Fun and Games - 2.2 - Hangover: Simon
Saturday, January 28, 2006

Second of an eight part sequel to "Spin the truth", it's time to show how Simon's day went by.


AN: As always a shoutout to EA for the proofreading and the additional ideas ;) Also a thanks to DancingRiver for proofreading the last bits as I found myself EA-less :P

AN2: In case people are wondering, I am not abandoning the "Pretty ... pretty"-verse. I just learned as a BtVS-writer that I can start many projects and not finish, so I promised myself that I would only do one series at a time, I might post stand alone stories here and there, but I'll only work at one series at the time. As "Fun and Games" is finished I'll either write a continuation series for "Pretty ... pretty" or make a new one. Either way I'll get back to the twins, eventually ;) Don't worry.

AN3: Here's Simon's day. If you have wishes on what character to do next, please post in your comments which, who know maybe it's your lucky day ;)

*** Fun and Games - 2.2 - Hangover: Simon ***

If he hadn't known for a fact that he was on a ship, even in his groggy half-asleep state, Simon would have sworn he heard birds chirping in his head. His head ached in that special kind of way, that could only mean one thing, one hell of a hangover. That wasn't what alerted him however, headaches he could deal with, even imaginary birds chirping, or the fact that he couldn't feel anything, but cool air touching his backside. No, what alerted him was the feeling of another warm, naked body, the softness suggesting it to be female. As the only female he knew to climb into his bed was his little sister whenever a bad dream occurred, he was feeling this to be all manners of disturbing. Especially when feeling another type of connection that was most certainly not of the innocent variety.

He jerked his head up, eyes open wide, first the sight calmed him, then alerted him in a new way. Underneath him, was the eternal cheerfull mechanic. Heart of Serenity. She was still in deep slumber, oblivient to his sudden movement. It was while watching her in a tender, semi-anxious way, he noticed what had inspired the chirping in his head. Kaylee didn't snore, but as air left her lungs her nostrils made a soft, whistling sound. Even with the awkwardness of this situation, Simon couldn't help, but grin at the cuteness that was sleeping Kaylee. She even smiled in her sleep, he noticed. Always in a good mood, that one.

Her face was glowing in that special post-coital way, sweaty in a slight tone of red. If the familliar feeling of upmost satisfaction, the fact that the two of them both of them were naked, that the room was smelling of sex and that he was still somewhat connected to her, hadn't told him what happened last night, that surely would've. But then again had he not reached the conclution sooner than that, he would had to both be stupid as well as an oblivient virgin. He was neither.

Pushing himself onto his elbows, he gently shifted his weight more and more onto his knees, pulling himself up and away. The minute he felt the cool air of the room touching every part of him, a couple of arms instinctively shot up from the sleeping body and wrapped themselves around his back, pulling him down. The sudden movement from her, caused him to clumsingly trip sideways over her right thigh, he fell onto his side, then the force of it landed him on his back, the grasp of her atms making sure she rolled with him, her head landing on his chest. Her eyes shot open in a confused, tired gaze.

As she seemed to be getting over the surprise of seeing him first thing in the morning, she pushed her head up to rest on her arms. Simon felt a blush creep upon his face, part from the pure awkwardness that was the situation, part from the knowledge that if she moved much more, she would get to know exactly how much she turned him on. Also the feeling of having taken advantage of her crept upon him. He had to set things straight, had to let her know.

- Kaylee... I didn't mean... I mean, I was drunk... You know I would never...


It had taken mere minutes from when his foot had slipped right into the familliarity of his mouth until Kaylee was dressed on her way up the ladder, exiting her room. Simon was stuck alone, only wearing his boxers, which was the only piece of his clothing he seemed to have been wearing when he sometime last night had entered Kaylee's bunk. He still hadn't quite figured that part out. The day before was mostly a complete blank, with exception of a few flashes of fuzzy images he was too hung over to even attempt to sort out.

Time passed, whether it was hours or mere minutes, there was no way to tell. He would have laid down, hadn't he felt uncomfortable with the idea of sleeping out the headache in Kaylee's bunk, especially as he had gone and pulled a classic Simon on her. So he just sat on her bed, wrapping the sheets around him for warmth, and he waited.

