Song of Serenity Part 4
Monday, July 7, 2008

Finally, the next installment of my Rayne series. The Job on Faemont finally arrives, and things get a bit more interesting than even Jayne likes.


Jayne grunted as felt movement, and the warm soft thing beside him suddenly was gone. Groggily, he opened his eyes and tried to make sense out of the scene before him. River was heading towards the stairs. “Where ya goin, baby girl?” he asked and River smiled. He didn’t even realize what he had called her. “Shh, sleep now,” she said softly. “Gotta get back to my bunk before Simon wakes. Wouldn’t want the annoying big brother to know I was with the big ape man.” Jayne grunted. “Eh, no name callin!” he said, unhappy with how cold his bunk was now. River smiled again, then climbed the ladder as gracefully as if she were dancing on the ground. He heard the hatch open, then close again, then an uncomfortable silence. He rolled over in the bed, tryin to get warm again. Didn’t realize how warm the gorram moonbrain was. Didn’t know why he had took her to his bunk in the first place. Girl had no right to ask him to stay with her. He ain’t no gorram babysitter. Couldn’t watch out fer the crazy psychic alliance-weapon girl...ain’t like it was his job. He rolled back over and instantly inhaled her scent. Curious, he sniffed the pillow and was surprised that it wasn’t the smell of some sorta perfume. It smelled like…her…her body. He frowned. Ain’t never lain with a girl who didn’t have on loads of smell-goods. Didn’t know girl’s had their own smells. Hell, he ain’t never lain with a girl and not sexin her neither. He inhaled once more, pleased by the scent. It seemed familiar, like a place he knew. Smelled…like metal…cept it t’weren’t…smelled like a gun and flowers and metal and hair all rolled into one. His eyes widened when he finally realized...the girl smelled like Serenity. ~~~~~~~~~~ Captain Malcolm Reynolds stepped onto the bridge of his ship and stood gazing in awe for a moment at the sight in front of him. Inara, wearing one of her fancy dresses, was sittin in the pilot’s seat flippin the necessary buttons that made Serenity obey. She turned and stood up when he entered. “The rendezvous coordinates have been sent, and I linked the location to the locators,” she said and Mal leaned down to look at the coordinates. “Don’t seem too bad of a spot. Just crowded enough to make any business dealings unnoticeable.” He leaned up, and looked into her eyes. “Inara, I wanted to thank you, fer takin River’s job just this once. I wanted her on this one, and I know you’re a good flyer.” Inara smiled at the compliment. “The pleasure is all mine, captain,” she said then her face turned serious. “Do you think it’s safe taking River, after what happened in the Maidenhead?” “I think so,” he answered. “Something seemed to happen to her, on Miranda and after. Seems like she healed a bit. I’m havin Jayne watch after her just in case, and to be safe we’re stayin away from bars and screens and the like. I don’t think we have anything like that to worry about.” “And the job?” Inara asked, and Mal winced. “Just be ready to take off. This job’s a bit more dangerous than I normally like, but the money’s too good to pass up. With River helpin, there shouldn’t be too much of a problem,” he said, attempting to smile. “Just be careful, Mal,” she said with worry, and the captain grinned. “Ready to give up your job, and let me take you away with me?” he asked. Inara’s smile disappeared, and she looked down. “Mal, there’s something I…” “Truck’s prepped, and we’re ready to go, sir.” Zoe’s voice rang out across the intercom. Mal grabbed it. “Everyone get down to the cargo bay. We’re leaving in ten,” he said throughout the ship, then put it back. He looked at Inara once more, and she was surprised to see worry on his face. “What is it?” she asked, and he shook his head. “Something just don’t feel right, Nara.” The way he said it made her shiver. “You could call it off,” she suggested, but knew he wouldn’t. He shook his head. “I’m too old for runnin, Nara. Just keep her ready for me,” he said, and they both stood there wanting to say the things they knew they wouldn’t. Inara’s skills as a companion told her that Mal was serious about what he said, and she couldn’t help but feel worried. As she stared into his blue eyes, and could sense his feelings and hers and how close they were, she threw caution to the wind and put her arms around him. Surprised for only a second, he gently placed his arms around her small body and held her for a minute. Then, they pulled back and looked at each other, and he was gone. She let out a breath. “Just come back to me, Mal.” ~~~~~~ Kaylee, Simon, Zoe, Jayne, and River were all in the cargo bay by the time the captain arrived and they gathered around, curiously. “Now,” he started. “I know this ain’t the normal operation, especially with lil Albatross going, but I think ya’ll all need to know what we’re going up against. Fellow by the name of Lance contacted us wishin to hire us for a job. It ain’t the normal one neither. Instead of transporting cargo, we’re merely overseeing its exchange.” Those that hadn’t known what the job was, frowned. “Oversee,” the doc said. “In what way?” “Protection,” Mal answered. “Lance is head of the crew who are selling, and they don’t completely trust who they’re sellin to. The cargo’s the latest in Alliance tech, and this crew was one of the few brave enough to buy it. So, as you can see, it’s a potentially dangerous situation. We’re there to make sure it won’t be. And Lance is willin to pay a pretty penny to make sure we do. So, we’re goin in.” “Who’s buying?” Kaylee asked. “Company who owns a couple of moons near the central planets who’re lookin to pull ahead of their competition. Lance has assured me that they’re legit, and after some digging I can’t find any reason to think otherwise.” They all nodded, and the captain looked at all of them. “So, here’s the deal. The exchange goes down in three hours. We’re gonna break up into three groups and set up some equipment to form a perimeter. Kaylee and Simon, you two will set up the Landlet so’s anybody tryin to find us can’t see us from town. River and Jayne, you two will set up the Lasers. Me and Zoe will see to the rest. Jayne, drop off our young couple and the truck, then you and River set out on foot. Kaylee, when you and the Doc are done, drive back straightaway to Serenity. I don’t want neither of you near there when the deal goes down, dong ma?” Kaylee nodded, and the captain looked at the rest. “Let’s get to work, people”. And so, they all sprung into action, Kaylee still blushing about being called a couple. