Pretty ... pretty - chapter 9 - "I call Vera!"
Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Ninth chapter of my Simon/Kaylee series. And boy is it a long one! Mal's reaction to the news.


AN: This isn't an original storyline, I've seen an other fic having it and one fic mentioning it, but as neither has continued with what happens afterwards I figured to give it a go. I'm sorry for Mal being a jerk in the beginning, but as I hope you see he has a good reason.

AN2: About the chineese phrase Mal said in the last chapter, no I didn't know that was the same phrase he had used when he caught Kaylee and Bester in the engine room, but boy did I laugh when it was pointed out. I had just gone through various chineese phrases to find one that could be suitable for Mal's reaction. That I had been so spot on, I had no idea. Anyways, enjoy the chapter. And COMMENT!

*** I call Vera! ***

- Preacher, I'd like these two to be wed before the end of this day.

Those were the words, Shepard Book were delivered, by Mal, who had on the occation "borrowed" Vera, Jayne's most beloved gun. Vera was of course pointed at the young doctor, who seemed unable to form a single thought, let alone word. At his side, the slightly frightened mechanic, seemingly struggling with something. She was rather pale and Book started to fear for her health.

- Captain, I would like you to lower your firearm, as well as to give me an explanation to why you've dragged the poor kids in here like this.

Book narrowed his eyes at the captain. Mal was ready to object, but upon seeing Kaylee's unnatural pale face, he obliged and the girl hurried out of the room, Simon following. They returned ten minutes later, Kaylee looking slightly better. They didn't dare to do otherwise. In the meantime Mal had let Book in on the situation.

- Now, if you could proceed, so we can all continue with our day, Mal said. - It would be swell. Got things to do.

- I'm not sure I like this rushed decision of yours, Captain, Book replied. - Marriage is not a step to be taken lightly.

- You believe a child deserves to grow up with his or her father?

- Of course.

- Then do your part in this and you'll assure the child to have one.

- What is going on, Inara said, as she entered the lounge. - And Mal, why is that thing pointed at poor Simon.

- Boy needs to take responsibility. Mal answered, having a strong suspision Inara allready knew.

Inara looked from Mal to the young couple, to the shepard and shook her head.

- And you believe a shotgun wedding to be the answer?

- Captain, this is goin' too far, Kaylee said, desperatly trying to reason with him.

Mal looked at Kaylee.

- When I took you on, I promised your daddy that I'd look after you. I can't much do anythin' about you bein' in a family way, but the next time your daddy sees you, whenever that may be, you'll have a husband along with that baby.

- I'd never leave her side, Simon promised.

- Mal, whatever childhood experience you had, you can't let it go out on those two, Inara sighed.

- This ain't 'bout my chilhood, my childhood was gran'. This' 'bout doin' what's right, Mal stated and turned to the young couple. - Now I gather the two of you are planning on keeping this kid.

Simon and Kaylee both nodded, not even needing to look at the other for confirmation on the matter.

- If you're ready to have a family, you're ready to be man and wife, Mal concluded.

- Hey, what's with the gathering, Wash said, coming down from the bridge.

- Oh, not much, Inara mumbled, her angrey gaze fixated on Mal. - Just Mal being his idiotic self.

- Just doin' what's right, Mal shot back.

- What part of this is right? Forcing someone to get married?

- Wait a second, Wash muttered, looking mighty confused. - Someone's getting married!?!

- So much yelling, Kaylee whimpered, her face starting to look pale again.

Simon pulled her into a comforting hug and kissed her temple. He wasn't fond on bickering himself, but he could see how this was draining her. And it didn't seem like it was going to stop anytime soon. She buried her head in the crook of his neck.

- Bi zuie, Mal shouted, the force of his voice making everyone oblige. - This is my ship and while on it, you follow my rules. I ain't askin' anythin' unreasonable. I don' wanna send either of you two home, as I still need you on my crew, but you refuse to take proper responsability, I will find myself someone else. Dong ma?

Kaylee who had now gotten untangled from Simon's comforting embrace, peered at the captain and then at Simon. There wasn't words for the butterflies she felt in her stomach. Whether it was from fear of the captain throwing them off or the worry about what it was Simon wanted in all of this, she couldn't tell. He had been given so little time to adjust to the whole situation and the captain had to make matters worse.

Simon was peering back at her. It seemed to him that the captain was even better at putting him in a sticky position than he was himself. And that was saying a lot. He decided to shun the pressure from everyone staring at him and focus on the one person in the room that truly mattered. And he put his hands on both sides of her face and kissed her gently, for all to see.

