Meant to be -- Part 1
Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A little AU about Simon and Kaylee meeting on Osiris


S/K AU -- Cause some things are just meant to be.

Scene -- Late at night in Capital City- Osiris. Nice but somewhat Spartan apartment, camera pans to Simon, passed out on sofa.

Videophonehone rings -- Simon smacks at it like an alarm clock before waking up enough to answer. (River’s smiling face appears)

River -- Happy Birthday Slimey! Simon -- Mei mei, couldn’t this wait till morning? River -- You were born at 3:57 AM. I couldn’t wait any longer… Simon -- That’s very sweet River, but next year, just send me a card, maybe an ugly tie, and let me sleep. Can you do that? River -- Yes. Simon -- Thank you, I’d be grateful. River -- How grateful? Simon -- Very very grateful. River -- Grateful enough to pick me up and take me back to the dorms? Simon -- River, if you let me sleep I’ll pick you up and take you to Hera. Whatever you want. River -- Nope, just the dorms. That’ll be fine. But you have to change first. Simon -- (Huh?) River -- Tonight Simon…. I need a ride back to the dorms before they figure out I’m gone. Simon -- (Finally waking up) What?? Where are you calling from? What are you doing off-campus? River -- I wanted to dance. Simon -- So you’re at the studio? River -- Not that kind of dancing Slimey. I went to Club Zero. Simon -- River! That’s completely…. You could get into so much trouble. River -- Don’t be silly. Everything was fine until my Gogo broke down. Simon -- You don’t have a Gogo. River -- No, I didn’t, and the dean did. Now he doesn’t and I do. (Understand?) All the more reason I have to fix the stupid thing get it and myself back to campus. So I need you to hurry. Simon -- River, I can’t fix cars. I wouldn’t even know where to start. River -- Don’t be silly. I met a really nice mechanic at the club and had the car towed. I’m at the shop now. It’s called “Big Al’s.” I’m sending directions now. Thank you! And Happy Birthday! And Hurry! (River hangs up) Simon -- (talking to blank screen) Big Al? River? (A little pissed/worried) Starts for his keys and heads for the door. Vidphone pops on again -- It’s River River-- No. Wear the blue sweater I got you last year. Simon-- Why do you care what I’m wearing to bail your (ass) out of trouble? River -- It’s cold. You’ll need a sweater. Simon-- (A little puzzled, but a little touched) Oh, um… thank you mei mei. River smiles mischievously an hangs up. ------------------------------------------------------------ Scene -- Big Al’s -- Basically a rather large autobody shop. Lots of broken cars etc. outside. Engines hanging from chains. Hydraulic risers, the works.

Simon-- (Comes in the door in a hurry) River? Thank god you’re okay. Where’s the Gogo, what happened? River -- It’s getting fixed now. (Points to small zippy looking green vehicle) Only the mechanic’s legs are visible from underneath the car.

