Pretty ... pretty - chapter 12 - "Bon voyage"
Saturday, November 12, 2005

Twelfth chapter in my Simon/Kaylee series. It's time to leave the Fryes.


AN: I have a confession to make, I had written this chapter before I got many comments on the last one, so I held it back a couple of hours until a few more comments found its way here. So just so you know people, commenting instead of just plain reading, really pays off in how quickly I add the next installment. They are also great help in determining where to take the story next.

*** Bon voyage ***

It was with heavy hearts that they said their goodbyes with Kaylee's family, who even after just three days of knowing them felt a lot more like home for Simon than his own had done his whole life.

Not only had the welcomed him into their family as their son-in-law and the soon to be father of their first grandchild. They had listened closely as he had told the story about River and the Academy, how he was now and would most likely always be on the run. It didn't seem to bother them a tiny bit that he was a wanted fugitive. In fact they had focused so much on the part where he had risked his job, his life for his sister, that they took an even greater liking to him. For them the family came first, the law second, which of course was the only way they could be. They knew very well that most of the jobs their daughter either directly or indirectly got involved with was far from legal. Mal had been straight with them on that from day one.

On their second day at the Frye residence River had come to visit. Rose had immediatly taken the girl to her, as if she was her own daughter and made it her goal to get some meat on her tiny body. River, who at best was cautious with new people, lit up at Rose's hospitality and didn't even pay attention to her brother, who she usually seeked as an anchor in these sorts of situations.

Even when River had a small anxiety fit, brought on by unknown reasons, Rose handled it superb. She had firmly placed her hands on both of Rivers shoulders, demanding eye contact and then asked River calmly if she wanted to help out with dessert. When Simon had objected, imagining his sister with sharp objects in her state, Rose had just shushed him and guided the girl with her to the kitchen. For some reason Rose had just calmed River in matter of minutes and when they came back with home-made creamed rice and freshly cut strawberries, that had gotten Kaylee to squeal of delight, River was smiling wider than ever.

That smile had grown to a glow, as Jack brought out his guitar and played some quick tunes, tramping the rhytm with his foot. Rob, who had remembered Simon's mentioning of Rivers passion for dance had taken her around the room for a spin. If Simon hadn't allready felt complete and utter contentment from the way the family had treated him, the way they took to River and cared for her would have.

Simon watched his father-in-law pick Kaylee up and spin her around.

- You must come back soon, baby girl, he muttered, lovingly. - I wanna see my gran'child 'fore he starts walkin'.

- How'd you know it's a boy, Kaylee teased.

- Don'. Jus' guessin', woul' be no fun, if I wasn't guessin'

His gaze turned to Rose who was at that moment handing a few parcels to River.

- Allrigh', here you go lil' one, she said. - I packed you some dinners, an' I found some of Kaylee's old dresses that I think would fit you jus' nicely. Ain't no needin' for hidin' that pretty scrawny body of yours. An' try to pull your hair back, so the boys can see ya pretty face.

The last remark made Simon a little vary, he was not ready to imagine boys chasing River or River chasing boys for that matter. She was a kid in his eyes. Or part of him viewed her as still a kid, while an other part very deep down knew better.

- Beauty is the phenomenon of the experience of pleasure, through the perception of balance and proportion of stimulus. Involves the cognition of a balanced form and structure that elicits attraction and appeal towards a person, animal or inanimate object, River stated matter-of-factly. - It isn't relevant.

Rose chuckled at the comment and pulled the young girl into a hug.

- Now you look after 'em. That's your job from now, look after ya brother and my baby girl for me.

River nodded and Rose turned to Simon, pulling him into a warm motherly hug.

- Now, you make sure my Kaylee eats enough an' don' let her work too hard on that engine, she ordered. - An' the minute that lil' bundle of joy pops out, I wan' you to make sure the captain sets course back here.

Rose looked over at Mal as she said it. The woman was the most loving and soft creature on the planet, but there was something in those eyes of hers that told them they better do as she said. Mal laughed and threw his hands up in the air in defeat. It seemed to satisfy her and she pressed another set of parcels into Simons arms. He guessed by the weight of them to be packed down meals. He passed them on to Mal, who had allready carried Rivers parcels into the cargo bay.

