Curves and Lines
Saturday, February 18, 2006

Simon admired the curve of her jaw, the flawless tanned skin where her neck joined her shoulder... Simon/Inara (PG13)


Disclaimer: Firefly and Serenity belong to Joss Whedon.

Simon/Inara is an unusual ship, and I understand that. Please don't read if it's not your cup of tea. I do not appreciate being flamed just because you don't like the ship. If you read and flame just because of that, well, it's your own fault. I warned you.


Simon could see the soft, golden flame atop the candle on the beautifully carved cherry wood table beside them flicker in the draft that blew through the room from some unseen cracks in the seal around the doorway to the shuttle. The flame was small, but it cast a pleasant glow over the objects in the room, causing blurred shadows to writhe and dance on the walls.

The air around the lovers was thick with sandalwood and rosemary, burners filled with incense and essential oils shimmering around them. It was pleasantly warm, but at the same time not so warm that any added body heat would make it unbearable. Silk hangings adorned the walls, transforming the interior of the shuttle from a cold steel prison and into a warm, opulent and elegant place of union.

Soft classical music echoed in the small, intimate space, wrapping it’s gentle notes around the couple seated comfortably on the plush sofa. A soft Persian rug covered the floor of the shuttle, making it warm and cozy. It was the perfect place and every item, every candle, every statue placed in the room added to the atmosphere, to the ambiance.

Simon sat back against the cushions, watching Inara, watching the way the mist rising from her cup of hot green tea swirled around her face and shimmered in her eyes. He watched the way her hair hung in perfect, loose curls framing her face. Simon’s eyes wandered lower and his gaze flittered over the ornate glass beads of the necklace that hung around her neck and dipped just beneath the low neckline of her dress.

Simon looked past the red glass of the beads, his gaze wandering over the soft, perfectly tanned skin of Inara’s neck, the hollow of her throat, her collarbone. She certainly had a beautiful neck. It was the feature that Simon admired most in the opposite sex, and Inara’s neck, her collarbone, her throat, were the most beautiful he’d ever laid eyes on.

Simon sat patiently, resisting the urge to reach out and touch, to caress, to stroke. He waited for Inara to finish her tea, his hands resting comfortably in his lap. An amiable silence hung in the air between them. Inara was always telling him that silence and anticipation were perhaps the most powerful aphrodisiacs, and he believed her. He respected her as a woman, as an equal.

Simon watched Inara bring the cup of tea to her lips and sip slowly, tentatively, as not to burn herself. He watched her shiver slightly from the warmth, watched pleasant gooseflesh rise on her arms. Simon waited for Inara to finish drinking, hearing her contented sigh as she took the last sip and set her cup down on the table.

As soon as she leaned back against the couch cushions once more, Simon leaned forward, closer to her, one hand coming to rest on her thigh, the other on her neck. Simon’s lips touched Inara’s, gently at first, both their eyes fluttering closed. The kiss was gentle, tentative, warm. Simon could taste the subtle flavor of the green tea on Inara’s lips.

Soon Inara’s lips weren’t enough. Simon deepened the kiss, running his tongue slowly over Inara’s lips, pleading with her to part them. Inara did so and Simon slipped his tongue between her lips to meet with hers. Their kiss was deep now, soulful, the love evident in the dance of their tongues. It lasted a minute, then two and three. Soon both lovers were breathless, gasping for air amidst the passion. Simon pulled back slowly, his eyes opening, settling on Inara’s still slightly parted lips.

Simon’s one hand stroked her neck gently, his fingertips feathering over her skin, over the line of her jaw, the curve of her throat where it dipped into her collarbone. His other hand lightly traced spontaneous patterns on her thigh, fingertips feeling the cool silk of her dress and the warmth of her skin beneath the fabric.

The hand Simon had resting on Inara’s thigh slipped up slowly, over her abdomen, her ribcage, brushing lightly over her breasts before reaching her neck. His hands caressed either side of her neck gently, his thumbs brushing over her throat, causing her to shiver completely pleasantly and contently.

