Pretty ... pretty - chapter 20 - "Here she comes"
Sunday, November 20, 2005

Twentieth part of my Simon/Kaylee fanfic, it's the one you've been waiting for. So comment!


AN: Here's the chapter that *would* have been chapter 19 if there hadn't been a demand for Simon's childhood stories ;)

AN2: Also, think out names people... I want many suggestions... lol

*** Here she comes ***

When she had felt it at dinner, she had thought it to be indigestion and thought nothing more of it. When she'd felt the spasms, while observing the preacher's work on her baby, she had thought it to be yet another false alarm. There was still a month to go, after all. And after her first encounter with Braxton Hicks, she'd stopped worrying so much over small pains in her nethers. But when she was brought out of her cozy dream by a very sharp pain, her and Simon's bed completely drenched, Kaylee finally ackowledged what was happening and sat up in the bed.

- Simon, she whispered.

Simon was in deep slumber. They were always snuggled up, while sleeping, even in her current condition they had a way of always touching in some sort of way, as if they just wanted to feel each others presence. Simons form was gently brushing up against hers. His arm resting on her belly. He groaned in his sleep, but was too deep in it to really ackowledge that she was speaking to him. She put her hand on his shoulder gently shaking it.

- Simon, she repeated, a little louder.

- Hmm..., he murmured, slowly opening his eyes.

- She's coming...

Kaylee let out a whimper as she felt another contraction rush through her and grabbed Simons hand. This woke him right away and he sat up.

- Now, he asked, turning towards her, eyes wide. - There's still a month left...

- I know that, Kaylee snapped. - But she ain't waitin'

- I'm sorry, Simon murmured, putting his hands on each side of her head and planted a kiss on her temple. - This just caught me by surprise.

- You an' me both...

Kaylee looked down, she didn't mean to snap at him, for once he hadn't deserved it, then squeesed Simons hand hard as she felt another contraction. When her grip loosened, Simon let out a groan of pain and rubbed his hand.

- I'm sorry, she said, sheepishly. - I didn' know what came over me...

- It's allright, he assured her. - You can break my hand and I won't mind. As long as you get her out. Can you do that?

She looked at him and gave a nod. He leaned in and caught her lips in a soft kiss.

- That's my girl, he said, as her face crunched in an expression of pain. - We better get you to the infirmary unless you want to have her right here.

He waited until Kaylee's contraction ended before getting out of bed, finding that big shirt he knew she loved. While she put that on, he quickly put on a pair of pants and a shirt, not even bothering buttoning it up more than halfway.

As he opened the door, he found River standing in the hallway. Feet bare as always, but other than that she was in one of her dresses, not in her usual jammies. He guessed she hadn't gone to sleep at all.

- It's starting, she chimed.

Of course his sister was allready well aware of the events. Probably being why she wasn't sleeping.

- Can you get Inara, Mal and maybe Zoe, he asked.

As he watched his sister happily leap towards the companions shuttle, he felt Kaylees strong grasp on his hand. He noticed, from the even harder grasp that her contractions were becoming more and more heavy.

Mal and Zoe were the first after River to arrive after Simon had gotten Kaylee settled in on the bed. The captain squirmed uncomfortably and moved so he didn't see right up under Kaylee's shirt, which was slightly raised, due to her knees being bent up. Zoe raised her brow in amusement.

- What do you need help with, doc, she asked, cutting to the chase.

- Well, this is more of a just to have someone nearby situation, though it would be nice if you could gather as many clean sheets you can find.

- Allright, Zoe said, turning to do as the young doctor wanted, almost crashing into Wash who appeared in the doorway.

- Anything I should... whoa girl, put your legs together, Wash said, turning around, blushing furiously. - I did not need to see that.

From the bed, Kaylee rolled her eyes, as Zoe dragged her squirming husband out of the room.

- Doc, you really have to do that, Mal groaned as Simon put his hand under his wife's shirt. - There's people in the room.

- I'm checking how dialated she is, Simon explained.

- Ain't there supposed to be some water breakin' first, Mal queried.

- Allready did, capt'n, the mother-to-be answered. - What woke me up.

If there hadn't been another contraction happening right then and there, Kaylee would have laughed at Mal's shuddering. She left that for Inara to do, as the companion chose that moment to enter the room. Her laughter quickly died and she rushed to her best friends side to hold her hand.

- You're allready eight centimeters, Simon announced, bending down to kiss her temple. - Won't be long now.

- Impatient, ain't she, Kaylee sighed.

- She wants to come out and meet her mom, Inara said, softly.

- Can't say I blame her, Simon said, beaming at his wife.

A tingle ran down her spine as she heard thm say it. This was it, she was going to be a mom. It was the thing she had been waiting for.

- Nine centimeters, Simon announced, as Zoe returned, carrying a pile of clean sheets.

- Where's Wash, Kaylee asked.

