulated tissues. She gladly kissed Simon in return when his lips met hers, her tongue softly tangling with his.

Simon kissed Kaylee for a long moment, simply enjoying the contact he had with her. He pulled away and opened his eyes, meeting her gaze and reaching up to brush a hand through her hair. He draped one leg lazily over hers, still inside of her. His hand gently stroked her hip, enjoying the softness of her skin beneath his touch.

Kaylee curled up comfortably in Simon’s arms. He was so strong but so gentle. His arms fit around her perfectly, protecting her, keeping her warm. She nuzzled into the crook of his neck and breathed in his scent. It was so familiar, so comforting. Her eyes fluttered closed once more and she relaxed in Simon’s arms, letting him do with her as he pleased, still feeling the heat and fullness inside of her.

Simon glanced down at Kaylee, kissing the top of her head as she snuggled into him. Her small, dainty frame fit perfectly in his arms and he loved lying with her like he was. He watched her as her breaths became shallow and slow and he felt her relax completely in his arms. He smiled at the realization that she was asleep. The thought of her falling asleep with him still inside her excited him, but he was so pleasantly exhausted after their interlude that he was content just falling asleep there with Kaylee.

Soon after Kaylee had drifted off, Simon closed his eyes and snuggled into her, inhaling the light fragrance of her shampoo as her hair tickled at his face. He followed suit quickly, drifting off into the night, still feeling Kaylee wrapped around him, utterly content.


Monday, February 20, 2006 11:08 AM


Already commented on this on LJ, but...holy GUH, this is SO good.

Monday, February 20, 2006 11:10 AM


I think I like this piece actually, which is great, cause it's encouraging me to write even hotter pieces!

Monday, February 20, 2006 11:43 AM


You didn't put that this was the continuation of a few of your other fics....It is, isn't it?

This was tantizingly hot...and if writing it has encouraged you to write even hotter pieces....whoo hoo!

I needed to step away from the computer after reading this and go pant softly in the corner...I'm not sure you could write anything hotter! This was pretty darn hot...

Monday, February 20, 2006 11:45 AM


Yes, I forgot to put that it's a continuation, thanks!

Oh, remember how we were talking about the next thing I'm going to write, with Kaylee and her toy..? Trust me, it'll be even hotter than this one.


Monday, February 20, 2006 3:44 PM


Well I'm please to see you all like the story!

I'll have more up soon!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006 1:58 AM


It sounded like a prayer, like a chorus of angels on high.

Very poetical, nice

Friday, June 23, 2006 6:58 AM


The different adjectives (periwinkle, cobalt, etc) for Simon's eyes are great.

The tension/teasing is pretty intense too.

I don't think GUH or 'I'll be in my bunk' would do this piece justice.


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