Simon --(Knocks on car) Excuse me? This is my sister’s car that so conveniently broke down while she was in the club. We’re in a real hurry and need to settle up here as soon as we can. Kaylee -- (Rolls out from under car) I’ll have her done in a jif, but there’s nothing to settle up. Simon -- (Clearly taken aback by Kaylee) So….but River said….are you “Big Al?” Kaylee -- (Smiles and laughs) Nah. That’s my uncle. I’m Kaylee, Kaylee Frye, and not that big at all. You must be Simon (Extends greasy hand, which Simon shakes before thinking better of it) I’m just here helping him out for a bit. Simon-- So you help out your uncle by day and by night you search the city for motorists in distress? Kaylee -- (Still with the impossible smile, starts to ramble a bit) Don’t be silly. I was just out. You folks have so much to do here. Tonight was dancing, and last night that they had real pretty music in the park, and the night before that there was a show. I’ve been on Osiris for about a week now and I’ve done more than I ever did back home. Nothing do to there but get drunk or pregnant, and I ain’t much of a drinker. Simon -- (A bit overwhelmed) I see. Kaylee -- So River and I got to talking at the club and just having the best ol’ time. But when it was time to get on home the car wouldn’t start. Her cam belt was just gone. Must have fallen off somewhere on the road, but I’ve got no idea how she wouldn’t have noticed that. Shoulda made an awful racket. Luckily I had one in the truck. (Gestures to tow-truck) Simon -- Oh, well, that’s lucky. (Pause) Then why didn’t you just fix it there? Kaylee - (puzzled) Well, then I would have needed a tow and that’s just too embarrassing a call to make. I’d never hear the end of it. This way at least I get the truck home and I can replace the belt tomorrow. Simon -- (Just piecing this all together) So… you gave my sister, who you met at a club tonight, some very important belt out of your own truck, that you use for your livelyhood. Kaylee -- (One eyebrow raised) Yeahhhh. River -- (Exaggerated pantomime behind his back. Taps temple and mouths “not so smart”) Simon -- (Turns to River, who stops gestures just in time) River, you are so lucky. I hope you appreciate what a precarious position you were in. Anything could have happened to you. Kaylee -- (While Simon’s back is to her. Gives River thumbs up and mouths “but cute”) Simon -- (To Kaylee) I’m really grateful you helped her out. That was incredibly kind. Kaylee -- Nothing to it. Besides, it’s nice to have some company here. This place gets awful quiet sometimes. Simon -- Soo, (looking around.) It’s a very nice….shop you have here. Nice um (looks for something to compliment her on) calendar. (Vaguely gestures to a calendar above the desk. Realizes it’s basically half naked women sprawled on cars and is mortified) Kaylee -- Ya like it? That’s my uncle’s. Simon-- (backpedaling) I didn’t mean. I don’t….. Kaylee -- (Not noticing his discomfort) The funniest thing is that they send these to mechanics and they think we don’t notice. Simon -- (Puzzled) Notice? Kaylee -- I mean, well look at her. She’s got one hand on the clutch, but you can tell that the compressor valve ain’t open. So where does she think she’s going? And sitting like that? Those casings get hot as hell when the engine’s running. She’d basically be welding her nethers to it. Now, I like myself a 743B, but that’s just bizarre. Don’tcha think? Simon -- (A little mesmerized) Absolutely. Kaylee -- Do you want one? (Offers calendar from drawer) They send ‘em all the time. Simon -- NO! I mean, no no thank you. It wouldn’t be appropriate… where I work. Kaylee -- ( A little put off) Oh…oh..where’s that? Simon-- At….at… um Merrill…the hospital… River -- When Simon’s not busy being a professional boob or my chauffer he’s a trauma surgeon. Kaylee -- (Clearly impressed and perhaps a little embarrassed) Oh, oh then….well gosh. I guess that wouldn’t be appropriate then. To have it hanging up. Probably have….you know…actual… welded nethers to attend to. Simon-- (Trying to make up) No, actually, most nether welding accidents are treated on an out-patient basis……Now, guys who suffer from foot-in-mouth disease. We get a lot of those. Seems to be an epidemic. Kaylee-- (Smiling. All is forgiven) Like I said. It’s my uncle’s. Simon -- Right! Big Al. (Looking around at the cars) So, you guys just swamped with work? Kaylee -- I wish. Nah, Al went into a fuel cell to fix a gauge a couple weeks back. It was supposed to have been flush emptied, but I think they just drained it ‘cause he got a whole lungful of Arinium. So I’m just here helping him out until he’s back on his feet. Simon-- (A little stunned) But he’s okay? How long was he exposed? Where’s he being treated? Kaylee -- (Not terribly urgent) Huh? Oh, it couldn’t have been that long. The company was real nice and sent him to a doctor over on Cheinmai as soon as they found out. Simon -- (A little disbelieving) He went to Ellesworth? When did they get a Tox unit? Kaylee -- I don’t know about that, but we told ‘em where we were and they said that’s where we were zoned. Simon -- Right, but Tox cases usually come to us at Merrill. I mean, I guess it’s nice that he’s close, that’ll make it easier to visit. Kaylee -- (Not understanding) It’s real easy to visit. I just go upstairs. Simon-- You mean he’s here? They sent him home? Kaylee -- Al isn’t much one for hospitals. The docs gave him a pile of pills to go through and told him to rest up plenty. They were real nice. Simon-- (Still can’t quite believe this) He’s home? How long was he in the hospital? Did they at least filter his blood? Do they send a nurse by to check on him? Kaylee -- (Perhaps a little offended) I can take care of him just fine. Simon-- I … I didn’t mean to imply…I don’t. (Stops himself. Takes a breath) Please do me a favor, if he get disoriented, or….or agitated, or depressed, bring him in to Merrill okay? Just keep an eye out for anything …. anything different. Kaylee -- (Not unkindly) I always do . River -- (Saving him before he digs himself any deeper) Simon? I’ve really got to get the Gogo back. Will you follow me to the dean’s house and then take me back to the dorms? Simon (Looks at the time) Oh! Of course. Ms. Frye, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you. Kaylee -- It’s not business if I don’t let you pay me. Let’s call this a professional favor for a friend. Simon-- Um, okay. Thank you. I’ll return the favor, I mean I’d offer to return the favor, but that would be bad. Kaylee -- (Perplexed) Simon -- (Bumbling) You’d be hurt. I’m in trauma medicine. That would be bad. Kaylee -- (Gets it) Oh, okay then. Well, we’ll shake hands and call it even then. River -- Don’t worry, he’ll think of something.

