Thursday, December 15, 2005

Simon and Kaylee return to the ship and every one weighs in about the situation. Simon/Kaylee. Continuation of Dessert, Explainin', and all others beginning at First.


Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me, just writing for fun.

Here’s the next installment. I told you they would get longer!!! Not sure if this should be the end and to start a new series later down the timeline. I'll let you guys give me your opinion. Hope you like it, hope to post more soon, and please comment!!!!


Jayne eagerly tore into his piece of pie as Kaylee put away the leftovers. Simon went to check on River, though he was sure she would just suffer some dehydration and a headache in the morning. Mal strode into the kitchen. "Hey, Cap'n," Kaylee still had the dreamy smile on her face. "That's all ya got ta say? Hey, Cap'n?" Kaylee stared puzzled at him for a second , then replied, "Hey, Cap'n...sir?" "Kaylee! Gorram it! What the hell is going on?" "Don't rightly know just yet. This is news ta us, as well as y'all." "Well, when is it gonna be cleared up?" "Simon'll give me a test, shouldn't take more'n a couple minutes." Jayne finished scarfing down his pie and, with his mouth still full, interjected, ”C’mon Mal, don’t say ya haven’t been expectin’ this. All the ruttin’ that’s been goin’ on.” Mal sat down at the table glaring at Jayne. Kaylee just ignored him. “Don’t we live in a day and age where things like this ain’t supposed ta happen?” Kaylee had dished a piece of pie for Mal and placed it in front of him. “Nothin’s a hundred percent, sir.” “Pie won’t fix nothin’,” Mal commented as he looked at the appetizing slice. “Tastes real good,” Jayne assured Mal. He got up from the table and deposited his plate in the sink. He then turned to leave but not before stopping in front of Kaylee, and, with the most sincerity she had ever seen in him, told her, “Tell your folks thanks for all the eats, and, well...congratulations.” Jayne nodded to her, then left the room without another word. Kaylee’s smile widened as she took the seat across from Mal, touched by Jayne’s unexpected best wishes. “Cap’n, I know you don’t want any...complications on your ship, but this is the way it is. If the test come back positive, I’m havin’ a baby. Don’t mean I can’t fix things ‘round here, and it certainly don’t mean I don’t wanna be here. Serenity’s home, and ya always said I could stay, long as I kept her in the sky.” Mal was faced with the one thing he just couldn’t be angry with, a pleading Kaylee. “You and Simon get this settled. We’ll talk after Zoe and I get back from the meetin’ tomorrow.”

Kaylee got up and kissed Mal on the cheek before heading down to the infirmary. Mal sat back in his chair and wondered to himself when he had lost control of his ship.


“Inara?” Simon rapped on her shuttle door. He was concerned for his sister but at the same time wanted to ring the brat’s neck. Inara quietly opened the shuttle door, holding her finger to her lips. She had cleaned up River, and tossed the rug she had vomited on in the trash. After settling River into sleep, Inara had sat herself on the couch facing her bed, waiting for Simon to come see his sister. She tried her best not to let emotions come to play in her life but she couldn’t suppress all the feelings that were flying around her brain; excitement, worry, frustration, and slight amusement. Nothing was ever boring when River was involved. Inara couldn’t believe it, Kaylee was going to have a baby! Unless River was playing a horrible joke, but she highly doubted that. Only under the influence of Mal could River ever be so inclined, and she had put a stop to that. Simon’s knock had shook Inara out of her revelry. “Ching jinn,” Inara whispered as she motioned for him to enter. “How is she?” Simon whispered back. “She’s fine now, I got her to sleep just a while ago.” “Well, that’s good. I’ll move her to the dorms. Thank you for taking care of her.” “Leave her be. She can stay with me tonight.” Inara placed a hand on his shoulder and lead him to the couch. They sat facing each other and Inara just looked at him, willing him to confide in her. Simon sighed, “ I have no idea how this all spun out of control? I thought meeting her parents was going to be difficult, but this is unbelievable!” “How did they take it?” “Surprisingly well. I had expected to be limping back to the ship, not carrying bundles of food with their blessings.” “They’re kind people, and like I said before, they adore Kaylee,” Inara took his hand and urged him to continue,” How are you?” “I’m...I think that... well, we’re going to have a baby. I have no idea how I am.” Inara smiled at his confusion. He was most certainly in a tricky situation. Simon had jumped the first hurdle with Kaylee’s parents, now he had to face the wrath of Mal. Not to mention just how Kaylee felt about her condition. Inara knew Kaylee would be over the moon about having a baby. The girl had so much love in her heart, she couldn’t wait to share it. But how were she and Simon going to do this together? Inara knew Simon would ask Kaylee to marry him, not only out of propriety but he truly loved her, even if he hadn’t voiced it yet. She just wasn’t sure Kaylee would accept. Not that Kaylee didn’t love him as well, it was pride. Kaylee had waited so long for him to be with her, Inara knew she wouldn’t want to enter a marriage unless it was based completely on love. Propriety could be damned. They sat in silence for a few minutes as Simon stared at nothing in particular and Inara waited for him to sort things out in his head. “I should get back to Kaylee.” “I’ll see you in the morning.” Inara patted his hand. Simon rose from the couch, looking over at his peacefully sleeping sister, then gave Inara a small smile and left the shuttle.


