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Simon wakes Kaylee from a nap in an unconventional way. Companion piece for Tension and Touch Me, Trust Me. (Light NC17)


Disclaimer: Firefly is property of Joss Whedon, not me!

This one goes out to Tammy and all the other Simon/Kaylee fanatics out there! Hope I did you guys proud! I know it's not quite sex (yet) but at least you can anticipate a wonderful release after three chapters worth of buildup!

Companion piece for: 1. Tension 2. Touch Me, Trust Me


Simon sighed contently, finally finishing up the past two hours’ worth of work. He made sure that River was sleeping comfortably, having administered a smoother to help her sleep, before heading back to the infirmary to turn off the lights and close it off for the day. A small smile played about his lips as he thought about what awaited him back in his quarters. He’d left Kaylee there a few hours prior after some fun and games and he knew that she hadn’t moved from there yet.

Simon made his way down the hall back to the passenger dormitories and slowly slipped open the door to his quarters. He closed them behind him and walked slowly over to the bed, sitting down lightly beside Kaylee, whose eyes were closed and breathing was slow, even. She was still asleep. Simon smiled, watching her for a long while, seeing an occasional twitch in her angelic features, an occasional flutter of her eyes beneath their lids. She was dreaming.

After a few minutes, Simon gently reached out a hand to brush a stray lock away from Kaylee’s features, hand lingering on her cheek, stroking her cheekbone with his thumb. His other hand wandered down to rest on her ribcage, lightly stroking it through the blanket she was covered with. He carefully began to slip the blanket down, off of her body, uncovering her collarbone, her shoulders, her chest. At last the blanket slipped down over the curve of her breasts, exposing Kaylee to him. She was sleeping in the nude and she was so beautiful.

Simon slowly continued to pull the blanket down even further, allowing her modesty from just below the navel and down. His hand settled on Kaylee’s hip as the one stroking her cheek made its way to rest on her shoulder as she slept.

Simon decided that Kaylee needed a pleasant wake up call. He smiled lightly as he slowly leaned in and brushed a few light, fluttery kisses over Kaylee’s chest. He could feel her beginning to tense a little as she slowly came around. While she was still caught halfway between sleep and consciousness, Simon’s lips found her nipples, first one than the other, and teased them lightly. His tongue circled them, feeling them stiffen at his ministrations. He suckled gently, glancing over at Kaylee’s face as her eyes scrunched up a little. He continued his teasing as she woke up and took stock of where she was.

Kaylee was slowly beckoned from her comfortable sleep by a tingling feeling spreading quickly to all of her extremities. She gasped lightly as sensation came along with consciousness. Squirming lightly and opening her eyes, Kaylee glanced down and made a strangled noise of contentment as she noticed Simon suckling on her nipples, teasing her into lucidity. She arched her back a little, stretching her arms out over her head, stretching luxuriously.

“Welcome back,” Simon cooed softly in between suckles.

“Mmm, you’re the one thing I don’t mind wakin’ up to, Simon Tam,” Kaylee purred.

Simon laughed softly, breathily as he continued to tease Kaylee. He shivered lightly as he felt one of her hands come to rest at the base of his neck. She ran her fingers through his hair as he continued licking, nipping. He felt her arch up to his lips when he pulled away even just a millimeter.

Simon stopped his torturing and trailed kisses up over the curve of Kaylee’s breast, to her collarbone, stopping there to graze the skin lightly for a moment. Upon hearing Kaylee’s sharp intake of breath, Simon continued upward, kissing the stretch of her neck, her throat, the curve of her jaw. He paused, their lips barely an inch apart, meeting Kaylee’s gaze.

“You’re beautiful, xin gan,” Simon commented softly.

“You’re pretty handsome yourself-,” Kaylee spoke before being interrupted.

Before Kaylee could finish her sentence, Simon leaned in and closed the small amount of distance between them, his lips meeting hers. He kissed her gently, muffling any protests she may have had, tasting her. He traced his tongue over her lips, wordlessly pleading with her to part them and allow him entrance.

