Pretty ... pretty - chapter 21 - "The naming game"
Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Twenty-first chapter in my Simon/Kaylee series. Naming a kid isn't the easiest in the world.


AN: I do not claim to be any sort of expert on childbirth, my sis has had two kids and it took ages for her before they finally did a cecarian to get the kid out, both times. But there are in fact births that are so quick the woman don't even manage to get to the hospital, so it was a choice I made to have it be of the quicker variety, than slow.

AN2: Second thing I hope people will forgive me for is doing the twin thing. I know one child is more than enough to handle. But I had just from the beginning imagined that surprise element at the birth, so I had to use it. As for the girl vs boy ordeal, I've yet to read a Silee fic where they have a boy, feel free to point me to one... lol, as there can never be too much Silee fics in the 'verse. I too have a very big tendency to make it a girl, this is the first out of all my stories where I've made at least one of the kids a boy.

AN3: The names popping out of the generator came from a name generator I found online. I swear, they all came out of that generator, except the ones I ended up using, those were my own suggestion.

AN4: Wow, thanks for the encouragement you guys... this chapter took a little logner cause writing a good chapter about naming a kid is HARD, I say that, so did all the people I talked to as well...

*** The naming game ***

Kaylee was curled up in her husbands arms. She couldn't sit properly, still healing from the birth. Due to Simon having to sew a couple of stitches, she had been forced to sleep in the infirmary the first week. Today was her first day back in her and Simon's room. It was also the twins first day home, not that they had noticed yet, as they had been sound asleep since Kaylee had fed them that morning. They were no longer wrapped in sheets, but each wore the two tiniest bodysuits that Kaylee and Inara had bought back on Osiris, still they looked as if they were drowning in them. It was clear as day just by looking at the boy who his father was. Simon had none of his baby pictures with him, but he had seen them enough times to know that his son was the splitting image of him. The girl looked a little like a mix between Kaylee and River.

- I give up, Simon sighed, gazing at his and Kaylee's children. - I can't think of a single one.

- We can't keep calling 'em the twins, Kaylee pointed out. - An' you heard the capt'n. If they ain't named 'fore tomorrow he'll do the namin'.

- Tell me again why we agreed to that, Simon groaned, feeling a headache approaching.

- He's the capt'n, Kaylee said, shrugging.

- And...?

- An' he got us to get married, didn't he?

Simon felt where this conversation was heading. He leaned down and kissed her.

- Remember right before you told me you were pregnant, he asked and paused until she nodded. - You had been avoiding me, I thought you were mad at me, not that that's unusual, cause lets face it, I'm an idiot. You know that, I know that and we're not afraid to point it out... a lot.

He let out a chuckle when saying it, then his serious tone took over.

- But it just felt worse and that kind of woke up something in me, that I had been trying to hold back. Even though we had the marriage forced upon us, I knew allready back then that I loved you, I just never found an appropriate way to tell you before, he said, taking a deep breath before continuing. - I love you, Kaylee.

Kaylee hadn't even imagined the moment where Simon told her this. Certainly not that it would take six months of marriage before he found... as he had said it... an appropriate time for saying it. She really had to do something about those manners of his. Nothing, but trouble... She chuckled and lightly shook her head.

- I love you too, she whispered.

He grinned and caught her lips in another kiss. It didn't last too long, despite the occation, due to her awkward position. When they broke the kiss off, she rested her head on his chest.

- You know he's going to put 'Malcolm' on the table right?

- Wouldn' put it aside 'im, Kaylee chuckled.- An' I know Jayne's been lobbyin' too.

She lifted her head to see his reaction.

- He's barely even looked at them and he expect us to name one of them after him, Simon exclaimed.

Before she could respond to it, she heard a familliar sound coming from the bassinet.

- Look, she said. - Jane and Malcolm's up.

Simon gave her a startled look and she burst into laughter.

- Jus' thought I'd practise.

- There's no way I'm naming my daughter... or son for that matter after that man-ape, Simon said, shuddering at the thought.

Kaylee leaned up and kissed him before getting up from the bed, picking her crying daughter up, resting the tiny head towards her shoulder, while gently rocking her. She laughed as she saw the baby instinctly trying to find her breast. Whincing as she sat onto the bed, she got immediate help from Simon to find an inbetween sitting and laying down position.

When the girl was firmly nursing, Simon turned his attention to his son, who looked as if he hadn't decided whether to cry or not to cry. The newly made father thought better be safe than sorry and scooped his son up in his arms, gently rocking him.