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The four of them bounced as the truck hit a bump in the dirt. Because of lack of space, Kaylee and Simon had to be in the back with the equipment, and River was pressed up to Jayne’s back while he drove. Jayne was frowning, tryin to decide if he liked how much of the girl was pressed up against him. "Gorram girl actin like she likes this," he thought and heard her giggle. “Stay outta my thoughts, girl,” he shouted through the noise and rolled his eyes as he heard her giggle once more. “You told me to!” she said, and Jayne thought for a moment. “Yeah, well, then don’t squeeze me so hard. Ain’t gotta prove yer a girl, I can tell that by lookin at ya,” he said, glad that the noise from the truck meant the two in the back couldn’t hear them. “Am not…will be 18 next week,” she protested. Jayne snorted. “That don’t make ya a woman,” he said, and she didn’t giggle. Her thoughts were on the Academy...and Miranda. “What does?” ~~~~ After a few more minutes, Jayne stopped the truck and they all jumped down to unload the necessary equipment. Jayne and the Doc unloaded the biggest piece of the Landset, while River and Kaylee got the corresponding smaller pieces. Then, when Jayne was lugging the two biggest lasers and River the smaller one, she and him set out for their destination. “Be careful, River!” Simon called out one last time, and Jayne noticed she did not look back. After they were a good distance away, he looked at her again. “Did the Doc find out about you, ah…” “Brother does not know,” she answered, not needing an explanation. “And wouldn’t, unless I wanted him to.” Jayne coughed, and returned his attention to the locater in his hand. It unnerved him how she could be all girly and helpless one minute and creepidly serious the next. “Hell, I sound like Mal,” he thought then looked sideways at her and caught her smiling. He started to say something before remembering once more he had given her permission to be in his head. He sighed, exasperated. The locater suddenly emitted a series of beeps, with the red and blue dots overlapping. “We’re here,” he said happily, and River gave him a look. Sheepishly, he cleared his throat. “Er, right…let’s get these things up an workin.” ~~~~ Quite a while later, Jayne snapped the last bit of metal into place then stood back to proudly look at his finished work. River stood next to him, having finished setting up the other two lasers several minutes earlier. She was completely silent. In fact, he couldn’t even hear her breathe. Frowning, he stepped over to her carefully, not wanting to startle her if her mind was elsewhere. Her eyes were open, but they had that faraway look in them. His eyes couldn’t help but stray down, checking to make sure she was breathing. Her chest rose and fell, her dress clearly displaying that she looked far more like a woman than a girl. His thoughts started to drift away to more forbidden things when suddenly his eyes snapped back up and he realized she was looking at him. Her eyebrow was raised. “Sorry,” he mumbled, and she smiled. “You’re getting better at the dance, Jayne.” “Gorramit, girl, I ain’t no dancer.” “Men can dance too, Jayne…you just have to...” she stopped and looked out in the distance once again. “What is it?” he asked, his concern rising. “Trouble,” she answered simply. “What kind?” he asked, bringing a gun to his face and scanning the surrounding area. “Alliance kind,” she said and he cussed. “Shing tai losei!” “Get down!” she cried, then, in one movement, kicked his legs out from under him and pressed him firmly into the ground. Just when he was starting to get mad at her, a blue shot rang out over them. A moment later, and River’s weight on top of him disappeared. He jumped up and saw her fighting with a man…in a blue Alliance suit. A kick and well-aimed punch and he was down. She looked up at him, and he could tell what she was saying. “There’s more.” “It’s a gorram trap,” he realized, then dashed for his radio. “Mal! It’s a trap! Alliance are here!” he shouted, and the captain’s voice rang out. “Get back to Serenity, now!” Jayne grabbed the three newly-assembled lasers and threw all of them over his shoulder, and then him and River started back in the direction of the ship at a sprint. They were only about a half mile away when a ship came flying up and stopped right in front of them. They both dove as five men stood up and started firing. He and River stayed low on the ground, and she looked at him. “Go back to the ship,” she whispered. “I can take care of them.” “Ain’t no gorram chance in the verse! I ain’t leavin you!” “I’ll be fine…captain needs your help...Zoe isn’t well.” Jayne’s eyes widened. “But…” he protested. “Go now! I’ll be fine!” she interrupted, and they shared a look…then he tore off. It didn’t take long before Serenity came into sight, as if rising up from the ground. He didn’t slow until he was right in front of her. “Mal!” he shouted running up and dumping the lasers on Serenity. The Captain looked at him accusingly. “Where’s River?” “She’s takin care of some of em, she said Zoe’s hurt.” The Captain raised an eyebrow. “Zoe?” he said, and turned to look. Jayne did too, and his breath stopped when he saw Zoe herself run up, perfectly fine. “Sir?” she asked. Mal turned to him, and Jayne frowned. “Why would she…?” he heard a shot rang out, and his eyes widened. “River!” he shouted, then tore off once more. It seemed to take twice as long to get back to where he had left her. The ship was overturned with five bodies laying around it…but no sign of a blue dress. “River!” he shouted, almost to the point of panic. Then, he nearly lost it when a voice sounded from behind him. “Penny for your thoughts?” Jayne spun around to the big smile of River Tam. “Gorramit girl, what the ruttin hell you think yer doin! I coulda kilt ya!” he shouted and she smiled, shaking her head. “You couldn’t…not fast enough,” she said and for once he was not unnerved. His heart slowly started returning to normal, not from being snuck up on…but from the thought that she had been… He took a breath, then frowned. “And what in the gorram hell was that, lyin about Zoe, huh?” he asked, pointing and accusing finger. River shrugged, and he couldn’t help but notice how far down her dress went in the front when she did that. His eyes returned to her face as she took a step towards him. “I wasn't lying....didn’t want you to get hurt…thought you were going to get hurt,” she said, and took another step. They were mere inches apart now, and Jayne was trying desperately not to look down past her face. “Yeah, but ya can’t lie to git me to leave. I’m supposed ter be protectin you, remember?” he asked and she stepped even closer to where their bodies were touching. “Don’t have to protect me Jayne,” she said. “Oh hell yes I do,” he said, but he was having difficulty forming the words. Before he knew what he was doing, her arms snaked their way around him and he had his arms around her and he was leaning down…her breathing against him…their lips inches apart…and.....a shot rang out.