Tams exit with waves

River -- Happy Birthday Simon -- Huh? River -- You look stupid in ties anyway. (River gets into vehicle, where we see the missing belt stuffed into her bag)


Early next morning

Simon’s car pulls up outside Big Al’s. He exits, carrying a small brown paper bag and two cups of what looks like fancy coffee) Pokes his head in. Kaylee is in the exact same thing she wore the night before, curled up on a chair opposite a cortex screen in the corner of the shop.

Simon clears throat, Kaylee awakes with a start, looks around confused.

Simon -- Oh, um, good morning. Kaylee -- What time is…Oh!(Shit) I was supposed to open an hour ago. Simon -- You fell asleep? Kaylee -- (Jokingly) Is that your professional diagnosis? I feel so silly. I was up late, so I figured I might as well wave home and catch my folks before they went to bed. These time gaps really throw me for a loop ya know? I never know whether to say good morning or good night. Simon -- I know the feeling. Hospital time is always a little different from actual time. But I have discovered an amazing drug that fixes everything. (Waves coffee cup in front of her). Kaylee -- (Touched) Is that for me? Simon -- (Deadpan) No, I always drink two after a particularly late night…..yes, one’s for you. Kaylee -- (Grinning) Now, you know what would make me the happiest woman alive? Simon -- (Skeptical) Yes? Kaylee -- To hear those three little words that every woman dreams of… Simon -- (A little scared) Which are?? Kaylee -- “Cream and Sugar?” Simon -- (Laughs) That, I think I can manage. Cream or Sugar? (Grand flourish -- Produces a small bag with creamers, sugar and stirrers) And here I thought you were just naturally perky. Kaylee -- Oh, I’m about as perky as ya get. Conscious and perky, now that’s a different thing all together. (Assembles coffee) This was real sweet of ya. What a nice treat. Simon -- But that’s not all. Kaylee -- Don’t even tell me you got muffins. Simon -- (A little disappointed) Ah, no. The particular store I went do didn’t carry muffins. Mufflers perhaps, but no muffins (Produces a paper bag) Kaylee-- (Opens bag to and produces what looks like a “cam” belt. She’s stunned, and perhaps a mite confused) You got a.. Simon -- (Fiercely proud) Yes. I found a parts shop near the hospital. I told them what I needed and voila! They didn’t gift wrap it like I asked though. (Grins) Kaylee -- (Still a little confused, but covering) That’s…..that’s real sweet of ya. Simon -- (Noticing the hesitation, a little suspicious) What? Kaylee -- (Covering like mad) Nothing. Nothing. This is real nice. Simon -- (Figures it out, completely bummed) It’s the wrong one, isn’t it. Kaylee -- But it was so sweet of ya ta try. Simon -- (Completely bummed) I told the salesman.. Kaylee -- That you needed a cam belt for a 323 Gogo. Simon -- Actually I’d asked for a cam belt that would fit a green Gogo, he had to figure out the 323. He was very nice about it. We played 20 questions. Did it have a center console? Did it have two emission valves? ……I ….I…wanted to save you rail in. Kaylee -- Don’t worry, Simon. And you were right on the money with the belt. It’s just that Gogos can take a couple of different sizes, but Towey can’t. But I gotta say this is just about the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me. Simon-- I find that very hard to believe, but thank you for lying. Kaylee -- And if ya want, you can still save me the rail in. I’d like to check out the shop you found. Simon -- I didn’t mean to bother you, I can just go back. I’m sure you’re busy. Kaylee-- (Looks left -- nobody Looks right-- nobody) The only thing I’m busy doing is enjoying this conversation. Simon-- (Ducks head a bit) Well…well then. Let’s see if we can’t get you the proper part.