As they kissed, Simon’s hands found purchase at Kaylee’s sides, rubbing her skin softly, his fingertips tickling her gently. The combination of the passion of their kiss and the delicateness of Simon’s stroking made Kaylee whimper as she parted her lips, allowing Simon’s tongue to meet hers. Simon decided that Kaylee tasted like strawberries; it was the flavor she always had, it was the scent that permeated her clothes, and whenever he sensed it, he would always be reminded of her.

Simon continued to assail Kaylee with his kiss for another minute before breaking the contact, his eyes fluttering closed for a moment as he caught his breath, still close enough to feel Kaylee’s own breath on his lips. He opened his eyes again and looked into her beautiful ones, his hands still working at her sides.

Kaylee panted slightly once the kiss was broken, writhing and shivering thanks to Simon’s delicate ministrations. Her hands came up to rest on his hips, tugging playfully at his waistband as she smiled, still catching her breath.

“Your turn,” Kaylee whispered teasingly.

Simon’s eyebrows furrowed as he looked at Kaylee questioningly.

“My turn for what?” He asked.

Kaylee bit her lip and had a playful gleam in her eye as she finally managed to liberate Simon’s shirt from inside his waistband. She slipped her hands up under the fabric and gently began to massage and caress his flesh. Simon exhaled shakily, his eyes fluttering closed for a moment.

“Oh,” he deadpanned knowingly.

Simon sighed contently as Kaylee’s hands wandered over his sides, over his back and his chest. He nuzzled into Kaylee’s neck, his hips pressing into hers. He could hear Kaylee chuckle softly as she relaxed him with her touch, her caress.

Kaylee shifted around a little until she could roll Simon over onto his back, never letting go of the fabric of his shirt she had taken to gripping. She grinned when she’d finally rolled him over and was straddling him. Leaning in teasingly, Kaylee got to work on his shirt buttons. She undid them slowly, one by one.

Simon was pleasantly surprised by the control Kaylee had taken of the situation. He watched her as she straddled him, getting into his shirt. He admired her. His eyes traveled over her neck, her breasts, her ribcage. He groaned lightly as Kaylee shifted, teasing his quickly growing arousal, which was unfortunately trapped in his trousers. His hands went to Kaylee’s hips, his long, skilled fingers pressing firmly into her flesh, holding onto her as if she was going to stand up and run off at any second.

Kaylee giggled as the fingers that Simon was pressing into her hips tickled her. She got the last button of his shirt undone and attempted to tug the shirt off of his shoulders and arms. Only once he arched his back a little and shrugged out of the sleeves did the shirt finally fall away completely. Kaylee grinned as her eyes traveled over Simon’s body.

“Kaylee…” Simon said breathily.

“Now you know what I was feelin’ like before when you was touchin’ me,” Kaylee teased. “I love it when you touch me.”

The second part was added in a coy whisper that only made Simon want to touch her even more, to explore her body with his delicate fingertips, his lips, with his own body. His hands ran up her sides slowly to cup her breasts once more, teasing her only a moment before she shimmied down further so she was just out of reach.

Kaylee quickly worked with the buckle to Simon’s trousers. She was good with her hands, skilled after working with delicate and miniscule engine parts over the years, so Simon’s buckle didn’t pose much of a challenge. But working with engines could only do so much for her skill with her hands. She just hoped it was enough to make Simon feel even a little bit of what he made her feel with his hands. Those hands that worked with people, those gentle, soft, strong hands that even so much as the thought of made Kaylee weak in the knees. Those surgeon’s hands that had so many times brought her to the edge of reason and pushed her over without a second thought into screaming ecstasy and post-coital bliss. Those hands that always had a way to relax her or excite her, or both, depending on what the situation called for. Those hands that could heal and could hurt. The good hurt of course.

Kaylee focused her thoughts once more on Simon. She had finally gotten his buckle undone and had unzipped the trousers. She moved to the foot of the bed with a teasing grin and gripped the fabric of the trousers firmly, pulling with a good amount of enthusiasm, easily getting them off of Simon, leaving him in only his black silk boxers. Now that just wouldn’t do. She was completely dishabille and Simon still had a small vestige of modesty.

Chuckling lightly and making a small sound of disapproval, Kaylee’s fingers wrapped themselves up in Simon’s silk boxers. Thankfully the nature of the fabric made it very easy to pull down and off. Kaylee removed the boxers and tossed them aside.

