Pretty ... pretty - chapter 10 - "Practice run"
Friday, November 11, 2005

Tenth chapter in my Simon/Kaylee series, yes it's another long one. Simon has to deliver someone else's baby.


AN: I know, you probably wanted the wedding night, but I'm no FrellingBlonde, allright. I don't think I would be able to write a decent wedding-night, not without help anyway. And when I say decent, I of course mean smut. I don't do smut well, it's the thing I love to read, but can't write... lol. So, I was watching "Heart of Gold" today and there were just bits of things happening there that I realized I had to include in my story, as well as doing some modifications to adapt the storyline. So here's my version of "Heart of Gold", from Simon and Kaylee's point of view. The sceenes with other people that I haven't mentioned happened the way they did, with the exception of Wash and Kaylee being attacked at Serenity, cause I can't very well have Kaylee being two places at once... lol, so just imagine Wash managed the thing himself, ok?

AN2: COMMENT people, I give short chapter, you comment, I give you long chapter, you especially comment!

*** Practice Run ***

Simon was still getting used to waking up with the warmth of another body snuggled up to his. His hand sneaked down to touch the now slightly more curved belly. It was barely noticeable for him, when he had her this close, so he knew it wasn't obvious for others yet. He figured that was for the best, now as they were heading to see her parents. Best thing was to break one part of the news to them first and letting them get used to it. Captain had promised them a full weeks stay, the last job they had was enough to keep them for a while, so they could take their time. He had to admitt he was feeling anxious, this would be the first time he met Kaylee's dad and he had both married his daughter without asking for his blessing, as well as getting her pregnant. He feared what might happen should the events be presented to his father-in-law the order they had happened.

Kaylee was obviously dreaming nicely, as she sighed and snuggled closer up to him. Simon wrapped his arms around her and kept her close. He wanted to drift back to sleep with her, she seemed so peaceful. Right about when he was on the verge to slip away, there was a bang on the door. Kaylee's eyes snapped open.

- We there yet, she asked, while yawning.

- You kids decent, Mal said from outside the door.

- Not even close, Kaylee answered, her voice a bit groggy.

- Well throw something on.

Kaylee turned her head to find herself only inches away from her husband. She leaned in and planted a soft kiss on his lips.

- Morning, she whispered.

Simon pulled her in for a deeper kiss, one she had to break off before things she didn't want Mal eavesdropping on happened. She pulled the covers aside and got up, then crossed the room in all her naked glory, finding herself a clean pair of panties and a large enough shirt to pass for a dress. Since she only had to be decent and had no plans on going for breakfast right away, she figured it to be good enough. She threw Simon a pair of boxers, which he immediatly put on. And returned to the bedside wrapping her arms around him, giving him one more kiss.

- Cheeng jeen, she called out.

Seconds later Mal entered the room, the young couple was sharing. He had been in there before, last time had been when they had brought that big bed, as a wedding precent from him. He had spent his whole share from one of the jobs on it, not letting any of the others chip in at all. That had been his way of making up for his mistakes. This time was the first time he had been in there since the two had truly settled in and made it homely. He liked what they had done to the place. He saw that Kaylee allready had given the room an artistic feel, like she had done to the kitchen area first week of coming 'board Serenity.

- So we there yet, she eagerly asked her captain.

- 'fraid not, Mal said, sighing. - Looks like we might have to give another rain check. 'Nara has a friend that needs helpin' and we're allready in the area.

He saw the look of disappointment in Kaylees eyes and he hated to be the cause of it, but there was little he could do.

- Don' worry lil' Kaylee, we'll have you two to your daddy's in less than a week.

- What you said last time, she pointed out. - An' that was two weeks ago.

- Not my fault that people need helpin'. But you might wanna do this one, got a girl who's expectin', someone needs to deliver that kid, might be good practice run for you, doc.

With that he went out to round up the rest of the crew in the cargo bay. Kaylee and Simon didn't find their way to join them before Serenity was firmly on the ground. The Heart of Gold didn't have that great first impression when seeing it from a distance, but it looked a lot better once they got in, though not astonishingly much, but a little. Mal, Zoe and inara went over to talk business with Nandi, while Jayne found himself getting comfortable with a couple of the girls. Kaylee looked around the place and spotted to her surprise a couple of young boys.