- Told him to go back to bed, Zoe said, receiving looks asking her to elaborate. - If I'm ever to convince him to try for one of our own, it's best he ain't seeing this. Where do you need me, doc?

- Well, if things progress this way, I'll be needing a sterilized pair of scissors and some string.

- On it, the first mate answered.

Inara whimpered as she felt the mechanics grip on her hand. Kaylee bit her teeth together as this was even worse than the last one. When it started to pass she turned to give her best friend an apoligising look.

- Sweetheart, Simon said from the end of the bed. - You're fully dialated, now, the next time you feel a contraction, I want you to start pushing and keep pushing as long as you can. Can you do that?

Kaylee nodded.

- Time to be parents, River chimed from the corner in the room, where she sat, observing the whole thing.

- And aunt.., Simon added, stealing a glance towards his little sister.

Kaylee felt the contraction and groaned as she started pushing. Inara grabbed her hand with both hers and demanded eye contact.

- You're doing well, mèimei. Hold it as long as you can.

- She's crowning, Simon announced from his position. - You're doing real good here.

Kaylees head fell back onto the pillow as she caught her breath. There would be not long before she would have to push again. Inara mopped her brow. Another contraction came and she raised her head, pushing with all her might again.

- The head is coming. Keep pushing, we're closing in on the shoulders. Once we get there I can help you, he said, encouraging her on. - Zoe, if you can come over here with one of those sheets, that would be great.

Kaylee barely managed to catch her breath before she had to push again.

- Shoulders are out, Simon called out. - ...she's coming out now. She's coming... whoa...

Kaylee fell back with her final push and panted heavily. When Simons didn't say anything, Kaylee's heart went up her throat in worry, but calmed slightly as she heard the first cry from her baby. She still couldn't see her.

- It's a boy, River called out and after a few seconds added. - Looks like Simon...

Mal leaned forward to look at the baby, his brow raised. True enough there in Simons arms were a wailing baby boy. He looked all kinds of gross, his head pinched and covered in slime. Though he suspected for Simon it was the most beautiful sight of all.

- I'll be damned, the captain muttered, amused. - Didn't you say you were having a girl.

Shaking off the surprise, Simon laid the baby in the sheet Zoe was holding out, tied the string around the corde and cut it. Zoe wrapped the sheet around the crying baby, drying him off. Then wrapped the dry baby in a new clean sheet and handed him back to the newly made father.

- He's gorgeous, he told Kaylee, as he handed their son to her.

- He's so tiny, Kaylee whispered, barely auditable, as the babys crying lessened.

It didn't matter anymore that it wasn't what they had expected. She was holding her tiny newborn son, looking right into his eyes.

- That's the most beautiful baby I've ever seen, Inara said at Kaylee's side.

Kaylee was about to answer, but instead she whimpered in pain. Simon was at her side at once.

- What's wrong, he asked.

- Somethin' don' feel right, she answered, looking very worried.

Simon's face paled and he got immediatly back to doctor mode. He had too many times heard stories about various complications. When he came back to the end of the bed, his eyes widened.

- Um... Mal, can you hold the baby for a little while?

Kaylee reluctantly handed her son to the captain. Who ended up looking a little out of place with the newborn in his arms. The baby didn't seem to like the change either and started crying and Mal got busy trying to rock him back to silence.

- What's happenin', Kaylee whispered.

- You have to start pushing again soon, Simon told his wife. - Our daughter's crowning.

- What... she asked, softly, barely auditable.

When she got over the shock, Kaylee determinedly gathered her strength to bring her baby girl to the world. Inara squeesed her hand gently. The mechanic felt the contraction and pushed as hard as she could.

- That's good, the head's coming... just a little more to get the shoulders, you're doing great.

Kaylee clamped her teeth together to hold it a little longer. Only halfway catching her breath she pushed again, listening to Simons instructions. Two more pushes and she heard another cry mix with the cry of her son and a happy tear escaped her eye.

- It's a girl, Simon announced, proudly.

Zoe was right there with the sheet as Simon prepared to cut the corde. Mal, who was at loss on how to silence the kid in his arms handed the boy back to his mother, right before Simon came back up to Kaylee's side with their daughter. Placing her in Kaylee's arm, close to her brother, both infants slowly calmed down. Simon put his arm around her shoulders, adjusting the bed to help her to a more sitting position. Then he kissed her, tenderly.

- I'm so proud of you, he whispered, his lips barely parted from hers.

She buried her head in the nook of his shoulder and gazed at the now sleeping twins.

- We're all proud of you, mèimei, Inara said, stroking her best friends head. - They are just adorable.

The companion gazed at the sleeping infants. They were just the most adorable view she had seen in her life and made her wonder if she was missing out. She secretly stole a glimpse towards Mal who was also peering at Simon and Kaylee's newborns. He would need an answer from her soon. Kaylee's pregnancy was over, there was no other excuse to hold back from leaving, to get distance from everything that confused and complicated her life.

