Lover's Rock (The King's Of Serenity: Part VI)
Friday, May 15, 2009

While the crew react to Mal and Inara's relationship, the new couple argue.


Hey the next part of Kings of Serenity. If you haven't read the rest, here they are:

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Now here's the next part:


"I don't believe you," Kaylee stated.

"Huh, I would've thought you'd be over the moon to hear that," Simon scoffed.

"But, I don't believe you," Kaylee repeated. "There's no way that Jules managed to get those two together after less than a week."

"Well, speak of the devil-" Simon said.

"-And the devil appears," Jules finished as he entered the dining room. "Why, whose talking about me?"

"Well, Simon here says that you got Mal and Inara together," Kaylee answered. "But, I don't believe him."

"Well....I did managed to convince Mal to tell Inara how he felt and I guess Inara felt pretty similar, because, well, they fornicated."

"What?!" Kaylee exclaimed. "We couldn't convince them to get together in almost two years, but you did in less than a week!"

"Well, I can be very convincing," Julien stated.


"I've got to talk to Mal about this!" Kaylee yelled as she ran up the hall to the bridge. "And Inara!"

"She's a strange one," Jules stated.


"How long 'till we reach Meadow?" Mal asked.

"'Bout a day and a half." River answered. "And suprise."


"Captain, I'm so happy for you!" Kaylee yelled as she hugged Mal from behind.

"Thanks for the heads up, River."

"No worrys," River smiled.

"Now, what are you yelling about?" Mal asked Kaylee.

"Jules told me what you and Inara did," Kaylee answered as she stopped hugging him. "And I think its about time that it happened."

"Oh, fantastic." Mal sighed. "Let me guess, you're all gonna start making jokes and what not, aren't you?"

"No!" Kaylee said. "It's great that you both finally told each other how you fell."


"She's not lying," River said from the pilot's seat withou turning around.

"All right, let's go and talk to the crew," Mal said as he starting walking out of the bridge.


"Say nothing," Mal said as he entered the dining room.

"Wasn't going to," Jules stated. "I already got paid."

"What?" Simon asked.

"Never mind," Mal said. "I just came to tell you all that we'll be landing on Meadow in a day and a half."

The crew all started to cheer. "Alright, the city of sin."Jules said.

"Where's Jayne?" Mal asked.

"I'm right here," Jayne mumbled as he walked in. "I was having a nap but some people started to cheer for no apparent reason."

"We're going to Meadow," Mal said.

"Meadow? Are you serious?" Jayne punched the air. "YES!"

"Calm down," Mal said. "We're there to pick up passengers, maybe some smuggling, thats all."

"Spoil sport," Jules muttered.

"Can't I at least go to a casino, or even just a strip club?" Jayne pleaded.

"No!" Mal yelled. "I don't want any stupid things to happen."

"That'd be a first."


Jules was playing with his guitar as Kaylee walked in.

"You play the guitar?" Kaylee asked.

Jules nodded.

"Are you any good?" She asked as she sat down.

Jules started to play a hard of a song. "I'm not that bad."

"I love the guitar. It's so beautiful."

"I thought Simon played music," Jules said.

"Only piano, and we can't exactly have one of those on a ship," Kaylee stated.

"Fair enough, I s'pose."

Kaylee nodded as she got up and walked out.

Simon came in and said, "Can you teach me?"

"I'm guessing you were listening to that," Jules said.

"Yeah, I want to suprise Kaylee with something romantic," Simon answered.

"Alright, since you've played the piano, you probably know most of the theory, so, we'll just do some technique."


"I'm not telling you to do it, I'm just asking you to think about it!" Mal yelled.

"You're asking me to think about retirement!" Inara yelled back. "At my age!"

"I know it may seem like a crazy idea, but-" Mal began.

"No! I'll end MY career on MY terms, not because you can't think of me doing my job!"

"How long have they been like this?" Leo asked River who was sitting in a chair watching the fight.

"About 13 minutes and 40 seconds," River stated. "Almost a new record."

"I'll alert the media," Leo said sarcastically.

"How are you dealing with the morining sickness?" River asked.

"Not too well," Leo said sadly. "Jules tries to help but, he can't do much."

"I don't like the idea of you sexing anyone who pays!" Mal yelled. "What if you get a disease, or pregnant?"

"You think I don't use protection?!" Inara asked. "What do you think I am?"

"Bad question!" Leo yelled.

"I won't even bother to hear the answer then," Inara turned to leave.

"Wait," Mal grabbed her arm. "I don't wan't to force you into anything, I just worry about you."

"Don't worry," Inara smiled. "I have more than one type of protection."


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