Pretty ... pretty - chapter 13 - "Nightmares"
Saturday, November 12, 2005

Thirteenth chapter of my simon/Kaylee fic. Slightly more angsty than usual. Kaylee's having nightmares of a certain Bounty hunter.


AN1: Here are some replies to comments received on the last two chapters. When I made Jack and Rose Frye I based them a little on my own parents, when it comes to that warmth and including way of being. The open and straight forward nature I just assumed due to how Kaylee is herself. As to their reaction towards Simon after learning that their daughter was pregnant I had these things in mind. She's was old enough to ship out with Serenity, meaning she was ready to leave the nest nearly three years earlier. This means in their eyes she's an adult, yes she was a "whild child", but she was adult enough to make her own way. And therefor they shouldn't have much problems with her starting her own family. And as Jack and Rose started shaping in my head, I just couldn't imagine them any other way.

AN2: Someone pointed out that my last line where Simon ponders on River's crush on Kaylee's older brother and concludes that it could have been worse. That line doesn't repressent my view on the posibillity of a Jayne/River relationship. I can't give a clear answer on where I stand when it comes to them, it really has a lot to do with the story written. However Simon would have the world of problems with it. And as I was writing from Simons point of view, that last line just became natural to include. lol

AN3: Now here's a note related to this chapter... lol. It's time to answer the question on what happened when Jubal Early reached Serenity. I decided to write it in flashbacks, where all the italic passages are flashes to Jubal's visit. This will bring some angst to my fluff series, but there is no way I can write a decent chapter involving Jubal without angst and as I want to follow the show I have to include him. So you have been warned *hums dramatic music*...

*** Nightmares ***

- Have you ever been raped?

The question had all sorts of ice cold chills run down her spine. Her hand instinctively placed itself on her belly. Not that it would matter, should the man act on the threat. Of all things it got her wondering, why pregnant woman automaticly felt safer with one hand covering their belly. It wasn't safer, it would give the baby no cover. But yet she found herself, her hand placed over the rounding belly.

- The captain's right by.., she started, fear in her voice.

- The captain's locked in his quarters, the man interrupted her. - They all are. There's nobody can help you. Say it.

- There's.., Kaylee whimpered, hating herself for obliging. - There's nobody can help me.

He had a look of satisfaction on his face as he said it. The usually cheerfull girl, felt fear and hate take up all the space in her. How someone could find satisfaction in putting someone else down she would never understand.

- I'm gonna tie you up now, he informed her. - And you know what I'm gonna do then?

She was frozen stiff from fear, awaiting the verdict.

- I'm gonna give you a present. Get rid of a problem you've got. And I won't touch you in any wrong fashion, nor hurt you at all, unless you make some kind of ruckus. You throw a monkey wrench into my dealings in any way, your body is forfeit. Ain't nothing but a body to me, and I can find all unseemly manner of use for it, he said, giving a slight pause. - Do you understand.

She felt herself shrink with each second, either that or the man just grew bigger.

- Yes, she whispered.

- Turn around and put your hands behind your back, he ordered.

She couldn't help, but let out a whimper of fear as she slowly obliged. She heard him tear of a strip of tape and then felt hims tie her hands tightly together behind her back. She felt his breath on her neck.

- Now tell me, Kaylee.., he whispered in her ear. - Where does River sleep?

She woke up with a shiver, she felt even more startled when she found herself to be all alone. That week right after Early's stay, when Simon had to sleep in the infirmary for healing's sake, she hadn't been able to sleep, nor had she managed to put her insomnia to use either. She had spent every night with her arms wrapped around her legs, sitting in the corner of the bed. It was first when Simon came back to sleeping in their room, that she had managed to get some shut-eye. His arms was the only place she felt safe enough to let herself be helpess.

She was shaking and cold sweating, when Simon finally came limping back into the room. His leg wasn't completely healed just yet, but he could move around. As long as he didn't lean on the leg, he was just fine. Worry washed over his face as he saw the petrified look on Kaylee's face. He sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled her up into a comforting hug.

- What's wrong, bao bei, he whispered.

She started to cry before she could even form an answer in her head. She was quivering of fear. This made Simon worry. He had noticed her red eyes and constant tired look when she had come to see him in the infirmary. He had tried asking, but she had just sat down next to him, wrapped her arms around him, burying her head in his chest.

- It was just a dream, he said, comforting her as she cried on.

When her eyes started drying up he laid down on the bed with her, his arms still wrapped around her, facing her. He let one arm go to run his thumb down her salty wet cheek. She clutched to his shirt and held him close.