Though her attention was mostly on her baby girl eating, with an appetite her mom had mentioning her having when she was a baby, Kaylee couldn't help, but stealing some glances at Simon cradling their son. She remembered how out of place the captain had looked when he had to hold the boy, but not Simon. He really looked to be a natural at it.

- Care to switch, she asked, when she felt the girl letting go. - Our girl needs burpin'

- And I'm pretty sure this one's hungry, Simon answered. - He's making that cute fishy face, he does when he's hungry.

- Fishy face, Kaylee exclaimed, trying not to laugh.

- You know what I mean. He's almost searching for my breast, now.

- Oh my, she giggled. - He won' find much there. Hand 'im over.

Simon obliged, but the sudden movement had the boy crying. It didn't get better when he was forced to wait until his sister had been handed back. The baby got frustrated enough that it took Kaylee some patience before she had him latch on. When she managed to break from her gaze at her beautiful baby boy she noticed the spit-up stain on Simon's shoulder.

- What, he asked, when he heard her giggling.

- You jus' look like a parent is all, complete with spit-up.

He looked to his side and sure enough there it was. That'd teach him to wear one of his finer shirts anywhere near the twins. There was a knock on the door.

- Cheeng jeen, Kaylee called out.

- I'm not disturbing, am I, Inara asked as she entered, seeing Simon with one baby on his shoulder and Kaylee nursing the other.

- No, we were just noticing that nice shirt and baby don't go together, Simon answered.

- Don' he look cute though, Kaylee beamed from the bed. - The stain kinda makes the outfit.

Inara laughed.

- How is the naming going? I heard Mal gave you an ultimatum.

- We got 'til mornin', 'fore he names 'em Jane and Malcolm.

Simon silently shook his head at it.

- I thought he was rooting for Malcolm and Mallory, Inara said, slightly puzzled.

- 'Less we find names for 'em we'll get an answer to that tomorrow.

- Any help would be greatly appreciated, Simon added.

- You allready have too many people telling you what to name them, I just thought I'd give you this, Inara said, handing Simon a mini-screen. - It holds a pretty large list of names, sorted on orgin, meaning or just the names themselves. There's even a random function on it.

- You Are A Lifesaver, Simon sighed.

- Is 'Malcolm' really that bad, Inara asked, chuckling.

- I was more worried that Jayne would get his wish.

- I'll leave you to it, the companion said, one foot out the door. - Let me know if you need any other help.

- Look, she's sleepin', Kaylee said, smiling at the sight.

While Simon put their daughter back into the bassinet, Kaylee lifted their son, who had just finished nursing, to her shoulder.

When both twins were sound asleep in the bassinet, Simon joined his wife on the bed, and she rolled to her side, resting her head on his chest.

- Don't fall asleep now, he warned. - You'll never know what names they'll end up with.

- Nah, she murmured. - You'll find real shiny names.

- Or I don't and Mal gets his wish.

- Lets try that random thing, just read the names out to me.

Simon placed his arm around her and used the other to activate the random generator and chuckled at the name popping up.

- Kylee, he read out.

- Seriously, she asked, giggling as she received a confirming nod. - Try again.

- Odelia...

- Maybe this thing ain't programmed to find names, Kaylee suggested, her brow raised.

- Freya, he continued. - You know, I have a feeling you're right... Serena.

- Hey, I like that, kinda sounds like Serenity.

- You want to name our daughter after the ship, Simon asked, his brow raised.

- What's wrong with that? You don't like it?

- As a middle name maybe, he responded.

Simon continued to flip through names. There were surprisingly few nice traditional names to find. Some names made him wonder what kind of taste the people who programmed this had.

- Inara, he chuckled silently, as the companions name popped up on the screen.

He felt Kaylee just snuggled closer up to him. Knowing she was just about to fall asleep, he was running out of time.

- What about Leilah, he asked, looking at the screen.

Kaylee opened her eyes and looked at him.

- I like it, she decided. - Leilah Serenity Tam.

- So now we're directly naming our daughter after the ship, Simon asked, chuckling.

- I owe it to Serenity, for bringing her to me. If it hadn't been for her I'd never have met you an' Leilah woul' never have happened. An' it's pretty.

He grinned, she was right about it, Leilah Serenity Tam... it had a ring to it.

- Look at this, he said, looking at the screen. - Journey is listed as a boys name.

- Journey, hmm...

- Don't get any ideas now, Simon warned.