They walk to Simon’s car. Simon opens the door for her and Kaylee is about to get in, but suddenly remembers her overalls are greasy. She unzips to reveal whatever it was that she wore dancing the night before. Simon is stunned, but covers.


Much later, clearly dropping her back home, getting out of the car. Simon and Kaylee chatting away comfortably.

Simon: Seven? Seven siblings? So seven plus you equals eight children total? Kaylee: And he can add too! You might just be the smartest boy I ever met. My mom swears that she had more kids….but they whined.(Smiles wickedly) Simon: (Grins) So, do you miss them? Kaylee: I’ve only been gone a week, but sure. Miss a lot of things back home. Simon: You probably miss your boyfriend too. Kaylee: Which one? (Grins) Nah, the boys back home are plenty nice, and they probably miss me a might. Like I said, there ain’t that much to do on Harvest, and now, with me gone, there’s one less thing to do. Simon: (Coughs a little at the bluntness of the remark, trying to change the subject) So, it sounds like you’ve found a lot to do. Kaylee: Every night! Do you know, I read that you could go to a different restaurant every day and it would take you ten years to get through them all. I might not be here ten years, but I do love a challenge. Simon: But even if you did, there’d be something new. River told me there’s a new restaurant that only does desserts. Kaylee: (Overwhelmed, stunned) What did you say? Simon: (Laughing at the ridiculousness of it) Desserts apparently, a whole restaurant. You go in and sit down and they bring you course after course of desserts. Just when you thought you’d seen everything. Kaylee: (Dead serious) Where is it and when do they open? Simon: (a little confused, but a little pleased) I was just saying…why..w-would you like to go? Kaylee: (Nodding, moves to get back in the car -- all business) Simon: (Stops her) I’m pretty sure it’s just a night time thing. I’ll check. We’ll do it another time. Kaylee: Really? Like a date? Simon: (Looks away) W-would you like it to be a date? Kaylee: (Grins and nods enthusiastically) Simon: (Blushing) Then I..I guess it’s a date. Tomorrow? I get off shift at 5, so say six? Kaylee: You can count and tell time? You are the smartest boy I’ve ever met. Simon: Tell that to my sister. She doesn’t think I’m very bright. Kaylee: Maybe not as bright as she is, but just as nice and twice as swai. Simon: (Furiously blushing) I’m….that’s…’re….I’ll see you tomorrow. (Backs towards car, fumbles to get in.) Kaylee: (Waves then skips inside)


In the hospital, it’s busy, but Simon overhears a conversation.

Dr. Jacobson: She says the poor bastard went into a fuel cell and got a dose of Arinium. They’re waiting to be admitted. She says she’s his niece, he says she’s his wife.

Dr. Samuels: Hell, if they’re from Harvest, they might both be right!

Both laugh.

Simon: (Pissed -- Confronts them) I can’t believe what I just overheard. If I ever hear comments like that about a patient or anyone in this hospital you’re on record.

Dr.s clearly not impressed at the little rant, turn and leave. Simon turns to head for the waiting room. Inside, Kaylee’s sitting with a somewhat older and larger man, they’re holding hands. The older man is stroking her hair and her cheek. Kaylee has clearly had something spilled down the clothes she was wearing earlier. She’s a bit of a mess. She’s holding a clipboard with a small pile of papers.

Big Al: Remember the time we got into that party and danced all night? You were wearing your blue dress. God you were beautiful.

