The weight of the badge- Part 2
Thursday, January 13, 2011

While the crew works to fix Serenity. Mal find himself on the right side of the law. How long before the Sheriff learns thats not where he belongs?


Inara joined River on the catwalk overlooking the cargo bay. The scene below was controlled chaos. Kaylee was speaking with Wash while she closed the floor loading bay. Shepherd Book and Zoe were heading down the ramp with big can heaters. Simon was skittering about a stack of boxes while Jayne, both shoulders balancing scaffolding, pointed at a particular one. When Simon finally settled on the one Jayne had instructed the big merc reached out and slapped him on the back of the head as he headed down the ramp. “What’s going on sweetie?” Inara asked.

River turned, her eyes wide with wonder. She pointed out the bay door “Snow.”

Inara smiled “Yes it’s really coming down. Do you know where the Captain is?”

River straightened, looking up she tilted her head to the side and closed her eyes. She opened them and matter of factly replied “Flatfooting” She then crossed her arms on the railing and rested her chin on her arms “Snow.” She whispered.

Inara abandoned any hope of getting an answer from her and returned to her shuttle for a warm coat. She came back with a blanket for River but she was gone. The bay was empty, the bay doors shut. She ventured out into the cold. Night was falling and the temperature with it. She pulled on the fur lined parka hood and followed the sounds. Zoe, coming back for more supplies filled her in on the situation and Mal’s disappearance. Downplaying the dangers involved. That man never seems to be without problems Inara thought. She offered her assistance and Zoe suggested keeping an eye on River.

She found her under the wing with the rest of the crew. Wash and Kaylee were both on their backs high above the ground on the scaffolding. Both had cutting torches and were sparks lit up the sky as they worked.

Jayne, wearing that ridiculous hat his mother had sent, was erecting another scaffold with Shepherd Book. “Doc, hand me the spanner” Simon still looking confused handed him the wrong tool. “Gorramit.” Jayne exclaimed throwing it back to the ground “The spanner, the big one to your left.”

Simon quickly handed it to him then spotted River walking away from the ship. “River” he darted away to get her. This unleashed another verbal assault from Jayne. Inara followed him.

“Here” she said kindly handing Simon the blanket.

He wrapped it around River. “Thank you. I’m…I’m not sure what I’m doing out here.”

“I’m sure you’ll do fine.” Inara said smiling. “I’ll take River back in.”

“Please let me stay out for a little while.” She pleaded with both of them. “The snow will be gone soon.”

Simon looked around the snow was well past his ankles and showed little sign of slowing. “River you need to go inside, warm up. The snow will still be here.”

“No...No, it will melt away…melt away and be stained…” She hesitated.

“Stained with what?” Simon asked.

Shepherd Book yelled out. ”Doctor, little help here!” He was hanging precariously from the scaffold trying to lift the next piece of rigging.

Simon placed Rivers hand in Inara’s “Don’t let her stay out long, ok?” Then he ran to assist Book.

Inara walked River back to the bay. The moonlight reflected off the snowy surface and made everything glow. “It is rather peaceful isn’t?” There was no reply. She turned “River?”

A snow ball hit her right in the head. Before she could voice he objection to a snowball fight another whizzed past her ear. Inara took cover behind a snow bank and returned fire.

------------------------------------------ The scene inside the bank was vicious. Two dead, two wounded, one of them sure to join the first group from the looks of the wound. Mal stayed towards the back of the room as more men gathered and were sworn in.

“You thinking they robbed the mill as a diversion to hit the bank?” Deputy Ollie asked.

“It’s possible” Allison answered. “Don’t quite add up though.”

Mal listening to the exchange covered his mouth with his coat to muffle his voice and barked. “Getting dark, we need to get after them.” The group of men murmured in agreement.

Allison raised his hands to the crowd. “Gentlemen we need a plan. Looks like this might be the Walters gang.” The men so eager to leave now hesitated. “If it is we need to be organized.”

“Walters’s gang doesn’t work this far north.” One man replied.

“Not true.” Another added. “I heard they hit Bisbee not a couple weeks ago.”

The group began to argue and more than one slipped out the door while they did.

“William Ezekiel Allison!” A voiced boomed from outside the bank. It was Cora.

She came through the door like twister, using her ample girth to shove men left and right. “William, if you think for one second you’re going off with this posse your dead wrong mister.” She moved in front of him, turned her head and Allison swore she let out a belched, then continued. “Our Gorram roof is leaking, from this rutting snow, not to mention you still have laundry needs doing and there ain’t nearly enough firewood to sustain me through the night.” The men began to chuckle but Cora silenced them with a look.

“Now you listen to me Cora.” Allison clamored “I got a job to do and I aim to do it.”

“Is that so?” Cora said with the venom of a rattlesnake.

“I can’t back down from this. People are dead Cora and I’m the Sheriff.” Allison stood his ground.

“Oh horse dung. You’re a sniveling little dentist who took this job cause I told you to. Now you send Ollie and rest of these men to do the work and you get on home.”

Allison got quite. He headed towards the door, his head hung. Cora crossed her arms, looking smug and confident. Allison paused at the road. The posse had dwindled to only a handful of men, Mal included. “Ollie, you and the men mount up.”

Mal leaned in. “Excuse me. I’m sorry to hear about your troubles but I don’t have a horse, so I’ll be heading on my way, best of luck.”

Allison grabbed his arm “You don’t have a horse, how did you did you get into town?”

“Stage” Mal said quickly hoping that this town had a stage service. “Came in on the last one through” He was relieved when the Sheriff did press further.

Allison turned to the mayor still firmly grasping Mal’s arm. “You coming?”

“Well I have business to see to in town” the mayor said shamelessly “The Alliance could wave to check on their goods, best I be here if that happens.”

“Yeah” Allison said softly. He looked back at Cora. “Mayor I’m commandeering your horse for my new deputy. Men lets ride.” He swung into the saddled and Mal and the other three men did the same. Then they tried to race the shrill sound of Cora’s screaming out of town.


Thursday, January 13, 2011 5:43 PM


Cute but I hope there is a lot more than just 3 parts.

Sunday, January 16, 2011 10:46 AM


Still loving this, I feel kind of sorry for Allison being married to that tartar of a woman. Wouldn't blame him if he decided he would rather be out in the Black than with her. And poor Mal, can't seem to get away just yet but what a brilliant way to deflect suspicion. Ali D :~)
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