- Look, they got boy whores. Isn't that thoughtful? Wonder if they service girlfolk at all, she muttered, curiously.

This earned her a startled look from Simon, as well as Wash in the background.

- Don't worry, she giggled, flashing him the biggest grin she had. - Got all the man I need, right here.

- Isn't there a pregnant woman I'm to examine, he asked, shaking off the look.

One of the girls went off and came back with a woman, clearly due any minute.

- You'd be the Doctor, the girl supporting her asked. - Yes. And this is Petaline? The pregnant woman nodded, a pained look on her face. - She's feeling a mite weak right now, the girl with her explained. - All right. Well, let's get you lying down, Simon suggested, helping the girl get Petaline to the back. Kaylee ignored Jayne's suggestive grin and motioned to follow. Inara left Nandi's side.

- Mèimei, she muttered. - Are you sure you want to see this. I don't want this thing scaring you.

- I'm shiny, 'Nara. 'Sides I should know what to expect, right? I mean six months 'head that's me.

Inara pulled her into a hug before letting her follow.

- I just don't want you worrying, that's all, she whispered, mostly to herself.

Simon was allready examining the woman. He tried to focus on finding out what he needed to know, stay professional, but he couldn't help, but think about when he was going to deliver his own child. Kaylee entered the room, trying to stay unnoticed in the back, but he took his eyes off his patient to send a smile her way. The birth could start any day now, he suspected sooner rather than later. He felt very nervous, this being the first baby he would be delivering, but in a way it was also a bit comforting. He had feared that he would be completely without practise when due time his own child came to the world. There was a reason doctors tried best to avoid working on their own, because it was added pressure on them, but he knew very well there was no way he could get Kaylee to another doctor when the baby was due, simply because he would then not be able to come near her, the fear of being discovered by Alliance was too great. So he would be the one delivering his own kid and any practise he could get was good.

When he was done with the examinations he sat down on a chair, pulling his wife into his lap. His hand instinctively placed itself on her small, but slowly expanding belly. Kaylee sighed and rested her head on his shoulder.

- So you got one on the way yourself, doc, Petaline asked. - How far ahead?

- Three months done, Kaylee answered, positively glowing.

- I like three months, you stopped feeling sick, right?

- Been two weeks with no queasyness.

- Look forward in two months time, you'll feel that baby start kickin', no better feelin' than that.

Kaylee grinned and placed her own hand, covering Simons. She allready looked forward to that.

It was two hours later that Inara came looking for them. The captain had first suggested that both they and the inhabitants of Heart of Gold to run, but Nandi had refused, so did the crew, Jayne even, though Kaylee suspected it had more to do with getting the work paid in trade, rather than actual concern. The captain had in the end turned to her and Simon, with her condition in mind, she knew very well that he hated to ask this of them. Simon took her hand and squeased it. She squeased it right back, to in her own way assure him that she wanted to stay and help as well.

- OK then, Mal started. - We start shootin', they'll most like try to burn us out, save sweat and bullets. Nandi, What's the water supply like here? - Underground well, Nandi responded. - Pump that draws it up's antiquated, but it don't break down. Mal took a few seconds picturing the situation, then turned to his mechanic.

- Kaylee, think you can swing an upgrade for their waterworks? - I'll talk to Serenity, she responded. - See what she's got we might use. - Good, Mal said, smiling. - Might want to scrounge up... - It's starting, River interrupted him. Kaylee had her heart up her throat. Were they coming allready? - Dr. Tam.., Petaline yelped from the couch. Kaylee let out a small sigh as she got up with Simon to help Petaline to the back. - Oh. It's starting. Okay... Okay, Mal muttered, panicking. - It's starting! All right. Now. Yeah. Uh... Everybody relax. Be calm. Nobody panic. Everybody... It's going to be okay.

He turned to Simon.

- Be all right? - I got this one, Captain, he said, reassuringly. Kaylee was about to follow Simon, but Mal held her back.

