Monday, December 5, 2005

River meets a boy and Simon is not happy.


Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me, just writing for fun.

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"She let him win, "Simon muttered, looking bewildered as he entered his room. "What was that?" Kaylee was completely engrossed in unpacking all her things . Simon and she had decided that sharing a bunk would just be easier than going back and forth between each others. The decision to stay in Simon’s was logistically practical for all, the infirmary would be close if he had any overnight patients and the engine room was just a staircase away if Kaylee was needed for an emergency. The bed was a bit larger as well. River wanted to move into Kaylee’s bunk but Simon wasn’t too sure about that idea. “She let him win,” Simon repeated to Kaylee as she turned around from the dresser. “Who let what? Honey, you’re makin’ no sense a‘tal.” “River. She let him win.” Kaylee was becoming a bit concerned now. Simon had his brow furrowed and was staring at the bed that they now shared. “River let who win?” She decided to play his cryptic game. “That kid.” “Ya mean Mischa?” “They were playing chess and he won.” “Aww, Simon. I know she’s beat ya plenty, but it’s nothing to get upset about. Maybe he got lucky?” Simon looked her dead in the eye with his -Are you kidding me?-face. “Bao bei, she’s psychic.” “I know,” Kaylee replied. Her lips were trying very hard to keep back the giggles. “It’s not funny Kaylee. She’s...she doesn’t need to be...,” Simon took a big sigh and ran a hand through his hair. Kaylee put down the socks she had been holding in her hands and walked over to Simon, wrapping her arms around his waist in a gentle hug. “Simon, she’s doing so much better than I think anyone ever thought she would. She’s also growing up. She never got the chance to be a girl, but now she’s wantin’ to. Boys are gonna be factor in River’s life. Ya havta know that it was bound ta happen sooner or later.” “Later would be preferable.” Simon rested his hands on her hips. She reached up and caressed his cheek, then leaned up and gently placed a soft kiss on his lips. “Wouldya rather think about boys right now, or me?” “You. Definitely you.” Simon then kissed Kaylee soundly and all thoughts of boys and River left him.


He had come with the cargo. He was tall, taller than Simon and Mal, yet not quite as tall as Jayne. He was gangly, a mess of arms and legs, broad shouldered, and a little too thin. His hair was an unkempt mop of black curls. He had that air of apathy that some young men seem to carry around. Simon didn’t like him one bit, from the first minute he laid eyes on him. “Mischa, my god boy, you’ve grown!” Mal called out to the kid as he ambled up the ramp while the crew was loading the cargo. “Hey, Mal.” His voice was a bit deeper than expected, with a tiny accent that Simon couldn’t place. He kept an ear open as he was lugging boxes. Zoe had told him that they would be bringing the kid along. A favor for his sister, whom Mal and Zoe had known since the war. He was going to attend flight school on Santo. Mal smacked the boy affectionately on the back, knocking him a little forward, making Simon smile. "Glad ta see ya. Hopefully we'll get ya to school in one peice." "I think Katya's more worried about the cargo than me." "Nonsense, she’d just knock me ‘bout if the cargo got dumped. The whole Renko clan would have my head on a stick if ya showed up without all ten fingers and toes.” Simon learned later that the Renko family had their hand in more than a few unsavory businesses and were well known amongst the underbelly of society. “Well, she wants me to keep an eye on it and...” Simon quickly looked up as Mischa’s voice trailed off. Kaylee and River had just entered the cargo bay laughing between themselves. There was something different about River. Simon studied her a bit closer and immediately noticed her hair. It was pulled back, half up and the rest trailing down her back. And her face-was that make up? “Hey, girls,” Mal called out and motioned for them to come meet their new passenger. Kaylee bounded straight up to them while River trailed behind just a little. Simon took a position behind a crate, not wanting to be noticed but still in ear shot. “The bouncy one’s Kaylee, our ship’s mechanic. Quiet one’s River. This here‘s Mischa.” The boy raised his hand in a slight wave, “Hey.“ Simon peered around the crate and saw his sister’s face-was she blushing? “Is spyin’ a new skill you’re tryin’ out?” Simon practically fell over himself, startled, and stumbled out into the cargo bay. Zoe stood behind him, hands on her hips, smirking. The corners of her mouth rose as Simon stammered a hello.


