Pretty ... pretty - chapter 2 - "For sure"
Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Second part of what I hope to make into a long Simon/Kaylee fic. Another one with no direct interaction I'm afraid, but the next one will have it, I promise. Kaylee finds out for sure.


AN: No, just because I like to write in Kaylee and Inara's friendship there will be absolutely no romance between the two. Now it's been said. Enjoy.

*** For Sure ***

Inara had just locked back onto Serenity. She had not forgotten her promise to Kaylee and surely saw that the young girl hadn't either. She was sitting at the stairway leading towards her shuttle.

- You get it, she asked, nervously.

- Go right ahead, I think Mal wants a word first, but I'll come as quick as possible.

Just as she had said Mal came up the stairs towards her.

- That girl's not been herself the whole day, he observed, as Kaylee disappeared in the direction of Inara's shuttle. - Been tunin' everythin' on the ship, and not jus' regular tunin', but manic. She's acted as she's wanted to stay occupied all day.

- She's just been busy, Inara answered, dismissing his observation.

- You know somethin', Mal accused.

- It's not my place to say, now excuse me I need to go.

- Everything happenin' on this ship's my business.

- This isn't.

Before Mal could say anything more, she turned right around and gracefully left in the direction of her shuttle. When she reached it she found Kaylee with the package in her lap.

- Have you taken it, Inara asked.

Kaylee shook her head.

- He's gonna be mad...

- Who? Simon, Inara questioned.

- The captain's gonna be mad. He'll tell me Serenity ain't a place for kids and send me home. An' he'll find someone else to fix her.

- He won't, Inara said, comforting, not feeling completely sure about it herself. - He's an idiot now and then... or more all of the time, actually, but he's not that of an idiot. You've kept Serenity in the air when other mechanics couldn't possibly. And he loves you dearly, mèimei. This place wouldn't ever be the same without you and not even the risks that comes with a baby will change that.

- Not so sure 'bout that, Kaylee sighed.

- I'm not saying that he won't be mad, I think this will be a shock for everyone here. Especially for you and Simon. But you'll pull through. The important thing here is what you want. Do you want to keep this baby?

Inara knew the answer allready. Kaylee was a girl who took care of everyone, not because she had to, but because that was who she was. And the idea to get ridd of something so innocent, she could never imagine Kaylee doing it. And the expression on her face confirmed it. She took a deep breath and unwrapped the package. She looked to Inara for help with the needle. Not that she had problems working them, but she wasn't to good at finding the right vein. As she finished drawing the blood she needed, Inara handed her a bandaid to put on. Then came the waiting.

Inara tried to strike up a conversation, to get the time passing, but she got no response from the mechanic. Kaylee just stared down at the little screen, waiting for the results to process.

When the result finally displayed on the screen, it took Inara less than a micro-second to know. In less than nine months there would be a baby on board of Serenity.

Kaylee's baby.


Thursday, November 3, 2005 7:12 AM


Poor Kaylee, all that worrying surely isn't good for a body. I wonder how Simon is going to react or whether River will give the game away first. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Friday, November 4, 2005 6:12 AM


Kaylee pregnant? I don't know who is going to react worse, Mal or Simon. And hopefully Mal's reaction won't be kicking Simon out the airlock.

Keep on writing because I love reading. =o)

Friday, November 4, 2005 10:55 AM


kaylee baba!!! YAY!!! or, yay until mal finds out *gulp*


Sunday, November 6, 2005 7:24 PM


lovin it..lovin it! Cant take it! the chapters are to short! to the next one! 10!
ps.. i love the part about kaylee caring about everyone and everything not cuz she had to, cuz its who she is


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