At first he just studied her bunk, as he had never before been down there, even if she hadn't been present when he woke up, he would've easily seen where he was. Simon had never before sat in a room filled with more personality than Kaylee's bunk. There were little lights and paper flowers right above the bed, at the foot hung the dress she had worn when the captain needed someone to accompany him to the party ar Persephone. He spotted a few accidental spots of engine grease at the bottom of it, but other than that it was still in pretty good shape. Next to it was a small nightstand that held an alarm clock, picture of an older man and woman he guessed to be her parents as well as a couple of young people that could either be friends or siblings, Kaylee in the middle wearing one of those floral dresses she put on whenever she got off ship for longer than erands.

Then he entertained himself with counting the number of lights and paper flowers above her bed, first the total, then dividing them by colors and any other difference he could find. In between he threw glances towards the ladder, hoping that Kaylee would have mercy on him and at least drop him some clothes. He knew it was too much to ask right now. If he could've gotten out of the room, he would've done whatever it took to get back on her good side, to explain what it was he really meant, when he had said what he said. But the idea of the crew, mainly the captain seeing him sneak out of Kaylee's bunk in his attire, was enough for him to stay put. He had allready gotten into enough trouble with Kaylee and wasn't about to add to them.

It wasn't until Simon started singing to himself to make the time pass by that the hatch suddenly opened. He raised his brows in surprise. Sure he had sat in the room for ages, but he just couldn't imagine Kaylee forgiving him quite yet. Nonetheless, his heart made a jump. A second later a pile of what he recognized to be one of his clean shifts hit the floor before the hatch closed again. His heart sunk back down for a few seconds. She hadn't forgiven him yet, but at least she wasn't so angry that she didn't recognize his tricky disposition.

At least that was something...


Clothed again, Simon decided to just take the risk of being spotted now. If he didn't make some appearance people would start raising brows anyway. Especially if someone had spotted Kaylee carrying some of his clothes to her room. He opened the hatch as silently as possible and quickly climbed up and out of the room. He heard some voices up at the helm, but none of them belonged to Kaylee, so he didn't think more of it. His heart sunk a bit more as he noticed that in fact there was nobody in the hallway. Not that he had expected her to wait for him, but he had hoped that maybe she had realized that he hadn't meant anything hurtfull with what he'd said.

He closed the hatch behind him and made his way to the stairs. It was when he attempted real walking that he noticed how unstable he was, and his focus was far from its best as his headache seemed to only grow. His only thought consisted of two words, infirmary and now. He supported himself using the walls, but as he made his way into the kitchen area and the walls widened out, he ran out of things to hold on to. Simon decided to try and focus his gaze on a spot on the other side of the room, remembering this trick from when he had had some minor driving lessons with the family hover cars. Always focus far ahead, to assure a steady journey.

Of course there was a flaw in the plan as he was completely oblivient to where his feet went, so when his right foot hit something large and solid, he only managed to bring his hands forward to avoid smashing his head into the cold metal floor. Simon remained absolutely still, hoping he hadn't woken up whoever it was he had tripped over.

- Tian xiz shou you de ren dou gai si!

Simon winced as the grunting told him exactly who it was he had woken up. Of course, that just had to be his luck. On top of everything else that day. The hangover just couldn't possibly complete without some quality time with the grumpy man-ape on the kitchen floor. Simon turned around, trying to muster some half-attempt of an apoligy as his head simply wasn't fit for any bantering with the mercinary. Feeling his eyeballs burn holes in his socket, he mentally added full frontal exposure to his list of agonies that day.


The long stairs down to the lower level proved to be a challenge to his wobbly feet. More than once he was forced to really cling onto the railing to stop himself from falling. When the hangover took over his motor functions as well as his memory, it was a clear sign that he had had far too much to drink the night before.

