Pretty ... pretty - chapter 17 - "Preparations"
Thursday, November 17, 2005

Seventeenth chapter of my Simon/Kaylee series. It's time to get baby supplies. All I'm gonna say.


AN: Here's a repeat of the comment I left after last chapter. The interview that Jewel says it is this one: click on the link to firefly vids and you will see four interview pictures, click the "watch" link under Jewel and Adam's picture. Jewel says this: "...I'd like to see Kaylee have a baby, I think there needs to be a baby on the ship..."

AN2: Kaylee's colorfull language from last chapter meant "Everything in space is stuffed up my ass"

AN3: Anonymous, waking up your husband for a 4am kiss? LOL, that's funny. Glad to see that I have that effect?

AN4: Finally one about this chapter. Thank you for the help to make a certain characterization believable, Inge.

*** Preparations ***

How Kaylee managed it, was beyond his understanding. The baby was kicking so hard at night it was waking him up. But despite his crankyness when having a night of little or no sleep, he wouldn't trade a single one of those moments. Kaylee looked so adorable there she was sleeping soundly, he leaned over and brushed his lip on hers, carefull not to wake her up. The baby kicked again, and he saw the promising aspect. Of course the baby would insist on having the opposite sleeping pattern than his, stubborn even before birth. He chuckled silently for himself.

There were now only two months left. Time had moved so quickly, he felt as if he blinked he would find himself as a father. He started wondering how he would be like as a father, would he do a good job? Or would he end up in bad old patterns where he did or said something stupid and got Kaylee mad at him?

He knew without a doubt that Kaylee would make a wonderfull mom. The way she was taking care of people, of animals, of Serenity. He grinned as he said it to himself. Kaylee would be the best mom, and he would probably struggle as a dad.

He yawned all of a sudden and the change of pace in the baby activity suggested that she too was going back to sleep. He buried his head in the pillow and soon, like the baby, drifted back to sleep.


It was another one of those gatherings in the kitchen, which mostly meant job or promise of job. The captain was up at the front filling everybody in.

- As you all know we got a job line up, an' for some of us there will be some land time in the meanwhile.

- That's shiny, capt'n, Kaylee chipped. - Simon an' I was thinkin' of gettin' some stuff for, you know...

She pointed at her belly.

- 'Fraid you won't, doc will be shipbound our entire stay.

- What, Simon exclaimed. - For what reason?

- This planet we're headin' t'wards, it's Osirirs.

The entire crews eyes widened, except for Jayne who looked rather un-moved by the news.

- Wha', he asked, brow raised.

- Mal, have you lost you mind!?!

Inara had held her distance towards the captain lately. But as crew meetings usually affected her too, she had made it a habit of showing up, though standing more in the back. But even with her and Mal not speaking, she couldn't help, but make the objection.

- You're saying, you're heading towards a place where River and I are most likely to be recognized? And you're doing this voluntarily?

- Got us a job, won' be sharin' much of the detailes. Zoe, Jayne an' I will be takin' the shuttle out ter one of the Blackout zones. Got us a contact there, Mal explained. - Now, this job run smooth, we'll have us enough credits to feed that kid of yours for a very long time. Wouldn' concidered the job othwerwize. You an' your sister needs to stay hidden, we ain't wantin' them folks thinkin' we got somethin' ter hide.

- So you need a public face, Inara suggested. - I think maybe Kaylee and I can be up for that part.

Kaylee raised her brow in question.

- Well I was thinking, since Simon will be shipbound. And since next time we go planetside again could might as well be after that baby arrives, that you will need a crib, amongst other things. We could even maybe get you an appointment to have a sonogram taken.

- There, now that we've gotten that worked out. Zoe, will you prepare the shuttle? Jayne... well the usual. I need at least one of the rest to stay with the ship and I'm preferring Wash to be the one, pilot in the back-hand is always a good thing.

- I'll stay too, captain, Book assured him. - In case I'm needed.

- Good.


Simon watched his wife coming out of Inara's shuttle, dressed as if she was a society girl. It made him grin, not due to the dress, but to how she was just glowing more than ever.

- Pregnant or not, I sure feel like a fairytale princess, she grinned.

- I'll second that, he said, his eyes not leaving her, then with his brow mischievely raised, leaned in and wispered. - But I prefere you covered in engine grease.

She let out a high pitched giggle and threw her arms around his neck. He brought his lips to hers in a soft, tender kiss.

- Where did you get it?

- 'Nara said she got it from Petaline. The base dress that is, an' then she had some fabrics to drape over. She even showed me a way to raise the belly a bit by tyin' a fabric round it, making my back not ache so much. Tol' me 'bout how women back at Earth-that-was did so, when workin' on the fields.

- You're not thinking about working again, right, he asked, worried.

- Promise I won', she assured him. - Jus' easier to move is all.

- Good, he whispered.