- Waterworks remember, he asked.

She looked to the backdoor, then turned back to Mal and nodded, before heading out the door towards Serenity. Simon did his best not to look panicking, but it was difficult. Luckily he had Inara there to help him, she carried water, clean sheets, while he checked the status on the birth. It would be a while. Felt like days later, but he knew it was just hours, that Kaylee came to join them. She paled a bit, seeing how pain Petaline was in. That was definatly the part she was looking thel east forward to. Simon was looking under the tent they had rigged over Petaline's legs, then turned to see his wife observing him. He read her concerns off her face like an open book and pulled her into a comforting embrace.

- You'll get through this too, he whispered into her ear. - But you don't need to be here if you don't want to.

She nodded, but remained in the room. Inara handed her a cloth to help mopping Petaline's brow. Right then Petaline let out a painfull cry that made Kaylee tremble. - You're not completely dilated yet. It should be pretty quick but don't try to force it. The contractions are still preliminary, Simon informed the woman in labor. - What's he saying, Petaline asked, confused. - It's gonna be a little while, sweetie, Inara said, both to Petaline as well as Kaylee who was getting paler by the minute. - Oh! But it hurts! This child wants to be born, I know it. - Inara, Simon called out. - Can you get the green vial from my bag? We can dull the pain some. Inara left Kaylee to support Petaline, hoping that the girl wouldn't come petrified out of the whole thing. She should have asked Mal to make sure Kaylee was out of the way. The girl seemed too shook up. - How many babies have you actually delivered, Inara silently asked Simon, as she passed him the vial.

- As the primary? This would be the first, Simon responded, honestly. - You? - My first too. - Mine too, River piped up from the back, where she was observing the whole thing intensely. Simon groaned for himself. This was going to be a very long night, indeed. Inara read him, clear as day. - You'll do great, Doctor, she said reassuringly. - And you'll be a lot calmer when Kaylee does this. - Who do you think is in there.., River suddenly asked. They raised their brow and looked at the young girl. She didn't seem to be waiting for a responce, she just kept to observing. The waiting process with waiting for Petaline to get fully dialated seemed to take forever. Simon managed to sedate her to make the contractions more barable. Kaylee had even fallen asleep next to poor Petaline. Inara had left the room, to find another pillow that Kaylee could borrow. When she returned there was obviously something that had shook her up, but she wouldn't say what. She went back to Petaline and grabbed her hand. Not long after Nandi came in to check on the situation. Petaline let out a cry of pain, that woke Kaylee right up. She saw Inara completely focusing on Petaline, as if she was trying to ignore the fact that Nandi was there.

- You're stonger than this thing, honey. I can feel it in your grip, she said, receiving a scream from the woman in labor. - Petaline, look at me... This is just a moment in time... Step aside and let it happen... If there was one thing Kaylee was wishing right about then it was that when it was her turn she could have Inara at her side, telling her the same things. The woman knew how to suithe the worst situations. She started at the companion with complete awe.

- How is she, Doctor, Nandi asked from the doorway, where she too had observed Inara. - She's at ten centimeters. Not long now, he assured them all. Nandi took her focus off the birthing woman and then looked at Inara who stood up to face her friend. Kaylee was curious what was going on, but decided to help out with the birth, rather than focusing on what it was that was going on between the two. She heard their conversation in the background. - Inara... I thought it was just him... - Nandi, believe me. I'll be fine. Before she had any time to ponder over what this could have meant Simon announced that it was time to start pushing. Petaline grabbed her hand hard as she started on the task. Kaylee whinced at the sudden grasp, but managed not to let out a whole world of cuss words as she would have done in any other situation involving that kind of pain. She looked back and forward betweed Petaline and Simon who was now almost out of sight, there he was underneath the cover.

- When you feel a contraction, push all you can, he ordered and Petaline obliged.

Kaylee felt the grasp tighten on her hand.

- Ok, come on, one more time, like last time, when you feel it, push, that's it, I can see the head crowning.

Petaline gave out another cry of pain.

