Serenity - The Rock Opera: Act 1
Friday, August 28, 2009

Inspired by The Who's Tommy, Pink Floyd's The Wall and Jesus Christ Superstar.


Hope you enjoy, any comments are shiny.


Act I 1. Civil War

(Officer): Welcome to the army; what is your story?/A farm boy sent to fight for their hometown’s rights;/Or perhaps you are an innocent whose parents lost their lives;/Or maybe lover boys sent to be soldiers for their wives;/In this Civil War.

Well, it don’t matter in these troubled times./We need every man even if they committed crimes./Your job is to hold the line./From those who still wave their sign,/In this Civil War.

(Mal): A long time has passed since I heard those words./And it now it comes down to who can hold this world./They said that they would waltz through, that we wouldn’t fight./They said we couldn’t do it, but we showed them our might./And now we need to last just a bit longer./‘Til our planes come and shower them in thunder./Just keep them back, that is your goal./So, you all you need to do is … HOLD!!!


(Mal): Listen to those angels, they’re almost here./And the purple guys, they cower in fear./ (Zoë): They’re not coming, they’ve turned around./They’re gonna leave us on this God-forsaken ground.

(Mal): How can they do that to us?/They are blasting us into dust./ (Zoë): In the end, we gave it our all./That’s just what happens in a “Civil” War. *************************************************

2. Serenity (Part 1)

You’re trapped in Serenity.

Now, the future don’t look too bright./You never run from a fight./Now, you’ll head up into space./To try and find your own place.

Chorus: This will be our home./A ship of our own./A place we can be free./We shall call it Serenity.

Now you gather up the pieces./Of what you lost in the sieges./You’re trying to replace parts of you./By creating a strange, new crew.


Breakdown: Your innocence, your humour./Your faith and your rigour./Have all been swept away./And that’s the way it’s gonna stay.



3. Welcome Aboard (What Should We Do?)

(Mal): Welcome Aboard the ship./We hope you enjoy the trip./Please stay out of the cargo./We will tell you where to go./You called for help because you thought it was a good idea./You shot at her because she made you jump with fear.

Chorus: What Should We Do with him?/What Should We Do with them?/What can we do to keep ourselves alive?

(Mal): We’ll do the job, then get paid./We sell the goods, then we’re made./ (Wash): Hey, didn’t she shoot you once before?/ (Jayne): Maybe that’s why she didn’t ask for more./ (Zoë): But what about those two?/What Should We Do?


(Jayne): We should throw them off, they’ll be nothing but trouble./If they stay surviving will cost double./ (Inara): Mal, you can’t do it; you can’t leave them here./If you try to I’ll do the thing you fear./ (Wash): He did save her life, that’s gotta count for something./ (Zoë): We’ve gotta protect them take ‘em under our wing./

(All, but Mal): What Should We Do with them? (x4, build-up)

(Mal): Well, you saved her life./And that will suffice./To prove that you can stay on board./The other one died./’Cause he too often tried./He tried to be a hero while he was aboard./ Your sister will be, safe out here./Out in the black you’ll have nothing to fear./Welcome Aboard the ship./We hope you enjoy the trip.


4. Into The Black

(River):This isn’t home./I still feel alone./Why can I hear things/That people near me think?

(Simon): This is our chance for a New Start./We can’t go home, they will find us./You know for a fact, they have no heart./But they still feel what they do is just.

Chorus: Head out Into The Black./Just keep running never come back.

(Simon): The captain here will keep us safe./If I keep his crew alive./Right now there ain’t a safer place./Than staying on the move in the skies.



5. The Train Job

(Mal): Well now the Asian gangster needs our help./If we refuse, we’ll end up on the shelf./This could help us get more work./It’ll make our reputation more than talk.

(Zoë): What’s going on, why are we giving it back to them?/ (Mal): Because it’s right I can’t condemn them./We’ll take it back, because it is right./With any luck, we’ll finish before it’s light.


(Sheriff): Well, you took our medicine./And now you give it back./The Boss ain’t gonna like it./He will pay you back./ (Mal): It wasn’t right to take it./You’re sick, you need your crack./ (Sheriff): You know, honour is a quality./That many out here lack.


6. Next Time

(Mal): See that girl from the upper class./She seems to be made from glass./I wish I could tell her how I feel in my head./And how it hurts when she’s in another one’s in her bed.

Chorus: Oh well, maybe Next Time.

And I feel something strong inside./Despite how many times I’ve lied./She doesn’t know but she makes me feel tiny./Or she can pick me up and make me shiny./I don’t think this is a passing phase./’Cause she can put me into a daze.


But I know, she won’t feel the same./She thinks that it’s just a game./Would it be better if she left?/And I was forgotten like all the rest./And I may take a chance./And see if I can get a dance.


Now, she’s gone and got herself another one./And it looks like she is having fun./But if it all goes wrong, I’ll be there./I will fight for her no matter where./And she’s experienced all my petty crime./And we’ve argued for no reason or rhyme./And I’ll keep reciting the same old line…



7. Honour

You deny that you love her./When it’s awkward, you run for cover./She may have many lovers./But you’ll always defend her Honour.