He kissed her again, holding her closer, his hands wandering freely. As Inara came out of her shuttle, she grinned at the sight of the two of them. It was nice to see someone so happy and clearly in love. Parts of her started wondering why she had turned Mal down, feeling the want to have something like that herself, but she quickly recovered. That was dangrous grounds to enter. She coughed slightly, to get the couple's attention.

- It took me a little while to align those fabrics correctly. And as we're landing soon you should go and see to River.

- 'Nara, Kaylee playfully whined.

The companion smiled. Simon, placed one last kiss on his wife's lips.

- Zhu tamin ya min zhu yi, he whispered, before turning to find his sister.

Kaylee smiled and let out a sigh.


The next time Inara saw a simillar look on her best friends face was when Kaylee came out from her sonogram appointment. People could drop dead around her and she would probably still be grinning. Inara was sure of it.

- Did you hear the heartbeat?

- No, I ain't got that much credit, jus' wanted to see. We need the crib more.

- Not to mention clothes, bottles, diapers...

Inara listed up enough things to make Kaylee twinge in worry. They lived a hand-to-mouth life. How they would afford this baby started to be beyond her understanding. Inara noticed the dreamy smile on Kaylee's face fade and pulled the girl into a comforting hug.

- Hey, she whispered. - You'll be okay. We will get to the store and find everything you need. It just sounds a little overwhelming, that's all. I think there's a shop nearby, we can start by finding the basics and work our way from there?

Kaylee nodded, the smile coming back, little by little. What would she do without Inara, she wondered. Luckily the companion seemed to be sticking around for a while and she really didn't want to wonder if it was permanent or if she would later on see her friend leave. She liked to live in the now.

The shop had a small window with a couple of baby dolls dressed in tiny pyjamases, laying in beautiful draped bassinets. Kaylee felt vague kicks, probably the baby stretching in her sleep. Like the dolls in the windows. She could easily picture her and Simons baby in a bassinet like that, sound asleep, or about to go to sleep. She stroked her belly.

- Two more months, she wispered to herself.

- What did you say, sweetie?

- Nothin', Kaylee muttered. - Jus' nothin'.

- You're picturing the baby in one of those, aren't you?

- Yeh, Kaylee admitted. - I don' think I can afford much, but would be nice.

- I think something could be arranged.

- I don' want your money, 'Nara.

- Who said it's for you? Now that's my niece or nephew in there, Inara said, pointing at Kaylee's belly. - It's my responsible as coming aunt to make sure you have what you need to take care of him or her.

- But I ain't got nothin' for you, Kaylee objected.

- Come on, lets make sure you have what you need, the companion said, ignoring Kaylee's objection completely.

First thing that Kaylee spotted was a pale green bodysuit. It was nothing special, in fact it was as plain as they came, but it was the first thing she saw and she fell completely in love with it. She visioned her baby in it. Inara smiled, looking at those dreamy eyes. Within a short while, they had found ten simillar outfits like it. Kaylee had objected on the amount, but Inara had chosen to ignore it. They continued with finding several simple pyjamases and booties. Kaylee fell in love with every single one of them.

When in the end it came down to the bassinet, Kaylee tried to tell her that there was no need, but did the companion ever listen? Before the pregnant mechanic could do anything, Inara had paid for both the equipment as well as an immediate delivery to Serenity.

- I need a dress to be fitted, Inara said, as they exited the shop. - But if you want I can get you back to Serenity first, you look tired.

- Nah, I'm allright. Jus' my feet is startin' hurtin'. Back not so much.

- There's a tailor right over there, Inara suggested, pointing towards the location. - You could always watch me get fitted and rest your feet.

- Then lets go, Kaylee said, grinning.

- Are you sure, you're up for this, mèimei, the companion asked.

- It's shiny, after all that walkin' I'm welcomin' some sittin' down. 'Sides... I love watchin' you dress up. Gettin' all fancy.

Inara smiled at the cheerfull face and guided her best friend to one of the comfy recliners meant for customers in waiting. The companion left her side for a moment and returned with two cups of tea. As she was waiting for the tailor to finish up with a woman she guessed to be in her mid-fourties, she sat down with Kaylee. The girl pantet slightly, trying to find a comfortable sitting position. For the first time that day, Inara's suprise dress for her was getting uncomfortable. As she leaned more backwards it got more easy. Kaylee thought to herself that Inara would get a hard time helping her up from this one.

- So, Inara asked. - Have you and Simon thought out a name yet?

Kaylee shook her head.

- No, we was plannin' on waiting 'til we had that sonogram done.

- Surely you must have some names you like, Inara pushed.

- I just ain't that good at pickin' one out.

- Yes, there are many beautiful ones out there, the companion admitted.

- Ain't that the truth, Kaylee sighed and glansed over at Inara. - If you were havin' a girl, what'd you call her?