Kaylee: (Smiles) Sure I do. Big Al: (Spots Simon -- Kaylee spots him just after and smiles, but looks panicked) Doc, doc come-here. Have you met my wife Susie? Simon: (A little freaked, but plays along) I… ah…no, no I haven’t had the pleasure. Susie, I’m Dr. Tam. Would you like something to drink? Some water? Big Al: That would certainly hit the spot. Simon: Alright, Susie? Why don’t you come with me and I’ll show you where the water is. Kaylee: (Nods, then turns to Al) Okay sweetie, I’ll be right back. You just sit tight. (follows Simon out of the room)


Simon: What’s going on? Are you okay? Kaylee: (Completely freaked, shaking) I went back in after you dropped me off and he was acting a little strange. Asking me weird questions. And then, later, he started calling me Susie. Simon: And Susie is? Kaylee: His wife. She’s been dead for 12 years. He freaked out when I tried to tell him, threw his coffee at me. So I played along to get him here. What’s going on? Simon: (Pinches bridge of nose) (Shit) What’s going on is that he’s been poisoned with a serious neurotoxin and he’s delusional. Kaylee: But once they fix it, the chemicals, he’ll be okay, right? Simon: I can’t say. That’s not really my field. Who admitted you? Who’s treating him? Kaylee: Nobody yet. The first doctor talked to us a bit, but said we couldn’t come in. Said that we had to go talk to our doctor at Ellesworth. Said that they had to fix him… Simon: (finishing the sentence) Because they‘ve already got your admission…(Small smile) Looks like I get to return the professional favor after all. Hold on. ( Takes paperwork from Kaylee. Walks over to admitting nurse and talks with her quietly.

Nurse shrugs, there’s nothing she can do. Simon speaks with her insistently, we then see him reach his badge around, swipe it against a small screen and type in a code. The nurse is surprised, clearly this is irregular, but she goes ahead and starts to process them. She then calls for another doctor.

Kaylee: What happened? Simon: Just cut a little red tape. Don’t worry about it. Kaylee: So can you help him? Simon: I can’t, no. But Ms. Shin just called Dr. Young, and she’s very good at these things. She’s the best and she’ll take good care of him. Kaylee: Oh, okay. Simon: What about you, are you okay? Kaylee: Me? I’m (Looks at her clothes) Oh (monkey butts), I’m a mess. I can’t go all the way home now though, and a little stain isn’t gonna hurt me any. Simon: Here (gives her a card). Ginny…Dr. Young, is going to need to talk to your uncle alone for a while after she talks with you, so you won’t be missed. River keeps some clothes in the back bedroom in my apartment. There’s a shower back there too. It’s upstairs, number 3607. Use the key on the elevator and then again on the door. I think there’s some food in there too if you need something to eat. Kaylee: (incredulous) You think you might have food? Simon: (embarrassed ) I usually eat down here. Kaylee: Well then maybe I’ll see you and we’ll have another cup of coffee. Simon: Just coffee? You’re not hungry? Kaylee: Nah, I’m saving up all the room in my stomach for tomorrow night. Apparently there’s a restaurant that only does desserts. (Grins) Simon: (grinning too -- then remembers where they are -- stops smiling) Ah…yeah….about that. Your uncle is probably going to be in here for a while, at least a week. Kaylee: Oh, then it wouldn’t be right to just leave him here and go have fun. Simon: So we should probably postpone that a bit until he’s a little more stable. Kaylee: (bummed) Yeah, I s’pose so.

Simon is paged from above

Simon: I’ve got to…..that’s me….. Kaylee: Oh, okay. I’ll see you later then. Simon: Later, sure…. Okay. (backs towards door much in the same way he backed towards the car earlier) Kaylee: Bye.


Later, back in Simon’s apartment. Simon enters holding a file, places it on the counter and takes off his dirty hospital coat, throws in hamper, opens the fridge, grabs a beer, walks over to the cortex in the kitchen and punches in code. Ellesworth Hospital main screen pops up. Simon notices his shirt is dirty as well and removes it, then punches in another code. He then speaks:

Simon: Patient Frye, Alfred admission code 07598255.

Kaylee, previously unseen pops up from couch where she’s clearly fallen asleep.

