Pretty ... pretty - chapter 5 - "Simon doesn't know"
Saturday, November 5, 2005

Fifth chapter of my Simon/Kaylee series. River knows, but will she tell?


AN: Okay I'm dead tired, so my mind was kinda in a River state of mind, hence I gave a little more of River focus in this chapter.

*** Simon doesn't know ***

Simon was tired, no that wasn't a good word for it at all. He was exhausted. He hadn't slept well, because he had put Kaylee in his bed, something he far from minded. Then he had spent the day chasing River around the ship, trying to retrieve the kitchenwear she had taken. Only reason he knew it had been kitchenwear was that he had seen River drop a butterknife and fork into the bag before sealing it and taking off.

He was no athlete, but he had concidered himself a quick enoug man, but compared to River he looked as if he was jogging. And once she was out of his sight, so was the bag. He returned to the infirmary, figured River could need calming down, just a small dosage, nothing to make her sleep or anything, like he did when her more major attacks happened. But once he looked into the drawer he noticed all the needles were gone.

As he returned to his bunk to check on Kaylee he realized, River wasn't the only stubborn person onboard. Despite his orders for her to rest, she had left his bunk. He went to the engine room and found her rummaging over her tool box.

- I thought I told you to stay in bed, he accused. - You're still sick

- I'm shiny, Simon. Was comin' back, jus' needed to fix a little, tiny bit, she said, sounded distracted.

He leaned over and saw her distress.

- Can't find any of my screewdrivers, or drills or wrenches, any of it, she exclaimed.

Simon groaned and rubbed his temple.... River.

Book smiled for himself as he saw River for the third time carrying that bag. The girl always seemed to keep herself occupied with the strangest things. He saw her crawl into one of possibly many nooks in the ship. It was a few minutes before she came back out again, this time the bag was empty. She started wandering around the cargo bay picking up small bits and pieces that had fallen off the mule from whenever it was used for missions. Each of the small pieces was put into the bag, before she looked to find another.

- River, honey, what are you up to, he asked.

- Babyproofing, she said, without looking up.

- Really, he chuckled. - I shouldn't be in your way then.

He went towards the kitchen, where he found Simon looking through the drawers.

- River seems to be having a good day, he said.

- What makes you think that, Simon wondered.

- Saw her playing in the cargo bay, she seemed calm and content. Hasn't had any anxiety attacks in days, I'd say tht to be a very good day.

- Well she's been knicking things from all over the ship, so I'm not so sure, Simon groaned.

- What did she take?

- Seems to me any type of knife or fork we have. I've checked all the drawers all the shelves, all I can find are spoons. And she's been to the infirmary, taking all my needles and she took all of Kaylees tools.

He sighed.

- I'm just not quite sure what to make of this day.

Growing up he had always understood River, at least to a much larger extent than anyone else ever had. Now she would do the strangest things as if it was the most natural in the world and he understood her less with every day.

- Maybe I should check up on her, Simon wondered out loud.

- I think I'll tag along as well, Book said.

River was still wandering the cargo bay, picking up pieces to throw into her bag. She was muttering silently to herself. Simon couldn't hear more than a couple of incoherant words. Pieces... Cuts... Choking... Dangerous... Book leaned towards the rail.

- Hi River, how's the proofing going?

- Shh, Simon doesn't know, River said, mysteriously, holding her index finger to her lips.

- Doesn't know what, Simon wanted to know.

She shook her head and giggled.

- Not my place to tell.


Sunday, November 6, 2005 8:52 AM


hee. daddy simon. *grins*


p.s. minor note, "angsiouty" should be "anxiety"

Sunday, November 6, 2005 9:36 AM


ohhhhh so very funny :) river babyproofing!

Sunday, November 6, 2005 7:33 PM


tee hee.. Not my place to tell.. And I can just imagine Simon running after River and she say's Babyproofing.. LOL


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