They were in the cargo bay alone together. River was grasping the end of the staircase railing. Mischa was just a foot or so away, one arm above his head grabbing the same railing as it rose with the stairs, hovering above River. Simon could get a good look from the infirmary window, keeping a watchful eye on his baby sister while trying to busy himself by rearranging the drawers in front of him. “Simon Tam!” Surgical implements scattered all across the floor. Kaylee stood at the entrance of the infirmary, arms crossed over her chest and a reproachful look on her face. “Kaylee...I...” “Ya ain’t diggin’ your way outta this one, might as well keep ya mouth shut.” Simon became quiet as he bent over to pick up the utensils he was going to have to sterilize, again. “I can’t believe ya. Can she have justa moment alone? He’s a good sort, he likes River, must mean he got somethin’ worthwhile ‘bout him.” “She’s just a girl. He’s-” “She’s seven months younger than him.” “How do you know?” “River told me.” Simon stood up and approached Kaylee, “What else did she say?” “I ain’t telling ya!” “Kaylee, he’s from a family of thieves and I-” “And what’re we?” Oh, hell- Simon thought to himself as he saw Kaylee’s eyes begin to squint with anger, her jaw setting in to that look he knew too well. She stormed out of the infirmary, loudly stomping up the stairs, muttering curses as she left. “Still workin’ on that talkin’ to girls thing too I see.” Simon stood there defeated as Zoe swaggered away and followed up the stairs Kaylee had just stormed away on.


“What kind of a name is Mischa?” Simon slurred, looked up at who he was talking to and shook his head. He and Jayne were sharing a bottle of something completely disgusting. It tasted like foot, smelled like one too, but it did the trick. Dinner had been torture. Kaylee was throwing death stares at Simon the whole meal, as he kept his eyes closely trained on his sister and the kid. Simon was not allowed into his room, Kaylee had locked it from the inside. He ended up on the couch. He could have stayed in Kaylee's old bunk, but that was too far from his sister's room, and Mischa's for that matter. He could've stayed in another dorm room, then decided against it. He had the perfect view from the couch, he could see what was going on from there just fine. He passed out sitting up but woke only an hour later with a painful crick in his neck. A cup of tea sounded good, so he made his way up to the kitchen. Jayne had been sitting at the dining table, not yet inebriated, pretty close though. Simon looked at the bottle a bit longingly from the sink as he grabbed a cup and Jayne kicked out a chair for him to sit. They drank in utter silence until Simon broke. “ You don’t like him, do you?” “Don’t like most people, can’t see why I’d like him.” “He’s this dumb little puppy following her around, I don’t see what she could possibly like about him.” “Situation don’t feel familiar to ya, hmm?” “What are you talking about?” “Kaylee drags ya around this boat by the nose. Should just put a ring in it ‘n be done!” “No she doesn’t.” “You’re up here drinkin' ‘stead of sleepin’ in your own bed, ain’t ya?” “That’s because she locked the door.” “Hell, boy. Ya need ta show her who’s boss. I ain’t never let no woman tell me I can’t sleep in my own bed.” “I’m sure that’s true. They’re whores Jayne, you pay them to be with you. They’ll pretty much agree with anything.” “There’s somethin’ ta be said ‘bout that.” Simon looked at him, thought hard for a moment, then downed the rest of his drink and headed downstairs.