- That's it, Petaline, one more push, Simon ordered. - That's the shoulders... Good...

Before Kaylee knew it, she heard the sound of the crying baby and felt her hand being released. It was aching, but as she looked down on it, it was definatly not broken, but there was definatly going to be a mark.

Simon looked at awe at the little baby he held in his hand. He couldn't help, but look over at Kaylee. He was allready looking forward to holding his own child in his arms. He tied up the corde and cut it, handing the baby to Inara to wrap into a blanket.

- It's a boy, River said, before Simon managed saying a thing. - Healthy. Before anyone else in the room managed to respond, Rance stormed into the room. Pointing his gun at Simon, who had just received the baby back from Inara. - Good mornin', Petaline.., Rance chuckled. - I'm here for my son.

Before Simon managed to do a single thing, the baby had been swapped from him and the handle of the gun had knocked him out. Kaylee rushed to his side and Petaline cried out as Rance went out the door. She didn't see much, but she saw Inara hurrying after him and heard the exchange of words outside, as well as the sound of a body hitting the ground with a thump. There was more ruckus before some people clearly had left the building. She heard Inara crying and left Simon's side, as soon as she was sure he was just unconsious. Nandi was lying in Inara's arms, stone dead. Kaylee stared out in shock before gathering herself enough to comfort her grieving friend.

Simon groaned as he came to, the pain of having the handle of a gun smash into his head was still there, but the minute he saw Kaylee sitting beside him, the pain didn't matter. Her eyes were slightly red from crying.

- Nandi's dead, she said before he managed to ask. - They've just buried her, up on the hilltop. It was beautiful.

Simon rose up to a sitting position, one hand on his head, the other stroked her cheek. Then he let go of his head and pulled her into a comforting hug.

- How's the baby?

- He's with his mom, she informed him. - He's just so beautiful.

She sighed, her eyes bit less red. He placed his hand on her tummy.

- Six more months, he reminded her.

- Yeah, she grinned. - Just hope it will be bit less eventfull than this.

- Yeah, he agreed and pulled her into another hug.


Friday, November 11, 2005 9:34 AM


Another fabulous chapter, doll. And as for your author's note...awww, you're making me blush! *g*

Friday, November 11, 2005 9:38 AM


*sniffle* there go the waterworks. again.


Friday, November 11, 2005 9:46 AM


Massive AW! I freaking love these long chapters to death!!

( I feel a long review coming on...)
I loved in the beginning, the puppy love between them. And then Mal's like Are you decent? Not even. LOL

*snort* And you even included the boy whore notion!!

Its also cool how you can twist the story to fit your plot and it still seems like it could/did happen.

Another *snort* when Petaline almost broke Kaylee's hand! ;)

I need the next chapter!! (Long please.. :) I just love em! 10!

Friday, November 11, 2005 10:06 AM


"..this would be the first time he met Kaylee's dad and he had both married his daughter without asking for his blessing, as well as getting her pregnant. He feared what might happen should the events be presented to his father-in-law the order they had happened."

For some reason, that turn of phrase just cracks me up. Well done.

And extra kudos to Wash, taking down 3 armed bandits on Serenity all by himself. I knew he was a manly-man deep down inside.

Friday, November 11, 2005 1:22 PM


This is just so great.
Won't be getting the grin off my face for quite a while.
The whole story is aw-inspiring. :)

Friday, November 11, 2005 3:42 PM


Another fantastic chapter!!!

Reading these just makes me happy. :) Please continue! You rock!

Friday, November 11, 2005 4:46 PM


See, if that actually happened in the real episode, it would have been a better ep. O fall the individual eps of FIREFLY, "Heart of Gold" I always felt was the weakest. But this new, alternate perspective helps make the overall story better.

Can't wait to see what happens when Simon meets Mr. Frye, and I shudder to think what will happen Jubal Early stops by.

Friday, November 11, 2005 4:47 PM


One question... is Kaylee's baby gonna be a girl or a boy? ... well... another great amazing chapter!! I have never read fanfics before this and now suddenly I find myself logging on every day to see if you wrote another installment keep them going please write another soon!


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