“Much better,” she said softly.

A smile of his own curled Simon’s lips as he sat up just enough to get his arms around Kaylee, pulling her back down with him so that she was pressed to his chest. He shifted around and easily rolled her over, his knees astride her thighs.

Simon wanted this to be perfect, and he wanted it to last. He wanted to draw it out until Kaylee couldn’t take it anymore before slipping into her. He was going to tease her again like he had teased her with his gentle massage a few hours prior.

Kaylee, on the other hand, had her own agenda. She wasn’t going to let herself be the victim again. No, Kaylee was going to play rough. She smiled demurely for the time being, however, allowing Simon to do what he pleased. She would pounce when he least expected it and get her revenge for the merciless teasing he’d been doing.

Simon leaned in, his lips finding purchase on the curve of Kaylee’s jaw, the stretch of her neck. He kissed her softly, tracing his tongue lightly over her throat, lapping at the skin, nipping at it, grazing it lightly with his teeth. Simon could feel the gooseflesh rise on Kaylee’s arms, chest and neck from his ministrations.

His kisses trailed down over her collarbone, pausing momentarily to suckle at the hollow of her throat. Simon’s lips fluttered over Kaylee’s chest, down to her breasts to finish the work they’d started earlier. He caught her nipples in his lips in turn, tugging lightly, pinching, suckling, causing all manner of pleasurable sensations to course through Kaylee’s body.

Simon slowly began to trail his kisses south of her breasts, a cool draft tickling at her skin, damp from the heat of the moment and from Simon’s licks. He heard Kaylee’s breath hitch in her throat as he kissed over her ribcage and tickled her along the way. He reached her navel and placed teasing kisses in a ring around it, slowly edging towards the center of it. Simon tickled the dip of Kaylee’s bellybutton lightly with his tongue, making her writhe from the sensation that shocked through her. He teased at her navel incessantly until she was gasping for him to take her in a manly fashion.

Simon felt his own arousal coursing through him as Kaylee gasped his name, as she breathlessly begged him to couple with her already, to join them, to be inside of her. He wanted to, oh God did he ever, but Simon knew that if he held out, if he took his time and teased Kaylee to the brink a few times, letting her sink back a little bit ever so slowly, it would only be even more loving and passionate when they did finally join.

The doctor’s hand trailed down from Kaylee’s hip, slipping over the perfect curve of her belly to rest on her inner thigh. His fingertips were so close that she was on the verge of begging and pleading for him to take her. He lightly stroked the flesh there, his hand slipping up with such a relaxed pace that Kaylee was sure he would never reach her core.

Simon smiled coyly. He had gone slowly, taken his time to relax Kaylee, to drive her crazy, and now it was time for a change of pace that he was sure would shatter her. His hand suddenly and quickly slipped up the remaining few inches to Kaylee’s center and he allowed his fingers to stroke her, to tease her fervently much like he’d done only a few hours prior, only this time with an impatience that only made it better.

Kaylee moaned gutturally and writhed as Simon was finally so close that she was beginning to feel that dull throbbing in her belly that was just the beginning of something incredible. She arched her hips a little, trying to bring his fingers closer, encouraging him, wanting him.

Simon leaned in, pressing a lingering kiss to Kaylee’s inner thigh as he continued to tease her with his fingers. He wanted to continue his teasing, but at the same time he began to feel an overwhelming urge to fulfill Kaylee’s desires, to feel her writhe and tremble as he moved in her, touched her, caressed her.

Simon slowly, gently slipped his fingers into Kaylee, hearing a low, grateful moan from the young woman. He continued to work his fingers within her as he moved upward so he could capture her lips in his. He kissed her deeply, her gasps and moans reverberating against his lips. Simon’s free hand gently rubbed Kaylee’s hip as he gave her what she’d been longing for, or at least a little of what she wanted.

Kaylee’s previous plans to turn this around and torture Simon crumbled to pieces as she felt him teasing her with his fingers slipping in her. Her resolve fell apart as he made her writhe beneath him. She no longer wanted to even the score, she just wanted release. She allowed her eyes to flutter open for a moment and saw that above her, Simon was trying his best not to come undone. He wanted it just as much as she did.