You deny that you love him./But he went out on a limb./He went and hit your lover./And he’ll always defend your Honour.

They begin to fight./In the early morning light./And even at this hour./He will defend your Honour.


After he’s won and the fight is done./You start to talk, when he can’t walk./Even after your fight, you two are alright./And she may never be your lover,/But you’ll always defend her Honour.


8. Special Hell

After you saved her town./She gave you a hat and drink./You just drank it down./Never even stopped to think.

That when you woke up next day./She’d be standing in your cargo bay./Now, you have no idea what to say.

Chorus: (Kaylee): Is she really your wife/Is she your chance for a new life?/ (Book): Will you always treat her well?/Or will you wind up in Special Hell?

(Mal): We’ll drop her off./She can’t stay here./ (Wash): Are getting soft?/(Zoë): It’s something we all fear.

Now you give her a new life./You say you don’t need a wife./But this one may cut you with a knife.


(Book): This one is quite dark./You were just another mark./Now you’re running out of time./As you head towards the end of the line.


(Inara): Alright, I lied./I didn’t fall it’s true./ (Mal): No, I don’t mind./I knew she kissed you.

No one knows why, but you let her go./Your lover still won’t let you know./You’re too thick to see it though.

Chorus 2: (Book): Well, she might return./(Mal): Yeah, she will never learn./And I tried to treat her well./(Book): To keep yourself out of Special Hell?


9. Hands Of Blue

(River): Two by two, Hands Of Blue. (x8, build-up)

(Jayne): Shut her up, or I’ll shut her up./What is she on about?/I’m trying to think of a way out./She’s not helping talking loud./ (River): We’ve gotta leave this way./We cannot go back./They still follow me./Out here in the black./ (Simon): Who are they and what can they do?/ (River): Everything, ‘cause they’re the Hands Of Blue.

Chorus: They’re coming two by two./They’re the Hands Of Blue.

(River): Those screams still haunt me./And remain in my mind./I hope I never see them./I wish I could go blind./ (Jayne): What is she talking about?/I think she’s insane./ (Simon): You saw all the scans./They cut into her brain./ (River): There’s nothing we can do, but run./They are the Hands Of Blue.


Outro: (River): Two by two, Hands Of Blue (x8, fade-out)


10. You Sold Us Out

(Jayne): That went well-SLAM!

(Jayne): What am I doing here?/What have you done to me?/ (Mal): I thought we should have a little talk,/Before I send you on a space walk.

(Mal): What happened back there?/We had a full-proof plan./What went wrong?/Was it caused by your hand?/ (Jayne): What do you mean?/It was they who trapped us there./But you won’t listen./It’s not like you care.

Chorus: (Mal): You Sold Us Out!/You turned on my crew./There ain’t a worse thing that you can do./You Sold Us Out!/So, now it’s goodbye./You’re gonna learn how it feels to fly.

(Jayne): What will you tell the others?/What story will you tell?/Please don’t tell the truth/About what I did sell./ (Mal): I hadn’t though about it./But why does it matter to you?/Why is it important/What I choose to do?/ (Jayne): I care what they think./I don’t want them to know./How far I did sink./I know it was too low.

Chorus 2: (Mal): You Sold Us Out!/You turned on my crew./There ain’t a worse thing that you can do./You Sold Us Out!/But I will let you live./This will be the last thing that I ever give you….

(Jayne): Can I come in now?


11. Find Someone To Carry You

(Tracey): I may have made some mistakes./You should know this is not fake./I was just trying to break it./The law, I needed to break it./The Feds are on my tail./I gotta get home, I just can’t fail.

Chorus: When you can’t run or crawl, and you don’t know what to do./You just have to Find Someone To Carry You.

I hope you can forgive me./For trying too hard to be./A way out of the cold./And you not being told./Well, I’ve gotta get home./You know I can’t do it alone.


Well, they caught up./And now I’m down./I may have lied before./But now I need help,/One last time./Get all the way home./And you know what they say…



12. Heart Of Gold.

(Nandi): I’m calling for help./I need a hand./I need your help./To defend my land.

Chorus: From the frozen cold./To the Heart Of Gold./We can help in your time of need./Yourselves are sold./In the Heart Of Gold./We will be there at best speed.

(Nandi): He needed us./On this moon of dust./We could provide./What he was denied./We hid it from him./We kept it hidden./Now, he’ll take it by force./As he breaks down our doors.


You took comfort in each others arms./Where you could feel no harm./The pain on her face said it all./No, she can’t take it anymore.


Breakdown: The shoot-out was won./But the damage was done./Your comfort has died./And you both have lied./She can’t take it anymore./She can’t live here anymore./So, she will leave./While you both grieve./No, she can’t take it anymore!


Outro: Even after all you’ve been through./She knows what she must do./You may never again feel whole./After what happened at the Heart Of Gold…


Saturday, August 29, 2009 2:02 AM


This looks like it was a tremendous amount of work to write, but it sure was fun to read. Well done and truly imaginative. The Heart of Gold sequence was particularly poignant.


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