- I'll marry you, he whispered, for only her to hear. - If you'll have me.

Her eyes were starting to tear up and he feared he might have said the wrong thing, but then he felt her arms around him and her head rested on his shoulder. For minutes they were the only two people in the world. He didn't know if the others still were in the room or not and frankly didn't care.

- There you have it, preacher, lets get this ceremony started, Mal said.

Simon and Kaylee snapped out of their trance and spotted the captain sitting in the sofa, Inara was on her way out the door towards her shuttle. Wash headed in the other direction, most likely to find his own wife. And Book stood up at the front, waiting for them to join him. Simon squeased her hand, as he lead her up to the front. Book cleared his voice.

- Dearly Beloved, Book started. - We are gathered together here in the sign of God to join together this man and this woman in holy matrimony. If any person can show just cause why they may not be joined together let them speak now or forever hold their peace.

Even though they all knew that all pro's and con's of this marriage had allready been spoken, he kept the tradition of giving everyone one chance to speak. Inara had returned to the room, together with River. Wash and Zoe followed and found themselves a seat. The only person not present now was Jayne, which Book after contemplating it for a second, thought was a wize thing, if not for anything else, there was bound to be some ruckus for Mal's "borrowing" of Vera.

- Marriage is the union of husband and wife in heart, body and mind. It is intended for their mutual joy, it is a means through which a stable and loving environment may be attained, Book said, pausing to look at young doctor and mechanic. - Through marriage, Simon and Kaylee make a commitment together to face their disappointments, embrace their dreams, realize their hopes, and accept each other’s failures. They will promise one another to aspire to these ideals throughout their lives together, through mutual understanding, openness, and sensitivity to each other. I want you now to join hands.

They obliged and turned to face each other, both hands joined.

- Do you Simon take Kaywinnet Lee Frye to be your wife? Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, in sadness and in joy, to cherish and continually bestow upon her your heart’s deepest devotion, forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto her as long as you both shall live?

- I do, he said, his eyes not leaving hers.

- Do you Kaylee take Simon Tam to be your husband? Will you love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, in sadness and in joy, to cherish and continually bestow upon him your heart’s deepest devotion, forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto him as long as you both shall live?

- I do, she whispered.

Book made a surprising turn towards the captain.

- I surely hope you have a couple of rings for the couple you're so much insisting on marrying, he said, his brow raised.

Mal twitched in the couch, he knew there was something he had missed.

- I have, Inara said.

She opened Kaylees hand and put into them two golden wedding bands. Kaylee looked up in protest, intending to hand them back, but Inara closed her hand around Kaylees.

- These are my grandparents. They were married for over fifty years, so I think the rings will be lucky. My mother passed them onto me, should I ever decide to marry myself.

- Then you should keep them, Kaylee muttered. - I can't accept this. It ain't right.

- That is for me to decide, mèimei, Inara said, smiling. - I don't think I will marry and I'd rather see the luck pass onto you than to fade into nothing. Please continue, shepard.

Book smiled and turned to Simon.

- Simon, I want you to place the ring on Kaylee's finger and repeat after me. With this ring, I thee wed.

- With this ring, I thee wed, Simon whispered, softly as the ring slipped onto Kaylees finger.

- Kaylee, I want you to place the ring on Simon's finger and repeat after me. With this ring, I thee wed.

- With this ring, I thee wed, Kaylee murmured.

- By the powers invested in me I hereby declare you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride, Book finally announced.

The kiss started soft and tender, then it deepened with much more passion than any other kiss they had shared so far. Simons hands reached up to her face, her hands brushed his waist, holding him close. When they eventually parted, Book cleared his voice.

- I want to introduce you all to Mr. and Mrs. Tam.

The group gave a loud cheer and applause. Zoe and Wash were the first up to congratulate them, telling them all about the joys they could expect from married life. Inara pulled Kaylee into a tight warm embrace.

- Congratulations, mèimei, she whispered in her ear. - Although I think it was wrong of the captain to force this upon you, I believe you and Simon are meant for each other.

Kaylee felt her eyes tearing up again and struggled to hold back.

Simon had barely gotten away from Wash giving him marriage tips, when he spotted River sitting in the sofa, grinning. He immediatly started worrying about how his sister felt about the new development.

- You're a boob, she said, before he managed saying anything. - I'm fine, Simon.

- What's wrong with you people, making all that ruckus, Jayne growled from the doorway. - Some are tryin' to get some gorram sleep here!

The only response the pissed of merchenary got was laughter. He growled and turned around in the doorway, only to turn back again.

- What's Vera doing in 'ere?

