Song of Serenity
Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sequel to "Unexpected" with this being a couple months previously. Rayne, of course.


River felt the cool metal grate beneath her feet as she walked. Her arms danced softly by her sides, in rhythm with the Song of Serenity. She let the rail lift her up and she climbed into a crook on the ceiling, the cargo bay many meters below her. She wasn’t worried though. Serenity would keep her safe. The mother’s watchful eye kept all of them safe. Still dancing, she moved her head and let her hair hang down in the cool air. A jumbled mind interrupted the song, and a moment later a voice rang out in the cargo bay. “Moonbrain!” River rolled her eyes, but a small smile rested on her lips. Jayne looked about the cargo bay, satisfied that she was not near his weights. He continued his search, and started climbing the steps. “Don’t know why I have ter look fer her. Mal wants to choose a crazy to be pilot, he should look fer her,” he grumbled. “Like tryin to make Kaylee stop smiling, ruttin girl could hide anywhere.” River couldn’t stop the giggle that escaped, and Jayne jumped at the noise. “What the…” he said, looking up, but could not see her from his vantage point. He walked a little further on the catwalk and jumped when he saw her crouched in the celing. “Shing don sei, girl! What the ruttin hell you doin up there? Tryin to kill yerself?” River felt his surprise and anger, but was surprised at the touch of worry thrown into the mix. “Listening,” she answered. “Well, if you have ter do it up there, then it aint worth whatever yer listenen to.” “But it is….listening helps you learn.” “Learn what?” Jayne asked speculatively. “Learn to dance….you have to learn how to dance sometime, Jayne.” “Yeah will, I ain’t so get down fer ya fall and splat and the captain makes me clean it up.” River giggled again, and Jayne lifted up his arms to help her down. She lowered one leg, then the other, then let herself fall into his awaiting arms. Jayne frowned. “Ruttin hell, girl, you don't eat enough. It ain’t natural to be that skinny, no matter how bad Mal’s cookin is.” River smiled, not just at what he said but that he didn’t notice he was still holding her in his arms. “Liar, Daddy’s food is good to you, so you eat enough for both of us,” she said mockingly and Jayne grinned. “Hey now, moonbrain, no need ter insult a mercenary, er I might have to kill you.” River’s face hardened. “Liar, you couldn’t even if you wanted to.” Jayne sputtered, realizing what she meant, until finally she laughed. “Besides,” she added, “can’t kill me if you won’t put me down.” Jayne’s eyes widened and, realizing what he had been doing, put her carefully on her feet. “Er, anyways, Captain wants you pilotin since we’re getting close to Faemont,” he said, remembering why he had been looking for her. River smiled. “Daddy needs me,” she said, and Jayne grunted. “Yeah, but it’s probably best not ter call him that. Get’s all sensitive about his age.” River smiled. “Maybe he needs to learn to dance too….realize he’s younger than he thinks….and you’re smarter than you think.” “Huh?” he asked, staring at her, and he couldn’t help but notice her shape, and how much her clothes showed it. Once he realized what he was doing, his thoughts and eyes returned to her face. Didn't know why he kept lookin at her like that. He expected himself to be more...well...something, certainly not enjoying talking or looking at the girl. He shook his head. “What do you mean?” River raised an eyebrow. “But maybe not.” She smiled, “need to dance some more.” She turned and started to dance her way to the stairs. Jayne watched her, and then thought of something. “Hey, what was it you were listenin to?” he asked and, without looking back, she answered. “The Song of Serenity.”


Tuesday, June 24, 2008 5:25 PM


A bit like my previous series "Dancing". I want to try to redo it and make it better. Did I succeed? Please tell me what you thin!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 5:28 PM


I forgot to say, the reason I chose to write from before Unexpected was because I felt the story needed to be built a little more. Do you agree?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 9:47 PM


Nice. I like the line about Mal being sensitive about his age!


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