Kaylee sat on the infirmary bed waiting for Simon. Her stomach was all aflutter. This was the first time she had been alone since River had revealed her pregnancy. Her exhilaration was tempered by her fear of the future, and it’s ever changing nature. Kaylee decided to push that fear aside and just bask in the joy of what was to be. She looked at her reflection in the window and pushed out her stomach, laughing at herself. Zoe unexpectedly appeared in the infirmary doorway. Kaylee blushed from embarrassment at her silliness being discovered by some one. “Hey, Zoe.” “Kaylee.” Zoe entered and stood right in front of Kaylee, commanding her full attention. “No matter what any one says, this is a blessing. A baby will be good for the boat.” Kaylee beamed at Zoe, “Ya think so?” “Know so.” “I know you and Wash was plannin’ to-” “That’s exactly why I know. Couldn’t be more happy if it was me.” “Zoe, I -” Kaylee burst into tears and grabbed Zoe into a hug. Unused to her emotions taking over herself, Zoe patted Kaylee’s back as she returned the embrace. “’Sides, the look on Simon’s face was priceless. Wished I had a capture on hand.” Kaylee gave Zoe a tearful chuckle as she tried to regain her composure. Simon entered the infirmary to both Kaylee and Zoe giggling. Zoe squeezed Kaylee’s hand and turned to Simon. “Congratulations, Doc.” “Um...Thank you.” Zoe looked back to Kaylee and nodded. As she exited they both heard her mumble, “Priceless.”


“It’s positive.” Simon held up the results, double checking them. Of course he knew they were correct. Kaylee let out a squeal of joy and flung her arms around Simon’s neck. “We’re definitely having a baby,” He softly whispered into her ear. She leaned back in his embrace, a wicked grin leering at him. “Guess not spendin’ the night together didn’t do much good?” “Guess not.” Kaylee kissed him soundly. “Let’s get ta bed, we’ve gotta big day ‘head of us tomorrow.” “Yeah, I’ve got to think of a way to kill my psychic assassin sister and avoid Mal throwing me out of the airlock once we’re out of atmo.” “You’re top three percent, you’ll figure it out.”


Thursday, December 15, 2005 11:22 AM


Hahahahahahaha. Mal's head is gonna explode.

You have to keep going, either here or in a new series. Inara was right: Simon will definitely ask Kaylee to marry him (he even told her father as much). Mal's reaction alone to that bit of news simply must be shown.

Thursday, December 15, 2005 11:38 AM


I can't wait to see what mal is going to say to simon! Violence (very funny violence) is going to ensue! I hope River's there to say some things too, because she makes it all worthwhile!

Thursday, December 15, 2005 12:09 PM


HAHA Oh you've only just started right? That's too .... priceless, to give up.

Thursday, December 15, 2005 1:36 PM


This was so sweet. I love everyone's reactions to Kaylee being pregnant, and Mal's ever-lessening lack of say over the events on Serenity. You HAVE to continue this story, it's too good not to! Consider it a X-mas present to your readers.

Friday, December 16, 2005 10:24 PM


Thanks everybody for commenting! Okay, I'll give you some more but I'm a little stuck. Gotta hate the writer's block!! Hope to post soon, with exploding heads and very funny violence!:):):)

Sunday, December 18, 2005 5:49 AM


no!!! fic good!! writer's block bad!!! *hates writer's block*


Wednesday, June 14, 2006 1:39 AM


*Nothing was ever boring when River was involved.*

^This^ is so very true.

Even though this one was a bit longer, it was still not enough of your excellent writing for me (I could read your works all day long and not get tired of them). :)


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