Kaylee: What the!? Simon: (Spit take) (Shit!) Kaylee, what are you.. Kaylee: (Freaked, embarrassed) Oh my lord! Oh my. I’m sorry, they were supposed to call me when he was ready to see me, so I figured I’d come up here and wait for a bit. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to dose off. River said you wouldn’t be back till tomorrow morning. (Scrambling for the door -- Notices he’s shirtless, stops to admire the view) What happened to you? Simon: (Still a little shocked, but wants to keep her there, trying to put shirt back on) It’s 4 AM. I’m all done my shift. When did they say they’d call you? When did you talk to River? Kaylee: They put him under at 6 and said it would be a while, and I didn’t want to bother you, so I called River and she said you’d be gone all night so it’d be okay for me to wait here instead of downstairs. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to.. Simon: It’s okay, you just surprised me. Kaylee: Not a very nice surprise…. Sorry. Simon: Not at all, it was a very nice surprise, I just wasn’t expecting it. Kaylee: You go around expecting surprises? Simon: (Smiles) That’s my job, expecting the worst possible thing to come through the door. So it’s just the nice surprises that catch me off guard. Kaylee: I’ll have to keep that in mind…..(beat) So….. What’cha doin’? (Gestures at cortex) Simon: (Covering) Hmmm? Oh, nothing, just, ah, just a little record keeping. Kaylee: (Crosses arms, a little pissed, looks at clock) You almost had the record there… Simon: (Huh?) Kaylee: You made it 24 hours without lying to me, but you just couldn’t hold out another 7. You almost had Bobby McKinney beat. You probably could have had it too, but we’ll chalk it up to you being tired…it’s late. Simon: What? I didn’t…. Kaylee: Now don’t lie twice by denying it, boys just never learn that it just makes it worse. I can take almost anything, ‘long as it ain’t a lie. Now try again. What’cha doing looking up my uncle’s records? Simon: (Defeated) When I… I couldn’t…..When you came in today, we should have sent you back to Ellesworth. They’re supposed to either treat you or transfer you if your condition lies outside their capabilities. Kaylee: But Al was still sick, they didn’t do a good job. Simon: I know that, and you know that, and the admissions folks at Ellesworth might know that too. But the way the care zones are structured, Al’s still their patient and they have to either treat him or transfer him. If they find out that they got sloppy in letting him go home, they’re going to be embarrassed and they’re not going to transfer his files and we won’t get paid for treating him. Kaylee: What did you do, today, to get us in? Simon: I over-rode your original coding and admitted Al as a trauma patient. Kaylee: But.. Simon: It’s a different code than the poisoning, you can go to any hospital with a trauma, whatever is closest to where you are at the time. So I basically told the system that Al had some sort of trauma while he was in our part of town and you brought him in. And now I have to try and figure out a way to get Ellesworth to transfer the file without arousing suspicion. Kaylee: Oh… Simon: I’m sorry. Kaylee: Why did you do that? Simon: Well, he clearly needed care.. Kaylee: And? Simon: …and Ginny’s the best . Kaylee: And? Simon: …and I didn’t want to send you back to Ellesworth. Kaylee: Because? Simon: Because, because I didn’t….because I wanted you to be here…because I like you. Kaylee: I like you too. Now was that so hard? Simon: (Shakes his head) Kaylee: Good. And for the record that was SOOO much better than the lie Bobby McKinney told me. Simon: What was that? Kaylee: Said he had a drill that could go all the way through Harvest and come out the other side. We were 8. Simon: And you knew he was lying? Kaylee: Please. Do you know the size of the engine you’d need to generate enough torque to get more than a hundred feet down? The whole planet’s just bedrock dipped in dirt. I forgave him though. I can’t stay mad when a boy goes through all that nonsense just to impress me. Simon: Good to know. (Grins) Kaylee: So, I’m gonna go check on uncle Al. You’re going to go to bed, and when you get up we can discuss his prognosis. Simon: No.. I mean.. Ginny would be the one to.. Kaylee: No, I mean his trauma prognosis. I swear that bus just came out of nowhere, it’s a miracle he wasn’t killed! Simon: That’s …… that’s right. He’s lucky to be alive. I can’t even find a scratch on him. I might need to publish a report on the speed of his recovery. Kaylee: You do that. So, I’ll see you tomorrow? Simon: Today actually, in about 6 hours. Kaylee: But it’s still morning for you, right? Simon: I guess so. Kaylee: Well that’s fine then. I’ll let you buy me coffee. Simon: And muffins. Kaylee: See? You’re now officially the smartest boy I’ve ever known. (Kisses cheek, heads out door) Bye! Sleep tight. Simon: Good night, or morning, or um… bye! (waves and backs away, smiles, closes door.)



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