Kaylee forced herself to focus a little and she reached between them, her small hand wrapping around his length, teasing it slowly, softly. She felt his body tense, felt him stop everything for a moment as he grew accustomed to the sensation of her touch. She breathed raggedly, his fingers still working in her, as she manipulated him in her palm. She wanted to make him writhe with a shattering release, but at the same time she wanted to prolong everything. She wanted them together, as one, before they let go, so she kept things at a relaxed pace, stroking him only as fervently as he stroked in her.

When Simon felt Kaylee’s warm hand wrap around him, his brain went completely fuzzy and he lost focus for a moment, the hand stroking within her stilling for just a second. Simon shook off the shockwave and continued his ministrations, at the same time allowing himself to feel a little of what Kaylee was giving him. They were both well beyond ready, Simon knew, but he wanted to hold off for as long as he could. Anticipation would heighten the release, he knew.

“I love you, Kaylee,” Simon whispered shakily, emotion and physical feeling threatening to overwhelm him at any moment.

“I love you, too,” Kaylee replied, a content smile curving her lips as she began to breathe in short, ragged, staccato gasps. “Please, Simon…”

Kaylee’s sentence was cut off as a shudder went through her body, almost like a climax but not quite as intense. She was so close, but she didn’t want it like that. She wanted them together, intimate. She wanted to feel Simon inside her; she wanted him to feel her encasing him, sheathing him.

Simon smiled as he felt Kaylee shudder, feeling her grip on him tighten just a little. He knew she was experiencing pre-climactic waves; he was very close to that point as well. At the shudders, Simon slowly stopped his delicate stroking, pulling out of her, his fingertips trailing up along her belly, over her ribcage and up to her breasts, beginning to caress them gently once more.

“Tell me that you want this, Kaylee,” Simon said softly.

Kaylee whimpered as his silky tone slipped over her. She was so relaxed, so ready that she wasn’t sure she could form the words he’d asked of her. But she knew she needed to. She had grown accustomed to his bedside manner, so to speak, and she knew that he was only asking it of her because he only wanted her to be happy, only wanted to do it if she wanted it too. Though she was sure her physical responses to his ministrations spoke volumes, she knew that Simon just wanted to be sure.

“I want this, Simon,” she replied, meeting his incredible, periwinkle-blue eyes. “Please…”


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You are SUCH a tease! Please tell me there's more coming, like, now-ish?


Wednesday, February 15, 2006 6:53 AM


holy hell


The teasing is killin' me.

No wonder Kaylee forgot what she was going to do to get back at him.

Those hands....yes, must be delicate and precise. He is a surgeon after all....


Not sex - yet?!? God, please tell me there is another chapter, or part, to this?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006 9:20 AM


Well o'course there's going to be another chapter! There's one more part to this, and you know what's coming (after 3 chapters worth of torture).


Glad you guys like it!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006 9:56 AM


And this chapter is coming REALLY soon, right? Pretty please?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006 10:27 AM


The blush factor today is crazy! Wow, I think that's all I can say....yep, that's it! Can't wait for your next post!:D

Wednesday, February 15, 2006 10:47 AM


You tease!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006 12:11 PM


Damn, but what a tease you are! And what was that about "lightL nc-17?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006 6:35 PM


Compared to some stuff in this 'verse, this is VERY light NC17 lol, trust me! =)

I'm glad you guys like it! And yes, I know I'm a tease... I'm a bad girl. *evil grin*

I'll have more up soon, I swear!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006 9:13 PM


You are just evil! Its not nice to leave me.....uh, I mean Kaylee hanging like that! Yeah, poor Kaylee!

Thursday, February 16, 2006 8:10 PM


i know everyone has said this and you even acknowledged it but gotta say it are such a big tease =). loving it, though.

excellent.....keep up the good work. and thank you for writing simon/kaylee pairing. i love these two characters.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006 9:38 AM


*gets sword*
i dub thee, tease. *dubs*


Friday, June 23, 2006 4:21 AM


GUH. Don't know if there is anything else to say.


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