The Weight of the Badge-part 3
Friday, February 18, 2011

I had the story complete and a computer failure lost it. So I finally rewrote it. Last chapter will be up after the weekend. Mal and Allison catch up to the Walters Gang.


Allison and Mal rode ahead of the posse at an easy gate. It hadn’t taken Allison long to determine that the stranger could track. The snow had covered the trail but Mal had pointed out the slight berm left by the hover. As curious as the stranger appearance in town was, he had more on his mind. Something about the robberies didn’t add up.

Mal was doing his best to try and make tracking the bandits harder than it seemed. They had done little to hide their trail, which in Mal’s mind meant, either they hadn’t been chased often, or they weren’t concerned about ending any who followed.

“This Walters gang… what’s their story?” Mal asked.

“Bout eight months ago a prison transport stopped for refueling. On takeoff they had an engine failure, went down like a rock.” Allison said shifting in the saddle “Most died, them that lived fled. The Alliance couldn’t be bothered to clean up their mess so we got stuck with them. First town they hit was called Walter, so that’s how they came named.” Allison grinned “Not a whole lot of imagination in these parts.” They rode on a few more yards, then Allison added “Walters are pretty big news round here, funny you not hearing about them.”

Mal was kicking himself for not being more careful. “Yeah…I uh…I just got moon side a couple weeks ago. Looking for work.”

“Well you found it. If we find them, there’s a pretty sizable reward involved.” Mal could feel the sheriff’s eyes on him as he spoke. “Could be more seeing as they robbed the Alliance as well. They usually steer clear of those kinda jobs.”

“That so?” Mal replied.

“Yeah my figuring was they didn’t want to ruffle the Alliance’s feather. Seeing how they pretty much got pardoned, so to speak. Guess they decided to branch out some.”

Mal nodded and decided to change the subject. “That your wife back in town? She seemed a fetching gal.”

Allison laughed. “It’s a kindness you lying. My Cora has been on the wrong side of ugly both inside and out since the day she was born. There’s a more challenging women in the Verse I ain’t met her.”

Mal grinned. He found himself liking the Sheriff. He knew a bit about challenging women himself.

“You ever been married?” Allison asked.

“Once...she tried to kill me and take my shi…”Mal stopped and looked at Allison to see if he had caught his slip. He was brushing the snow off his jacket.

“My Cora’s trying to kill me too” He laughed “She’s just doing it a little at a time”

Both men smiled and rode on. ---------------------------------------------

“Any word from the Captain?” Book asked Zoe.

Zoe raised an eyebrow, Book’s real intention evident. He had noticed her checking the rounds in her mare’s leg and hanging side arms on the scaffolding near Wash and Jayne. “I’m sure he’s fine Shepherd.”

“You do know any who come here looking for us would likely be lawmen.”

“I don’t expect anyone but the Captain to come through that pass.” Zoe said assuredly.

“Still” Book went on “If someone other than the Captain were to come through that pass, they would be doing their jobs.” His eyes dropped to the rifle strapped to her hip.

“I’m well aware of the implications Shepherd. They have their job to do. I have mine. That’s to protect this crew till the Captain returns.” Book nodded and slowly walked back through the snow to assist with the repairs. Zoe turned to the pass and checked her com to make sure the battery was still charged.

------------------------------------------- Mal came back through the woods to rejoin the posse. “Their hold up in a cabin about half a mile from here. Can’t be sure how many, but from the horses tied up back my guess is ten. Two guards patrolling outside. The cold is keeping them close to the cabin.”

Allison rubbed his hands together and tried not to shiver and Mal drew a layout in the snow. “Any ideas?”

“Yeah” Ollie spoke up “Why don’t we come back in the morning with more men.”

“Wish that were possible Ollie. I’m guessing they’ll be riding out first light.” He looked to Mal who nodded in agreement.

“If we can take out their sentries, pin em up in there. One of us could ride back to town bring help.” Allison suggested.

“They do have to funnel out one of the doors” Mal added, pointing a stick at each of them, already planning on being the one who rides back to town. I nice sustained gunfight would keep all eyes away from Serenity.

Everyone moved into position. The plan did involve some risk. Four of them would spread out, to create a cross fire at the front and back door. The fifth, Mal would have to get close enough to take out the sentries. Once he was clear Allison would let them know they were surrounded and if any were fool enough to head out the door they would be shot.

Mal moved silently. The snow was still coming down and the wind had picked up, covering the crunch of his footsteps. He moved close to the lean to stable. He looked to Allison’s position. He was supposed to signal when a sentry drew near. Mal squinted into the snow but could make nothing out. As he was looking he heard a voice.

“Pike? That you?” A sentry behind him called out.

Mal dropped his hands and pretended to be buttoning up his fly.

“That things gonna freeze off in this weather” the sentry joked as he moved closer.

Mal turned to see the shock in the sentry’s eyes. Before he could bring his gun up, Mal smacked him in the head with his pistol barrel. The forced knocked the man into the lean to and he was out. Mal turned to back to Allison waving his arms frantically. He peeked around the corner to see three men outside heading towards a pile of firewood. Before he could duck back a shot rang out from the woods, striking one of the men. Mal bolted for the woods and bullets began to fly.

“Gorramit Simmons!” Allison shouted at the posse member who had fired. “They’d of gone back in.” He raised his rifle and began to fire, trying to cover Mal’s retreat.

Mal ran hard for the woods cussing under his breath. He had almost made cover when the bullet struck him in the back and exited his stomach. The pain blinded him. He fell to the snow, and tried to drag himself into the woods. Then everything went black.

Any hope of pinning the Walters gang inside the cabin had vanished. They poured out the front door like wasps from a nest. Allison ducked behind cover to reload. He stole a quick glance in Mal’s direction. He was face down in the snow, not moving. Allison turned his focus back to the fight.


Friday, February 18, 2011 2:49 PM


Uh oh, poor Mal. He really is a bullet magnet! Ali D :~)
"You can't take the sky from me!"

Saturday, February 19, 2011 4:42 AM


Wow, hope this isn't a short story - there will be more , right?

Monday, February 21, 2011 3:54 AM


Thanks for the comments. This is a short story Katesfriend. One chapter to go, but I do have something a little more epic in the works.

Saturday, September 10, 2011 11:59 PM


Good chapter, just one complaint: the pistol-whipping. Remember how Mal reversed his grip on the gun he hit Rance Burgess with? That was so the barrel wouldn't get bent and render the gun useless or unreliable. Have him hit with the butt of the gun, it's harder and doesn't damage the weapon.
That's all! Keep them coming.


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