He cursed his chosen career as the infirmary met his eyes with the brightest light in the entire ship. He had to learn to put painkillers in alternative locations for times like this. Clutching his hand to his head, his eyes shunting to a minimal blip, he forced himself into the room, heading straight for the drawer where he kept pain medication. Just his luck, he thought to himself as he opened the drawer, there wasn't any.

Forcing his eyes open, he searched the whole drawer, but there was nothing there short of things that would leave him knocked out, then groggy for hours, and he knew for a fact that that wouldn't help much with his headache, more like add to it when he finally came to again. He closed the drawer and headed out of the bright room, heading for his own. If he remembered correctly he had painkillers in the kit he kept in case River had an emergency.

The thought of his sister reminded him that he should check in on her, but despite his selfless nature which usually put everyone else before him, his head gave him specific orders to be tended to first. He justified the choice with the knowledge that, should River need calming down or other treatment, an aching head would clutter his mind and make him less able to do his job as a doctor, as well as a brother. He stumbled into his room, heading straight for his infamous red bag of medication. After rummaging through it for a couple of minutes he finally found what he was looking for. He took the medication and sat down on his bed, resting his head at the wall, while waiting for the medication to kick in. Closing his eyes he shut out the world, not without hearing some sort of ruckus down the hall, but he just refused to let it bother him just now. Waiting ten minutes wouldn't kill him.

Simon almost passed the door to his sisters room, as he was heading to check what the ruckus had been about, when he remembered to check on her. He peaked in the door only to find the room completely abandoned. The bed hadn't been made, which albeit it wasn't aways a sign of River having a startling waking up, but it was often the case.

Fearing both for his sister as well as the state of his infirmary Simon went straight back to it. He found no one there, but several drawers hung out and the medication that Simon was known for keeping in a very tidy fashion was now in not such an orderly state. But he knew at once this wasn't River's doing as the drawers were just hanging out, they hadn't been hurled about. The medication hadn't been tossed. The perpitrator was someone else and Simon had an inkling of it possibly being Jayne, taking revenge for the unfortunate wake-up. However there was nothing to do, except get to work to get the infirmary back in his orderly fashion.


Tidying the infirmary proved not to be so quickly done as he even noticed some mistakes he had done when he originally had sorted the medication. He wondered how that could have been and started thinking back to when it was last he had stocked new medical supplies and could only come up with one answer. Kaylee.

She had kept him company whilst he had sorted throught it all, as well as asking him questions about his past. He had paid little attention to where everything was put, it was just a way to keep him occupied enough to get the conversation going without his brain messing things up. As he had nothing left to put anywhere, the two of them had continued the conversation out in the common area outside the infirmary. Kaylee had stepped over her foot on her way out the infirmary door, so Simon had told her to put it in his lap so that he could loosen up the muscle and ease the pain. She had complied, both her feet resting in his lap. Whilst massaging both of them, the topic had gone over to Simons medical studies and his various outbreaks. Soon the pain in Kaylee's foot was forgotten by both and they had just been laughing like crazy as Simon recalled his naked adventure on top of the Hippocratus statue. They had been so comfortable with each other. For once Simon had made it through a long conversation, a flirtatious one at that and he had not said anything stupid.

Later that day he had been very close to kissing her, so when he returned to the infirmary his mind had been so very elsewhere he had not noticed the big flaw in his sorting. Nothing beside how he had almost kissed Kaylee managed to occupy his mind... well until he was abruply woken up by Jubal Early that night...

Simon was so completly in his own little world it took him a little while to notice Kaylee entering the infirmary. When he did however he silently gulped. All the awkwardness and tension of that morning flowing back into his body. However as he saw Kaylee slightly bending over, clutching her back, he forgot to be embarassed and his mind went into a worried doctor mode.

- What happened, he asked.

- S'nothin' Jus' fell out'a the hammock, is all. Took a painkiller for it, but it ain't helpin' much, so...

- Let me take a look at it, he interrupted, motioning for her to lay down.

Kaylee obliged and Simon pulled her shirt up and put his hands gently on her back. He could easily see the blackening mark on her back, but other than that he didn't find any severe injuries. It had just been a bad fall.