Kaylee who had finally been freed from her daddy's grip was pulled into a great big warm hug from her mom. Even though Rose had allready given her hours of advice on the pregnancy, she repeated the most important ones, then she placed her hand on her daughter's belly, and kissed her baby girl on the cheek.

- You bring her back soon, Rose said, waving her finger both at Simon and Mal who once more had come out to say bye. - I don' wanna wait a full year to see her. An' don' bring her into too much trouble, now Mal.

- Never plan on trouble, Mal chuckled.

- Yet he has some talent of gettin' right in the middle of it, Kaylee said, giggling.

Rob went up to River, his hand behind his back. When she curiously tried to look around his back, he pulled out and placed a big red rose, he had cut from one of the bushes near the house, in her hair and bent down to kiss her hand farewell like a gentleman. The last bit he did, with a grin towards Simon. Ever since meeting him, Rob had teased him quite a bit for his manners.

Mal decided to announce that they were about to take off and Rose finally let go of her daughter. They mostly backed their way onto Serenity, watching Kaylees family do the same on the ground, getting them a safe distance from the ship that was taking off.

- Wash, we're on, Mal called over the intercom.

The hatch and the doors were closed and they felt the familliar shaking from Serenity taking off. Simon saw a single tear run down his Kaylee's cheek. It was never easy taking off from her home world, but she knew it would have been even harder if she had been there on the ground watching Serenity leave. No matter how great her family was and how much she would miss them, Serenity was her home and would always be that. Simon pulled her into a comforting hug and kissed her temple.

- We'll be back, he promised her.

Her eyes were glassy, but she was smiling when she turned to meet his gaze.

- I know, I'll jus' miss 'em.

- Me too, he whispered.

He pulled her into a tighter hug before letting his eyes wander the bay.

River was sitting with her legs crossed right in the middle of the bay. She wore a big smile on her face and was playing with the rose in her hair. Simon noticed her blush and feared that his sister could very much be crushing on Kaylees older brother. He knew very well that from Rob's side it was meant in a brotherly affection. Not that he could have ha any right to object if it had been something else, having married his little sister. But as he decided to view it, crushes were harmless and it was bound to happen sooner or later. When Simon thought about it, his sisters first crush wasn't all that bad, after all it could have gone a whole lot worse. It could have been on Jayne.


Saturday, November 12, 2005 12:11 PM


That anonymous was me, BTW. I swear I can't manage to stay logged in for more than 5 minutes here....

Saturday, November 12, 2005 12:31 PM


"- Beauty is the phenomenon of the experience of pleasure, through the perception of balance and proportion of stimulus. Involves the cognition of a balanced form and structure that elicits attraction and appeal towards a person, animal or inanimate object, River stated matter-of-factly. - It isn't relevant."
LOL!!!! wonderful, as always.

Saturday, November 12, 2005 1:47 PM


I like this. I'm wondering if you would find some way to weave in the elder Tam's into this. Simon met her in-laws, now I'd like to see her meet his. I know I'm dealing with this already in YCGHA (which I swear I'm working on the next chapter and will try to have it up as soon as possible. I have two essays and half a journal to work on), but I'd like to see it from your perspective.

Saturday, November 12, 2005 3:47 PM


that was great I love these so hurry up and write another I am looking forward to them every day! (but if you need more time goo right ahead)
-I wanna see my gran'child 'fore he starts walkin'
was that a hint as to his gender?

Saturday, November 12, 2005 5:15 PM


Uh huh..and you say persistance doesnt pay off! Me buggin you all day yesterda got these two chapters here!!

I loved the River interaction! And how she and robbie were crushing on each other! Then Simon saying how it could've been Jayne! Ha! Take that River/Jayne shippers!! Muah ha ha!

Sorry, Im a traditionalist. So... new chapter! new chapter! new chapter!!!!!!! Lovin it!
ps...make it a girl baby...

Sunday, November 13, 2005 9:16 AM


When Simon thought about it, his sisters first crush wasn't all that bad, after all it could have gone a whole lot worse. It could have been on Jayne.

believe me, i'm all FOR rayne stories, but that was just funny!!!



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