Mal was back up at the helm, had been for hours. Whatever festivities was going on, he didn't feel like participating and besides, somebody should keep an eye at the helm. Wash had come up for a minute to check the course. Jayne had come up to argue about taking Vera, something Mal didn't feel like apoligising for and Jayne had gruffed back off. Zoe had come up for a second and asked him if he wanted to join in on the meal, but he had declined the invitation. He wanted to sit alone and thing. He was still getting used to the thought of little Kaylee going to be a mom. He knew he had done good. That kid would have his father. He had made sure of that.

- Mal, Inara said from the doorway.

- Come to yell some more, he asked, raising his brow.

Why they always were fighting was hard to know, maybe because it was the only way they knew to interact. On some level he actually enjoyed their fights. When Saffron had been on board, he had gotten to see the other type of woman, the submissive one, even if it was an act it had bugged him. Inara would never let herself reach a level where all she did was someone else's bidding. Even in her line of work, it was her choices. Mal would never truly be able to respect her line of work, but he had a massive respect for the woman who never was afraid to tell him he was wrong.

She looked at him. Her gaze was somewhat hard and accusing, but the other part of it was soft and curious.

- I just wanted to come here before you came bursting into my shuttle. I'll be staying in the passanger dorms tonight.

- I take it, the newlyweds are lending it, he queried.

- They are, on my insistance. If they can't have a proper wedding...

- Hey, he objected. - That was a proper wedding, bonafied shepard to do the ceremony and all.

- You gave them less than an hour, no make it less than half an hour to choose between marriage and leaving Serenity. You had Kaylee marry Simon in her overalls. A proper wedding requires an actual wedding dress, whitnesses, a maid of honor, a best man. And some sort of celebration afterwards. A proper wedding is a day devoted to it, not just a ceremony. And when we get planetside, you better make it up to them, Inara stated, her finger pointed at Mal. - And while we're at it, you might want to wave Kaylee's dad and let him know we're coming his way. He deserves to meet his son-in-law, don't you agree?

Inara's eyes were flaming and she turned to leave the cabin.

- You were right, Mal suddenly said, making her turn around.

- About what, she inquired.

- This is a bit about my childhood. My dad left my mom when she tol' him she was having me, didn't want anything ter do with me. And I believe no child should ever have to suffer through that.

He turned his head away from her, in shame for his crazy decisions today.

- Mal, Inara said, more softly. - Just because your father did that doesn't mean Simon would ever leave Kaylee or the baby.

- I know, but the doc is a man of his word and I wanted for that kid's sake to see him make a promise I know he won't break. The kid deserves that, Kaylee deserves that.

- He loves her, Inara said. - They might have stumbled into this whole thing, but that doesn't mean he cares less. That boy found out less than twenty-four hours ago that he was going to be a father. And he's allready accepted it. And when I saw him telling Kaylee he would marry her, I could see he wasn't just doing it as a promise to be a father, he did it for her. You need to have more faith in the people around you, Mal.

- So you'll never marry, huh?

She smiled at him and shrugged.

- The way things are now I don't see it happening, but of course I won't completely turn my back on the possibility. Goodnight, Mal.


Wednesday, November 9, 2005 11:59 AM


OOh! I love this chapter even more than the last! And I love it to death that its LONG! :D

Aw, Simon and Kaylee got married cuz of Mal but they still made it seem sweet. And then Inara and Mal's talk afterwards..Ooh!

And the ironic thing, I was watching the actual storyline when reading this.

My favorite line in the story:

""You're a boob, she said, before he managed saying anything. - I'm fine, Simon""

:D :D :D :D Eagerly awaiting the next chapter! btw, I just connected the with what Kaylee said to tease Simon is JaynesTown.

Woo, long review! Cant wait for the next chapter!

Wednesday, November 9, 2005 2:16 PM


Wow. This was wonderful. All of the chapters were wonderful. I had to read them all right now since I just found this site. :)

I love how you used different episodes throughout also.

I love S/K and you are doing a fine job. Please continue writing.

Wednesday, November 9, 2005 3:05 PM


Hee! Oh, Mal...awesome chapter, as usual.

Thursday, November 10, 2005 12:41 AM


squeeeeee!!! nothing else on my mind except that sound...


Thursday, November 10, 2005 6:42 PM


"- I'll marry you, he whispered, for only her to hear. - If you'll have me." Ohhhh, that was so lovely and I could just see Simon's eyes and his swai smile as he looked down into Kaylee's and said it. Nice shiny work, miss kitten. I told ya that before, but I mean it more when I read more of you.


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