Inara almost gasped as she gulped down a too big sip of very hot tea, coughing slightly at the revalation.

- It's a girl, she asked.

Kaylee nodded, a dreamy look in her eyes. She had held the news close at heart, planning on having Simon to be the first to know, then the temptation of telling her best friend got too deep for her. As if she knew they were talking about her, the baby decided to stretch her tiny legs.

- Ms. Serra, the tailor is ready for you.

- Che-che, Inara responded and took the last sip of tea from her cup.

Kaylee was stuck in her blissfull world. Two months ahead she would be holding her baby girl in her arms. It seemed forever away and at the same time it felt like yesterday she had seen the positive result on the pregnancy test. Strange how time felt.

- I'm having a girl, she muttered to herself, paused then sighed. - What am I to call you little one?

- I always favored Soleil, for a girl, a woman in a long blue gown, right next to her said. - I couldn't help overhearing. Congratulations.

Kaylee soon recognized her to be the woman who had been in fitting as they had entered the tailors.

- Thank you, Kaylee said, grinning.

- Of course once my baby girl was born, she had another name calling out to me. I suspect you will experience the same.

- That'd be great, Kaylee sighed, reaching her hand to the woman. - I'm Kaylee by the way.

- Oh, I'm sorry for my manners, the woman replied, taking Kaylee's hand, shaking it gently. - My name is Regan. Is this your first?

- Yeah, Kaylee answered, positively glowing. - Do you have many?

- I have two, but they have both long gone left the nest, Regan answered, a hint of sadness in her voice. - Which is I suppose, is the natural way of things.

- Must be hard, Kaylee pondered.

- So what does your husband do, Regan asked, chaning the subject.

She was almost to call Simon by his name, before she realized the harm it would cause, should anyone recognize his name. Kaylee raised her brow at the question. She knew she was now in the middle of high cass society, but for her it seemed too weird that women didn't work.

- He's a doctor, she responded, before adding. - And I'm a mechanic.

- Oh.., Regan muttered and fell silent.

Kaylee now realized what kind of effect the dress was having on her. A part of her squealed inside that a woman that seemed to be in high standards would concider her material for her world. The other part made her wonder if the woman would be just as friendly with her, if she had been sitting in the chair in her usual clothes.

- That's an... interessting profession, Regan finally concluded. - How did you come by it?

- My daddy's one an' he taught me. I've always felt at home near an engine, even when I was jus' a baby myself.

Regan smiled at the cheerful young girl. As she was opening her mouth to respond, the desk clerk interupted her.

- Mrs. Tam, could you just give your signature?

Kaylee's face paled at the mentioning of the name.

Regan Tam..?


Thursday, November 17, 2005 5:17 PM


WOW That was a grrrreat spin. Ah. Need more. MORE! You know when you've got someone checkin 3-4 times a day to see when its been posted you're doin good. Don't make us wait too long please...!

Thursday, November 17, 2005 5:22 PM


I don't usually "squee", but....SQUEEEEE! It's a girl!

And of course you have to crank up the confusion factor by randomly throwing in Simon's mom.

I think this chapter is my favorite so far. Do you have a name picked out yet? Or should we start offering suggestions?

Thursday, November 17, 2005 6:18 PM


Oh that is the best fucking thing you've written so far. I know I suggested that Simon's folks should meet Kaylee and all that, but I never imagined you'd actually run with it.

I need you to post the next chapter immediately. As Wash would say, "This is gonna get pretty interesting."

Thursday, November 17, 2005 6:53 PM


Eep! As soon as Osiris was mentioned, I knew the in-laws were gonna get involved somehow. Can't wait to read more!

Thursday, November 17, 2005 7:01 PM


BABY GIRL TAM!!! I love baby girls! So many cute outfits! I am loving this series more and more. You really know how to keep this interesting!

gypsylife I am right there with you! I check to see if a new chapter is up when I wake up in the morning, whenever I get a free minute near a computer, and at least 2 times before I go to bed! I'm desperate!

Thursday, November 17, 2005 8:07 PM


My God you are awesome! Please give me more, I NEED it, it's like a drug. :) Quickly please, I am going though withdraw. lol

Friday, November 18, 2005 12:06 AM


Okay, I just spent the last few hours reading all the chapters for this fic. I am so hooked! This is definatly my favorite so far, and I can't wait for the next chapter!

Friday, November 18, 2005 5:21 AM


BABY GIRL!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! *jumps up and down clapping hands* love you sooooooooooo much!!!!


Friday, November 18, 2005 9:13 PM


AHHH!!! Im logged in under my other username which I rarely use( Yah it's Piffle)... I got in trouble hence me being missing for a while.. :)

BUT!!! I love the A/N Chinese with Kaylee.LOL

I loved the cliff hanger ending! Simon and Kaylee are such a cute couple!! Here go the mass awwwws.. But could you put in another author's note where you get the chinese quotes from? Please..?



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