“Kaylee, I’m sorry.” He sounded so pitiable, but Kaylee was trying to be strong and not let him in. He also sounded drunk. Simon was slumped against the door, softly knocking as not to wake the rest in the dorms. “I’m an idiot. I should learn to just... keep my mouth shut. Bao bei, I ... I just , you know-” Simon fell back into the room as Kaylee slid the door open. “Honey, be quiet, you’re gonna wake every one up,” Kaylee whispered as she helped him up, pushed him to the bed, and closed the door. “I’m sorry. I said some stupid things. I‘m going to be better about this. Not better but, I‘m going to be ...okay with it, I think?” “I know.” Kaylee got a good whiff of him as she sat herself next to him on the bed, and wrinkled her nose,” Oh, Simon, ya smell like rotgut.” “Is that what it’s called?” Kaylee shook her head as she began undressing him. He would have really enjoyed it if the room would have just stopped spinning.


Mal and Inara were looking down from the catwalk as the cargo was being transferred. They weren’t paying attention to that as much as the young couple saying they’re goodbyes out by the edge of the ramp. “Trouble,” Mal commented as he saw them kiss chastely. River stepped away and started back up the ramp, stealing glances back once or twice as Mischa got in the transport the cargo was being loaded onto. “It’s just a harmless infatuation. They’re young, Mal. Let it be.” “I ain’t said nothing. Girl’s pretty, it’s ta be expected. I was thinking more on the Doc. That boy was chasing them around corners the whole time he was on the ship. Wore me out just watchin’.” Inara smiled and watched River as she gave Mischa a little wave and then headed upstairs for the cockpit.


Kaylee was happily helping River unpack. Simon relented on his objection to River taking Kaylee’s old bunk, which pleased River immensely. It felt good to Kaylee, having him realize she needed just a little space to grow. The comm buzzed and Mal’s voice filled the room. “River, ya gotta wave. I’m gonna send it down.” Suddenly there was Mischa on the vid screen as it sputtered on. “Hey.” “Hi,” River bashfully replied as Kaylee climbed the ladder out of “River’s” bunk.


“Turn it off.” Mal almost fell out of the pilot’s chair and Simon jumped back as Kaylee’s voice echoed off the cockpit walls. Mal quickly turned off the vid screen that Simon and he had been watching. “Get out.” Kaylee motioned for them to leave the cockpit, but Mal was not used to being ordered around in his own ship. “Now listen here, Lil’ Kaylee, I need ta know what is goin’ on ‘round he-” “You wanna be able ta leave atmo once we’re finished here?” “You wouldn-” “Won’t hurt the ship none, ya just won’t be able ta get her in the sky. I’ll keep an eye up here. Why don’t ya both...just go.” Simon and Mal exited the cockpit and Kaylee sat down in the pilot’s chair, making sure no one could disturb River’s first wave from her first boyfriend.


Monday, December 5, 2005 7:34 PM


That was really sweet, I loved protective Simon!

Tuesday, December 6, 2005 8:04 AM


aaw!!! mischa sounds like a cutie...


Tuesday, December 6, 2005 11:22 AM


Cute, but my favorite part was Zoe, just zinging in on Simon!

Wednesday, December 7, 2005 9:20 AM


I love sibling relationships. I'm the oldest and, even though we're all girls, I have definitely felt that overbearnig protectiveness. Trying to think up some more stories, if you got a plot bunny put it here! Hope to post soon and thanks for the feedback!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006 5:21 AM


*“Is spyin’ a new skill you’re tryin’ out?”

Simon practically fell over himself, startled, and stumbled out into the cargo bay. Zoe stood behind him, hands on her hips, smirking. The corners of her mouth rose as Simon stammered a hello.*

^This^ is a wonderful Zoe moment. She is so hard to write for, at least for me, especially post-BDM.

Yay for the Simon/Kaylee interaction in the infirmary, plus the little stinger from Zoe at the end of that scene.

*“I’m sure that’s true. They’re whores Jayne, you pay them to be with you. They’ll pretty much agree with anything.”

“There’s somethin’ ta be said ‘bout that.”*

Jayne makes a very good point ^here.^


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