Guilty Pleasures
Saturday, February 18, 2006

A moment alone gives Kaylee a chance to enjoy a special treat. (PG)


Disclaimer: Serenity and Firefly belong to Joss Whedon, I'm just borrowing a few things.


Kaylee had spent her day in the engine room, listening to Serenity’s heart beat as the old girl worked to her full potential. She was always perfectly happy in the engine room and she didn’t find the work hard at all, even though at the end of a long day her body would protest from all the exertion.

She headed slowly out of the engine room, saying a quiet goodnight to her best friend and soul mate before turning off the lights and heading down the corridor towards her bunk. She hummed a soft tune under her breath as she walked and opened the door to her room, climbing down the ladder into her quarters.

Kaylee walked to her bed, kneeling beside it and pulling a pair of pajamas from the pull out cabinet under it. She stood once more and kicked off her sandals before unzipping her coverall, quickly stepping out of it, being left in only a pair of capri pants and her favorite pink top. She swiftly stepped out of her capris and slipped off her top, unhooking her bra and tossing all of her clothes onto the bed. She pulled on her pajamas, soft and fluffy, and collapsed happily onto her bed.

Kaylee shifted around a bit, rolling onto her back and making a surprised noise when she felt something collide with her head from under her pillow. She sat up and turned around, reaching out and pulling her pillow aside, finding a small wooden box there. She quirked an eyebrow and reached out, picking it up, finding it surprisingly heavy for its size.

Twisting the box around in her hands, Kaylee examined it carefully, looking for where the lid could be pried away from the rest of the box. She found the seam and used her nails to pry the lid off. When she finally loosened it enough and lifted the lid away, Kaylee gave a squeal of joy upon seeing what was inside the small box.

Kaylee’s eyes were wide as saucers as she examined the contents of the box closely. Inside were several large, ripe, red strawberries that just seemed to glow with perfection. Kaylee admired them for a long moment, admired the way the light fell on them, the way they called to her, tempting her. She ran a fingertip over one of the berries and smiled brightly, plucking it out of the box by the stem.

Setting the box down in her lap, Kaylee focused on the strawberry she was holding. She brought it closer to her eye level and let her eyes travel over the skin of it, taking in the color, the seeds in contrast, the green of the tiny leaves. She brought the berry closer still, closing her eyes and inhaling the fresh, light fragrance of it, feeling her mouth start to water.

Kaylee finally touched the strawberry to her lips, feeling the coolness of the skin of it against her flesh. She slowly opened her mouth and took the strawberry between her teeth, sinking her incisors into the flesh of the fruit, feeling the sweet, cool juice from inside of it dripping out of it and trailing down her chin. She didn’t even bother wiping it away as she began to chew the flesh of the fruit.

It was the most delicious thing she had ever tasted. Kaylee’s eyes fluttered closed as she slowly chewed the fruit, feeling the tartness on her tongue, the tanginess and sweetness stinging at her taste buds. Kaylee suckled all of the juice from the fruit, letting it sit on her tongue, letting herself savor the taste for a long moment before she swallowed the first mouthful and went to take another bite of the strawberry.

She ate it slowly, luxuriating in the feel of the strawberry in her mouth, the taste of it. It was the perfect ending to the day; it made her forget about all of the little aches and pains. She smiled, finally opening her eyes once she finished the strawberry. Kaylee dropped the stem that was left over into the little box and reached out to pick up the lid to the box. When she did, she noticed a small piece of paper flutter onto her bed.

Replacing the lid on the box, Kaylee picked up the note and turned it over. She leaned into the light so she could see it and examined the immaculately neat calligraphy that was present on the small sheet she held. A mischievous smile curved Kaylee’s lips when she read the characters. Simon knew her all too well.

She giggled and decided to eat just one more of the strawberries before going off to bed. The rest she could enjoy the next day with Simon. With him there, they would be, if possible, an even deeper red color in the light. They would be even sweeter on her tongue when fed to her by Simon’s hand, when mixed with his own unique taste.

Kaylee finished off her second strawberry, having enjoyed it just as much as the first, although she knew that she hadn’t enjoyed the two she’d just eaten nearly as much as she would enjoy the rest...


Saturday, February 18, 2006 10:35 AM


And I wanna see him feed them to her too... And what did the note say?

very nice....more...? :)

There can never be too much S/K!

Saturday, February 18, 2006 11:44 AM


Just darling thank you

Saturday, February 18, 2006 11:47 AM


I think you write beautifully, it is always interesting to read about unusual and unexpected pairings.
There were some Jayne/Zoe fics that were really cute and believable.
Simon/Inara is very interesting.
They both come from the Core worlds and sure they have a common ground and understanding. Maybe Inara will teach him to be a lot lesser "boobesque"!

Saturday, February 18, 2006 11:48 AM


Ops sorry! My previous comment was meant to be posted on the Simon/Inara Wanmei fan fictions...
I wish I could delete...

Sunday, February 19, 2006 7:13 AM


Very cute. I am glad to see that I am learning from a master

Sunday, February 19, 2006 7:15 AM


I'm glad everyone likes it!

I figured that you meant the other comment for one of my Sinara pieces, ayrad.

Also ayrad, you're my hero; you said boobesque. *giggle*

Monday, February 20, 2006 2:04 AM


Strawberries are hot.

Monday, March 20, 2006 8:47 AM


mmm, kayleeberry...


ps. i second the "boobesque" hero

Friday, June 23, 2006 4:41 AM


I don't think I have wanted a strawberry more than I do right now. Very good story doll.


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