Pretty ... pretty - chapter 6 - "Insomniac"
Sunday, November 6, 2005

Another chapter of my Simon/Kaylee series. Simon's not the only one up late at night.


AN: Kaylee's well from the flu, "War Stories" have come and gone and Simon feels lonely.

*** Insomniac ***

Simon felt lonely. Which was a little odd seeing as he almost never was alone. River was more than a handfull and after Wash and the Captain's encounter with Nishka he'd been especially busy. But when he returned to his room every night, he felt lonely. Kaylee had shook the flu and was back under the heart of Serenity, tuning whatever needed to be tuning. Last time he had passed the engine room late at night, she had been so far under he hadn't even seen her legs and for a minute he had been convinced that Serenity was singing. When he had been caring for her, he had forgotten how she had been distancing herself from him lately, but once she left his bunk to start sleeping in her own again, he saw it coming right back.

It wasn't as though she was mad at him. There was way to little yelling and scolding for that to be the case. Kaylee was always out loud when he upset her, which sadly wasn't a rare event. For some reason he prefered the yelling. Because he would find a way to make it up to her and she would again come by his bunk before bed, to talk, about everything in the 'verse.

Now he found himself thinking about her every night before drifting to sleep. He missed her.

Kaylee was up in the kitchen rummaging for something to eat. Her appetite wasn't stable. There were days she didn't feel she could get down a single bite, but she would still force it down, knowing not eating wasn't good for the baby. Of course each time she would get a rush of morning sickness and it would all be out again. Other days she couldn't eat enough. She figured it to be not being able to hold it down long enough on other days. Today had been one of those second days. She had eaten solid all day long without feeling queasy. And despite having just eaten, she was hungry again.

- Kaylee...?

She cussed as she bumped her head in one of the cupboard doors. Her hand was clutched to her head as she turned to face Simon.

- Ai ya, Simon, she exclaimed. - Why you sneakin' up on me like that?

- I'm sorry, he grimased. - I'm kind of still used to walking silently around at night.

- We're heavy sleepers, no need worryin' 'bout wakin' us. Scarin' us half to death with the sneakin' however...

- I didn't mean to sneak, he appoligised again. - I couldn't sleep.

- Makes two of us, she grinned. - Wan' a snack?

She quickly threw together a couple of things on a plate and put it on the table. He was allready sitting and she pulled up a chair on the opposite side. Then they ate in silence. Simon studied her as she ate. She was quite paler than usual, when he had been looking after her, he had thought it was just her being sick, but now he really noticed how pale she really was.

- Are you ok, he asked, breaking the ice.

- Yeah, she said. - Why'd you ask?

- You just seem pale. And I haven't seen much of you lately. I usually know when you are, but I can't help wondering. Are you mad at me?

- Simon, I ain't mad at ya.

- Then what happened, he asked, feeling a bit braver.

- Jus' been busy, she shrugged.

- I've been too, but that doesn't mean I haven't thought about you. You always used to come by.

He wanted to smack himself when he said it. He had made it sound like an accusation, which was as far away from it as he wanted. Just one look at her and he knew she had taken it the worst way.

- If you wanted to talk so much, you could've jus' as easily come by my room, you know.

She was allready on her way up from the table. He had done it, she was back to mad at him again. He followed her into the hallway, where he grabbed her hand. When she turned around, they were inches appart.

- I'm not so good at being direct, he started. - I seem to have a knack at making you mad at me, like that moment in the kitchen. I'm trying to tell you that I miss you. You've always come by and we've had the best of times, then you just stopped and I wanted to go to you, but I never knew how to start. You always seem like you know what to say. I've been brought up in the highest society, schooled since the beginning in manners and propriety. My mother trained me in what to say to girls. But none of that helps me with you. There is no course in you, Kaylee. You're special. I have to figure out things on my own, something I might add, I'm not very good at...

He was silently tracing her cheek and edge of her lip with his finger, his eyes locked on hers. She felt herself leaning in towards him, when something stirred in her. 'Oh no, please not now...' she thought to herself. The strong rush of morning sickness came so quickly she barely had time to push him away before she tossed her cookies. That slight moment of passion changed to worry in his eyes, as he helped her back to the kitchen. He had wanted to take her towards the infirmary, but she had insisted on the kitchen. He pulled the chair further out, so she could sit down. He then went and fetched a glass of water. She drank half of it and then sat in silence, staring into the glass.

- I'd feel a lot better if you'd let me examine you, Simon muttered.

He didn't want to worry her, but he was starting to fear about the seriousness of this all.

- I know what's wrong, Kaylee said, as if she had read his mind.

- What is it?

She sighed and took a deep breath. This was the moment she knew she was gonna be having one of these days and with the situation she knew there was no turning back.

- I'm pregnant.


Sunday, November 6, 2005 5:46 PM


Gorramit, you're just getting to the good part!

*chants* continue. continue. And don't you dare have a cliffhanger when she tells Simon it's his.

Sunday, November 6, 2005 6:24 PM


Dang, that anonymous comment there was me, forgot to sign in. Anyway, to reiterate: more soon?

Sunday, November 6, 2005 7:36 PM


That's soo not fair! I expected more!! Eagerly awaiting the next chapter!! Come on Come on Come on.. The time passes so slowly..

Monday, November 7, 2005 8:52 AM


simon, here's a tip: whatever you do, do NOT ask if it's jayne's. even without the hormones, she'd kill you.



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