- It's nothing serious, seems to me you fell on top of a hard object or something, am I right, he asked, receiving a nod. - You might feel some tension in the muscle and your back will look a little colorfull for a while. I suggest you take it easy, not do too much straining the next couple of days in case I'm wrong. If there's any heavy lifting to be done in the engine room or something let me or someone else know and we'll help you. I can give you some pain medication should it get bad and if the muscles don't loosen up by themselves I can try a massage, but I'd rather not right now as the bruising will only make it hurt more. If there's anything, don't hessitate to come and see me, allright.

Kaylee nodded as Simon held out his hand to help her up to a sitting position. He tried swallowing the lump in his throat as their eyes met. There was a long awkward silence between the two, lasting long minutes. Simon felt it to be his duty to be the one breaking it.

- Um... about this morning.., he started. - I didn't mean... I... ah...

He was rambling, worse than ever. And the words simply wouldn't come, mostly because he still hadn't worked out a way to explain what it was he had meant.

- Don't start, Simon. Ain't like I never bedded a guy before, she interupted him, giving a slight chuckle at what she was saying next. - 'Course, first time I don' remember doin' the beddin' though.

Relief washed over him as he realized he wasn't the only one without memory of the night before. Though it didn't really solve the tension between them that neither one of them remembered doing the dirty as Kaylee would've put it. He couldn't help, but feel the need to form an apology, at least say something to right the wrong, but just as he never managed to say straight out to Kaylee that he indeed had feelings for her, he found it impossible to get the wording right. As if Kaylee had picked up on his feeble attempts to find a way to break the tension, she put her hand on his shoulder.

- You know what, how 'bout we jus' forget about it?

Simons heart sunk in his chest, but he wasn't about to show it, seeing as he would probably screw things up more than fix them if he said anything in objection. So he simply nodded in agreement. It was after all for the best. They sunk back into a silence, though after agreeing on the decision it wasn't as awkward as before, despite the sinking feeling that just wouldn't go away. He forced a smile in her direction and got one in return. It finally broke as Kaylee suddenly started giggling.

- By the way, did you know capt'n an' Jayne got hitched?


Saturday, January 28, 2006 5:23 PM


Shiny! Shiny! Kitten.

That turned out really good! Love the whole idea for the different perceptions, and you do it really well. you've really got the whole Simon/ kaylee interaction down to a tee. Lol. Can't wait for the next ones...

Keep up, as usual, the shiny work!!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2006 5:49 PM


Excellent work, can't wait for the next one.

"Kaylee... I didn't mean... I mean, I was drunk... You know I would never..."
Classic Simon (idiot :) )


Saturday, January 28, 2006 6:11 PM


haha, poor simon: will the boy never learn? he better make it up to her!

Saturday, January 28, 2006 6:42 PM


it was shiny! totaly fantastic! man you could make an episode out of that ;)

Saturday, January 28, 2006 8:31 PM


gah! Stupid Simon!

He needed to suggest they do it again so they BOTH remember this time..

will they ever get it right?


Sunday, January 29, 2006 12:54 AM


Poor old Simon, definitely a victim of Foot in Mouth desease... Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Sunday, January 29, 2006 9:21 AM


All together now: "Oh, Simon... "

What a boob.

Shiny as ever, darlin', but he'd better find a way to make it up to her. You'd think he'd be getting pretty good at that by now lol.

Sunday, January 29, 2006 12:26 PM


Frell said it best! Ah, another great one! Poor Simon..always getting it wrong, nice usuage of "doin the dirty" LOL!

And you used it! "that the room was smelling of sex and that he was still somewhat connected to her, " :D

Another fantastic chapter, cant wait for the next installment! :D

Saturday, February 11, 2006 5:25 AM


GAH!!! *slaps simon upside the head*


Friday, February 17, 2006 4:01 PM


Not bad, pretty funny and typical Simon.

But you may want to note. he has been in her room b4. Go watch Jaynestown again.

Sunday, February 19, 2006 8:27 AM


OMG! I was laughing so hard it got my mom's attention and she's like...half asleep. LOL!

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funny me need more

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aw i don't want em to forget it ever happened


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