Even though Mal always said he disliked shipboard romances he envied his medic and mechanic. Not the baby part, despite them being awfully cute, he could not imagine having first responsibility for something so fragile as an infant, not with the life he was leading. Also, he could only imagine the long nights of screaming that would come soon enough. Probably would keep more than just the parents awake, at least this way he would have the right to complain. What Mal wanted was a way to be with the woman he loved. The woman who now was out of excuses to stay.

Inara caught Mal staring at her. If she was going to have this sceene she didn't want it there and not yet. She cleared her throat and turned to the newly made parents.

- Have you two thought of names yet?


Sunday, November 20, 2005 12:35 PM


I have been reading through this series with a growing admiration (and envy) for your writing skills, but this is just wonderful, as is the rest of your fanfics.
Many shiny's for you!

As for names: For the girl maybe Sakura (japanese for Cherry Blossom), and for the boy Davin, (a kinda of twist on David, as I think Simon might look to more tradional Earth-that-was names.)

Sunday, November 20, 2005 2:43 PM


Hmmm..maybe not Jonah. Petaline's baby was named Jonah, and I think Mal might have some bad associations with that whoie thing.

I know someone else used it around here already, but I like Brooke as a girl, kind of a play on River.

Sunday, November 20, 2005 2:59 PM


Twins. Huh. Never saw that comin.

I call dibs on Brooke. I'm using it in my story.

Can I suggest Riley and Simone as boy and girl names. Variations on Kaylee and Simon.

Sunday, November 20, 2005 4:31 PM


TWINS! Yaay!

I Love this series. One boy and One girl, a perfect little family.

For names I vote
Aurora River and Aaron Malcom

Sunday, November 20, 2005 5:49 PM


I vote Sara...*cough* not because it's my name or Twins! Whoa! I love it. I was like "oh, it's a boy. Kaylee really wanted a girl!" Then pop! There's a girl!! Great story!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2005 6:11 PM


OMGSQUEE! So sweet and lovely. As for names...hmm, no idea. I'm bad with names. But omg, loved this chapter.

Sunday, November 20, 2005 6:59 PM


When I read it was a boy, I must admit I was ever So Dissapointed. but then yaiy a girl! a BOY & A GIRL Twins!! Yipee!! True Perfection!!
These r the names of my future babies lol - a lil out there but they have Alot of meaning 2 me ;)

Girl: -AVA Lee Taylor-
other cool names: Valentina, Suzzie Q, Apple Blossom, Evangelina, Scarlett or my name Sandrina (jk)
Boy: -Jet JAG Valentine- or Ewan


Sunday, November 20, 2005 9:50 PM


Great, as always!! I was kinda upset for a second when the 1st baby was a boy just because you had us all worked up for a girl, but you redeemed yourself!

Now for names:

Girl: Mia (Latin for mine), Jacey (variation of Jace which means Moon), or Raeanne (beautiful lamb).

Boys: Riley (I like it as a boy name), Elijah, or Galen (Greek for healer, calm)

Congrats on the new additions to your fanfic! :)

Sunday, November 20, 2005 10:49 PM


Yes! Twins, I love it. More please.

Monday, November 21, 2005 7:11 AM


'kay, got that outta my to actually read the thing now


Monday, November 21, 2005 7:25 AM


girl: anythin' 'ceptin' jaine or gaeriel, they're's 'bout jessica? i mean, it's real nice name!! *discreetly nudges ID out of view*
boy: jayne!!! the boy-child of firefly, the kid they call jayne!!!


Monday, November 21, 2005 1:43 PM


While I love this story I do wish you have not fallen for the classic Hollywood idea that childbirth takes an hour. How much time did this birth take? One, two hours? For a first child the time for a birth is closer to one or two DAYS! ok maybe not that long but certainly more then you wrote.

But that said. Twins! I too was upset when I read boy (I was actually talking in the office about how often fictional characters have boys. Is seems like they all have boys), but then a girl. So I was happy in the end.

As for names. Although I don’t like it myself

Fraser is Norman French for Strawberry

Tuesday, November 22, 2005 7:02 AM


i love this little serie about Kaylee and simon.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005 11:03 AM


Where are you already misK. I'm goin through withdrawls here. You can't drop a bomb like that and expect us to starting to experience physical symptoms. lol.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005 12:54 PM


I am WAAAAY past withdrawing's here! pretty soon i'm gonna need medical attention. . . WERE IS THE NEXT CHAPTER!
Not that I am pressuring you or anything...*twitch*

(pssst... didja choose one of my beautiful names... didja,didja!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005 3:46 PM


YaY! Twins! I wasn't expecting that until the first one was born and it wasn't their little girl.

Oooh, I'm so glad I read this now. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Sorry, no idea on the names, but I like some of the ones mentioned in prior comments.


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