He felt her small body slam up harder against him and, confused, he looked up past her shoulder...where a man in a blue alliance suit was aiming a gun at them...and smoke was rising from it. River started to fall against him and, in one movement, he whipped his gun around and fired three shots into the man’s torso. With a grunt, the man dropped to the ground, but Jayne took no notice as River’s suddenly fragile body crumpled in his arms. He pulled her against him and looked down to discover a bullet wound in the middle of her back...with blood quickly pouring out. His panic rising, he put an arm beneath her knees and picked her up. Her eyelids fluttered. “Learn to dance, Jayne….everyone has to..learn…” her eyes closed, and Jayne shook her. “Gorramit River, no! You can’t leave me, baby girl!” he shouted. “Baby girl?” he pleaded, shaking her. He almost shouted out with joy when he saw her little chest rise up, taking a ragged breath. Without another thought, he scooped her into his arms and ran carefully but quickly back to Serenity. “Come on, baby girl. Please don’t leave me,” he repeated over and over. “Ya still gotta teach me the Song of Serenity!”


Monday, July 7, 2008 8:15 PM


Please let River make it! Now that she and Jayne are good, she can't leave him...Loved the moment with Mal and Inara, I hope they'll continue that conversation which was interrupted. Great job!

Keep flying ;)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008 4:30 AM


GGGAAAAHHHH!!! NOOOOooooo! She cannot die! *Sob* Wait a second...she can't cause of the sequel Unexpected! Yay!

Excellant drama and I love this <i>His eyes widened when he finally realized…..the girl smelled like Serenity</i> So amazing.

Thanks so much for the update...hope the block is gone! Update soon!



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