Simon leaned in slowly and pressed his lips to Inara’s neck, brushing feather light kisses over the skin there. He kissed lower slowly, hearing a soft, content breath tumble from Inara’s lips. Simon kissed downward until he felt something cool brush his lip. Pulling away a little, Simon realized it was a bead, one of the many beads on Inara’s elegant necklace. This wouldn’t do.

Simon slipped his hands to around the back of Inara’s neck, his skilled fingertips searching for the clasp of her necklace. He found it quickly and deftly unclasping it, taking the two opposite ends of the chain and slowly pulling the necklace off, setting it aside on the table. Simon turned back to Inara, meeting her now-open eyes, smiling softly. His hands slowly rose once more to her throat, one coming to rest gently on the side of her neck, the other gently brushing her chin with his knuckles, coaxing her to tip her head back.

Inara did so slowly as Simon observed; watching the way her neck curved, the way her skin became taut over the expanse of her long, alluring neck. He leaned in slowly, only and inch from her neck now, feeling her tremble when his breath tickled her skin. His lips returned to her throat, kissing, his tongue flicking, teeth nipping.

Simon worked slowly, wanting to cover every little inch of Inara’s neck with kisses, caresses. He nuzzled her gently, he suckled and massaged. Simon’s cool hands made Inara shiver as he rubbed her skin affectionately, trailing his kisses down to the hollow of her throat, suckling at her pulse point, feeling the beat at his lips. It was a sensual rhythm; it put Simon in touch with what Inara was feeling, with her desires.

Simon knew just how to kiss for the full effect, knew just where to stop and nip at the skin. He knew what Inara liked, he’d learned from experience, and he learned more with every moment they were together. He suckled softly at the nape of her neck and tucked some hair back behind her ear, exposing even more tender flesh.

Simon was so captivated by Inara’s neck that he could have gone on all night just like that, admiring, kissing, touching, but he knew that not nearly enough satisfaction would come of it for Inara. He needed to turn it into something more, something greater. Simon smiled lightly as he continued to kiss Inara’s neck.

Simon’s hands slipped from Inara’s neck down over her breasts, brushing softly over them, stopping for just a second to massage them before continuing down to her hips. His hands slipped around to her back and traveled upward again as he kissed down from her neck to her chest, fluttering his lips over her skin there, feeling gooseflesh rise as Inara shivered. His hands skillfully undid the zipper to Inara’s dress, slipping it slowly down until it rested at her tailbone.

Simon’s hands came around to Inara’s shoulders and slowly slipped the silk of her dress down her arms, uncovering more of her soft skin with each motion. Her chest was exposed, more of her arms, her breasts, her ribcage. Simon finally left the fabric to rest when it reached Inara’s waist. He would leave it at that for now. He had exposed plenty more flesh to work with and he knew that Inara would enjoy his attention to those newly exposed areas.

Simon shifted a little on the couch with Inara and put a hand gently on her shoulder, pushing her back so she was laying against the cushioned armrest. Simon slipped off of the couch and came to kneel at Inara’s side so that he wasn’t leaning over uncomfortably to kiss her. His hands roamed over her body, feeling the warmth of her skin, the softness of it, the smoothness.

When it came to Inara, Simon thought there was no one person more beautiful in the ‘verse, and though he found her neck particularly outwardly attractive, he loved every square inch of her flesh, and he was determined to show her just that to her with his ministrations that night...


Saturday, February 18, 2006 11:49 AM


I think you write beautifully, it is always interesting to read about unusual and unexpected pairings.
There were some Jayne/Zoe fics that were really cute and believable.
Simon/Inara is very interesting.
They both come from the Core worlds and sure they have a common ground and understanding. Maybe Inara will teach him to be a lot lesser "boobesque"!

Saturday, February 18, 2006 2:18 PM


GAH. That was very, very well done. Simon/Inara isn't usually my ship, but it can be *so* *good* when it's written well, and I think you've got it.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006 8:55 AM


"boobesque" hee.

*so* good. weird, but a good weird. a subtly sexy and well written weird.


Friday, June 23, 2006 6:13 AM


*transforming the interior of the shuttle from a cold steel prison and into a warm, opulent and elegant place of union*

I like this description of the shuttle.

Mmmmmm, Inara's neck = yummy.


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