- Too late, she grinned in responce.

- Storm, he chuckled. - Where are the traditional names..?

- Look at this one, Kaylee said, pointing at the screen trying to keep serious. - Zero Dinos. Who names their son, Zero?

- Spyridon, he read out, shuddering. - Some names I just don't get.

Kaylee giggled, still awake, though barely.

- Here's one, Simon said. - Aidan. What do you think about Aidan?

- It's shiny, she murmured, burying her head in his chest.

He put the screen away not wanting to make any decision without her. Instead he slid down to a more laying down position and pulled the covers over them. Kaylee was allready fast asleep, not even registerring the movement. Instinctly she slid her arms around his waist.

What time it was when he heard the knock and the door creaking open, he wasn't sure. Simon was still a bit groggy, but woke up, seeing Kaylee rocking Leilah back to sleep.

- Cheeng jeen, she called towards the door.

Of course the entire crew had to be outside the door in antisipation. Everybody had been present when they had made the deal with Mal.

- We're here to see lil' Malcolm and Mallory, the captain announced.

- Damn it, Mal, Jayne exclaimed, looking at the captain. - You said you was gonna use Jayne.

- There will be no swearing in front of the twins, Simon warned. - Sooner or later they'll pick it up. And I don't want any of that. Besides, that's not their names. We named them last night.

The captain arched his brow at them.

- Did you now?

- We did, Simon replied. - We decided to call the girl Leilah Serenity Tam.

- Serenity, huh, Mal chuckled, then glanced at the boy still sleeping in the bassinet. - What about him?

- Aidan Tam, Kaylee answered.

- No middle name, huh, Jayne stated. - You know. Jayne's a very....

- No!


Tuesday, November 22, 2005 4:37 PM


Nice. Leilah. Is that pronounced like the Eric Clapton song? Or like the character from Futurama? Serenity is perfect for a middle name.

Seems Mal and Jayne still have a name to fight over.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005 4:41 PM


LOL Malcom and Mallory or Jane and Malcom I think Simon and Kaylee named the little darlings just in time. I love their names.

Leilah Serenity and Aidan Tam

Welcome to the madhouse little ones.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005 5:10 PM


Oh its so adorable. I love the names! Love love love. But are you gonna give Aidan a middle name? you've kept me on my toes so far. I'm just waiting to see what the next big drama is. you are doing great. keep it up!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005 5:35 PM


I love the names you picked out. Very sweet.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005 6:14 PM


gorramit, I liked Jane and Malcolm... dang!
well better luck next time I guess.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005 8:09 PM


Aw, shiny! And I love the names. This fic is like...there just ain't enough "awwww" in the 'verse, doll.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005 4:37 AM


hej det er mig fra danmark jeg er blevet helt wild with din story about Simon and Kaylee.
jeg har lige læset chapter 20 og nu vil jeg til skal læse what going to happen in this.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005 11:58 AM


Interesting names. Leilah reminds me of the song "Lyla" off the new OASIS album. It'll make a nice rock/lullaby for her. In case if you don't know it, here are the lyrics.

Callin' all the stars to fall
And catch the silver sunlight in your hands
Comfort me and set me free
Lift me up and take me where I stand
She believes in everything
And everyone of you and yours and mine
I've waited for a thousand years for you to come and blow me out my mind

Hey Lyla
Stars about the fall so what you say..Lyla
The world around us makes me feel so small..Lyla
If you can't hear me call, then I can't say...Lyla
Heaven help you catch me if I fall

She's the queen of all I've seen
And every song and city far and near
Heaven help my mind's are still
She rings bell for all the world to hear

repeat of chorus, guitar solo and repeat of chorus again and again until the end, with "if" changed to "when".

Wednesday, November 23, 2005 4:21 PM


Ok I totally forgive you for a quick birth because you made sure to give Kaylee stitches. Everyone forgets those. ouch!

I like Serenity for a middle name.

I can't wait to hear Aiden's middle name. You know River could work for a boy. Aiden River Tam, nice.

Thursday, November 24, 2005 8:46 PM


Wonderful. I love the names you picked out. Very good. Can I have another helping please? Update soon.

Thursday, November 24, 2005 11:54 PM


SQUEEEEE!!!!! this makes a nice break from typing up spreadsheets...
i grinned like a loony when i read inara's line about "malcolm or mallory", something i could totally see mal doing


Sunday, December 18, 2005 2:04 PM


Very pretty names! :) Love the story :)


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