- What did you dream about, he whispered.

She didn't know what it was about him that made her feel so safe. Maybe it was feeling his warm body against hers, Or just knowing that she wasn't alone, the good not-alone way. She had someone she trusted with her life to watch over her.

- Jubal Early, she muttered.

- You'll refuse to help me, I'll shoot your brain out, and then I'll go upstairs and spend some time violating the little mechanic I got trussed up in the engine room, Early said, casually.

Simon felt a mixture between fear of what the bastard had done to Kaylee as well as blood boiling hatred towards the lunatic, for even suggesting such a thing.

- I take no pleasure in the thought, Early continued. - But she will die weeping if you cross me.

- You're out of your mind, Simon exclaimed.

- That's between me and my mind.

There was no other choice, no other path for him, he was going to oblige and he would probably hate himself the rest of his life for doing so.

He did hate himself for having to obey every command that Early sent his way, but when he thought about it, he would have done the same. He was willing to die for his sister, but he could never let Kaylee suffer for his choices. For a second his mind wandered to his very first day on Serenity. She had gotten hurt because of him, he could not let that happen again.

- You should try not to think about that hwoon dahn.

Kaylee buried her face in his chest and he put his hand up behind her head, stroking her softly.

- He shot you, she whispered.

She didn't know why she was keeping Jubal's words from Simon. It was not a matter of trust, she trusted him with her life. The only thing she felt explained it was that she didn't want him worked up because of the bounty hunter. She wanted to forget him, she wanted to get back that safety that she always had felt whenever she was near the heart of Serenity.

- He didn't touch you, did he, Simon asked.

He had feared asking this for a while now. He would never forgive himself if he had. It was bad enough with what he allready knew of Early's encounter with his wife.

- Jus' scared the hell outta me. Things he said... I don' really feel like talkin' 'bout it.

- But bao bei, he reasoned. - If you bottle it up, you'll never let it go.

- He jus' came in and made it not safe anymore, Kaylee whispered, her eyes tearing up again. - Tied me up, made me tell him where River was sleepin'. I wanted not ter tell 'im, but I did.

- Shh, he soothed her. - River took care of herself. I've never expected you to sacrifice anything for me or her. I chose to become a fugitive. Just because me and River being here has placed you in the middle of it, you're never to let someone to hurt you because of us. Promise me that.

- I shoul' have tol' him she was somewhere else.

- No, he said, firmly. - He'd have come back and hurt you. Think of the baby. You were just protecting her.

- Her, Kaylee asked.

- I like to think it's a girl, he shrugged, placing a hand over her belly.

She was definatly showing now. Maybe not in some of her jumpsuits, but whenever she wasn't dressed for work, there was a clear bump to be seen. She entangled her hand in his. A yawn escaping her, she was tired beyond anything.

- I don' wanna see 'im when I close my eyes, she whispered.

- He's gone, Simon promised. - He's only in your head and sooner or later he won't be there either. You're strong, bao bei.

- Don' feel strong, she murmured.

- You're just scared. Like me.

- You're scared?

- Every day, he admitted. - That one day someone hunting me or River will come after you. Use you to get to me...

She placed her arms around him, holding him tight.

- You make me feel safe, Simon Tam, she murmured. - Trouble might be following ya, but you make me safe.

- You feel better now, he asked.

- I'm getting there. Think Early'll stay in my head for a while, but if I have you here, I ain't havin' nightmares.

- I'm not going anywhere, he promised, kissing her.

- Good, she said, allready drifting back to sleep.


Saturday, November 12, 2005 5:40 PM



That was so sweet! Keep up the good work!

You turned a bad event into Simon/Kaylee fluff. That's so shiny!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2005 5:50 PM


How do you keep writing so good... It is truly amazing. I like to think it is a girl too, but I guess thats up to you the amazing writer.

Saturday, November 12, 2005 6:13 PM


This is a nice change in pace, as well as an interesting take of "Objects in Space" what with Kaylee being pregnant and all. Very well done.

And I just realized something. Jack and Rose. Are you a TITANIC fan?

Sunday, November 13, 2005 9:40 AM


early is EEEEEEEEVIL!!!! there. i said it. feel so much better now...

movie: agree with anonymous, think you could do it, and shinily too!!


Sunday, November 13, 2005 4:27 PM


Wow. Lots of reading to catch up to where I last left off. Great job with all the last few chapters. You've been busy.

I like this chapter. One of my favorite episodes actually. There's just something about Early. I liked him as you can only like a good bad guy.

*hums along*


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